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7 Best Vole Traps – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.06.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Vole Trap + Reviews


If you want the best vole traps, but you haven’t found a model to satisfy you so far, you’ve come to the right place. In this short paragraph, you will supply you with all the information required to get the right product for your needs. We focused on comparing sales figures, customer feedback, and specs, to identify it, and we found that the CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps to be an excellent choice. First of all, this model offers a humane method to get rid of voles, so if you are an animal lover, you will surely appreciate this aspect. You will be impressed by the ease of use as operating such a trap is a no-brainer, and anyone can do it. Since it’s safe to use around children and pets, you will be able to place it anywhere you want. If this model is no longer available, we recommend the Havahart 1020 Live Animal Mouse Cage Trap as an optimal second choice.



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7 Best Vole Traps (Updated Reviews) in 2024



With so many traps for mice and voles on the market, it is no wonder that you might feel overwhelmed. We are here to help you by pointing to the critically-acclaimed products that are worthy of your consideration. You will find them in the list below.



1. CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps 


When you read vole trap reviews, you surely want to see what models are deemed effective and easy to use. This model from CaptSure is an absolute winner, with an excellent success rate that cannot be ignored. The trap is humane and doesn’t kill the animal, only trapping it inside for later release.

One of the greatest things about this cage trap is that you don’t have to touch the animal. To trap it, you only have to place a bit of peanut butter as bait inside, and the door will fall behind the vole the moment it sets food inside. When you want to release it, you just have to take the cage somewhere away from your property and release the trapped animal by lifting the door.

Ease of use and efficiency highly recommend this trap. You will also be glad to hear that this trap is safe to use around pets and children.



If you don’t want to kill the mice and voles invading your property, this humane trap is an excellent choice because it won’t hurt the animals.

There are two traps included in your purchase, so you will be able to place them strategically on your property to catch more of the little pests at the same time.

It is a great thing that you don’t have to get in contact with the trapped creatures at all, due to the intelligent design implemented by the manufacturer.

You will receive, along with the traps and an instructions manual, a free e-book on catching mice, complete with useful tips and tricks.



When waste from animals gathers under the platform, you will discover that the cage is not as easy to clean as advertised.

You may also notice that when you need to activate the release mechanism, the door doesn’t work smoothly, which can be an issue.

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2. Havahart 1020 Live Animal Mouse Cage Trap 


If you are looking at the various live vole traps, you will notice this particular model that offers all the benefits expected from a humane method to catch and release such critters. It must be noted that the model is designed for animals of a specific size so that it doesn’t end up catching others. Unlike other models that come with a single door, this one has two.

The way it works is rather straightforward. You place bait inside with the doors up. Once a mouse comes and steps through, both doors will drop, catching it inside. The model is made from galvanized frame and mesh, to ensure that no animal will be able to escape.

This trap is an excellent investment, as its sturdy construction is resistant to rust and corrosion. With proper maintenance, it should be able to last for years of catching voles and mice.



You don’t have to worry about critters getting out of this trap, as the mesh openings are designed to prevent such a thing from happening.

Because it has two doors, animals can come in from either direction and get trapped right away as the doors are susceptible to the slightest movement.

The handle guard is well designed and will protect your hand during transportation, ensuring that you won’t suffer any injury or nuisance.

Since it’s made from galvanized steel, you can rest assured that this model will have a long life and serve you for many years.



One thing that may annoy you to no end is that the trap is really sensitive, and when you try to place it on the floor, it will activate, making you repeat the process.

When setting up the trap, aligning the metal rods that keep the door from dropping can be a challenge, and you will need to learn how to do it right.

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3. Kat Sense Humane Smart Mouse Traps 


Nothing beats cheap vole traps when you have a small infestation to take care of. Because the manufacturer offers four traps at an unbeatable price, you will like this product from the get-go. The traps are made from polystyrene and lightweight, so moving them around won’t be a problem.

Another thing you may like about them is their aspect that is a step away from the grey metal cages, usually serving the purpose of trapping mice and other pests. You won’t have to touch the mice, or worry that children and pets might get bitten by accident. Once a mouse is inside the trap, its exit will be blocked until you free it.

The package includes, besides the traps, a manual, and a set of instructions on how to trap mice, as well as how to proof your home against such critters. You will find this product a convenient choice for dealing with voles.



These traps have a cruelty-free design that allows people to catch critters and release them away from their properties, without touching them.

You will be happy to learn that these traps are safe to use around children and pets, as there’s no risk of ingesting toxic pellets.

Using the traps, again and again, is possible, and that means that they have a long lifespan that will convince you that they are a sound investment.

Buyers receive four traps, as well as a set of instructions on how to catch mice and other small critters as efficiently as possible.



While these traps are excellent because of ease of use and low price, their plastic parts are no match for mice and voles if they are left inside for more than a few hours.

You will find that the cages are a bit difficult to clean, compared to others on the market, and seeing if there’s a mouse trapped inside is challenging.

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4. Kensizer Small Animal Humane Live Cage 


This live cage is an excellent alternative for people who wish to get rid of vole infestations but without killing any critters. As you can learn from this vole trap review, the only way to serve this purpose is by opting for a model that never hurts the trapped animals.

Inside the cage, there is a pedal trigger that, once touched, will cause the door to shut behind the animal that entered. On this trigger, you must place the bait and wait for the animal to step on it. Since there will be no other way for the voles to get the bait, they will walk right into it, so to speak.

One thing that will surely help you decide in favor of this trap is its durability. It is made from galvanized aluminum, and it’s pretty sturdy. Of course, it’s not made to catch large animals, so make sure you opt for the right size when you pick such traps.



This trap is lightweight and convenient to use, as it’s made from aluminum and, therefore, ideal for anyone looking for an affordable, decent model for catching small critters.

While the trigger mechanism is very sensitive, it will not activate when you place your choice of bait on it, thus ensuring its optimal functioning.

Its escape-proof design is ideal for trapping voles and mice because once the animal is inside, the door closes tightly to prevent it from getting out.

The model is built with durability in mind, as the metal used is galvanized and will allow repeated uses without showing signs of wear and tear.



Be aware of the sharp edges sticking out the door frame and the corners, as they can present a risk to the animals trapped inside.

There is no handle present on the trap, so you might want to improvise one since it would come in handy when you have to release the trapped mice and voles.

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5. HARCCI Set of Mouse Snap Traps 


If the issue of how to get rid of voles has been on your mind for a while now, an immediate solution is right here. This set of snap traps from HARCCI is guaranteed to help you get rid of pests quickly. As a bit of warning, these traps are not made for catch and release, as they are meant to kill.

Because of their design, the traps are easy to clean, and they won’t leave a mess behind like others. The sturdy snap mechanism is guaranteed to crush the animal’s neck or back for an instant kill.

The manufacturer includes an extra set of bait cups for all the traps, which means that you will get to use them repeatedly. As long as you’re careful when removing the bait cups, you will be able to reuse the snap traps. The traps are weatherproof and can be used outside.



You will receive a set of 6 traps when you opt for this model, which is convenient and will help you get rid of many critters in a short time.

A look at it will tell you that these traps are made from robust materials, with stainless steel springs, and overall a dependable construction.

The bait cup can be removed, so the traps are reusable, which is excellent when dealing with a lot of mice and voles.

You can use the traps both indoor and outdoor, an aspect that makes them versatile and adds value to the product.



The traps are lightweight, so they might move from their place when catching a critter; some methods to keep them in place must be used.

You will notice that they are pretty large, which might lead to the possibility for tiny mice to get inside, take the bait, and slide underneath without a problem.

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6. JT Eaton 902R Top Loader Bait Station 


This particular design works in a different way than what you have seen so far in our selection. It is a bait station that can be placed in various places and reused as many times as possible. The trick is that you load the station with the bait of your choosing, and poison the critters that come to take a bite out of it.

Since it’s an affordable vole trap, it is easy to see why you should consider it when dealing with infestations. Because you can hang the bait station, you will be able to keep the bait safe from moisture and, therefore, the poison potent for a longer time.

The dual entrance design allows even rats to come and eat the poisoned bait. For voles and mice, it is just as effective. Because it is suspended in areas that cannot be reached by pets and children, it is safer than other options that use poison.



The gravity feed structure is effective in poisoning rodents, and it offers an efficient way to get rid of infestations.

Because you can hang it anywhere you want, you will manage to protect the bait from moisture and ensure its effectiveness for a long time.

Critters as large as rats can enter the structure, eat the bait, and die later from poisoning; they can get out through the other opening so that they don’t remain stuck.

The robust construction of this trap ensures that you will be able to reuse this bait station as many times as possible.



The hardware necessary for loading the bait and lowering it doesn’t appear to be particularly sturdy, and it can be a weak point of the overall construction.

In case you want something that works fast, this bait station is not for you, as the poison takes quite a bit of time to work.

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7. Eco Pro Pest Control Mouse Bait Stations 


The most important trait of this bait station design is that the bait can only be accessed by pests and not by your pets or children. The bait is locked safely inside, and only small animals like mice and voles can enter the bait station and get poisoned. In case you have a rat infestation, you should shop for other traps, as this one is really small.

You will receive four bait stations with your purchase so that you can place them around your property to ensure that any infestation is dealt with swiftly. The bait stations are easy to use since you only need to place the bait in the tray designed for this purpose, and it will lock in place quickly.

Another thing you can appreciate about this design is that you never have to deal with the sight of dead animals as they will die away from the trap once the poison kicks in.



These traps are ideal for catching tiny animals, so they work for voles and mice like a charm.

Because of the safe design, you won’t have to worry about children and pets stumbling over the poisoned bait as it will be locked inside.

If you dislike the idea of dealing with dead animals, these bait stations offer an excellent alternative, as the mice will come and get the bait, only to die later, away from sight.

The robust ABS and stainless steel construction ensures durability, and it is also easy to clean.

Placing the bait inside is easy, and you won’t spend a lot of time setting it up.



Bear in mind that these bait stations are lightweight, which means that they could be toppled over or even moved by large animals.

Animals like squirrels may be able to chew through the construction and destroy the bait stations, and that’s another aspect to bear in mind.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Voles look very similar to mice, but they are more of an outdoor pest, so the same strategies you could use to trap the latter might not work. If you are looking for the best vole trap around, you will need to make sure that it is consistent with your requirements for getting rid of such pests. The following considerations and guidelines will help you decide on the most suitable option.

Do you prefer cruelty-free options?

A crucial question to ask before anything else is this: do you prefer a humane trap that won’t hurt and injure the animal? If that’s the case, you should focus on the cruelty-free alternatives available. Mainly, in this category, you will find cage traps that are designed to catch the animal inside so that you can then take it somewhere away from your property and release it into the wild.

There are ups and downs to this choice. If you only have a couple of mice or voles pestering you, going to and fro with the traps won’t be inconvenient. However, if you have an infestation and you aim for total vole extermination, such a strategy may become cumbersome fast. Nonetheless, it can’t be ignored that this method is humane and won’t have to worry about killing animals.


Bait stations and their advantages

If you wish to exterminate the pest on your property and not to deal with dead critters, bait stations are a good option. They have a particular design, and if you want a vole killer, this is the way to go.

You can use poisoned bait blocks inside the bait station so that the rodents come and eat from it. All the poisoned animals will die at a fair distance from the station since the poison will take quite a bit of time to work. That means that you won’t have to clean the bodies of dead animals and the like. If you are looking for a strategy on how to kill voles, bait stations come highly recommended.


Regular mouse traps and why they’re not always a good idea

Voles are, basically, field mice. What does a vole look like? They are similar to mice, but their bodies are stouter and their faces, rounder, compared to their relatives. At a closer look, you will notice that their eyes and ears are also smaller. All these similarities point out that vole rodent killers should be the same as those used for mice.

However, you must bear in mind that voles don’t go inside homes, like mice, or at least, they’re not as inclined to do so. The best way to exterminate them is by placing traps outside. You could use standard mouse traps, but glue traps, for instance, might not work that well.

These traps have the disadvantage that you will have to clean them of the dead animals. Obviously, that’s not a great idea for people who are squeamish and don’t want to touch the corpses of the voles trapped. Also, some pets might get injured by accident.


Are they safe around children and other animals?

Regardless of what type of trap you prefer for catching voles, you must make sure that they are safe around children and pets. The use of chemicals, in particular, is extremely dangerous, as kids and other animals might ingest the pellets by accident. But if you use bait stations that trap all the deadly poison inside without kids and pets being capable of reaching it, you can still use chemicals to get rid of an infestation.

Traps that are designed to be cruelty-free don’t have any issues of the kind. They are small enough to prevent any pet from getting inside, and they don’t hurt the trapped animal in the first place. Even a cheap vole trap of the type won’t cause any problems, and not using any poison would be the safest option possible.

Construction and reusability

If there are other considerations that you must bear in mind, these are overall construction and reusability. Cage traps can be made from a metal frame and galvanized mesh, and they are pretty sturdy. However, you will find models made from plastic, and these are convenient because they are lightweight. For bait stations, tough ABS is a common material, while pieces of hardware can be made from stainless steel.

Sturdy construction guarantees the overall reliability of the product. Some models might be so lightweight that large animals like dogs could move them around. While that is a drawback, it might not be that important if you place the trap in an area where your pets are not allowed.

If you dislike spending a lot of money on traps for catching rodents, you should pick models that can be reused. You will notice that users often comment on this aspect, which is closely related to overall durability. A cage trap should serve you multiple times, while bait stations should have a long service life.


Ease of cleaning

Last but not least, you should compare various traps available based on the ease of cleaning. Straightforward designs work best, and they don’t need much in terms of maintenance. Especially in the case of cage traps, you should be aware that the trapped animal will cause a bit of mess until you find it and release it.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the signs of a vole infestation?

You can tell you have a vole infestation by looking for the signs that point out in this direction. Maybe vole holes are not that easy to spot, but the runways they use to go all over the place are evident. The voles eat the grass blades in their path, so that is why you can notice right away that they are present.

Other signs of vole damage include wilted trees. These critters use a network of burrows and tunnels, and they eat the roots of the trees and plants. If you notice that the vegetation in your yard has turned yellowish and it’s easy to tug from the ground, that’s a clear infestation sign.

Just like other rodents, common vole can multiply and reach impressive numbers within a short time. That is why you shouldn’t allow their population to grow and take action from the first sign of infestation.

Q: Are vole traps safe for children and pets?

You must keep both your kids and pets away from any harm. That is why you should only purchase traps that are specified as being safe for them. You don’t have to pay extra for such features, and there are plenty of affordable vole traps that you can use around children and other animals without a problem.

But what is a vole? In a nutshell, it is a small rodent that mainly feeds on the roots of trees and plants. If you compare voles vs moles, there is an essential difference in size, although the tunnels they make in the ground might make you think they are similar.

These critters can be caught and poisoned with bait, but if you use the right type of trap or bait station, you won’t have to worry about your children or other animals in your yard eating the poison by accident. Pay extra attention to the design advertised and choose wisely.


Q: Why are vole considered pests?

Getting rid of voles is important, especially if there are signs of an infestation underway. While they don’t feed on grains and foods humans consume as a general rule, they are incredibly damaging to plants and trees. They have their habitat underground, but they can be seen on the surface, too, and their complex network of tunnels can damage a garden.

Furthermore, they prefer the roots of various trees and plants, which can cause an entire garden or orchard to collapse. While they are tiny creatures, they can do a lot of harm, and that’s why vole control is often considered a job for exterminators.

One or two may not be that dangerous, but you should be aware that, just like other rodents, they can carry various diseases, and that’s why you shouldn’t want them anywhere near your home or property. Don’t let them become a problem and use traps to get rid of them.


Q: What are vole traps?

Holes in the ground on your property are usually signs of moles or voles at work. What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard? What about voles? These creatures can be particularly damaging for the plants and trees in your garden or orchard. The right answer is to get some traps that work for both these species of rodents.

Traps for such critters are quite common and come in various types. There are cage traps that only catch voles inside. You can then take the trap somewhere far from your house, into the field, where you can release them.

Mouse snap traps can work, too, but many prefer bait stations because they can exterminate larger populations of voles with zero headaches. If you’re wondering how to get rid of voles and moles, this strategy can work like a charm.



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