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When and Where Should You Put a Hummingbird Feeder?

Last Updated: 07.12.21


If you are fond of birds and you especially like to watch hummingbirds, you probably already know that a hummingbird feeder is a perfect way to attract these wonderful birds. However, what most people don’t know is that where you place the feeder is as important as where you place an ant trap, and as all ant traps reviews tell you, placement is the number one key.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about how you can choose the perfect place for your feeder so that you can attract more hummingbirds and enjoy their sight and why it is important to consider these aspects for you but also for the hummingbirds that live near your home.

If you already have a feeder, you probably know that if you move it just a little bit further you can get more or fewer visitors. The visitors can be various and the little birds could be in danger if the feeder attracts pests. That is why if you notice that not many hummingbirds come your way, you should change the placement as many times as you need.

However, we are going to give you some tips that, if you take them into account, you will be able to attract more birds from the beginning. 


Sunny or shady?

This is important especially if you do not want to refill the feeder twice a day. Nectar is very sensitive and can dry if it stays in the sun for the whole day. This is why you have to pick a spot that is shaded for at least half of the day. A tree might offer good shade in the afternoon and might help you with keeping the nectar fresh for a few days.

Do hummingbirds prefer privacy?

As tiny and cute hummingbirds are, you should know that they have a tendency to protect their territory. They do not like sharing their food and do not like to approach areas that are populated by other birds. Therefore, if you place the feeder in a wide space where every bird can see it and feed on it, you will not be able to attract hummingbirds.

However, you might want to place the feeder somewhere where you can watch it because the purpose of a hummingbird feeder is that you can observe how beautiful they are and maybe take pictures. You should place it in a private area but not so private so that you can not access it with your camera.

Furthermore, if it is in a private place, hummingbirds might not see it and you might wait for days for them to come without them even knowing that there is a feeder in their area. Try not to place it underneath trees that cover it with their leaves or under the roof of your balcony. The feeder has to be noticeable.


Safety first 

The one important thing you should consider when it comes to safety is ease of access. This refers to the birds, but also to you. You should be able to easily access the feeder to refill it, but also to clean it. It is better to place it near your home in open spaces. Also, the feeder has to be protected from heavy winds and heavy rain so that they will not leak.

You also have to consider the birds’ safety. Height is really important because you do not want to place the feeder so low that your cat might want to eat one and be able to catch it. It also has to be far away from window glass so they will not collide and get hurt. They should also have enough space near them because hummingbirds hover and you don’t want them to get hurt.

Keep the distance!

Not you, keep the appropriate distance between feeders. This is important because it is best to ensure that birds eating from a feeder do not see the ones using the other feeder. As we have said before, hummingbirds can get aggressive and defend their territory, so if they see another feeder they might fight with their fellow birds to claim the nectar in the other feeder.

To avoid these situations, you should try and place feeders far from each other. If hummingbirds spot multiple feeders, they might travel back and forth from one to another which will create a fuss in your garden that you might actually enjoy, especially if you like to take photographs of these beautiful creatures.

Studies have shown that if you have 8 different feeders that have one feeding opening you will be able to attract more hummingbirds than having only one with multiple openings, so it is best to have several that are spread near your home if you want to be surrounded by more hummers.


Propper places for your feeder

Create a hummingbird garden

This is a great tip that you will surely enjoy a lot. If you want to make sure that you will have hummingbirds around every year, you should design a garden for hummers. They will return every year if they find enough food, places to nest, and water. This sounds exciting, right? 

In their natural environments, hummers prefer to nest and feed around tall trees, but they also like lawns and meadows. So, a great place to start is to find a place near trees that also has a lawn nearby and patches of meadow. 

Even though you will have to provide them with flowering plants, it is important to also place a feeder around to make sure that they have enough food and that they will return next year without having to search for another garden that offers more nectar.


Place it on the window

Even if we have told you before that a window nearby can cause problems because hummingbirds could collide because they might not notice it, placing the feeder attached to the window is a great choice because it will not stay in the hummer’s way. This way you will be able to observe them more thoroughly without scaring them.


Hanging from a gazebo

A gazebo is a great place to hang your feeder because it is a covered place and the feeder is protected from rain, sunlight and heavy winds. Also, it is a perfect place because it is high enough so that cats can not put hummingbirds in danger.

Enough with the ‘why’, let’s talk about the ‘when’

It would be awesome to be lucky enough to have hummingbirds near our homes all year round but, as you probably know, hummingbirds are migratory birds and not all of us can say that they are so lucky to have them around all year long. 

If you live on the Southwest and West Coast, you are part of the lucky ones, so keeping a feed in your garden is essential if you want to help hummers. A lot of types of hummingbirds live in this area, like blue-throated, white-eared, and broad-billed hummingbirds.

If you live in the Eastern part of the United States, you will be able to observe these magnificent creatures from March till May, because that is when they mostly stick around your flowers and feeders. The ruby-throated hummingbird is one of the most popular here and comes from Mexico.

Hummingbirds are day birds and they do not fly to find food by night for a reason, during the day the flowers are open and have more nectar. This is why you should put more nectar in the feeders during the morning, and not at the end of the day. This will make it fresh for when your tiny friends will come to visit and will keep them healthier.

Also, it is essential that you check upon the nectar to see if it begins to spoil and change it before it does. After doing this for a few times you will know exactly when to change it so that it does not spoil because this will keep away the hummingbirds.


Final thoughts

It is not hard to find a way to attract more hummingbirds into your yard and if you follow all the tips that we have given you in this article you will be a very happy hummingbird watcher. You will also be able to help the hummingbird community live healthier and have an easier life because they will be able to quickly find food.


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