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10 Best Spider Traps Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 14.07.24


Best Spider Trap Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Depending on the culture, spiders can be considered an omen or a blessing, leading to good fortune and accomplishments but unless you want to sit around and wait for any of these things to happen, you would better invest in the best spider traps on the market. If you’re looking for an efficient product, we reckon that the Catchmaster Brown Recluse Spider Traps would be a good choice. It comes with 10 glue board sheets to create 30 monitor traps and it guarantees to catch brown recluse spiders. The product is made in the United States and allows you to catch all sorts of pests, including flies, ants, and roaches, keeping your house clean and safe. Each strap is non-toxic, easy to use, and comes with step-by-step instructions to increase your success rate. If this spider deterrent is not available for purchase right away, a decent alternative would be the Bell Trapper Insect Trap – 90 Traps.



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10 Best Spider Traps (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Finding the best spider trap on the market may not be an easy choice, especially since there are hundreds of products to choose from. Showcased below we’ve gathered some of the most sought-after spider traps available right now, together with their in-depth reviews, so you can pick the one that will best suit your needs.



1. Catchmaster Brown Recluse Spider Traps


According to researchers from Kansas University, an average-sized home will require about 30 traps to cover the entire area and help you catch all spiders and unwanted insects. This product from Catchmaster is locally made in the United States and counts for 10 glue board sheets that can turn into 30 monitor traps.

Each board sheet divides into three smaller glue traps that can be easily attached to all the corners of your doors, windows, and under the kitchen cabinets. The product guarantees to catch Brown Recluse Spiders and help you monitor the insects roaming your home, allowing you to fully understand your pest problem and further act accordingly.

The traps are non-toxic and don’t contain any pesticides, so they won’t kill the spiders or other insects that are trapped. Therefore, they can be safely used all-around your house, even if you have children or pets.



The set contains 10 glue board sheets that can divide into 30 glue traps, enough to cover the entire at-risk surface of a medium-sized home, according to Kansas University researchers.

The product is non-toxic and doesn’t contain any harmful pesticides that will kill the spiders or insects.

The glue used is extremely sticky and resistant, being able to trap almost all types of bugs, including spiders, flies, and roaches.

It is delivered with a full set of instructions on how to properly use the glue traps, as well as valuable tips on how to prevent a pest infestation and how to seal your house.



Depending on where you live, these traps may not be sticky enough to get you rid of your spider or pest problem once and for all. If you’re dealing with a serious insect infestation, you might have to use chemical substances or call a professional.

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2. Bell Trapper Insect Trap – 90 Traps


This set includes 90 traps specifically designed for spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other pests. They are locally made in the United States so purchasing them means supporting the local economy.

They are non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets and won’t cause the death of the pests. The super-sticky surface traps in any insect or rodent that might crawl on your windows, doors or kitchen floors so you can easily determine what species you’re dealing with.

The sturdy 7×3 inches cardboard trap can be used as a large trap or separated into three smaller traps that you can attach to almost any type of surface thanks to the adhesive backing. For enhanced control of the roaches, you can also order non-poisonous tablets that will attract insects to the glue pad.

Due to its strong glue, the manufacturer recommends using the trap carefully so you don’t get your fingers glued together.



The product is completely passive as it doesn’t contain any type of poison or toxic substance that might kill insects or rodents.

The trap is safe to use around children and pets and won’t cause any allergic reactions to the skin, eyes or nose.

It is easy to use and one set includes 90 traps that will get rid of bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, and other insects, so you can place them all around the house to control pests.

The trap uses highly efficient, super-sticky glue so we suggest you use it carefully not to harm yourself.



Be careful where you place the traps as they may catch and harm other small animals, including birds. We suggest you only place them on ground surfaces and around the corners of your doors or under kitchen appliances and not in your garage or on the windows, especially if you have birds living in the area.

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3. Trapper Max Glue Boards Trap


Available in various sizes, ranging from 6 to 72 traps, this item is extremely efficient and will help control pests around your house. The glue covered surface is wide enough to cover a large portion of your door or window and can be used in multiple ways.

The product represents a convenient and non-toxic way of catching insects and rodents, as well as various species of spiders, and preventing your home from becoming a suitable environment for pest breeding.

It can be used flat or folded and placed where rodents or insects and other pest activities have been noticed, mainly under kitchen appliances and cabinets, and on the corners of a room. This trap kit also comes with 12 peanut butter-scented glue boards to attract rodents, ants, spiders, and other pests easier. As opposed to other regular non-fragrance traps, these are more efficient and will help you catch more pests.



The traps are available in sets from 6 to 72 pieces, depending on how big your house is or how many areas you want to cover and clear from pests.

All traps included in the kit are non-toxic and represent a smart and easy way to trap rodents, insects, and other bugs, including various species of spiders, ants, and bed bugs.

They can be used as flat or folded, depending on how much surface you want to cover, and placed where you noticed the most intense pest activity.

The boards feature a delicious peanut butter scent and, thanks to the super-powerful glue, will catch all types of pests from your house, including rodents like rats and mice.



Unfortunately, the traps don’t discriminate in what types of insects, reptiles, and rodents they catch, so you may end up trapping snakes or lizards that are looking for a way out. For some, it may be too late until you find them and try to release them.

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4. Terro T3206SR Spider & Insect Trap Pack


Available in packs of various sizes, this product promises to efficiently trap and kill ants, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, crickets, and other unwanted bugs. It is convenient and easy to use and doesn’t contain any toxic substances or pesticides, which makes it safe for the entire family, including your pets.

The 3-pack version contains 12 individual insect traps and will mainly kill brown recluse spiders, black widows, and hobo spiders. The item can be used flat or folded and comes with very adhesive glue that will stay on almost all surfaces.

The interior of the trap is also sticky and promises to catch as many insects as possible, to free your household from pests.

And, if you have trouble using the product, you will find that the instructions are clear and easy to follow. For maximum efficiency, we recommend placing the trap in high-traffic areas for insects and spiders such as underneath the doors, near the windows, and under the kitchen appliances or cabinets.



The set of three contains 12 individual traps designed to target the three most common species of spiders you can find around the house, as well as ants, cockroaches or scorpions.

Depending on your preferences, you can use the traps enclosed or flat if you want a larger area for catching insects.

The traps don’t contain any pesticides or toxic substances, which makes them safe to use around pets and children, without worrying about hurting them.

The glued surface is extremely sticky and should be placed in high-traffic areas for spiders and insects to maximize its efficiency.



When left too long, the trap will eventually kill insects by not letting them go so they can eat. Make sure you place them in narrow corners if you don’t want to trap unwanted small animals like mice or lizards.

The paper is difficult to peel off and the box won’t stick together and hold its shape too well.

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5. JT Eaton 844 Pest Catchers Large Glue Trap


If you’re looking for an efficient yet cheap spider trap, this product from JT Eaton could prove a good choice. The pack contains 4 traps and is designed to capture crickets, snakes, roaches, spiders, rats, mice, and other insects or small rodents that are considered pests.

The attractant formula is scented to lure in more insects and small animals but doesn’t contain any poison or chemical substances, which means it is safe to use around children and pets.

The trap is suitable for sensitive areas in the house or small apartments. Its sticky glue formula is efficient yet doesn’t make any mess, so you won’t have to worry about getting trapped in them too.

For best results, we recommend placing the trap in high-traffic areas of your house where you know most insects gather such as under the bed, under the kitchen cabinets and appliances, near doors or corners of the room.



The set contains 4 traps, enough to place them in strategic corners of your house to capture as many insects as possible, as well as spiders.

The trap is designed for almost all insects, small reptiles, and rodents, so it should get you rid of your mice, rat, snake, spider, crickets or roaches problem.

The item comes with a delicious scent that will attract more insects, which means it is more efficient than regular unscented traps.

There are no chemicals or pesticides used so you can rest assured the insects you catch won’t die. In addition, it doesn’t pose a threat to children or animals.



Even though there are no chemicals that could harm humans or animals, you should keep the traps away from children under 3 years old as they contain small pieces that pose a choking hazard.

They might get stuck to your shoes or feet if you don’t pay attention so use cooking oil or baby oil to take the traps off.

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6. Rescue Spider Traps 3 Pack


Going through many spider trap reviews, this product from Rescue is popular amongst people who have a hard time getting rid of nasty insects around their houses.

It is ready to use and doesn’t require any assembling. It comes with a durable plastic shell that won’t bend or break easily as opposed to other similar traps made of paper. The product is designed to catch spiders around the house, from Black Widows and Wolf Spiders to Jumping Spiders and Brown Recluse Spiders.

The dark environment and glue dot pattern are scientifically proven to trap more spiders than other similar items on the market, so you can finally put an end to your insect problem without having to call pest control companies.

The product features two sides of glue on the trap’s interior that won’t let spiders get away once they are trapped.

We also liked the elegant design of the case that can be placed anywhere around the house without looking conspicuous.



The pack contains three individual traps that are designed to attract more spiders and help you get rid of the most common types of spiders around the house, including Black Widows and Hobo Spiders.

Unlike regular traps made of paper, this item features a durable plastic shell that won’t break or fold easily, making it a better choice for trapping spiders.

The patented glue interior and dark environment provided by the plastic case are proven to be more efficient than regular paper traps.

The case looks elegant and classy so it can be easily placed around the house without looking too obvious or out of the scenery.



Unlike other products that can be used to solve most of your pest problems, including trapping insects, small rodents, and reptiles, this particular trap is designed for spiders only. This means that you’ll have to opt for additional products to get rid of insects and other pests around the house.

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7. Traps Direct Insect & Spider Traps


This product counts for 45 insect and spider traps, more than enough to keep your entire house covered for a couple of months during the summer season. Each trap is designed to catch all crawling pests, from Brown Recluse spiders to scorpions, centipedes, roaches, weevils, and others.

Redesigned to hide in plain sight, the device features a green pattern that easily blends into the environment, making insects more vulnerable to it. As a result, the Traps Direct will catch more insects and prevent them from escaping and getting inside your house.

The item uses a paper cover that is bendable and flexible, so you can easily place it anywhere you want, preferably in places with high traffic for insects – under the bed, in the kitchen, under the cabinets or around the corners of the rooms. The powerful glue inside each trap will make sure no insect comes out alive.



One package contains 45 insect traps, more than enough to cover the entire surface of your house, no matter how big it is.

The traps are safe for adults, children, and pets alike as they don’t contain any chemical substances or pesticides that can cause irritations or poisoning.

Each trap is made of quality paper so it is flexible enough to fit in every corner of the house, under the bed or in other places that easily become frequented by insects.

The green pattern perfectly blends into the environment, keeping the trap away from the eyes of insects and, therefore, being more efficient.



Keep in mind that these traps are mainly designed for indoor use. They might be able to catch some insects outside but won’t last more than a week as dust, dirt, and debris will also get trapped inside, making the sticky part rather useless.

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8. Terro 3200 Spider Traps 4 in a package


Coming in a pack of four, the Terro 3200 counts for a total of 16 glue traps. Each item is safe to use as it doesn’t contain any pesticides or harsh chemicals, which means it represents a good choice for families with pets and children.

The trap features a powerful glue that will trap and kill all unwanted pests, from spiders to ants, bed bugs, roaches, and others. The glue is non-toxic so it won’t pose a threat even if it gets in contact with your skin by accident.

Each trap comes with a hard paper cover that is flexible enough to easily fit in narrow places, including under the bed, under the kitchen cabinets and appliances or around doors and windows.

Moreover, the product can be used folded or opened, depending on your preferences and how many insects you want to catch. One trap should provide pest control for one area of your house for about two weeks.



The Terro 3200 counts for 16 glue traps, enough to place them all around your house and get rid of your pest situation for a few weeks, up to one month.

The traps don’t contain any harsh chemicals or pesticides, which means they are safe to use around children and pets and won’t pose a threat to their health or yours.

Each trap is made of quality hard paper that is flexible enough to easily fit under the furniture and in any corners of your house that might be high traffic areas for bugs of all kinds, including ants and spiders.

The glue used for these items is very powerful so it will trap insects without leaving them a way out.



For serious pest infestation, we suggest you call a professional to assess the situation in your house and make sure it is not built on ant nests or any other type of dangerous insects.

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9. CatchMaster 724 Spider And Insect Glue Trap


Going through this spider trap review, you’ll easily understand why it remains one of the public’s most popular choices when it comes to keeping your house away from pest invasions. Each pack contains 4 glue boards that are disposable and easy to use, even by those who haven’t done this before.

The traps don’t contain any chemical substances or pesticides, which means they are non-toxic and safe to use around pets and children.

They are also ready to use so you won’t have to spend additional time assembling them. The pre-baited adhesive is super strong and designed to trap a wide variety of insects and even snakes, scorpions, and small rodents, keeping your entire house safe from unwanted guests.

The CatchMaster traps come with easy directions to follow to make sure you enjoy the best results. All you have to do is peel off the release paper and lay the traps flat along walls, damp areas, in basements or any other place frequented by spiders.



The kit contains a set of three packs, each pack with 4 traps, which means you’ll have 12 traps in total that you can place in all corners of the house and even in the basement to catch as many spiders and crickets as possible.

Unlike other spider-killing methods, these traps are non-toxic and don’t contain any harsh chemicals, meaning they can be safely used around children and pets without having to worry about allergic reactions or poisoning.

The products are ready to use right out of the box but if you’re not sure how to properly set them, you’ll get a full set of instructions.

The glue adhesive is very strong and will trap insects without giving them a chance to escape.



The trap’s adhesive part is rather small and narrow which means you won’t catch too many spiders or crickets. In the long term, you’ll use more products to cover the entire area of your house.

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10. GreenWay Spider & Silverfish Trap


These affordable traps are ready to use right out of the box and represent an efficient solution for getting rid of pests in the long term. Each trap is non-toxic which means it doesn’t contain any chemical substances or harsh pesticides that might harm you, your children or your pets.

It is designed to catch a wide variety of bugs, including spiders and ants, and will save you big money by not having to call a professional company to handle your pest problem.

The product is easy to use and long-lasting, as opposed to other similar items that won’t get past the second week without requiring a replacement. One trap will last for months but it would be safe to replace it after two months or when the glue trap is full.

As opposed to harsh chemicals that should be sprayed without anyone near, you can use this product all year-round and receive excellent results.



Each trap features a hard paper cover that is flexible and can easily fit in all narrow spaces inside your house where you might encounter spiders and crickets – in the basement, under the bed, under the kitchen appliances, around the corners of the rooms or in the kitchen.

The product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or pesticides which means it is 100% safe to use around children and pets.

The trap is ready to use right out of the box and, thanks to its super-strong adhesive, it will catch more insects than other similar products.

One item will last around two months before requiring replacement so this method of controlling pests is affordable in the long term.



Keep in mind that these products contain small parts so they shouldn’t be used around children and pets as they pose a choking hazard.

It doesn’t kill spiders but only traps them.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Are you looking for an affordable spider trap to monitor your house and prevent an infestation? If you want to make sure you picked the best one, here is everything you need to know about these products.

To kill or not to kill?

Traps come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them are infused with pesticides or other chemical substances that will kill pests, getting you rid of that problem once and for all, while others use delicious flavors to lure them, keeping them trapped without killing them.

Unfortunately, pesticides are the only ones that can solve this problem for you permanently but they come at a cost. They are highly toxic not only to insects but to animals and humans too, which means you need to be extra careful whenever handling them.

We don’t advise you to use pesticides in houses with small children or pets or, if you must, keep them outside for a few hours until the smells go away. Make sure to set the traps in hard-to-reach areas such as under kitchen appliances.

If you’re looking for affordable spider traps that will only allow you to monitor how many types of spiders live around your house, you can opt for the regular ones without any chemical substances or scents.


Sticky business

If killing spider colonies is not your primary goal, the best traps for you are the ones that use glue or other types of adhesives to trap these insects and prevent them from escaping. Keep in mind that most of these products are powerful enough to trap other pests too, including roaches, flies, and even rodents.

The stickier the glue, the more pests you will catch so look for quality products that can adhere to any surface and are wide enough so that insects cannot pass over them.


Dinner for two

Depending on the surface of your house, you are going to need at least 20-30 sticky traps if you want to stop the exodus of the spider population. So, regardless if you’re opting for cheap spider traps or more expensive products, you need to make sure there are enough sticky bands to cover your house.

Most items feature a large band that can be cut in 2-3 pieces to cover a larger area but keep in mind that, when you do so, you’re also lowering the surface of the trap, which means you will catch fewer spiders and insects.

If you’re not sure exactly how many bands you’ll require, we suggest ordering in bulks or trying out several brands to see which one best suits your needs.

Trustworthy instructions

Last but not least, if you want to know how to kill spiders or at least how to discourage them from making your home their habitat, you need to know how to perfectly set the traps. Each product should come with step-by-step instructions that will guide you through how to set up the traps to make them more efficient.

However, using these traps won’t get you rid of your pest problem once and for all, so you need to learn how to handle things on your own. The first thing you need to do is make sure all the cracks around your house (around the doors, windows, and walls) are covered so there is no potential risk of turning them into a welcoming environment for ants, fleas, cockroaches or rodents.

Secondly, keep in mind that regular chemicals don’t always work on spiders, so you need to know exactly what types of pests you are dealing with to know how to treat your problem. Pesticides and chemicals will work on roaches, fleas, ants, and even rodents but spiders can only be trapped using glue-based traps.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do spider traps really work?

As we previously mentioned, the key to becoming successful in dealing with your pest problem is to know exactly what you’re up against. Spiders care less about chemicals and regular pesticides, which makes them harder to annihilate.

One way to make sure your house isn’t a welcoming environment for spiders is to keep it clean at all times. Use the vacuum to remove all dirt, dust, debris, and spider webs on the corners of the walls, doors, windows, and ceiling. Clean all other surfaces of the house periodically using mild detergents but don’t use too many chemical substances as they may be dangerous to you and your pets.

If you don’t want to turn to professional help, spider traps are the best solution to contain the spider population in your house and prevent these from reproducing. Traps won’t kill the spiders which means you don’t have to worry about hurting the creatures.

Q: Do spider traps attract spiders?

Most products available on the market are efficient so the quick answer to this question is “yes”. Some spider traps may only use sticky bands to trap them while others also use different scents or substances to lure spiders in and keep them trapped.

If you want to make the most of your traps, you first need to detect the most “vulnerable” areas of your house where spiders could sneak in. As we previously mentioned, this includes all cracks, open windows, air vents, and corners, as well as any other place that is dark and humid, such as your basement or your bathroom.

After identifying the spots in your home, you can use sticky traps on these specific areas and wait for all spiders to be trapped in. Don’t forget to cover the entire area that is at risk and add some extra sticky traps underneath your kitchen cabinets and appliances.


Q: What attracts house spiders?

There are various reasons why your house can become a welcoming environment for spiders. First of all, spiders require a quiet place to weave their webs, which means any corner of your house or crack can become a good home for spiders.

Secondly, spiders also require a source of food, and, even though they are carnivorous, leftovers found on your kitchen counters or in the cracks of your sofa can attract insects like ants, which make a delicious meal for spiders.

Spiders don’t like loud environments as they are quite sensitive so one way to keep them away is to have as much activity as possible in your home. The more people, children or pets, the merrier as they will occupy most of the house’s surfaces, leaving no place for spiders to weave webs and make nests.

However, the most efficient way to get rid of them is to keep your house clean at all times – vacuum regularly, wipe out the dust at least two times a week, and wash all your floors with detergents.



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