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10 Best Mosquito Netting – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 05.02.23


Top Nets for Mosquitoes – Guide & Comparison


If you want to find a product that can keep you protected from insects, investing in the best mosquito netting available is the way to go. However, as you know, the market is packed with many options that you can choose from. To help, we took a close look at the options you can find online and, after doing the research, we have concluded that the Ideaworks JB5678 Outdoor 9-Foot is the model you should consider getting. This 9-foot umbrella table screen can be installed in a matter of minutes and it features a zippered entrance for easy access. The mesh that was used to make it is of high quality and it will keep the pesky mosquitoes away at all times. Plus, this choice is quite practical to have around as it is very easy to fold and store. If this product is out of stock, feel free to also check out the COGHLANS 9640 32×78.



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10 Best Mosquito Netting (Updated Reviews) in 2023



Shopping for affordable mosquito netting can be challenging. This is particularly true given the wide array of models that you can find online. If you want to make an informed decision, but you do not have a lot of time on your hands, below you can find a list of products that have received good ratings from the specialists and other buyers.



1. Ideaworks JB5678 Outdoor 9-Foot 


This product can offer you protection from pests such as mosquitoes and other insects. It was specially designed to be used outdoors, over patio umbrellas. The mesh included in the construction of this umbrella table screen is see-through and it allows for the air to flow through it so that you can enjoy your time spent outdoors.

Even more importantly, this product is quite easy to set up. To secure it in place, it is recommended that you fill the tubes placed along the base of the model to prevent it from moving unexpectedly. The top of this table screen is also adjustable so that you can use it with various types of umbrellas.

You can access this umbrella table screen with no difficulty as it includes a double zippered entrance. Once you are done utilizing it, you can remove the mesh in a matter of minutes and you can fold and store it per your convenience.



This model is made of quality materials and it can pass the test of time. It measures 9 feet and it has a foldable design.

It can be used to keep you protected from mosquitoes and other insects when enjoying a meal outside. It is very simple to set up and use.

Because it includes a sizable zippered entrance, you will find it very convenient to use, especially if you have guests invited for dinner.

The product features a tube that is attached to the base. Once you fill it up, you can rest assured knowing that this umbrella table screen will stay in place.



Given the size of this choice, you might need help setting it up. This is not a drawback that should deter you from investing in it.

After constant use, there is a chance that the seams might break. This rarely happens and, thus, it should not be regarded as a major disadvantage.

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2. COGHLANS 9640 32×78 Mosquito Bed Net 


This sizable mosquito bed net measures 78 by 63 by 59 inches and it is sizable enough to fit two single sleeping cots or bags. It was made using mildew-resistant polyester, a material known for its durability and maneuverability. Even more so, this choice is rather simple to fold and store in the enclosing carrying bag that is included in the price.

When it comes to the sturdiness of this product, it should also be added that this model comes fitted with six reinforced metal tie tabs that can efficiently anchor the net into the ground for added stability.

This model can be used both indoors as well as outdoors and it can be washed whenever you want to refresh it. You can also utilize this net with your hammock when you go camping. Rings are attached to the unit so that you can hang it over your bed.



This product measures 78 by 63 by 59 inches and it was manufactured out of high-quality materials. You can use it to cover two sleeping bags.

It can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Because it comes fitted with six rings, you can easily suspend it above your bed.

When needed, you can remove the net and wash it. This is a plus, that not many other alternatives have.

The six reinforced metal tie tables that are provided in the deal can help you install this choice in a fast and secure manner.



When compared to other similar models, it could be argued that this net is a bit hefty. Still, given its features, it makes for a great indoor and outdoor mosquito netting.

The model tends to rip rather easily if not used as intended. This is true for most of the similar products that you can find online.

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3. Gardeningwill8Ftx10Ft Mosquito Net 


This 8 by 10-foot mosquito net is perfect to use if you enjoy gardening and you want to protect your plants from insects, animals, and birds. The model is made out of a durable type of mesh that is not only protective but also very soft.

As a result, you will find it very easy to fold and store it once you are done using it. You can utilize it to cover and protect vegetables and well as fruit plants all year round. To do so, you have to lay it over your plants and to bury its edges or to secure them with sturdy pegs.

Because the mesh is not very thick, it allows for optimal air circulation. The product weighs 6.4 ounces and it is very simple to use, even by novices. Given its versatility, you can also use it as a pool shimmer net or in fisheries.



This choice measures 8 by 10-foot and it is manufactured out of a sturdy material that will pass the test of time.

Because it allows for plenty of airflow, your beloved plants will be able to enjoy the necessary airflow.

Besides, this option is ideal to be used to protect plants from insects. You can also use it as a pool shimmer net, in greenhouses, or fisheries.

It is easy to fold and store in between uses. To keep it in place, you can bury its edges or you can secure it by utilizing pegs.



Even though the mesh holes are small enough to protect you from adult mosquitoes, insects can still lay their eggs through the netting.

While this mesh can make for a good mosquito netting for bed, you need to spend some time to do the necessary alterations for it to fit as expected.

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4. Coghlan’s Mosquito Head Net 


This alternative was specially designed to be used as a mosquito head net. In fact, you can use it over a hat, or over other headgear that you might own and wear. Because of its size and construction, you can rest assured knowing that it can fit over most headwear.

Moreover, this mesh can protect you from mosquitoes and other insects. The model is elasticized at the neck so that you are provided with a comfortable snug fit. It is made of durable materials and it will not break easily when used as intended.

The product is made and distributed by a manufacturer known for designing gear that is suitable to be used outdoors. The head net is particularly useful when worn if you are canoeing or camping. It is a good investment if you do not want to use chemical substances to protect your face from mosquitoes and other insects.



You can use this mesh head net to protect yourself from both mosquitoes and other insects. It is made of durable materials.

The choice is specially constructed to fit over most headwear. It fits comfortably and it will not feel inconvenient.

You can wear it when you go camping in the woods, or you can use it when you are gardening in the comfort of your backyard.

Because it is elasticized at the neck, it can provide you with a snug fit. It was made by a manufacturer known for making quality outdoor gear.



It should be noted that this product might not work as intended if you are wearing low neckline shirts. This is not a drawback.

Given that this mesh head net goes over your face, your ability to see in front of you might be somewhat limited. Even though visibility is lessened, you will still be able to see.

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5. Trademark Mosquito Repelling Net for Beds 75-31215 


If you want to get a bed canopy, this is the product you should check out. This alternative is suitable to be used for beds, hammocks, and baby cribs. Plus, you can also use it when traveling or when you go camping. It has a generous size that allows you to cover a wide area. Consequently, you will be protected from mosquitoes and other insects no matter the size of your bed.

Because of its design, you will not find it difficult to install this bed canopy with little help. It comes fitted with a special hoop that you have to attach to the ceiling in your bedroom. The round hoop ring included in its design is collapsible and, thus, the model is also very simple to store when the bug season is over. Another feature that makes this choice worthy of your time is its stylish design.



This 12 by 8-foot bed canopy is sizable enough for you to utilize it no matter the size of your bed. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is made of fine mesh polyester and it comes in white. Because it is so stylish, it will surely fit in with your overall décor.

The choice is very simple to set up as it comes provided with a round hoop ring that is easily collapsible. You can store it when mosquito season is over.

Given that it is made of a breathable material, you will feel comfortable while using it. It can protect you from mosquitoes and insects in general.



This white canopy cannot be cleaned by using bleach. On top of that, it can only be hand washed and it is not recommended that you tumble dry it.

Because it is not made of a transparent material, you cannot see much through it once you set it in place. This is not necessarily a disadvantage.

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6. Best Choice Products 9ft Patio Umbrella Bug Screen 


This umbrella bug screen can protect you from mosquitoes and other insects. The product consists of a 9-foot screen that is made out of thin, breathable polyester netting. Given its design, the choice can fit most umbrellas. This is possible because the top of the mesh stretches easily.

A zippered entrance has been integrated into the construction of the model so that you can access it without difficulties. Moreover, the screen is made of quality materials and, consequently, it will not obstruct your view and it will not break unexpectedly.

To keep this umbrella screen in place, it is recommended that you weigh it by filling the bottom tubing with water. The option weighs 12.1 lbs. in total. If you are not necessarily technically inclined, you will be happy to find out that no assembly is required. The umbrella is not included in the price. However, the manufacturer does sell umbrellas that are compatible with the bug screen.



This umbrella bug screen can protect you from insects such as mosquitoes. It measures 9 feet and it is made of breathable polyester.

Installing this model in place is fairly easy, as you do not need to do any type of assembly. It is compatible with most umbrellas you can find for sale.

This option comes provided with a high-quality zipper that enables you to easily access it without allowing mosquitoes to get inside.

To secure this umbrella screen in place, you have to fill the bottom tubing with water. This is a simple step that you have to make that won’t take up a lot of your time.



When compared to other counterparts that have a similar design, it should be noted that this model is made of a rather flimsy material.

The zipper that is included in the design of this product is not very sturdy. So, there is a chance that it will break after constant use.

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7. Equinox Pkgd No-see-um Mosquito Net 


If you want to buy mosquito netting for patio, this product might fit your needs. This net measures 54″ by 60″ and it comes packaged in a polybag that makes it convenient to store. Besides, this choice was made in the USA.

The feature that makes this option stand out is the fact that it can be used to protect you from no-see-um mosquitoes. As you know, no-see-um are considerably smaller than regular mosquitoes. Hence, the holes that the mesh features are very small and, thus, the product will not allow the insects to pass through it.

You can use this mesh for a wide array of uses. Because the material is easy to cut, you will have no difficulties utilizing it to create mosquito nets, camping gear, or other similar items that can protect you from getting bitten by pesky insects. On top of that, this choice is lightweight.



This mosquito net can be utilized to create mesh screens that can protect you from no-see-um mosquitoes, as well as other similar insects.

Given that it comes in a polybag, you will find it easy to store this material before you decide to utilize it per your needs.

The model measures 54″ by 60″ and it was made in the USA. It is very simple to use and it is quite durable when compared to the alternatives.

You can utilize it to make window screens, camping gear as well as other similar items that can help you get through the bug season.



When shipped, the choice is likely to have a very powerful odor. To get rid of it, you just have to let the mesh air out. This is not a significant drawback.

This net is not too large, still, this does not mean that you cannot use it as mosquito netting for porch screens.

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8. Tedderfield Premium X Large Mosquito Net 


If you are interested in investing in hanging mosquito netting that you can use as a bed canopy, this might be just the option for you. The model is made of high-quality eco-friendly polyester and it has a bottom circumference of 42ft.

It also comes supplied with a wide top hoop that makes it easy for you to install it over beds of various sizes. The netting is durable and it has mesh holes that are strong and long-lasting so that you can keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Besides, this option also allows for good airflow.

The choice is provided with clear instructions so that you can set it up in a matter of minutes without a lot of effort. A carrying bag and a hanging kit are included in the price. One advantage of this product is the fact that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.



This model is rather sizable and you can utilize it with beds of various sizes. It has a bottom circumference of 42 feet.

It allows for plenty of airflow and it has a double overlap door so that you can get out of your bed easily without allowing insects to get in.

The product comes provided with set up instructions and it comes supplied with an installation kit. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

It is made of high-quality, eco-friendly polyester and it will pass the test of time. A carry bag is included in the deal.



The hoop that the model features might be a bit smaller than expected. Still, the manufacturer offers info concerning its size in the description of the product.

If you plan on installing it outdoors, you should know that sun exposure might cause the fabric to become somewhat brittle.

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9. UST Camp Mosquito Net 


This alternative measures 63 inches in height, 82.7 inches in width, and 59.2 inches in depth. Overall, it weighs 1.3 pounds and it can be used by two people at the same time. Because it can be easily folded, you will find it simple to store or to travel with it.

Moreover, the mesh that was used to make it is made of polyester and it is durable. Therefore, it can protect you from insects such as mosquitoes. It is suitable to use when camping and it can fit two sleeping bags.

Given that it comes with six reinforced tabs, you can set it up securely. To install it correctly, you will have to utilize poles or ropes. These pieces of gear are not included in the price of the model and, thus, you have to purchase them independently. The option will not obstruct your visibility and it allows for plenty of airflow.



This double-person mosquito net is perfect to be used for camping as it is made of durable materials. It comes with six reinforced tabs so that you can install it securely.

When it comes to its size, it should be added that this product measures 59.1 by 63 by 82.7 inches and it weighs 12,6 ounces. It is ideal for you if you like to pack lightly.

Given its foldable design, you will have no difficulties traveling with it or storing it conveniently in between uses.

The mesh that was used to make it allows for plenty of air flow and it will not hinder your sight in any way.



If mishandled, there is a chance that the mesh will rip. This is rarely the case and, thus, you should not overlook this model.

Just like in the case of other similar options, constant exposure to the sun might cause it to rip.

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10. Rothco Mosquito Netting/20Yd Polybag 


If you are scoring the net looking for mosquito netting fabric, this might be just the product that you need. The choice is made of quality materials and it was thoroughly tested to ensure that it is durable. According to the seller, this product was specially designed to suit the needs of all interested users.

Size-wise, this model measures 20 yards by 60”. It is mildew and rot resistant and it can be used in a wide array of environments. It can last for years before it needs to be replaced. Given its dimensions, you can cut and sew it to fit the area that you want to keep protected.

Because the material is easily maneuverable, this should not be an issue. This mesh comes in an olive drab color that will surely fit with the overall décor in your home. It is soft to the touch and it looks similar to tulle.



This mesh netting is very simple to use. It feels soft to the touch and you won’t find it challenging to cut and sew it per your needs.

It measures 20 yards by 60′ and it comes in olive drab, a color that is quite stylish, and that will look nice in your home.

When it comes to its durability, it should be noted that this mesh was specially made to pass the test of time.

The choice was thoroughly tested to suit one’s needs. Besides, this model is rot and mildew resistant.



Some of the holes that this mesh includes are a bit wide. The product can still perform well when used as mosquito netting for door screens.

The price of the option might discourage some of the interested buyers from getting it. However, for the price, it is safe to say that you get quite a bit of mesh fabric.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Shopping for the best mosquito nets available is not a simple task. If you need help navigating through all the nets that you can find for sale, this comprehensive buying guide can help you understand what features you should look for in an item of this type.


As expected, both expensive and cheap mosquito nets come in various shapes and sizes. To make sure that the product that you purchase is suitable for you, it is recommended that, before you place any orders, you take the time to determine the sizing that best works for you.

Another aspect that you have to take into consideration is the size of the net when open vs. its size when it is folded. With this in mind, a product of this sort should be sizable enough to deliver the type of coverage that you need, and it should be compact when folded. This feature is particularly important if you intend to invest in a model that you can use when going camping.

Moreover, before you go ahead and buy one of the affordable mosquito nets you can find online, you have to consider the length of the unit. The option that you get should be long, but not too lengthy. In other words, the mesh should not be too bulky, as this might make it difficult to install and use.


The quality of the mesh

As numerous mosquito netting reviews point out, not all models are made equally. Because they are made of different materials, not all the products that you can find for sale are durable and not all of them can be used both indoors and outdoors.

On top of that, if you want to be sure that you have invested in a product that can protect you from mosquitoes and other insects, you should look for one that features very small holes. Because your needs might differ depending on how you want to use the netting that you get, you should look for feedback from prior buyers.

For instance, if you want to acquire gazebo mosquito netting, a great way to check whether or not the mesh that you like works for your needs is to read the feedback comments left by former buyers and to look for info regarding their experience with the said product.

Similarly, if you plan on traveling to Florida or to another area where there are tiny insects such as No-See-Ums, that cannot be stopped by normal-sized meshes, you must look for alternatives that include smaller holes. Purchasing such a product does not mean that you have to spend extra money. In fact, with a bit of research, you can find cheap mosquito netting for No-See-Ums.

Breathability and ease of use

If you want to use your new net comfortably, it is vital that you also assess the breathability of the said mesh before you buy it. If you have read a mosquito netting review before, you have probably noted that not all models allow for sufficient airflow.

Finally, no matter the type of mesh you decide to get, you should ensure that the choice is easy to use. This way, you won’t waste your precious time trying to set it up or to simply use it. In this regard, models that come with instructions might be better suited for your needs.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do you hang a mosquito net?

It all depends on the design of the mosquito net that you have acquired. To make the installation process easier for their customers, some manufacturers provide them with clear, step-by-step instructions that might prove especially handy for novices and those who are not necessarily technically inclined.

To install a net of this sort, you have to first take it out of the packaging and to spread it so that you can identify the hanging points that it includes. Next, you have to find an area where you can hang it.

If the product that you have purchased includes a mounting kit, use the gear provided to secure it in place. If not, you have to utilize ropes, hooks, and ties to set the net into the desired position. Depending on its size, you might need some additional help to do so successfully from the first try. If the mesh is too long, tuck the extra net underneath your bed or sleeping bag.

Q: Can mosquitoes get through mosquito nets?

If the holes of the net that you are using are large enough, there is a chance that mosquitoes might find ways to pass through them. According to a study carried out at the University of Central Florida, some mosquito species such as yellow fever mosquitoes can actively look for holes in the netting.

However, provided that you buy netting that features small holes, you can minimize the risk of mosquitoes passing through the mesh. Moreover, it should be pointed out that not all mosquitoes share this ability to outsmart nets.

Even more so, research has indicated that installing protective nets is an efficient way to prevent malaria. To make sure that the model that you invested in does its job as expected, you can spray it with insecticides to deter the insects from coming near it.

Overall, mosquito nets can be regarded as a cost-effective solution against mosquitoes, especially given that you can use them for years to come.


Q: What is mosquito netting made out of?

Once again, not all mosquito nets are made equally. There are currently numerous materials that manufacturers use when making nets of this type, from cotton to polyester, fiberglass, polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene. Synthetic materials are considered better at keeping mosquitoes out of your home because of their durability and rigidity.

Out of all these materials, polyester and cotton are the most common. Polyester is preferred because it allows for airflow and because it is easy to clean – given that it is washable.

Cotton is another popular choice because it is eco-friendly. Still, it should be noted that cotton can easily carry dust particles and, therefore, it can lead to allergies. Depending on the material utilized in the manufacturing process, on average, you can use a mosquito net for around three to 7 years before you need to replace them. This is also true in the case of nets that can be washed regularly.



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