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10 Best Silverfish Traps – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 05.12.23


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Silverfish Trap + Reviews


If you have been looking for the best silverfish traps with no success so far, we are here to help you discover the most suitable options out there. We looked at a wide variety of aspects, such as sales figures, customer feedback, and expert opinions, and identified the product that appears to have everyone’s attention. The Hot Shot 100046114 No-Pest Strip is often mentioned as the solution to get rid of the pest that bothers you. First of all, it is very convenient to use, since you only have to peel off the protective layer and hang the strip in areas where the infestation is dire. It is also long-lasting, as it remains active for up to 4 months. It is recommended to be used in rooms where people don’t spend hours every day, but the active substance is odorless and clean. In case this product is out of stock, we have an excellent second recommendation, the ALAZCO 6 Glue Traps.



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10 Best Silverfish Traps (Updated Reviews) in 2023



If you are looking for traps for silverfish, you will notice right away that there are plenty of products on the market that appear to fit your criteria. Since making a choice can be difficult, we put together a list of products that will help you decide on the right one for your needs.



1. Hot Shot 100046114 No-Pest Strip 


If you have ever had trouble with these insects, you may know that getting rid of silverfish is not easy to do without using the right allies. The Hot Shot 100046114 No-Pest Strip is an excellent choice as it acts against a plethora of pests and can help you get rid of them efficiently.

The product comes as a hanging strip that you can place in areas where the insects usually make their presence known. It could be a garage, a shed, a storage unit, or an attic. As long as it is a space that people don’t use more than a few hours every day, this product is safe to use.

According to the manufacturer, it can kill moths, spiders, flies, and many other pests, so it is an all-in-one solution. You won’t have to search for other silverfish bug traps if you use this strip that remains active for up to 4 months.



You won’t have to purchase a different trap for every insect type that invades your home as this one works for the most common without a problem.

It is incredibly convenient to use as it only requires you to hang it in an area where the insects appear preponderantly.

Because of the controlled release of the active substance, you will have to let it do its job for months before considering a replacement.

Since it’s clean and odorless, you won’t experience any problem when you pass by it, but make sure that you don’t spend more than a few hours in the respective area.



You will only get one strip in the pack, which makes it pretty expensive; seeing how it’s useful, this downside might be mitigated.

Don’t expect fast action, such as to see a lot of dead insects within only a few hours; other products on the market may work faster.

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2. ALAZCO 6 Glue Traps 


Do you want to get rid of silverfish and remove other pests from your property? These glue traps may be the right answer. First of all, you will be pleased to learn that they are entirely non-toxic, something that matters when you don’t want to use pesticides that can be harmful to human health and not only.

Insects of all sorts will be stopped by these glue traps. When they walk over them, they will remain stuck and die there. Fruit flies, silverfish, bugs, and other creatures will have their numbers cut down considerably by using these traps regularly.

You can use the traps in various ways. For instance, you can use them folded or flat; this aspect helps when you need to insert the traps in crowded places where you notice intense pest activity. This product is made in the US, and you can depend on its efficiency.



When potent pesticides cannot be used to get rid of pests, you can count on this product to make it happen, as it is entirely non-toxic.

The glue covered area is generous and will be able to catch a wide variety of insects, like fruit flies, silverfish, and bugs without a problem.

You will get 6 traps in one package, which makes this product a pretty good deal for people who are shopping on a budget.

Peeling off the thin cover is easy and convenient, allowing you to start placing traps all over the place where the pesky critters are usually loitering.



These traps are unscented, which means that they won’t attract insects, and catch only those that happen to walk over them; placing them correctly is a must.

Although the manufacturer advertises its product as capable of catching mice, it doesn’t appear to do a great job at catching rodents.

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3. Dekko Silverfish Packs 


Because of their efficiency and ease of use, these Dekko silverfish traps couldn’t have been amiss from our selection. First of all, one box contains 24 packs, offering you enough traps to kill a large population of bugs in time. The way they work is simple. The bugs are attracted to the packs and eat from them, ingesting poison.

You can just place the packs around in the areas that you notice to be the most affected, and you will start seeing results. Since bugs don’t need to eat a lot of it to poison themselves, you will notice that the packs last for a long time.

Once out of the box, their efficiency will remain the same for about 4 months, after which, you should replace them if you still need them. The formula uses boric acid, a substance effective against silverfish and other pests.



These packs work conveniently and efficiently, as they contain poison that attracts bugs and kills them without fail.

You will notice that the formula is basically boric acid and some inert ingredients, so you will know right away how efficient it is.

Because of how they are presented, the packs last for up to 4 months, while killing insects that usually wreak havoc in your home.

They come as an economical package, as you will get 24 such packs in a box, enough for you to place around the house and secure the areas that are usually infested.



The poison in the packs will kill the bugs that ingest it, but it won’t contaminate them enough to destroy the nests they are coming from, so they need to be replaced regularly.

Also, there are no instantaneous results, so give the packs at least a few days to notice the first dead insects around them.

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4. Trapper Max 11 Catcher’s Maximum Trap 


Silverfish are not smart or particularly hardy, so you only need a simple product that works. In this silverfish trap review, you will learn about the Trapper Max 11 Catcher’s Maximum Trap. Presented as glue boards on which a special substance is applied, this product is a non-toxic alternative to pesticides.

One thing that these boards have and others don’t is that they are scented, which means that they will also attract insects to them, not only catch them when they accidentally walk over the glued surface. With an effective surface of 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches for each trap, you will get enough working area to catch the insects passing through.

The glued surfaces can be folded if need be. Since some areas where pest activity is intense are challenging to use for flat boards, this is an excellent idea that gives the product more versatility compared to others.



You don’t have to use pesticides to get rid of nasty critters when such non-toxic and efficient alternatives like these boards exist.

It is possible to use the boards as they are or fold them to catch the critters that make a lot of trouble around the house.

The scent used for the traps is peanut butter, so it’s quite pleasant and attracts bugs and pests, ensuring that it catches more than the unscented type.

Buyers will get 6 boards in one package, which is a pretty good deal and offers you the possibility to place traps all around the house.



Don’t get your hopes high in regards to these boards being efficient at catching mice; the glue is not strong enough to restrain larger critters.

Make sure that once you peel off the cover, you don’t glue the board to anything by accident, as it is a pain to get off counters and the like.

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5. Supply Guru Catchers Sticky Glue Board Traps 


If you are looking for cheap silverfish traps, you’re looking at them. There are no fewer than 24 pieces in one package, and you will have plenty of them to place in the areas where you notice a lot of activity from insects of all sorts. The traps are non-toxic and nonpoisonous, and they just catch the tiny critters, keeping them from invading your home.

The traps are well made, and you won’t notice flowing glue, a sign of the craftsmanship employed. Unlike other products, the glue won’t dry quickly, ensuring a long lifespan during which it will catch plenty of bugs. Among the many silverfish sticky traps you may find right now, this model is a reliable choice.

Just remove the cover and place the glue trap in an area with high bug activity. You will notice its efficiency right away. In case you cannot use them flat, you can fold them and place them like that along walls or in corners.



These disposable traps are an excellent deal, as they are sold 24 pieces in a box, making sure that you have enough to cover and protect your property.

If you cannot or do not want to use pesticides, these glue traps are the best next thing since they are non-toxic and nonpoisonous.

Because the glue doesn’t dry out, you will be able to use these traps for a long time before noticing any changes in their efficiency.

They are convenient to use since you only need to remove the cover – which is easy to do – and then place them where you want them to be.



For mice and lizards, these traps don’t appear to be effective, and you should consider other products if such large critters are a problem for you.

Even if they may seem suitable for outdoor use, they shouldn’t be exposed to moisture or heat, which means that they might not do that well outside your house.

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6. GreenWay Spider & Silverfish Trap 


Do you want to catch spiders and silverfish? If yes, this product is for you. A cheap silverfish trap that you will be able to use anywhere you want, this product from GreenWay is an efficient option you should consider. The traps use glue, like other models on the market, but they come pre-baited to ensure that the insects will come to them.

You will get 6 silverfish bait traps in a package, so you will have plenty to cover more areas where bug infestations are a problem. Each trap comes with a protective cover made from paper; once removed, the sticky surface will start doing its job.

The manufacturer’s advice is to fold each trap into a triangle and place it in a corner or anywhere you notice a lot of bug activity. Usually, a trap remains active for 2 months or should be replaced when there’s no more room for catching other insects.



If you want a non-toxic formula, these sticky traps will do it for you since they don’t have any pesticides in their formula.

You will notice that the traps last for months without the glue drying up, so replacing them doesn’t have to happen frequently.

It is a formula safe for kids and pets, so you will have no issues placing the traps around the house, where the insects usually lurk.

They are easy to use, since you will only have to remove the protective paper covers and then fold them into triangles, per the manufacturer’s instructions.



Compared to other products on the market that do the same thing, these traps may appear a bit of the expensive side.

Although the traps come pre-baited, they don’t appear to be particularly appealing to silverfish that will be caught only if passing through by accident.

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7. BioCare Spider and Silverfish Sticky Traps 


Crawling insects are no match for these sticky traps that come separately packaged, making it easy for you to assemble them and place them in the spots where creepy critters usually live. Because they don’t contain any type of toxic substances, these traps are ideal for homeowners who don’t want to expose their loved ones’ health to pesticides.

For this reason, the traps are safe to use around kids and pets. The way they work is straightforward; you won’t even have to fold them into triangles as they are already put together that way by the manufacturer. Put them where you suspect that the insect issues are the most challenging, and you are set.

The traps are compostable, and you will be able to remove them without touching the dead insects. All the silverfish trap reviews you will read recommend this feature as a must-have since it will be the easiest way for you to deal with infestations.



When dealing with bug infestations, such as spiders, silverfish, and many others, these traps are efficient, and they will help you get rid of them.

They are advertised to work for up to 3 months, so you will have to place them in the usual spots invaded by insects and forget about them altogether.

Because of the triangle shape they are assembled in, they are easy to pick up and throw away when they are full of dead insects.

Another thing that makes these traps ideal for homes is that they’re non-toxic and safe to use around kids and pets.



The traps are a bit overpriced, but they are made in the US, and they abide by the highest standards of quality, so the extra expense may be justified.

In high heat and humidity conditions, they might not be as effective, and the glue may not be able to keep the insects in place as much as under normal circumstances.

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8. Catchmaster Insect Trap & Monitors 288i 


In the category of affordable silverfish traps, you will find this model from Catchmaster. A package includes 5 glue boards that can be turned into 15 monitors, and it allows you to spread traps around the areas where bug infestations are a problem. Without any chemicals and pesticides in their formula, they are suitable for use in a house with small children and pets.

The board can be folded in the shape of a triangle and used as such, or split into 3 monitors if that’s a configuration you prefer. It all comes down to your preferences, although experts recommend spreading the traps over a larger area to make sure that they catch as many insects as possible.

Using the traps is straightforward. You will only have to peel off the protective cover and assemble the trap as indicated by the manufacturer. Silverfish, cockroaches, moths, and flies, among many others, will become victims of these traps for sure.



These traps work ideally as baits since they catch many small insects that become attractive prey for spiders that feed on them.

Without any chemicals and pesticides in the formula, they are safe for home use, and you won’t have to worry that kids and pets might get sick from touching them by accident.

Using these traps is straightforward, as you only have to peel off the protective cover and then place the boards where bug traffic is the worst.

You could use the 5 included glue boards as large traps, or split them into small monitors, so this is another advantage other products don’t offer.



There is a small design flaw that should be mentioned, as it appears that the glue is not evenly distributed, and that may lead to wasted space.

You may also notice a bit of a smell, so you may not want to use them in rooms where you spend a lot of time.

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9. Exterminators Choice Large Professional Sticky Glue Trap 


The high quality of the materials used for making these glue traps truly recommends them. The manufacturer appears to have paid attention both to craftsmanship and material choice. That makes these traps ideal for the times when you must deal with a severe silverfish infestation.

The strong adhesive is applied on durable cardboard, and you will notice that the traps do a great job of attracting and trapping insects. You can rest assured that the traps are safe to use, as they don’t contain pesticides or other chemicals that could present a hazard for your family’s health.

When it comes to silverfish control, you can count on these traps as they are made by exterminators with experience. They are an economical option, as they are sold in different packages of up to 24 pieces in a box. Of course, if you don’t need that many, you can buy smaller boxes.



You can depend on these traps as they are made from durable cardboard and a strong adhesive that ensures their long-lasting durability.

Because the manufacturer doesn’t use any pesticides for the glue part, you can place them in areas where pets and kids might pass through without worries.

Another great thing about them is that they are designed by experienced exterminators so that you can count on their efficiency.

You can purchase the traps in packages of 8, 14, and 24, so you will have plenty of options to choose from depending on the size of the infestation you are dealing with.



While it’s a good thing that the adhesive is so potent, roaches might get caught along the edge of the glue surface and prevent other insects from stepping on it.

Although the manufacturer advertises that it also catches such pests, it might not be of much effect against small rodents.

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10. Blue Touch 12 Traps 


You will get an extremely good deal on this product as you will get 6 packs, each contains 2 traps at a competitive price. If you have been looking for an affordable silverfish trap option for a while, this product might just be for you.

This type of trap is more robust than what you might typically see on the market, in the sense that it is made to catch mice, and it’s good at it, too. Insects such as silverfish don’t stand a chance due to the sticky adhesive that is strong enough to hold a mouse.

It doesn’t only catch critters, but it draws them too with its peanut butter scent. When you need to clean up, you only have to drop the trap into the garbage can and seal the bag to throw it away. You will be pleased with how many pests get caught by the traps, thus reducing their number considerably.



Compared to many other sticky boards on the market, these are superior because of the quality of the glue used that is strong enough to catch a mouse without a problem.

Among its many advantages, you will find that the easy cleanup is a convenience that other traps for mice, for instance, don’t present.

You will get a good deal since the offer includes 6 packs, each one with 2 traps in it, at a very affordable price.

The traps will catch a wide variety of critters, including mice, but also silverfish, palmetto bugs, cockroaches, and crickets, among many others.



You must note that the smell of these traps can be quite overpowering, so they may be more useful when used outside.

The size of each trap is on the small size, which might reduce some of its efficiency when catching critters of all kinds.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you noticed an infestation of tiny insects like silverfish in your home, you are probably looking for an efficient method to get rid of them. The best silverfish trap you can find must have specific characteristics, as we will show you right away.

The active substance

While searching for methods on how to kill silverfish, you will notice that there are active ingredients used for this purpose. Boric acid is a standard option, and you should know that this substance is low on the toxicity scale. When silverfish bite from a pack made with boric acid, they get poisoned and die.

Another active ingredient used in traps for the silverfish insect is diatomaceous earth. Obtained from the silicate shells of sea diatoms, this substance is dangerous for insects and kills them efficiently. For this reason, you will find options on the market that include it on the list of ingredients.

Pyrethrin is a pesticide commonly found in substances used for killing insects. However, since you might not want to use such a strong chemical when you have silverfish in bed and other areas of your home frequented by humans, it is the least desirable option.


Sticky boards – the non-toxic option

That brings us to the critical issue of using completely non-toxic methods for getting rid of these insects. If you noticed silverfish in bathroom areas, that is where you will most likely use traps. Sticky boards are the safest option you will find. First of all, they are made with glue, and silverfish really like adhesives as they contain polysaccharides which represent the foundation of their diet.

However, these traps are not a source of food. The insects get trapped in the sticky glue and cannot get out, so they die. Unlike the poisonous packs made with boric acid that a silverfish bites to die afterward, these traps don’t contain the slightest trace of a toxic compound. For this reason, they are used around pets and kids without any risk. Many people prefer them, and they are widespread, so choosing a brand should be easy.


Ease of use and cleanup

Some traps, like the poisonous packs, are consumed by the insects, and only if they lost their efficiency, you should remove them. Others, like sticky boards, must be cleaned up once they are filled with dead insects. Some models recommend folding them into triangles so that you don’t have to face the insect cemetery they turn into every time you walk by them.

They are easy to pick up and throw in a garbage can. Because they don’t contain dangerous chemicals, they are compostable.

Other considerations

There are plenty of manufacturers on the market that offer traps for catching silverfish. To choose between them, here are a few other things that will tip the balance in favor of one or more. Getting a good deal on such traps is essential since you may use plenty of them around the house.

Also, if they are capable of catching other creepy crawlers, that’s a plus. There are even some powerful enough to catch mice and other small rodents. Finally, you should choose between scented and unscented traps, depending on whether you want the traps to attract the insects and not just catch them when they happen to walk over them.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are silverfish harmful?

If you search for ways to get rid of silverfish, you will notice there’s a full-on war carried on by humans. That aspect alone will have you wonder if these insects are harmful in any way. In other words, is it bad to have silverfish?

The first thing you should know is that these insects are not harmful to human health. In extremis, the dust resulting from their shed scales can trigger allergies, but no more than other waste left by animals and other insects.

Do silverfish bite? Silverfish bite into the food they eat to feed themselves, but their tiny teeth are not enough to go through human skin. Except for the damage they can cause to your books, clothes, and wallpaper, they are not harmful, and even if they walk over food, they won’t contaminate it, such as is the case with other critters. So, can silverfish bite? Yes, but never humans or pets.

Q: What do silverfish eat?

If you had ever opened an old book and noticed one of these creepy crawlers freaked you out, you might have wondered what the small insect could search for in there. The answer is simple. Book bindings contain adhesives that are part of a silverfish’s diet.

Polysaccharides like starch and dextrin are what silverfish prefer to eat most of the time. That is why sticky traps work so well for them since they are attracted to the glue boards, which they see as a source of food. Although small, they can cause some damage, as they can eat through the plaster of wallpaper, clothing, and carpets.

If they don’t find anything to eat, they could devour leather items and synthetic fabrics. One interesting fact about them is that they can survive up to one year without any food, as long as they have water.


Q: What is a silverfish?

If you noticed these tiny crawlers in your home, you might have wondered: what are silverfish? It may surprise you to learn that they are among the oldest insects to roam the earth, some scientific evaluations placing them at around 400 million years since they’ve been around.

The coloring of their shell is gray or silver, and their average length is half an inch to one inch. They are nocturnal insects, and that’s when you might stumble over one or more by accident. These small, primitive insects don’t have wings, and they can’t climb on smooth surfaces such as the tiled walls in your bathroom.

But where do silverfish come from? They are widespread almost all over the world, and they usually come inside homes from the outside. Heat and humidity are two factors that contribute to their thriving, and that influences the type of climate that’s the most suitable for them.



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