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What Does Rat Poop Look Like?

Last Updated: 14.07.24


Have you seen something that looks like rat poop? You have to find out more about rats and whether they have invaded your home to know if you need to get rid of them.

Rats are rodents known for their adaptability. They are spread across the world and their origins date back to millions of years in the past. These creatures live both in wild and urban areas. They can put up with different weather changes and, if they have food, they can live for a couple of years. In the wild, rats live in the forest, but they also inhabit multiple tropical zones of the world.  Wild rats eat different types vegetables and food.

In urban areas, they try to live right in people’s houses. Rats will try to get into your home in order to get food, water, and a comfortable and safe place to stay. Your basement may become an attractive spot for them because the place is dark, quiet and unpopulated. In places like those ones, they eat veggies, rice, grain and other trash that people are throwing out. Another place preferred by rats is the sewerage. This is just another way to get into buildings and people’s houses.


What do rats look like?

Rats are medium-sized rodents covered by fur. The color of the fur can be different – gray, brown, black. Some have a long hairless tail but that of others is shorter. Their eyes are red or black and most have long teeth that need to be trimmed by chewing on foodstuffs.



How long do they live?

Well, the answer to this question may vary. It depends on the environment. Rats whose natural habitats are the wild will rarely survive for more than a year. Even if they have access to water or food, there are many predators that will kill rats to survive.

Rats that live in urban areas typically live for two or three years. If they find a safe place and they have food and water, they can live there comfortably. But humans or other animals can kill them. And there are rats that are kept as pets; they can live for four years if they have decent conditions.

If they aren’t killed by other animals or by people, they can be used in laboratories for medical tests both because they breed fast and because they have certain similarities to humans. Rats reach sexual maturity at the age of five weeks; a female rat can give birth to six to ten babies at a time and, during her life, she can have hundreds or even thousands of babies.


Do you have rats?

You may think that your house can never be infected by rats. Think again; here are some signs that might show you that you may have rats. Rat poop, holes, and scratching noises can be indications that your house can some rats’ home.

Rat poop can be a clue that tells you what kind of guests you have. Some say that the feces pellets are similar to an olive in shape and size, but others note that they can be more elongated. Rat poop has a detectable smell and you can even tell whether it is fresh or old based on the way it looks and smells. A darker color will be an indication of fresh rat poop and a greyish tint will tell you that these are old rat feces you are noticing.

Rats holes are another sign of their presence. Rats dig holes outside, in the ground or in the walls, or even your house’s structure. You should check your yard, garage, and basement. At night, if you hear scratching noises, they may be from rats.

You have many options when it comes to getting rid of the rats. Think about what you want to do. You can take care of them by yourself using some DIY remedies or you can simply buy some poison. Also, you can call the exterminators for help if you don’t want to do the dirty deed.


How to get rid of rats by yourself

If you chose to exterminate the rats that have taken over your house by yourself, you can purchase some poison or you can opt for other choices. Poison can affect the health of your pets, too, especially if you accidentally place it in locations to which your Fido or feline friend could have access to. Keep in mind that most poison on the market contains dangerous chemical substances. You might want to try some natural remedies, instead.

One of the easiest ways to keep rats at bay is to use essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus. You can simply place drops of essential oils in the areas where the rats can be. They don’t like strong smells and they will avoid this area.

Speaking about strong smells, you can use some other ingredients from your house to keep rats away. You can use onions because they hate the smell and taste of it, too. Put the slices of onions in the infested areas. The rats might be gone before you realize.

Another harmless method is to take advantage of one of the biggest rats’ fears: owls. For rats, owls can be a nightmare come true. Place some owl feathers in the places where you’ve noticed the rats are hiding. You have a good chance of getting rid of them since they want to protect their lives.



However, if you want to use poison, you can find many types. Nowadays, some of the most common (and effective) alternatives are anticoagulants, bromethalin, and vitamin-based poison.

Depending on the type, the poison can be fast-acting or can kill the rats in a matter of one to several days. Anticoagulants, for example, act slowly, so the rats will be killed in a few days. Bromethalin affects the brain of the rat, so it is faster. Vitamin-based poison also acts slowly — it is basically an overdose of vitamins that eventually affects the rat’s digestive system and kills it.

You can also use traps, but you need to make sure that, once again, pets and children do not have access to the locations where you’ve placed the traps. You have a lot of options when it comes to getting rid of rats nowadays, and knowing how their poop looks like can give you a pointer as to whether you need to do something about it or not.




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