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10 Best Snake Gaiters Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 14.07.24


Top Gaiters for Snakes – Guide & Comparison


If your hobby is hiking or you simply love spending time in nature, then there are plenty of things you should be carrying in your backpack, such as the best snake gaiters. What you wear can sometimes be more important than your supplies in case you visit an area where snakes are commonly encountered, and to avoid dangerous bites, you need to wear these snake gaiters. However, finding the right model to cover your ankle can be a tedious job. This is why our team has decided to help you out with this comprehensive review of some of the most popular snake gaiters currently available on the market. Based on our analysis, one of the most reliable products you can choose is the Crackshot Men’s Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters. These gaiters are suitable for any outdoor conditions, they are highly praised for their resistance, and come in a lightweight design. However, if you do not find this product, another good option is to get the Unigear Leg Gaiters Waterproof Abrasion Resistance



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10 Best Snake Gaiters (Updated Reviews) in 2024



To help you purchase the best snake gaiter model currently available for sale, we have examined some of the most acclaimed products in this niche. Below, you can see a list of the most valuable options that were selected based on the existing snake gaiter reviews and qualities such as resistance, waterproof capabilities, and comfort. 



1. Crackshot Men’s Snake Bite Proof Guardz Gaiters


These gaiters from Crackshot are 100% made in America by one of the most reputable companies that produce snake bite protection gear. One particular aspect that will surely draw your attention and that you will not find in other gaiters is the fact that these products are backed by a $1 million product liability policy which boosts their reliability and people’s trust.

When it comes to how well these snake protective gaiters perform, they score a very good mark. First of all, they are considered comfortable, which is something you want if you plan on spending hours in the woods hunting or hiking. These resistant waterproof gaiters are not heavy and they allow your feet and ankles to breathe.

They can adapt to any situation: hiking, camping, hunting, or mountaineering, so it is an investment that’s worth making if you are an active person and you love spending time outdoors.



They are lightweight which means you will not have an unpleasant sensation of heavy and painful feet at the end of the day. Also, they are very easy to carry and to fit in your backpack.

The Crackshot bite proof gaiters are provided with metatarsal protection to keep you safe against any unpleasant and unforeseen bites. 

They are praised for the fact that they keep the feet and legs cool because their design allows air to circulate between the fabric and the legs, which makes them an ideal choice during hot summer days.

You will not have problems with rain or puddles as these gaiters are waterproof and they are protected with a resistant water-repellent coating that also prevents the venom from soaking through the material.



One aspect that might be considered a disadvantage but that doesn’t apply to all circumstances is the fact that these gaiters might unbuckle if you hike or run, for example. 

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2. Unigear Leg Gaiters Waterproof Abrasion Resistance


These waterproof gaiters from Unigear provide several advantages. One of them is the fact that they are among the most affordable snake gaiters that manage to make no compromises in terms of quality.

Although they are waterproof and highly efficient from this point of view as their waterproof rating is 1000mm, these gaiters still allow the feet to breathe. Therefore, they provide increased comfort, especially during warm days. 

They are made of resistant rugged polyester that prevents water from getting in but allows sweat to escape. The Unigear snake gaiters are anti-tear and they reinforce the abrasion resistance, which will ease your effort while hiking or climbing.

It is easy to fit these gaiters as they are provided with an adjustable buckle strap that helps you keep them as tight as you need to. These dust-proof gaiters are excellent during cold weather too as their lasting straps are meant to resist even at (-35℃/-31℉).



If you are looking for a pair of snake gaiters for hiking that you can also use in other circumstances and in any type of weather, this is a good option. 

The Unigear gaiters can keep you safe from water, snow, mud, prevent snake or insect bites, but also keep pebbles or small rocks out.

It is very easy to adjust these gaiters with their resistant lateral straps no matter how wide your ankle’s circumference is. This way, you can feel comfortable and at the same time make sure the gaiters don’t slip down.

These are some of the cheap snake gaiters that offer good quality for their price. They are multifunction, breathable, and at the same time, waterproof.



One aspect that might bother you while wearing these resistant and, otherwise, comfortable gaiters is that the adjusting strap that goes under the shoe might come off. 

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3. ForEverlast Snake Guard – Snake Gaiter Leggings


ForEverlast has designed these gaiters focusing on one essential aspect – offering users enhanced protection against snake bites and the risks associated with their venom. This product is ideal for those who love hunting and need to stay safe from different perils including briar thorns.

To maximize the hunting experience, these gaiters are provided with a camouflage pattern that will help you blend with the setting. These gaiters can easily be worn and fitted over any type of pants. One particular aspect that makes them stand out is that they were created according to the principle one size fits all. 

They are adaptable both for men and women as they are simply attached by using the adjustable Velcro straps that allow you to modify their size. These lightweight gaiters offer reliable protection against snakes from the knee down due to their highly resistant fabric.



The gaiters provided by ForEverlast are versatile. They make a good investment because you can use them in different circumstances: while hunting, hiking, or camping.

They are easy to adjust thanks to their lateral straps and they are more fitting than boots. These gaiters can simply be worn over any type of pants and they protect both the ankles and the calves. 

It takes very little time to fit these items and you can make sure they don’t slip by adjusting the straps.

One of the main advantages of these gaiters is the fact that they are one-size. This means that anyone in your family or group of friends can wear them, which makes them a good long-term investment.

They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to carry.



Depending on how active you are and how well you fitted the gaiters, their straps might loosen after a few hours, so you have to pay attention and readjust them. 

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4. Azarxis Hiking Gaiters Breathable Lightweight Waterproof


These Azarxis hiking gaiters are made of 600D Oxford Cloth, which is a reliable and resistant fabric. This product is meant to endure even the toughest conditions, whether you choose to wear them during the winter or the summer.

This resistant fabric aims to keep water, dirt, snow, or any debris at bay while keeping your feet dry. Also, these gaiters are windproof. The oxford cloth is thick enough to provide protection against snakes or common injuries that might result from thorns, cactus needles, or briars.

Despite their sturdy look, these gaiters are lightweight and comfortable. They have a resistant metal buckle that helps you tight them firmly, so they don’t come off easily and they can also be adjusted on the calves due to their unique design.

The Azarxis gaiters are soft and very easy to fold and carry. This product comes with a 20-month warranty.



These snake gaiters are suitable for any type of weather, despite being marketed as a winter product. They are highly resistant to water, rain, snow, wind, and low temperatures.

However, at the same time, they are lightweight and can easily be used year-round in any outdoor setting. They can be suitable for different activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, snow walking, and even while riding the motorcycle.

The 600D Oxford Cloth is a highly resistant material that aims to provide durability to this product.

This is a good option for hikers because these gaiters can be firmly fixed, and they offer good adhesion.

If you want to adjust them better on the calf, you can easily do this with the drawstring. Moreover, the adjustable TPU instep belt makes them adapt to any type of shoes.



In some exceptional circumstances, the plastic string that wraps around the leg might come off. 

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5. Tuff Shins – Plastic Snake Leggings


If you want to protect yourself against snake bites, these snake proof gaiters from Tuff Shins are a reliable option you can consider. Besides being snake-proof, these gaiters also offer protection against debris, sand spurs, thorns, or other natural perils.

What makes these items stand out from the crowd is their design. Unlike most gaiter models that are secured with straps and ties, these sturdy products are made of a single piece of plastics. This means that you can easily fit them and make sure they stay in place.

The Plastic Snake Leggings have been manufactured for the past 45 years, providing a safe and practical solution for those who want to protect their calves while hiking.

The front part of the Tuff Shins gaiters is 19 inches high while the back measures 15 inches. They are very easy to carry due to their reduced weight and you can take them off and fold them within seconds.



With these special gaiters, you save a lot of time as they don’t require any bindings. Moreover, you skip the unpleasant part when your gaiters’ buckles or straps start to loosen and you have to stop and secure them. 

The lack of buckles also decreases the risk of stumbling or being bitten by a snake because your ankle or calves were not covered while fiddling with them.

These items are quite light and easy to fit in any bag or backpack, so you might want to consider them if you are looking for a portable solution. 

Also, you can efficiently store them as they collapse within each other requiring limited space.

The easy on and off design of the Tuff Shins gaiters makes them suit different outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, hunting, or surveying. Some people even use them as protective equipment on construction sites.



Because they are made of a single piece, these gaiters might feel a little bit uncomfortable at first.

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6. Rattler Scaletech Snake Protection Gaiters


These gaiters from Rattler are made of water-repellent fabric. They are ideal on a rainy day or if you go hiking in an area where you might have to cross puddles or go near rivers. Provided with adjustable straps, these gaiters are easy to adapt to any user as their size can be modified accordingly. 

In fact, this is also the reason why the Rattler gaiters are a ‘one size fits all’ product. They can successfully be used by anyone who has calves of up to 21 inches. Because these gaiters are adjustable, they can work with any type of pants, no matter how thick they are, or even with shorts. 

They will not keep you warm during the summer but provide extra comfort on cold days. This product offers full protection with its inserts overlaying each other, enhancing your sense of security while walking in areas where snakes live.



These gaiters were designed to provide comfort and they are also easy to carry. They are a versatile option that can adapt to different needs: hiking, working in the garden, hunting, etc. 

They are thick enough not to allow the snake bite or venom to get through the material and at the same time, they don’t weigh too much.

The Rattler snake protection gaiters are made of a resistant fabric that aims to last for years. They are sewn with plastic and provide enhanced protection if properly fitted as they don’t allow the ankle to be exposed.

You can carry these gaiters with ease as they are lightweight and don’t require too much space.

With their adjustable straps, the Rattler gaiters are easy to secure and their one-size design allows them to adapt to any type of calf.



During hot summer days, you might get a little bit warm using these gaiters. 

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7. U.S. Solid Snake Gaiters Ultimate Bite Protection


These snake gaiters from U.S. Solid were tested in order to prove their efficiency against snake bites. The manufacturer carried out several successful tests with live copperheads before releasing this product. The gaiters are covered with a resistant hydrophobic top layer that doesn’t allow the venom to get through and that can be easily cleaned.

These highly resistant gaiters can be worn with any type of pants. They efficiently cover the ankles and the calves and allow you to move freely. It is recommended to wear these gaiters with thick pants, ideally jeans, both for your protection and because they can provide reliable support for the gaiters.

The U.S. Solid gaiters have a 20-inch circumference at the bottom, which makes them fit easily over any pair of boots. The top part measures 16 inches in circumference and it is provided with adjustable straps. This pair of snake gaiters measures 16.5 inches in height.



The snake gaiters from U.S. Solid are highly reliable against snake bites as they were carefully designed and tested to meet their main goal – preventing these creatures’ attacks. 

The tightly weaved fabric that is used for this product cannot be bitten by snakes, as their fangs can’t pierce it.

They are a good and trustworthy choice you might want to consider if you are a hunter or a passionate hiker and you usually go to places where there are a lot of snakes.

These gaiters are large enough to fit almost anybody and they can easily be secured with their adjustable straps. Whether you have thin or thick calves, you can safely get a pair of these as they will adapt to your anatomy.

This is a breathable model that allows you to move your fit freely, without causing inconveniences.



The fact that they are not provided with a strap that goes under the shoes might make them feel less tight and safe.  

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8. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters


The TurtleSkin gaiters are designed to ensure full protection for outdoor activities carried out in the forest or in the desert. They are waterproof and windproof, and they can, therefore, adapt to different weather conditions. They were made and tested in the US, using live rattlesnakes. 

These TurtleSkin snake gaiters are quite reliable in preventing snake bites from penetrating their fabric, so you can rest assured that you will benefit from protection while venturing in the wilderness.

It is easy to fold these gaiters and to make them fit in any bag or backpack. They are lightweight and easy to carry as they only measure 8 x 8 inches when they are folded. The TurtleSkin gaiters measure 23 inches in height in the top part that covers the calves. The ankle area measures 20 inches and the length is 16 inches. You can also purchase them in Husky size.



These gaiters are a good choice if you travel often, especially in the warm season when you want to wear something that is comfortable and, at the same time, doesn’t weigh too much. 

You can easily fold these items and take them with you. Because it is foldable, this model also requires little storage space.

They are easy to fit and offer good protection for the calf and the ankles. The TurtleSkin gaiters were manufactured using a patented weave of high-strength ballistic fibers and polyester. The fabric is resistant and durable.

They are also waterproof and suitable for different weather conditions.

These nice-looking gaiters are Khaki on one side, they have a camouflage print on the other side, and they are reversible. 



This product might be a little bit pricier compared to similar models, but given its resistance and reliability, it is worth considering. 

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9. V-Cheetong Snake Gaiters Lower Leg Armor


The snake gaiters from V-Chettong are designed as a lower armor for the leg. They are very resistant and ideal for those who go hunting or hiking in snake country. These snake bite gaiters are made of strong Polypropylene panels that cover the lower part of the leg, making it impossible for snake fangs to penetrate the material.

The 600d Oxford Fabric choice and the fact that they are lined with a 210D PVC waterproof layer increases these gaiters’ durability and resistance to rough conditions and bad weather.

The V-Chettong gaiters can be easily fitted over the shoes as they are provided with a hook and loop design, elastic buckles, and adjustable drawstring. They can be adjusted to different sizes of boots and they can fit both men and women at different ages.

The gaiters’ lower leg length is 13 inches and the circumference can go from 6.0 to 20 inches. The manufacturer offers replacement within 30 days after purchase. There is also a 3-year warranty for this product.



They are highly resistant to water, tear, or punctures. The fabric and coating are durable and made of quality material that will last.

These leg armor gaiters from V-Chettong are suitable both for men and for women and they can very well be adapted to any age. 

They have a safe and easy-to-use fitting system that allows you to adjust and secure them with drawstring and elastic buckles.

They are also reliable in terms of safety as their sturdy design based on Polypropylene panels prevents any snake bites from reaching the ankle or calves. 

They are easy to take off and to put on and they can fit over any type of boots. They are also non-toxic and odorless, as well as heat and impact resistant.



Because the leg buckles are made of plastic, they might wear off in time.

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10. IC ICLOVER Snake Guards New Upgraded Lightweight


These gaiters provided by IC Iclover are made of a strong stab-resistant fabric. All the models are tested for puncture resistance so their efficiency against snakes is proven. This design is also fire resistant. 

They provide good protection not only against snake bites, but also against other things that can harm you while hiking, camping, or walking in the woods such as cactus needles and thorns. These snake-proof gaiters are lightweight; they only weigh 30 ounces each and they provide enhanced comfort while walking. 

The IC Iclover gaiters measure 23.62 inches in length and 15.75 inches in width. They are non-slip and they can be adjusted due to their generous opening Velcro measuring 5.9 inches and the buckles and footband system. 

They are suitable for any leg diameter. There is also a hook that prevents them from coming loose and that is fastened to the shoelace. You get a free storage pouch with this model.



This model is space-saving; you can fold the gaiters very easily and they require little storage space. You can fit them in your backpack while you are traveling, or you can take them in their original free storage bag that measures 17.7 inches in length and 9.44 inches in width. 

These IC Iclover gaiters are adjustable so they don’t come loose easily. They have a safe system based on buckles and a wear-resistant TPU footband on the bottom. 

They are also provided with a firm hook that attaches to the shoelace. Overall, these features ensure enhanced protection against snakes or other outdoor perils while making you feel comfortable when wearing the gaiters. 

They are suitable both for men and women, and they can fit any calf diameter. They are also tested against snake bites and made of resistant material. 



If you have thin calves, these gaiters might be a bit large.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Buying the best snake gaiters for your next nature trip shouldn’t be too complicated. There are plenty of options out there, you just need to take some time to analyze the available snake gaiters and make up your mind. Because you might be new at this or puzzled by the multitude of options, here is a short but comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the most suitable snake protection gaiters.

What is your purpose?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself before you start looking for anti-snake bite gaiters. The pair of snake bite gaiters you choose should be suitable for the specific type of landscape you want to explore. You might want to cross rivers on your next nature endeavor. In this case, you need a product that’s highly resistant and 100% waterproof.

If you plan a hiking trip, you should be looking for some of the best snake gaiters for hiking. Alternatively, you might be looking for gaiters for a mountain expedition or hunting. The design and features will differ accordingly.

There are all sorts of affordable snake gaiter models out there, but you need to establish your objective first so that you can invest in the most suitable option.


Choose a design

After you are well aware of the type of environment where you plan on using the snake proof gaiters, it’s time to choose a model. There are countless types of gaiters in terms of color, material, and shape. However, whether we are talking about women’s snake gaiters or men gaiters, there are generally only two heights.

You can either find low or high gaiters. The first ones will only cover your ankles and they normally measure approximately 11-13” in height. This design can be quite comfortable and practical. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of protection as it doesn’t cover your calf.

Low gaiters are good for areas that don’t pose a lot of danger, where the main concern is keeping water or pebbles at bay.

If your adventurous journey will make you cross a wild area where the landscape is less friendly, it is better to opt for high gaiters that will cover your entire calf protecting you from snake bites, spines, rocks, and other things that might injure you.

Moreover, with this type of snake protection gaiters, you are also safe from heavy rainfall.

Look for resistant gaiters

Durability is a key feature you want your gaiters to possess. You don’t buy these items to look fashionable, but because you need protection, which means resistance. Some of the recommended materials that you can look for include Cordura nylon and Gore-Tex, both praised for their durability.

Coldura nylon is a top choice for those who seek resistant anti snake bite gaiters and this material is great for tougher conditions you might encounter while hiking. Gore-Tex is also a resistant choice and it offers a good level of breathability while also preventing water from getting in.


See what other people have to say

It’s hard to know how well a product can stand the test of time without trying it. However, you have one snake gaiters review or two online that you can read to get reliable information. If you see a pair of snake proof gaiters you like, start looking for snake bite gaiters reviews for that product. Knowing how well they worked for others can help you make up your mind about whether it’s worth buying those gaiters or not. 



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: How effective are snake gaiters?

Anyone who has ever lived or traveled to an area where snakes are frequent inhabitants knows how important it is to always watch out where you are stepping. However, sometimes simply paying attention isn’t enough to help you prevent a snake bite.

As you already know, this type of injury can be quite severe and even life-threatening, depending on what specimen you encounter.

Snake gaiters aim to offer you protection against snake bites when you find yourself in an area where these creatures live and might attack you. Even cheap snake gaiters are able to offer you some level of protection and they are better than wearing no protection at all.

These items are easy to fit in your backpack, lightweight and, according to most opinions, quite comfortable. They are a far better choice then boots, especially in warm weather. Snake bite gaiters can effectively protect you against these creatures as the bite will not go through the material. 

Q: How fast can a snake strike?

Although snakes might not seem the most agile creatures when you see them crawling on the ground or laying on a rock in the sun, they are extremely fast when it comes to striking. This is also the main reason why it is important to protect your feet and calves when you are taking a walk in the woods or in other areas where snakes might be present.

With a pair of anti-snake bite gaiters, you increase your chances of avoiding these creatures’ attack, which is otherwise almost impossible if you wear no protection. Snakes can creep under a rock or hide in a bush. If you simply rely on your eyesight and your own capacity to react promptly, you could easily become the victim of a snake strike.

Snakes, even nonvenomous ones, can strike extremely fast. According to research, in only 70 milliseconds, they can move forward by at least half one foot. 


Q: Do snakes strike above the knee?

Snake bites vary tremendously depending on different factors. The person’s height is one of them. Although snakes normally strike in the ankle and calf area, a shorter person might be bitten close to or above the knee because of their height. Similarly, the snake’s size is also important. The larger the snake is, the easier it will be for it to strike higher.

For these reasons, wearing snake protection gaiters is essential as these items can cover your entire calf which is the area that’s most commonly exposed to snake bites.

Other factors that can increase the chances to be bitten above the knee are the angle from which the snake strikes and its position. If you are located at a lower level than the one where the snake is, for example, if you walk down a path and the snake is lurking between some rocks located at your knees’ level, you could get bitten in the upper part of your leg. 




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