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Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work on Squirrels?

Last Updated: 14.07.24


Many people feel comfortable using ultrasonic pest repellers to chase away unwanted guests from their property as they consider these types of devices safe for their family and for the environment. Also, these units are great as they will not kill pests, they will just put them on the run, and this is what everyone wants – a product that is safe for everyone involved.

Sometimes, there are certain cute animals that manage to fool us with their adorable appearances and here we are referring to squirrels. They look cute and fun, but what many people who haven’t interacted with them don’t know is that they can also be quite destructive. That is why they need to be kept far away from their home and their yard.

Squirrels are continuously searching for food, and they are not picky eaters, which means that they will eat almost anything – they will even eat your pet’s food. When you feed your pet, you should make sure that he/she is the one eating the food. There are many ways to repel squirrels and ultrasonic pest repellers are of great interest to many homeowners.


Treating pest problems with ultrasonic devices

You have heard so many good things about ultrasonic pest repellers, but you have also heard that they might have no effect on your pests. Furthermore, you can clearly read on many packages for these devices that they drive away all those unwelcome guests. They emit high-frequency sounds that are supposed to drive pests crazy and make them run away.

There are situations when these units did exactly what they claimed to do, but there are also situations when pests will just ignore them and they won’t get bothered by them. This is something you don’t want, as your main goal is to get rid of them. That is why you are taking a small risk when you decide to treat your pest problem with ultrasonic pest repellers.

Even though it is believed that the ultrasonic devices that actually work are not commercially available, there are many customers who have experienced great results with devices available on the market. We cannot tell you what to do as it is entirely your decision and it is up to you to choose the right method to chase away those annoying intruders.

Because manufacturers don’t have enough evidence to support their claims of effectiveness, some people are a little skeptical when it comes to buying them. Their reaction is absolutely understandable, but they should also consider those situations when ultrasound pest repellers have managed to clear various areas of destructive and annoying pests.

Will they repel squirrels?

Luckily for us, ultrasonic devices can be used to repel squirrels, and there are many individuals that use them. One of the main reasons people choose to repel squirrels with ultrasonic devices is because they are safe for the environment as they don’t contain any chemicals. The other option they have is to use chemical repellents which can put their health at risk.

Our health is the most important, and the last thing we want is to compromise it with harmful chemicals can really affect it. We have heard that ultrasonic pest repellents don’t work all the time, but we have also heard many people that are really happy with the results. But things are very similar when it comes to chemical repellents – they don’t work all the time.

This means that they both have shown mixed results and nothing is 100% guaranteed no matter what type of repellents you decide to choose. When you are using chemical repellents you need to be very persistent because they are no longer effective after heavy rains or winds. You will have to be very careful and replace them right away in order to ensure protection against pests.

There are also certain repellents that you can make at home, but the situation is no different. Moreover, there are a lot of people who have tried to put squirrels on the run using cayenne pepper or ammonia. Squirrels don’t like the smell and they should leave the areas as soon as possible, but most often they will not get disturbed and they will refuse to leave.


How to choose the right ultrasound repellent

Squirrels are annoying but clever little creatures that cause significant damage to your property, and that is why it is best to keep them as far as possible. There are many ways to do that and it is up to you to choose the method that you consider more suitable. If you’ve decided to opt for ultrasonic repellers to chase away squirrels, they should have certain characteristics.

If you want to repel pests that are quite far away, you must look for an ultrasound repellent that has a long range. This way all those unwanted guests that are around your property will change their mind and they will look for a shelter somewhere else. Furthermore, those pests that are close to the unit will also feel uncomfortable and they will run away as fast as they can.

Another important characteristic is the power – it needs to have a lot of power in order to be able to produce strong ultrasounds. Squirrels can get used to certain sounds but if they are strong enough they will do anything to get far away from them. Also, you don’t want the devices to emit sounds that will disturb you or your pets; they only need to irritate unwelcome intruders.

That is why you must pay great attention to this aspect and purchase a product that will be silent for you but will emit sounds that are very annoying for the squirrels. Also, any good device should have a long AC cord as you don’t want to use an extension cord in order to be able to place it in those areas that you need to protect against squirrels.

Plenty of advantages

If you’ve dealt with a squirrel problem before, you know exactly how hard it is to remove those persistent creatures from your property. No matter how annoying these small animals are, you just don’t want to use poison on them.

When you use poison to repel squirrels you make them suffer as they will not die right away. Furthermore, if you have children, they can get mixed up with the poison and you can imagine how disastrous the results can be.

That is why using a product that emits high-frequency sounds that manage to drive those annoying pests away might be your best option. This way nobody gets to suffer, and you get to live in a pest-free environment.

Another great aspect is that you don’t need to clean up anything after it – this means more time for you to spend with your family. The image of a dead animal can be very shocking for your children, and that is something ultrasound repellers will help you avoid. These units are also very easy to use as you just need to plug them in and you are done.



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