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How to Keep Squirrels out of Your Garden

Last Updated: 14.07.24


Squirrels are lovely creatures yet they can cause serious damages once they reach your home and garden. Since squirrel traps may not be enough to keep them at bay, there are other things you can do to make sure your place is safe and squirrel-proof.

To help you protect your various belongings and prevent damages, we have dedicated today’s post to simple yet effective methods you can employ to deter squirrels from visiting your home. Here they are.


Signs of squirrel activity

No matter how cute squirrels are, they can create lots of damage. What makes things a bit tricky is the fact that you may actually not see the squirrels yet find damaged plants, missing fruits, and more so. Therefore, looking for and identifying the signs of squirrel activity will help squirrel-proof your place.

If you find bite marks on fruits, missing beans, cucumbers, and eggplants, or the vegetable and flower pots you use are constantly dug into, then you may have a squirrel problem. Consider the area you live in and the species of squirrels living there, too. Once you’ve noticed such signs, it’s time to take action to keep them at bay.

Remove the foods squirrels are attracted to

One of the simplest ways to prevent squirrels from reaching your home and garden is to remove anything that could turn into a delicious lunch or dinner. They will target tomatoes, seeds, cucumbers, eggplants, and fruits. You might want to cover your plants and thus create a physical barrier.

Using chicken wire, plastic netting, or something similar will keep the plants you’ve grown safe. If you use bird feeders, make sure they are hard to access. The market now offers such feeders with a weight-sensitive bar that will discourage squirrels from reaching them and will allow only birds to have access to the food.

Another way to prevent squirrels from eating the bird feed is to make the feeders hard to climb. Attach a plastic bottle, some netting, or chicken wire at the base of the feeder to make it more difficult for the squirrels to reach it.

Plus, you can use seeds squirrels don’t like such as safflower seeds. Try to avoid filling the bird feeders with sunflower seeds as squirrels love them.


Or is it better to feed them?

Although it might seem too simple or it might contradict what we said before, it seems that you can keep squirrels at bay by actually feeding them. Placing food that squirrels like in certain areas away from your garden might actually do the trick.

Fill a feeder with nuts, sunflower seeds, and other foods squirrels prefer and set it up somewhere not far from your home but not too close, either. By doing so, you will provide the squirrels with what they want and prevent them from digging your place for more food.


Squirrel repellents

For a more complete approach, you could also try squirrel repellents. The market offers different products and you can even create your own repellent with things you most probably have at home.

Mint and chili peppers are considered to be some of the most effective repellents since squirrels hate their smell and taste. Place them around the plants you want to protect and the areas squirrels might dig, or create a concoction using these ingredients and spray it around your plants.

There are various ingredients you can combine. Generally, pepper, vinegar, and other such ingredients that have an unpleasant taste and smell will do. Just make sure to spray them around the plants and not actually on them if you intend to eat them.

If you don’t have the time to create such repellents, you can buy a ready-made product such as granules. They have been around for some time now and that is proof of their effectiveness. You will also find sprays to help you keep squirrels away. Just make sure to use them as instructed and to reapply them after it rains.


Scare them

You might want to enjoy a quiet garden yet that might actually prove to be a welcoming place for squirrels. Therefore, consider getting some noise makers that would scare them. If you have a dog, that’s even better.

There are various noisemakers that get activated once they detect motion. You might also want to try pinwheels and garden spinners to spook the rodents. Plus, if you use an automatic lawn watering system, consider getting one that comes with a motion-detecting sprinkler. You will scare the squirrels and water the lawn as well.

Squirrel traps

Traps remain a popular choice not only when it comes to squirrels but to other animals that could visit your place and cause damages. If you live in a state where trapping squirrels is not a problem and these animals are not protected by law, then you might want to try this method as well.

Remember that it is best not to keep squirrels captive for too long. Release them as soon as possible and only after you’ve taken the necessary safety measures. The downside of traps is that, even if they discourage rodents from visiting your place after they’ve experienced the trap, new ones might come and, thus, traps might be just a temporary solution.


Other things to do

Using several squirrel-control products is ideal if you want to enjoy full protection. Therefore, you might want to cover the soil with mulch or mesh in order to discourage squirrels from digging it. You will thus protect the seedlings and avoid getting your placed messed up.

Plus, make sure the lid on your trash bin is secured in place in order for the garbage not to be exposed. Always ask for professional help if needed. Also, make sure you avoid being aggressive with them in order not to trigger some unwanted reaction and thus get scratched or bitten. In case such unfortunate events occur, make sure you see your doctor.




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