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What Is a Salt Gun?

Last Updated: 05.02.23


Did you ever use something like solar mosquito zappers to get rid of the annoying little pests? As you may know, another product on the “no insects” market, the salt gun, has been making headlines for a while now and is still very much trending.

Everybody knows that especially during the summer, little flying insects can be very irritating when trying to enjoy some quality time with the family or get some cleaning done inside the house. Houseflies, in particular, are a pain to deal with and this has resulted in one brilliant mind finally figuring out a way to remove them in a clean, efficient way: The salt gun.


How Did It Come Up?

The salt gun is a shotgun-type weapon which instead of actual bullets sprays table salt in a conical spread pattern. The inventor’s name is Lorenzo Maggiore, and he created this product to be able to kill houseflies at a distance, without exhausting yourself around the house and without creating a mess.

Maggiore very aptly named his invention “Bug-A-Salt”, which basically described the entire product from the get-go. All users have to do is load the gun with table salt and start aiming at the flies and living out their “Rambo” fantasies. Initially launched on the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform in July 2012, the gun was sold in around 21.400 units by September, the same year.

How to Use It

The salt gun also comes with a set of instructions that are really easy to follow. You simply need to lift the loader cap and pour in some ordinary table salt. According to the measurements, filling it to the brink will last you for about 80 shots.

After that, you should be slide cocking the handle towards you and pushing away towards the barrel of the gun. Doing this will activate the auto-safety and will make the pop-up sight appear, which indicates the gun is ready to be used to decimate.

Release the auto-safety by clicking it towards you, then aim and do your lethal damage. You’re now set with about 80 salt shots worth of fun and bug-cleaning effectiveness.

The salt gun is completely non-toxic, does not require batteries and with its “salty” ammunition it is extremely inexpensive to use. It has been deemed worthy of killing flies on windows as well as bugs on ceilings and in corners.


Why Is It So Popular?

As we said, the name kind of gives away the idea of the product. It’s a gun designed to kill bugs and be efficient about it. Therefore, you can afford to be less restrictive about it and give other invaders “the salt treatment”, provided you do not fill the gun with something other than salt. The warranty very clearly states that in the case of using other substances, it’s all on you.

The best way to use would be to wait for the fly or whatever other bug species you’re trying to get extinct to land and be within 6 to 12 inches away from you. After you manage to get within the shooting distance, pull the trigger and be amazed at how addictive it can be!

All of us can remember chasing the same fly around the house for what seems like days as it narrowly escapes all the 621 ways in which you try to kill it. Consider the salt gun as your very own payback for all those times as you become their worst nightmare.

You will feel a primitive satisfaction when shooting it and hitting your mark that most certainly comes from deeply-rooted Wild West connections. Furthermore, besides having fun, you’re actually cleaning your home space of pests, so that’s two bugs with one stone.

People find this so addictive that they can’t stop using it! Even during colder seasons, when the enemy “soldiers” are not around so often, there have been reports of customers using this as the new way to add salt to their food. Simply point and shoot your steak, but be mindful of targeting your wife!


How Safe Is It?

The gun’s system ensures every shot has a minimal quantity of salt in it so that the entire amount can be directed towards your target. The conical spread pattern also ensures that you will not hit something (or someone) else by accident, so the gun is pretty safe in that department.

Furthermore, like any reliable gun, it also comes with a safety so it can’t be shot off accidentally by your two-year-old when walking around the house. You can rest assured that you don’t have to check for piles of salt every time to turn the corner.

This is also one of the few types of guns you can entrust to your children. Since most weapons require a lot of time and training to be used properly, your little ones can get a sense of satisfaction by saving the day with this salt gun. While there are other similar products that may challenge its effectiveness, none of them offer this kind of entertainment.



What Are Some Bad Reviews?

A researcher named Michael Dickinson from the California Institute of Technology challenged this invention by saying that while the flies cannot dodge the tiny salt particles coming their way, they are also not killed by them.

According to Dickinson, the arthropod exoskeleton that the flies have offers them enough protection to only get stunned by the gun, therefore completely invalidating the value of the product. However, the inventor of the salt gun has posted several YouTube videos that prove the flies are indeed penetrated by the salt which leads to their dehydration and eventual death.

Other reviews complained about the somewhat inaccurate lethal-range of the gun. It seems that insect death is only truly guaranteed if you are 3 feet or less from your prey. If you’re working with more than that distance, you may have the unwelcome surprise of finding the bugs back with a vengeance (who wouldn’t, after being sprayed with salt?).  



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