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10 Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Top Repellent Bracelets for Mosquitoes – Guide & Comparison


Warm weather is the perfect time for all your favorite outdoor activities and for going on memorable trips but, unfortunately, it is also the time when mosquitoes and other insects become active, which is why you want the best mosquito repellent bracelet. If you are interested in this alternative to unpleasant bug sprays and are looking for the top rated mosquito repellent bracelet, the guide below can help. After analyzing plenty of mosquito repellent bracelet reviews, we have concluded that the Mosquito Guard Kids Repellent Bands/Bracelets are the most advantageous option. They are completely safe for kids, natural, and non-toxic. They can be used by the entire family because they fit all sizes, plus they come as a 20 pack. And you can easily travel with them since they are individually packed. If this product is not available for purchase, we recommend taking a look at the Mosquitno Natural Waterproof Mosquito Repellent Wristbands, as a great alternative with similar benefits.



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10 Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelets (Updated Reviews) in 2024



If you are already considering purchasing a mosquito repellent bracelet, we can help you discover the best options on the market. One mosquito repellent bracelet review is never enough, and that is why we have researched what multiple customers, as well as manufacturers, had to say about the products that we recommend.



1. Mosquito Guard Kids Repellent Bands/Bracelets


Kids love outdoor activities when the weather is warm enough, but this also means a lot of mosquitos. Bug-repellant sprays restrict children’s freedom to move, while mosquito repellent bracelets allow kids to enjoy all of their outdoor fun without worrying about unpleasant insect bites.

This product includes 20 spiraled bands made of premium plastic, that are specifically designed for kids. They are completely DEET-free and alcohol-free, they don’t leave a greasy touch, and are comfortable to wear all day long. 

The repellent effect comes from natural ingredients only, namely Citronella, Lemongrass, and Geraniol. These essential oils have proven mosquito-repellent properties and are non-toxic, and therefore, safe for kids. 

Each mosquito repellent bracelet in the pack is one-size-fits-all and can be used on the arms or ankles, by children and adults. The individual packaging makes it easy to grab as many as you need for a trip or a walk to the park.



This convenient pack contains 20 mosquito repellent bracelets that are packed individually, which makes it practical for the whole family, on holiday trips.

These bracelets are entirely safe to use for kids, with no toxic ingredients and all-natural active components. 

Plus, the essential oils that were selected have been traditionally used for their insect repellent properties for ages.

This product is not only effective but also comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. The flexible design allows the bracelets to be used on different parts of the body, by kids and adults also.



Those who are sensitive to smells could consider the odor of these mosquito repellent bracelets to be quite strong. Keep in mind that this is not a toxic, synthetic perfume, but the natural scent of essential oils. Citronella and Lemongrass have a citrusy smell, while Geraniol is muskier.

The efficiency can progressively decrease after several hours of wearing.

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2. Mosquitno Natural Waterproof Mosquito Repellent Wristbands


The best mosquito repellent bracelets need to be effective, easy to use, practical and safe for your health. The Mosquitno wristband 5-pack offers several of these benefits. A high degree of protection is ensured by Citronella essential oil, without any harsh, chemical ingredients.

Made of soft silicone, the Mosquitno wristbands are lightweight and won’t cause any itching or irritation on the skin. Their flexibility makes them suitable for wrists, ankles and even items such as bags or backpacks.

Wearing these mosquito repellent wristbands offers you up to 120 hours or 5 days of protection. In addition to that, they come with a pouch that can be resealed, so that they will remain effective until the next use. 

These natural protective wristbands are versatile enough to be used for all outdoor activities, as well as inside the car and even for swimming, due to their waterproof design. Plus, there are also kids’ sizes available.



Soft and lightweight, these mosquito repellent wristbands are also waterproof, so they can be used for all outdoor sports and activities, on backpacks or inside your vehicle, as well as for swimming.

The 5-pack provides up to 120 hours or 5 days of protection against mosquitos. 

Another great thing about them is that you can reuse them several times, by keeping them in the resealable protective pouch after using them.

You don’t need to worry about toxic ingredients or negative reactions on your skin, because these mosquito repellent bracelets are DEET-free and infused with Citronella oil, renowned for its insect-repellent properties. 



The Mosquitno bracelets are effective against mosquitoes in regular conditions, but the repellent effect is not as strong in tropical climates, where there is a large number of mosquitoes.

The natural, citrusy smell of Citronella oil can be perceived as strong by some people, especially in confined spaces such as vehicles.

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3. Evergreen Research SB39001 Insect Repelling SuperBand 


Keeping mosquitoes and other bugs at bay in the warm season can be a real challenge, which is why you should consider this DEET-free formula. Made with three natural oils that repel such insects with high efficiency, they are an excellent alternative to lotions and sprays that are more inconvenient to use.

When kept in sealed bags and proper conditions, these wristbands can be reused time and time again, and they are even capable of providing you with up to 200 hours of protection each. Since they are sold in boxes of 50 pieces, it is clear that they are a cheap solution for the entire family.

Because they are waterproof, they can be used no matter what type of activity you engage in. Since it’s non-toxic, this type of bracelet can be used even to protect pets in case insects are bugging them all the time.



You can count on this formula to be protective of your health since it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, and it is entirely DEET-free.

It only contains natural oils – lemongrass, geraniol, and citronella – all with proven characteristics in fighting off insects efficiently.

Feel free to use such bracelets even when you swim, as they are waterproof and can be used in any conditions.

With up to 200 hours of protection offered, these wristbands are in a league of their own, but you should keep them in proper conditions to benefit from such effects.

Not only mosquitoes, but other bugs will be repelled by the strong natural smells, as well.



Although they are advertised as being reusable, these bands don’t come in resealable bags, which means you will have to get those separately.

They have quite a strong citronella smell, so if you don’t like this scent, you might have a problem using them.

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4. Bugables Mosquito Bug Repellent Bracelet 


If you are interested in a formula that has been intensively tested, you should look no further than the Bugables Mosquito Bug Repellent Bracelet. Infused with a formula that was entomologist tested, it is sure to help you keep pesky mosquitoes and other critters away from you.

The effectiveness of one bracelet is deemed to be around one week, but, of course, you will have to make sure that the bracelet is kept in a resealable bag so that it doesn’t lose its properties. Other things will make you enjoy it just as much.

For instance, it is adjustable so that you can wear one around your wrist, your ankle, or even your forearm or bicep. It is a safe formula as it contains no chemicals, and it is made with natural oils such as citronella. It doesn’t contain DEET, a potent but toxic compound, usually used in combating mosquitoes.



This bracelet is based on an entomologist tested formula, so you can rest assured that it was designed to be efficient in repelling bugs.

You can wear one bracelet for up to 7 days and still benefit from protection, but make sure that you don’t leave it to dry in the open air.

It is a safe formula, as it doesn’t contain DEET or other strong chemicals that are commonly used for repelling mosquitoes.

Also, you may enjoy the fact that the bracelet is adjustable so that you can wear it around your wrist or your ankle.



The strong smell of citronella might not be for everyone; it is safe for you, nonetheless, so this might be only a matter of preference.

Make sure that you keep the container they come in so that you can preserve their properties for a longer time.

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5. ShieldWorx By FirstChoice Mosquito Repellent Bracelets 



If you have been looking for an alternative to the strong chemicals available for repelling mosquitoes, here is a solution to try. These nice-looking bracelets are a great idea if you prefer a natural solution. Infused with natural oils, such as citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender, they are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to stay away from chemical-laden lotions and sprays.

You can use them both indoors and outdoors, and they are advertised as being capable of delivering results for up to 240 hours. However, you can expect them to do their best work during the first 48 hours of use.

Unlike other models that seem cheap, as they are made from plastic, these are quite stylish as they are made from microfiber. They come with a clip-on system, which is pretty neat and easy to use. Also, that might be a reason why they are more comfortable than others.



A non-toxic formula is always better than a chemical-based product, and that’s why this product is worthy of all your consideration.

You will find the formula to be effective in protecting both adults and kids so that you can get more for your entire family.

Natural oils, like citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender, are used for infusing these bracelets so that they provide the proper protection expected.

Made from microfiber, they are a stylish alternative to those made from plastic that can be found on the market.

They come with a clip-on mechanism so that you can put them on and remove them with ease.



These bracelets are not as adjustable as others you can find on the market, so they are not as convenient, and not everyone can use them as anklets.

Be aware of the strong smell, and don’t keep one close to your head while you are sleeping, as you might wake up with a headache.

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6. BuggyBands 24 Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelets 


Opt for an all-natural formula if you want to receive proper protection from mosquito bites, but without the side effects of applying chemicals on your skin all the time. This formula contains only natural ingredients, and you can rest assured that it is useful since it combines all the known elements for fighting insects.

Unlike other formulas on the market that use only one or three ingredients at best, this one combines no fewer than eight. You will find the well-known citronella in the composition applied on these bracelets, as well as chamomile, lemongrass, mint, mugwort, tea, eucalyptus, and lemongrass.

It is safe for you and the environment, as well, since it doesn’t contain any strong chemicals like DEET. In each pack, you will find 24 colorful bracelets that your kids will surely love from the get-go. You can even wear these bracelets in your hair if you so choose.



Get a 100% natural formula to protect you from critters with this pack of bracelets that are based on healthy ingredients.

Each bracelet is infused with a combination of natural oils that have been tried and tested over the years and proven to have powerful effects against mosquitoes.

It is entirely non-toxic and DEET-free, so you can rest assured that you can use these bracelets for the entire family.

When wearing the bracelets, you will be protected for up to 10 days, which says plenty about how powerful they can be.

You will like the fact that each bracelet is individually packed, and that helps with putting them back into their original packaging for safekeeping.



The strong smell of citronella might not be to everyone’s liking, so be aware of this aspect before you make a purchase.

Available only in bright colors, these bracelets might not be too appealing for adults.

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7. total-shop 2PCS Mosquito Repellent Bracelets for Kids 


The first thing you will notice about these bracelets is their stylish appearance. They are available in black and white, and both your girls and boys will love them. They come with a silicone strap that’s easy to take after the wearer’s wrist without a problem.

These bracelets are not infused with chemicals like many others you can find on the market. They are electronic, and they use advanced technology to keep mosquitoes at bay and help your kids enjoy their trips to the great outdoors.

This technology is based on sound waves, and what it does is that it emits a sound that’s similar to those that are disliked by mosquitoes in the wild. As the bracelets come with built-in polymer batteries that can be recharged, they are pretty convenient. On a 15-minute charge, the bracelets can be left in standby for 30 days, without battery drainage.



Using effective sound technology, these bracelets for kids are ideal for repelling mosquitoes by emitting a specific type of noise that keeps these critters at bay.

Your kids don’t have to be exposed to any chemicals when you want to fight mosquitoes and other bugs effectively if you opt for these bracelets.

They are entirely safe to use, and they can be reused time and time again, which means that the initial investment is all worth it.

Equipped with built-in polymer batteries, they require fast recharge times, and that’s a plus.

For 30 minutes of recharging, you will be able to use the bracelets for 130 hours, which is pretty significant, seeing that you might want to travel to an area where there’s no access to electricity.



While the idea of an electronic bracelet for repelling mosquitoes is excellent, the construction of this particular model seems a bit iffy.

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8. Para’Kito Natural Kids Mosquito Repellent Wristbands 


Don’t you know how to convince your kids to wear a bug-repellent bracelet? Get this quirky-looking model from Para’Kito that will appeal to your children right away. Now that the difficult part is out of the way, let’s talk a little about the benefits this model offers.

First of all, the bracelets work with pellets, and two are included with your purchase. You will be happy to learn that they are effective regardless of weather conditions. In tropical and temperate areas alike, this model will do its job. Another thing you should know is that the bracelets are waterproof, so safe to use by the seaside.

The formula used for the pellets doesn’t contain DEET or any other strong chemical, and it is safe for your kids. Free of phthalates, parabens, and other compounds you can find in skincare products, it is a great formula, and it does what it advertises.



For each pellet, your kid receives 15 days of continuous protection against mosquito bites, and not only; this formula appears ideal for keeping the bugs at bay.

Made with natural oils, it is a safe formula that will not irritate your children’s skin or bring them any disadvantage in any way.

There is no DEET, or any other dangerous chemical, in the formula used for the refillable pellets, something you need to know for your peace of mind.

Each bracelet is lightweight, completely free of phthalates, parabens, and other dangerous compounds, and easy to wear.

Because it’s waterproof, this model can be worn in any weather conditions.



It might not be for everyone, as the strong citronella smell can be quite overpowering at first.

You should know that these wristbands work with refillable pellets, which means that you will have to spend extra on such items.

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9. Para’Kito Mosquito Repellent – Sport Edition Wristbands 


Para’Kito is an excellent brand that produces mosquito repellent bracelets, and it’s great to see that it thought about making a sport edition. Since athletes – even casual ones – are the most exposed to mosquito bites, they need such a product the most. This sport edition design works with refillable pellets, and you will get 15 days of protection, so it is pretty convenient.

You won’t have to replace the bracelet, either, as you will only have to refill the pellets. Something must be said about the formula used, which is based on natural oils, and it is entirely free of dangerous chemicals, such as DEET.

The bracelet is a one size fits all, and that means that you can wear it anywhere you want, be it your wrist or your ankle. Because it’s waterproof, any athlete can use it, even when he or she starts sweating a lot as a result of intense physical activity.



With just one pellet, you will get the required protection from mosquito bites for 15 days, and that without having to do anything.

The convenience of this bracelet is superior, as it comes with two pellets that you can use interchangeably when you must refill one.

Because it is based on nothing but natural ingredients, you will find this formula to be entirely safe for use.

You can use it in any weather and climate, and you will be happy to learn that it’s waterproof, too.

Tested by independent laboratories, it is a formula that is guaranteed to work.



One cannot help but notice that this bracelet is comparatively more expensive than other products on the market.

There is no resealable bag provided with your purchase so that you can maintain the natural oils inside when the bracelet is not in use.

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10. Scentpellent Mosquito Bracelets 100% All Natural 


If you don’t like the idea of wearing plastic bracelets to repel mosquitoes, these microfiber models are sure to catch your eye. They are stylish, and you can match them with what you’re wearing when you are on vacation, and you want to have fun without worrying about bug bites.

You should know that this formula is 100% natural, and no dangerous chemicals are used for its blend. It is DEET-free, and it contains nothing but natural plant oils. Among them, you will find citronella, lemongrass, lavender, and eucalyptus, all strong scents that mosquitoes don’t like at all.

The soft material used for the bracelets is pleasant on your skin. You will benefit from excellent protection, and the manufacturer even advertises that its products can be efficient for up to 240 hours. If you keep the bracelets properly when you don’t use them, you might get at least some of this long-lasting protection.



A natural blend of geraniol, citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, and lemongrass, the formula used for infusing these bracelets is guaranteed to work against mosquitoes, as well as other bugs.

The formula provides the wearer of the bracelet with long-lasting protection that can reach several days, even a week or more; remember to store the bracelets in their original packaging.

It is helpful that they were packaged individually so that you have the possibility to keep them safe from drying up.

As the bracelets are made from soft microfiber fabric, they are lightweight and a pleasure to wear; not to mention, they are very stylish.

You will get ten bracelets in one pack so that you will have enough for the entire family.



These bracelets might not be as adjustable as others, which means that people with thicker ankles won’t be able to wear them like that.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Mosquito bites can be a huge problem during warm days and evenings, but bug sprays aren’t too pleasant either. They are made of chemical substances that are potentially harmful for your body as well as the environment, they leave a sticky feeling on your skin, and they need to be constantly reapplied. 

If you are thinking about switching to bracelets instead of bug sprays, our buying guide can help you pick the best mosquito repellent bracelet for your needs.

Fabrics and design

Mosquito bracelets look similar to regular bracelets, except they are soaked in essential oils that act as repellents for insects. They can be made of different fabrics, with different properties. Plastic bracelets are very flexible and easy to wear. Silicone bracelets are non-allergic, but also more durable and shock-resistant, while microfiber ones are softer. 

You can also find leatherette bracelets with a braided, colorful design, that is easier to match to your outfits. 

Depending on where and how you intend to use them, the materials of the mosquito bracelet are an important factor. Lighter and more colorful ones are best suited for kids, including babies, while the more durable ones are great for outdoor sports and intense activities.

Most mosquito bracelets have an adjustable length or closure so that they are able to fit kids of all ages, as well as grown-ups.



Most mosquito bracelets are based on repellent substances naturally occurring in certain plants and they work by simply emanating the active molecules into the atmosphere, thus keeping insects at a distance. Some are infused only with Citronella oil, while others contain a mix of essential oils. 

Keep in mind that these have a strong scent, but unlike the smell of bug sprays, it’s all natural. Anti-mosquito bracelets are efficient outdoors as well as indoors and they can be worn on the wrist, ankle, as a hair tie or even attached to items such as backpacks, baby carriers or pet collars. The waterproof ones can also be worn while swimming.

The repellent effect of one bracelet can last for several days. If they are properly stored, mosquito bracelets can be reused. Most of them come in packs, which are more cost-efficient and will provide protection against insects for hundreds of hours.

Safety and maintenance

Essential oils are highly concentrated and, although natural and non-toxic, they can be potentially irritating. The ones generally used for mosquito repellent bracelets are well tolerated and safe even for pets. However, it is advisable for kids to wash their hands after wearing them and to keep them away from the eyes. 

Most mosquito wristbands are safe for babies and pregnant women. However, some manufacturers recommend tying the bracelet to the baby stroller or wearing on the ankle instead of the wrist, to prevent unwanted reactions.

In order to get the most out of your mosquito repellent bracelet, it’s definitely a good idea to store it in a zipped bag after using it. Some products come with such travel bags, or you can use your own. Also, the ones that are not waterproof will be weakened if they come in contact with water or sweat. 

Store your bracelet away from direct sunlight and humidity, in a sealed pouch, and you will be able to use it for hundreds of hours.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do mosquito bracelets work?

Insect repellents are various substances that can be applied directly on the surface of the skin or next to personal items, in order to keep insects, mosquitoes in particular, from getting close. Mosquito bracelets have similar insect repellent effects to bug sprays, but also a series of other advantages.

Common bug sprays are made of chemical ingredients, that include DEET and alcohol, which are not the best for your body or the environment. By comparison, the effectiveness of mosquito bracelets is based entirely on natural active ingredients. There are several plants that repel insects and their properties have been studied and confirmed. Some of the most renowned anti-mosquito oils are Citronella, Lemongrass, and Geranium.

Mosquito bracelets are made from different materials and infused with essential oils. By gradually releasing the oil molecules, they keep insects at a distance. This process is entirely natural and it doesn’t require direct contact with the skin.

Q: How long does a mosquito repellent bracelet last?

Essential oils that have insect repellent properties are naturally effective for long periods of time. A single mosquito repellent bracelet can last for up to a week or hundreds of hours. But there are certain aspects to keep in mind, in order to get the full protective effect of such bracelets. 

The anti-mosquito effect lasts as long as the active ingredients keep being diffused, by wearing the bracelet. Some repellent wristbands are made with specific nano-release technologies, that slow down this process. If bracelets are not kept in sealed bags after using them, they will continue to release the active ingredients. Properly storing your bracelet significantly increases its effectiveness. 

Also, remember that mosquito bracelets that are not waterproof will have diminished effects if they come in contact with water or sweat. If you keep your bracelet away from humidity, you will be able to reuse it for up to 7 to 10 days.


Q: What is the difference between mosquito repellent bracelets?

All mosquito repellent bracelets are based on completely natural ingredients, for the anti-insect effect. Mosquito repellent bracelets can be infused with only one type of essential oil, usually Citronella, or a mix of several essential oils, which include Geranium, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Mint.

However, there are certain differences between them, when it comes to material and design.

Mosquito wristbands can be made of various materials, including plastic, microfiber, silicone or leatherette. Plastic bracelets are usually the most flexible and suitable for all sizes. Silicone bracelets are non-allergic and soft, while the leatherette ones are more stylish. Depending on the design, mosquito bracelets can be softer or more rigid, lighter or heavier, more flexible or not adjustable. 

Also, colorful and fun designs are more enjoyable for children, while other designs are more durable, shock-resistant and waterproof, which makes them more suitable for outdoor sports or activities such as hunting, gardening or cycling.



Unavailable products


Mosquito Repellent Bracelet 9pcs 100% All Natural


Whether you are traveling, gardening, hunting or just camping with your kids, you know that mosquitoes can become a serious nuisance. This set of mosquito repellent bracelets is convenient and safe for the entire family. It contains 9 bracelets with various designs and colors. These fun bracelets are also adjustable and can be worn by adults as well as by kids. 

The all-natural, non-toxic, and safe active ingredients that these bracelets are infused with provide up to 240 hours of protection against mosquitoes. They can be worn on wrists or ankles without any discomfort and provide natural, long-lasting protection. 

Another benefit of this product is that you can attach it to items also, including strollers, where it will act as a mosquito repellent bracelet for babies. These microfiber bracelets are infused with natural oils, such as Citronella, and are eco-friendly, as well as safe for you and your kids.



These mosquito repellent bracelets are an excellent option for children of all ages. Kids would love the cheerful, various designs and enjoy the fact that they can choose what color to wear. 

This product provides natural, efficient protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects, without any toxic components. 

It is completely safe for adults, children and also for the environment. Plus, these wristbands are comfortable and easy to wear.

You could also benefit from the insect repellent effect of this product on your vacation or even a trip to an exotic location, where there’s a higher risk for insect bites.



The fact that the 9 bracelets included in this pack are not individually packaged is a downside because it’s more difficult to reuse them. However, you can use your own sealed bags if you want to store the bracelets individually and be able to preserve their effectiveness.



Bazz Goods 20 Mosquito Bracelets Natural and Waterproof Wrist Bands


Your little ones need protection against mosquitoes, flies and other bugs, whether you are planning a trip, lots of BBQs or even attending a family wedding outdoors. But bug sprays are not only greasy and smelly but also not that practical. Choosing a mosquito repellent bracelet for kids is both effective and fun. 

With Bazz Goods, you get not only 20 bracelets, but also 6 patches with fun animal designs. A mix of potent essential oils, including Citronella and Eucalyptus, combined with nano-release technology, maximizes the repellent effect, with no chemical ingredient. They are made of EVA, completely skin-safe for babies, kids, and adults, including pregnant women. 

The bracelets are individually packed in travel bags that are reusable. If they are properly stored, each bracelet can provide up to 250 hours of protection. 

They can be worn on different parts of the body, including the hair, or on personal items. 



Kids of all ages love the colorful and comfortable design of these mosquito repellent bracelets, and they would also make great giveaways for moms and kids.

The nano-release technology prolongs the protective effect of the multiple essential oils used to infuse each bracelet. Plus, by storing it in the reusable travel bag, each one can be used for up to 250 hours.

The bracelets also come with six bonus patches, that have playful designs and can provide 72 hours of protection against mosquitoes. Patches are a good alternative for toddlers.

Whether you need protection against insects outdoors or indoors, day or night, and even while swimming, this versatile product does the job.



The manufacturer recommends keeping each bracelet in its reusable bag, after using it, in order to get maximum benefits. If they are not properly stored, away from direct sunlight, the bracelets’ repellent effect will only last around seven to ten days.



Itchless Mosquito Repellent Bracelet 12pk


If you are looking for a mosquito repellent bracelet for each member of your family, this convenient 12 pack comes in 3 sets of 4 different colors, which can be used by adults and kids, and these are also safe for pets.

These protective bracelets are made of microfiber, which is not only soft and itch-free for the skin, but also has the ability to retain the essential oil molecules longer, therefore extending the insect repellent effect. This effect lasts up to ten days, especially if they are used when insects are most active. 

This product is registered and quality tested, and it uses an EPA recognized biopesticide, based on Citronella and Geraniol. This means that it is non-toxic and safe to use for all ages. It can also be attached to personal items or baby carriers. 

These microfiber bracelets are effective against mosquitoes and ticks, without any itch or irritation.



People who are sensitive to other types of mosquito repellent bracelets would benefit from the fact that these microfiber bracelets do not cause any itchiness and are comfortable to wear.

The anti-mosquito effect comes from an EPA recognized biopesticide, that naturally repels insects, without harsh ingredients or any toxic effect.

The 12 pack is convenient for the entire family and children like choosing different colors and designs. 

The manufacturer recommends utilizing the bracelets when mosquitoes are more active, in order to get the full repellent effect.



Because of the plastic button closure and the fact that they are not adjustable, they can’t be worn around the knees or around the ankles. Microfiber bracelets are generally not as flexible as plastic ones.

Keep in mind that natural essential oils can be irritating for the eyes. Children especially should wash their hands after wearing them and not touch their eyes after touching the bracelet.



Fulnew Mosquito Repellent Bracelet 12 Pack


If you dread using bug spray on your skin but don’t like regular mosquito repellent bracelets either, you can opt for these stylish, colorful alternatives. Made of synthetic leather, the Fulnew bracelets have a braided design, in various color combinations, so that you can easily match them to your outfits.

Each bracelet in the 12 pack has a maximum length of 11 inches and can be easily adjusted to fit different ankle or wrist sizes. Adults, babies and children of all ages can safely wear them. You can easily transport them to the park, the beach or anywhere else since they are lightweight and also come with individually sealed bags.

More than just stylish, these bracelets are entirely natural, infused with renowned anti-mosquitoes essential oils, such as Citronella, Lemongrass, Menthol and Geraniol. In addition to that, thanks to the polymerized production process, the repellent effect is prolonged up to 350 hours.



If style matters to you, these anti-insects bracelets are a great choice, because they look like typical leatherette bracelets, but with the added bonus of preventing mosquito bites. 

The pack includes 12 different pieces, and therefore, it’s easy for everyone in the family to grab their favorite one.

With a lightweight texture and all-natural ingredients, this product is safe and comfortable for every member of the family. 

You also get individually sealed bags for the bracelets, which helps extend their effectiveness.

The polymerized production process slows down the release of active oils, for long-lasting protection.



Unlike plastic mosquito repellent bracelets, these PU braided bracelets are not that flexible and might not be long enough for wearing around the knees, for some people. However, they are adjustable within the 7.9 -11 inches range. 

They are not waterproof and wearing them while swimming will get them wet and decrease the protective efficiency.



Jungle Co Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Band


All-natural mosquito repellent bracelets have a proven effect against insects, but not everybody enjoys wearing essential oils directly on their skin. The novelty of the Jungle Co bracelets is that they combine a microfiber wristband with a repellent stick that goes inside the band, not directly on the skin. 

Unlike a cheap mosquito repellent bracelet, this product is resistant to water and sweat and you won’t feel the strong scent on your skin.

Each of the four bracelets included in the pack is made of microfiber, which is not only comfortable and waterproof but also durable. The velcro closure allows you to adjust their size. Plus, you also get a clip, so that you can attach them to backpacks or belt loops. 

The combination of Geranium, Lavender, Mint and Citronella oil protects against insect bites and each stick lasts for about 15 days. This makes them safe for children of all ages.



For all those who dislike the strong scent and feeling of essential oils directly on their skin, the Jungle Co bracelets are a great alternative. 

The pack includes 4 repellent sticks that are introduced within the wristbands, with no skin contact. This innovation also makes them waterproof and sweat-resistant.

These wristbands are practical and easy to use on vacations with the whole family. The velcro closure allows you to fit them on the wrist and the bonus clip that is provided makes them easier to attach to personal items. 

All-natural, non-toxic protection against insect bites is extended for up to 15 days. The wristbands are also made of durable microfiber.



The Jungle Co bracelets are pricey, but compared to other cheaper mosquito repellent bracelets, they will last longer and won’t be deteriorated by water or sweat. 

Another downside is that they are not as flexible as the plastic ones and the velcro closure could become weaker over time.



Premium Mosquito Repellent Leather Bracelet 10 Pcs 


Natural ingredients, comfortable design and long-lasting protection – this affordable mosquito repellent bracelet has all the benefits of efficient anti-mosquito bracelets, for a low cost. A safe and non-toxic alternative to bug sprays, these bracelets are great for vacations, trips or other outdoor activities. They can also be used indoors or during sleep. 

Compared to similar products that only contain Citronella oil, the Beautiful Living bracelets are infused with a mix of powerful essential oils, including Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint. This makes them a great alternative to greasy bug sprays. You can get up to 250 hours of protection from each of the 10 bracelets.

These braided bracelets are colorful, stylish and also waterproof. The length can be adjusted and they are adequate for babies. The 10 pack also comes with a sealed bag where you can keep your bracelets when not in use, and also with 6 insect repellent stick sheets. 



With Beautiful Living, you get great value for your money. This reasonably-priced mosquito repellent bracelet is all-natural, effective, stylish and easy to wear. Members of the family can each pick their favorite color.

Aside from the 10 bracelets, you will also receive 6 repellent stick sheets and a sealed, reusable bag, where you can store the bracelets so that you can reuse them. 

The insect-repelling sticks are useful for toddlers who don’t like wearing something on their wrist.

They can be used while swimming too because they are waterproof. Also, the braided, adjustable design makes it easier to attach to objects.



The mosquito repellent effectiveness depends on several factors, such as personal sensitivity, and in certain conditions, you might not get 100% protection against insect bites, with these bracelets. 

If not properly stored in the sealed bag after usage, the repellent effect of this product will fade faster. 



Elightrading 12Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelet


For any fun outdoor activities, including cycling and swimming, as well as for sports, mosquito repellent bracelets are easier to use than bug sprays, safe for your health and also better for the environment. The Elightrading 12 pack is designed to provide long-lasting protection against insects for the entire family.

Lemongrass, Clove and Eucalyptus are only a few of the essential oils used for their natural insect repellent properties. This powerful mix keeps bugs away, while also being gentle on the skin. You can tie these mosquito bands on your kids’ wrists or even on dogs’ collars. They are also safe to use for pregnant women.

Each mosquito band is individually packed and ready to take on trips or holidays. Braided and colorful, these bracelets are not only practical but also stylish. By storing them in the sealed bag that is provided, their effect will last for up to a week. 



Constantly reapplying bug spray is a hassle for any parent and nobody likes the greasy feeling and unpleasant smell of regular mosquito sprays, which is why these bracelets are great. 

Using these repellent bracelets for your kids is easy, fun and effective.

The essential oils mix is all-natural and provides protection for almost a week if the product is kept in the sealed bag until further use. It’s safe and non-toxic for children of all ages, pregnant women and pets.

Fun designs and colors are an added bonus to these mosquito bands. Kids enjoy wearing them and are fully protected, without harsh chemicals.



Although the length of the strings is adjustable, these mosquito wristbands are not as flexible as other plastic versions. They can fit adults as well as babies but are not flexible enough to be worn for all sizes. 

Contact with water does affect the strength of the oils, so it’s advisable to keep them dry.



Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Natural Ingredients


Allergic people have a hard time during summer and whenever mosquitoes and other insects are more active because they cannot use regular bug sprays. These bracelets are made of nonallergic silicone and infused with plant-based protective ingredients.

Another benefit of silicone is that it makes them resistant not only to water and heat but also to shocks. This means that you can confidently wear them while hiking, cycling or swimming.

Whether you are allergic or simply dislike the sticky feel of mosquito sprays, you can wear the bracelets on your wrists, ankles or items such as backpacks and baby carriers. Thanks to the adjustable design, they are one-size-fits-all and suitable for all members of the family. 

By simply wearing one, you and your little ones will be protected from mosquito bites for around 300 hours, with a coverage radius of one-two meters. Plus, the 6 pack includes various colors to choose from.



No more allergies and no more mosquito bites – people who are allergic to bug sprays can safely use these nonallergic silicone, all-natural insect repellent bracelets.

Compared to other products made of different fabrics, these silicone wristbands are shock-resistant, as well as waterproof and heat-resistant. 

Wear them while camping, at the pool or on trips, without worrying that they may break.

The 6 pack is convenient for the entire family and the sizes can be adjusted for children and grown-ups as well. Each piece is effective for over 300 hours.



These mosquito bands are similar to watch straps, and therefore, might not be as lightweight and soft on the skin as bracelets made of textile fabrics. However, this also makes them more durable and shock-resistant.

Although this product is entirely natural and safe for children, the manufacturer recommends placing it on the ankles instead of the wrists, for children younger than 4.



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