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How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Unfortunately, more often than not, a house that is home to pets may also be home to pests and, sometimes, even if you use the best flea trap, getting rid of those acrobatic and agile fleas may turn out to be a real challenge.

If that’s your case and you’re on the lookout for various methods to help you keep unwanted guests at bay, today’s post might be of help, so check it out for more on efficient ways to rid of fleas.


Signs of infestation

Although it may seem simple to notice fleas, sometimes, they do get to sneak and hide and manifest their presence only by making your dog or other pets scratch. That’s often the first sign of an infestation. When you see your four-legged friend scratching more than usual, you should check and see if fleas are the ones causing it.

You will need a flea comb to part your dog’s hair. When you do so, fleas, if present, will run in an attempt to hide and that’s how you get to see them. Using such a comb is ideal, though, as it might be difficult to spot them otherwise.

Once you’ve checked your pet, you need to check your house and yard. One way to do so is by putting on a pair of white knee-high socks and walk around your place. If fleas have taken over, it will be much easier for you to spot them. Plus, when the infestation has reached high levels, noticing that will be nothing complicated since they might bite you, too.

Flea sprays and tablets for pets

Once fleas are present, using effective products to rid of them is the first thing to do as they won’t leave the place at will. You will have to use pest control products for your pet, home, and yard.

The market now offers all sorts of flea control formulas that will not only kill the pests but will also prevent new ones from inhabiting your home for a few weeks. Flea sprays and tablets are preferred by many people, given their ease of use. Such products will kill most types of fleas including their eggs.

Using a combination of flea solutions is recommended since you will kill both the adult fleas and the eggs at the same time and discourage new ones from getting hold of your pet and house. Flea tablets are pills fed to pets and are formulated to kill adult fleas. When you use them, any flea that bites your pet will die.

Ask your vet about this and make sure you use the tablets and sprays properly. What anyone who has dealt with this will tell you is not to give up at the first sign of infestation reduction. Perseverance is the key here if you want a pest-free environment.


Flea shampoo and comb

To make sure you eliminate the pests effectively, you can also bathe your cat or dog with a flea shampoo. Make sure you get a product approved by your vet and use it as recommended. Bathing your pet might be a bit of a challenge at times.

In case you have a pet that is not very fond of bathing, taking your furry friend to your vet or a pet salon that offers such services is recommended in order to avoid getting scratched. Combing your pets is also a good way to rid them of fleas. Just be prepared to dispose of the fleas you find immediately.

Therefore, get a bowl and fill it with a flea-killing solution. You can mix water with liquid dish soap. Get the comb and start with your dog’s/cat’s head, more precisely, the area near the ears and run it towards the back of your pet. Check the area under the legs and near the tail as well. Once you’ve spotted any live flea, dip the comb in the flea-killing solution.

Flea control products for your house

When you want to rid of the fleas in your house, it’s not enough to kill the adult fleas and eggs that have infested your pet. You also need to kill the pests, no matter their life stage, in your house. There are various products formulated to help you with that.

A popular method is fogging. This involves powerful products that need to be used with caution and as instructed. You might need one for each room. Since they are flammable and toxic, you need to turn off lights, cover utensils, surfaces, and foods, close the windows and doors, and leave the house while the fogger is doing its job.

After a couple of hours, the pests in your house should be dead. Air the room thoroughly before living in it again. You may need to do that for another couple of hours. Also, make sure you treat your pets with a flea product before letting them in again.


Pest control services

If the above-mentioned methods and products still don’t help you eliminate fleas completely, you might need professional pest control services. Even if they will cost you more, the products they use are effective and you may benefit from several sessions to put an end to an extensive infestation.

However, such services won’t prevent reinfestation and usually provide short-term protection if you have pets. Therefore, you still need to use flea sprays and tablets for your pet in order to stop new pests from taking over your dog/cat and your house. Treat your pets before you let them in again to eliminate the risk of reinfesting your place.

As long as you have pets, and sometimes even if you don’t have any, there will be a risk of pest infestation. You will thus have to keep an eye on your place and pets and do the necessary things on a regular basis. Using flea sprays and tablets or a flea collar is thus a measure you should take in advance to prevent intruders from enjoying dominion.




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