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Do You Need a Permit for a Salt Gun?

Last Updated: 05.02.23


In case you are looking for a way to protect yourself and your family from nasty bugs and are not a fan of toxic solutions, we suggest that you read our article about the best salt gun we can recommend.


What is a Salt Gun?

If you are not familiar with this device, a salt gun is a very effective way to get bugs and flies out of your living space using salt. These guns work similarly to real guns but you need to load them with salt and they ensure each shot has enough power to kill insects almost instantly.

Salt guns are designed to get rid of insects fast, by shooting sprays that can also reach spots that are hard to get otherwise. Most of the times, they instantly kill the targeted insect.

These guns usually have a cap through which the salt can be loaded and a salt-viewing window in order to know how much ammo is left. All you need to do is lift the loader cap and pour the necessary amount of salt into the device. Once you do this, there is a cocking handle that you have to pull and activate to get the weapon ready to fire.

You also need to make sure that the auto-safety is also activated, as a pop-up sight appears (in case the model you have features one) which indicates that the gun is ready to fire. Once the safety is released, you can aim and fire at those annoying insects that keep bothering you.

A salt gun is not very complex, in terms of construction. Still, if you do not want to replace the device often, we recommend going for one that is made of quality materials. Also, these products are not so expensive, and that is why we recommend selecting a model that is not only high quality, but that also includes various useful features.

For example, we suggest looking for a textured handle because it will avoid any potential slips and ensure you will be able to quickly handle the gun safely. Although this is a useful item to have around the house, it should not be left where children can reach it and you should definitely not let your kids play with it.




In terms of ammunition, there are multiple alternatives you can select from. For example, you can go for a new rock salt gun or a salt pellet gun. Still, the most common type you will find is the one that uses regular table salt. This is the easiest to use as well.

In case you already tried a standard model and want to see how a different type of salt gun works, you certainly have alternatives. But if you are a beginner, we suggest starting with a model that uses regular salt because aiming and getting used to the gun can require some time to adjust.


How Effective is a Salt Gun?

Depending on the distance between the fly and the gun, this device can kill it almost instantly. These items are used successfully to get rid of various insects from your home or garden.

Also, depending on the size of the bug, there is a possibility that it will not be killed straight away, and you might need to fire additional shots to get rid of it. Still, for regular flies, one well-aimed shot will get the job done.

Even though these weapons are mostly used for flies, they can also be used to get rid of spiders. Of course, this also depends on how big that spider is. A salt gun is especially useful when the insect or the spider is in a hard-to-reach spot like a corner or the ceiling.

Anyway, spiders also trap flies so you might want to reconsider gunning the spider down. However, if you are dealing with a dangerous species that can pose a threat to your family, then you can use the salt gun to remove the peril.


Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are considering getting a salt gun and still weighing your decision, we can offer you more details about both the advantages and disadvantages of using such a weapon. If you went online to find out more, you probably noticed that this is quite a popular method of getting rid of unwanted bugs and there are a lot of models on the market to choose from.

The greatest advantage this item can offer is that it helps you to get rid of those annoying flies that make your life a living hell especially during hot summer days. Flies have a nasty habit of bothering you while you are trying to relax, they get on your food, not to mention how many bacteria they can carry.

The best thing about using salt guns is that there are no toxic elements included, so it is much safer than bug sprays or other chemicals. You do not have to expose your children or your pets to any harmful elements. Also, these weapons do not usually require batteries or any type of electrical charging. All you need to worry about is having enough ammunition at your disposal.

Last, but not least, why should we not mention how fun this activity can be? Surely you need to be careful when using the gun, especially keeping any salt from getting into your eyes. However, fighting off insects can certainly make you feel like you are in an action movie.

There really are not too many downsides to using a salt gun. Nevertheless, you need to know that the weapon usually splatters the insects into small pieces so you will need to clean up afterward. Sure, this also depends on the distance between the fly and the gun, but you need to know that things can get messy.

Another thing you will need to clean is the salt as it will be sprayed around once you fire the gun. However, since this is regular salt we are talking about, it will not do any real damage.

Getting used to aiming and getting the target can take some time getting used to. In the end, this is not an effective way of getting rid of insects, unless you manage to hit them. However, the learning process can still be a lot of fun.



Do You Need a Permit for a Salt Gun?

Since the word gun is used in the name of this product, you might be wondering if any permit is required in order to purchase one. Well, these items are not actual firearms, and they do not use any toxic elements. Normally, they should not require any license to use.

It is still advisable to inquire about this from the local authorities to make sure there are no particular regulations applicable in your area. Most probably, you will find out that you do not need any permit, but it is better to have this confirmed.

This article was meant to offer you information related to salt guns so that you can make a general idea about how they work and what you can use them for. If you decide to get one, the market has a lot to offer so you will definitely find one that can best suit your needs.



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