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10 Best Mosquito Dunks Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.02.23


Best Mosquito Dunk Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you’ll find out what some of the best mosquito dunks are in case you don’t have the time to do lengthy research about the products that can rid you of the bothersome pests. After carefully examining the quality of the products said to be able to do this, our team has come to the conclusion that the Summit 110-12 Mosquito Dunks is the one you should totally try out. This product is able to kill mosquitoes even before they are old enough to bite, it lasts for a month after the initial use and has the added benefit to be non-toxic to all other forms of animal life. In the unfortunate event that you will not be able to find this for purchase, you should also keep the Summit Top Quality Pond Mosquito Dunk in mind.



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10 Best Mosquito Dunks (Updated Reviews) in 2023



We all know how bothersome mosquitoes can be so everybody needs a way to get rid of them quickly without putting themselves or their loved ones in danger at the same time. With this in mind, we have thoroughly researched the best products that will make you remember the days when you used to hunt invaders around.



1. Summit 110-12 Mosquito Dunks


Say hello to the product you will come to love and cherish as it will make those pesky mosquitoes a foregone conclusion as soon as they stick their bothersome heads out of the places where they are nesting in the winter.

This is such an efficient weapon against them that it kills them even before they are old enough to bite, saving you from some scratchy days and nights. Furthermore, these dunks from Summit Responsible Solutions come with BTI in their composition, which is the only bacteria that manages to be toxic only to mosquito larvae, without threatening species like humans or animals.

Therefore, a product that is non-toxic to wildlife, fish, pets, and people can be extremely useful to have in your house, especially when you know it’s efficient and quickly does the job it is supposed to do, allowing you bite-free days and nights full of restful sleep.



This has been labeled by the USEPA as safe for organic gardening so that stamp of approval is a strong indicator of its quality.

The mosquito dunks have been labeled to keep other things like fungus gnats in plant beds or pots thoroughly in control as well. Watch your water turn black and your air turn clean of mosquitoes in a heartbeat.

This product is safely registered in all 50 states so you should be able to buy it without any issues since it’s actively used in organic farming operations.



While it does work, any long-time owner of this will notice that the dunks seem to lose some of their potency over time, so you may want to just use them fast after purchasing them.

These can be classified as pricey mosquito dunks, even though the killing power should more than make up for it.

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2. Summit Top Quality Pond Mosquito Dunk


Be prepared to welcome one of the most efficient and fast mosquito-repelling solutions in your life that will make you fondly remember the days you had to chase them around the house.

These dunks have the advantage of using naturally-occurring bacteria to combat the pesky invaders, therefore avoiding any risk of artificial substances that may be dangerous to yourself or your family and the environment.

The product itself is very easy to deploy since all the guesswork is literally taken out of it. The only thing you will perhaps need to figure out is whether to use a full dunk or not but other than that you simply break it up into pieces (or not) and throw it into the water then watch the miracle happen.

You will be happy to know that after the initial application you will enjoy up to a month of mosquito-free days and nights since the product will spend itself very well, continuously killing off your invaders.



This is a great item to use in small ponds, wading pools and rain barrels since the small surface means it will be extremely effective, extremely fast. However, make sure that the body of water is constant since if it dries up, the entire operation may prove ineffective.

Since the dunk has a rather compact body, even if the body of water tends to splash around, anchoring it to a solid pole, like a stick, is the easiest thing in the world and it will keep the entire process going.

Since 1 product is good for a month of mosquito-less life, one purchase should be enough to protect you for half a year.



As we said, fast-flowing water tends to make the dunks ineffective so you won’t see very good results when they are placed there.

It seems that adult mosquitoes have developed some sort of resistance against these dunks so getting them when they’re young is your best bet.

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3. PowerPak Mosquito Dunks 20 per sheet


These revolutionary mosquito dunks will be your best bet when trying to combat the bothersome invaders that just will not leave you alone. This has been related as one of the very good products on the American market and, if the reviews are any indication, you might just come to believe this as well.

First of all, these dunks contain BTI which is a known bacterium with the very good characteristic that it is only dangerous to mosquito larvae and completely harmless to pretty much everything else. Pretty handy, right? This way, even if you use it and your adventurous doggo eats it, your buddy won’t notice anything except maybe the added protein in its diet.

Another nice thing about this product is the fact that you have to simply apply it to whichever body of still water you seem to have a problem in and watch the magic happen while your pool starts to turn black with the bodies of all the dead insects.



The item is not only highly effective but does its job in a very short amount of time since you will be able to see definite results in just a matter of hours after applying the first batch of dunks.

One application is going to last you for about 30 days so prepare to have a whole month ahead of you where mosquito invaders will simply be non-existent. Even better, these are sold by the sheet so you won’t even have to purchase them that often.

USEPA has also marked this product as being safe to use for those of us who enjoy their natural gardening habits so you’re safe about that too.



Remember that this high effectiveness is only true when it comes to still bodies of water since any movement has a chance to disrupt the mosquito-cleaning process.

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4. Mosquito Dunks 6’s Biological Mosquito Control


This is a very effective product that was designed to be able to release adequate levels of BTI for a period of at least a month or even more in order to thoroughly cleanse your invaded surfaces when faced with normal environmental conditions.

Since the dunks are able to float, this will ensure that the active material doing the actual job is released at the surface yet it’s still able to gradually sink to the bottom of the pond you are trying to clean.

Best of all, the product can be used without any issues in all types of mosquito breeding areas, offering you a chance to eradicate the entire population even before they get old enough to want to know the taste of human blood. While we know this sounds a tad vampirish, it’s the right thing to do in order to be able to enjoy some calm days and nights.



You can even take some precautionary steps to ensure your dunks stay put and anchor them using a string that is then tied through the hole in the center or, even simpler, staked in place.

If you feel the need to, you can even apply these to dry areas which you know to have the potential of becoming breeding sites when flooded, especially abandoned swimming pools. The dunks will simply wait for the flood gates to open then simply rise to the surface and start releasing the BTI material.

The reason you can do this is that alternate wetting and drying of the items will not lessen their effectiveness in the slightest.



As with other, similar products, you need to be careful when using them on adult mosquitoes since they seem to be quite resistant to their effect compared to their lesser versions dropping by the dozen.

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5. Summit Chemical Co. Mosquito Dunks


A mosquito dunk will always be one of the available solutions when trying to get rid of your bothersome invaders, especially because it’s usually quite cheap to get and easy to get a hold of.

This type of product will allow you to control mosquitoes naturally, without going to too much effort because of it. You need to simply place the rings in the water and be aware that each one has the ability to control about 100 square feet of water surface area, regardless of how deep it actually is so your garden ponds will be very happy when you buy these dunks.

Even better, you don’t need to worry if you don’t get a chance to finish the entire pack before winter comes since these items can be safely stored in a dry and cool area for up to two years, patiently waiting for the next summer to come.



This is good enough to be able to clean pretty much any standing water that swarms with mosquitoes and other insects that are bothersome to your lifestyle and home environment.

You will be happy to know that these dunks come equipped with the famed BTI, a natural bacteria that is only actually harmful to mosquito larvae and harmless to anything else around so it’s therefore extremely safe to use.

The rings are slowly releasing it into the water so one application should last you about 30 days of uninterrupted, mosquito-free days and nights.

While they work best in a body of water, you can even use them on dry ground if it sometimes becomes a breeding place for your tireless invaders.



As we said, this product shows its best colors in immobile bodies of water so you should know that any type of liquid movement can upset the delicate balance required for the process to work.

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6. Mosquito Dunks 6 pack


You will be happy to know that not only will these mosquito dunks quickly and efficiently clean your entire environment of mosquitoes but they are also safe to use around other people or your beloved pets so they require no quarantine period in order to be effective.

They are fairly easy to use since everything that needs to be done is to simply leave them be in a body of water and check back in a few hours to be amazed at the quality of the results, especially for such little work.

Rain barrels can sometimes be a no-go for mosquito dunks but these ones do not fail to make that cut so consider them rain-barrel-available and go to town on using them there as well.

The best part is that your invaders will be stopped with the help of a natural bacteria that is dangerous only to them and completely safe for pretty much everyone else.



When you need to get some cheap mosquito dunks you can always remember this product as a good and safe choice when you want to get rid of some pesky, bothersome invaders.

Using this, you can kill the mosquitoes before they get old enough to cause actual problems so not only will you be freed from your present invasion but you will prevent future ones from happening as well.

Any standing water you apply these dunks to should turn dark in just a couple of hours with the bodies of its victims, so that’s when you will know you have made the right choice.

Due to the fact that it is non-toxic to pretty much anything else other than the pests it was created for, this is an effective-yet-low-impact product.



Since the manufacturer aimed to develop this as a product that combats mosquito-breeding places, it could sometimes have problems when faced with full-grown and developed adults.

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7. Summit Responsible Solutions 20 Count Mosquito Dunk


Say hello to the dunks that will get rid of all your problems when it comes to pesky invaders flying around your head and looking to drink your blood. Each of these wonderful items is said to kill the mosquito larvae for 30 days or more so using them once should buy you a mosquito-free month.

Furthermore, each of these babies is able to cover about 100 square feet of water so your ponds and pools will be safe and ready to go whenever you feel like taking a bath, as long as you make sure to remember to use the dunks a fair amount of time before the swimming mood strikes you.

This is a very good product that has been approved for use in organic production due to the fact that it is not meant to be harmful to anything else so people should never have issues using it.



Due to its water-cleaning capabilities, you can use this in pretty much any body of standing water out there from rain barrels, elevator shafts, bird baths, gutters, and anything else you can think of. If it can hold water and if it is not moving, you’ve found just the item to clean the mosquitoes out of it for you.

Even better, you will buy this once and you won’t worry about having to use it in a certified amount of time due to the fact that even unused and dry dunks are designed to retain their potency for as long as they have to.

These also sell by the sheet so you won’t have to make that many purchases, regardless of how bad your infestation can get.



While very effective in still bodies of water, this item may face some challenges when used in a moving liquid but you should give it a try nonetheless.

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8. MDC Summit Biological Mosquito Control Dunks


According to mosquito dunks reviews, you can use these ones not only to get rid of those shameless insects trying to invade your home but also to prevent further heinous acts by killing the mosquito larvae before they are able to fully develop and turn into the heat-seeking missiles they are.

Furthermore, it’s hard to mess up using this item since you simply need to place them wherever you feel the need to, be it your water garden or other standing bodies of water. Feel free to try them on dry land as well, as long as you remember to fix them in place using a pole, stick, or something similar.

Just leave them be and check back in a few hours to see how they’ve done. However, be prepared to be amazed at the number of victims these dunks are able to make in such a short while.



This product is so good simply because it takes care of both the present and the future threat, by preventing it from happening ever again. Each dunk will be good to go for about 30 days so one usage should be enough to make you forget your problems for the following month.

Even better, the manufacturer ships you 8-20 packs so that’s a total of 160 dunks. We were never that good at math but based on what we said just above, we’ll let you figure out how much time will it take for you to have to order a new foil of mosquito-killers.

Each dunk was engineered to be able to cover up to 100 square feet of water, regardless of the depth so keep that in mind when using them.



Take care when placing them on dry land or perhaps even in water since the floating rings may look like food to your pets or whatever else you’re keeping in your garden.

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9. Mosquito Bits Dunks 6/Card


This is a pest and disease control system that will work very well when you have to deal with an invasion problem close to your home and you are afraid of using something stronger due to the fact that it may also affect your loved ones or the environment.

These dunks are designed to regularly release effective levels of BTI for a 30-day period. BTI is a natural bacterium that is known to only be harmful to mosquito larvae, so people are able to use it without any fear to combat invaders and, as long as it’s placed under typical environmental conditions, it should last a whole month.

You can use the product in pretty much any mosquito breeding areas and you will not only see your current problem go away but you will have prevented future similar issues from ever developing in the first place.



The dunks are designed to float on the surface in order to ensure that the active material is first released there and then a part of it is gradually sinking to the bottom, to complete the process.

If you’re ever fearful of them being washed away, simply anchor them using a string tied through the hole in their center or even stake them in place as alternating between wet and dry conditions will not reduce their effectiveness in the slightest.

Therefore, whatever body of still water you have, you can use this product to get rid of the bothersome insects that threaten its purity, in a quick and efficient way.



Since this is designed mainly to combat developing mosquito larvae in standing bodies of water, fully developed adults or moving water may give it a run for its money but that does not mean you shouldn’t try it out.

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10. Dunk Mosquito Dunks, 2 packages


These affordable mosquito dunks can be your salvation when you’re being invaded and cannot think of a way to escape the pesky insects. This product is designed to release effective levels of a bacteria called BTI for a whole month under regular weather conditions, completely obliterating your invaders.

Even better, BTI is recognized as only being harmful to mosquito larvae so you won’t have to be afraid that your solution will damage your loved ones or the other parts of your garden. Furthermore, even if you have to remove them for some reason, the items will simply reactivate when getting wet again.

The dunks are crafted in such a way as to float long enough to ensure that the active material spreads at the surface while other chunks of it comfortably settle to the bottom of the pond or well in order to clean it out of any remaining mosquito breeding area.



This product is able to target larvae of pretty much all mosquito species so it does not matter where you live or how the climate is, you should be able to get the job done by using it.

The fact that it is able to last for 30 days is an added bonus since it ensures you won’t have to run to the store to restock every week or so.

This is a mosquito-repelling item that will be effective in any and all forms of standing water, regardless of how it is stored.

As we said, it’s children and pet safe so have no fear of using it. Even if your pet does eat it, all it will notice is the added protein in its diet.



All tests seem to suggest that adult mosquitoes are much more resistant to these dunks than their infant larvae can ever hope to be.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


The company named Summit Chemical Co. managed to develop mosquito dunks somewhere in the 1980s as a way to deal with the bothersome invaders that didn’t require users to spray their whole house with a potentially-harmful spray.

While, on the outside, a mosquito dunk does look like a rotten Lifesaver candy, you shouldn’t really eat one, even though you can rest assured if your pet does it since it’ll be okay. If you’re skeptical about this, we can understand but hear us out. This claim is guaranteed by the CDC as pretty much all mosquito dunks out there contain a bacterium known as BTI.



What is BTI?

BTI or, using its full name, Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, is a special bacterium strain that dunks use to obliterate the mosquito larvae. If you’re a little bit of a history geek like us, a fun fact to know is that the strain name actually comes from Israel where it was first discovered.

Therefore, any mosquito dunks review will tell you that BTI offers a pest control method that is safe to use around your loved ones and in your water garden. It has become such a popular bacterium that it has been developed in pretty much all available forms of treatment including aerial and water spraying.

As of right now, this remains one of the better ways of killing larvae because it is not toxic to anything else.


How do dunks work?

Did you ever see a commercial about how DEET makes mosquito repellents effective? BTI is its equivalent when it comes to mosquito dunks, basically guaranteeing that you will get results each and every time you use them.

However, you should be warned that dunks are not so effective when it comes to adult mosquitoes because they were not designed to be so. Due to BTI’s nature, the larvae take the blunt of the damage and this is the way they are supposed to work.

The reason behind this is that female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, be it shallow or deep. Mosquitoes are not discriminative by nature (we can learn a thing or two here) so they may even go for your pool or pond.

If the unthinkable happened, these dunks remain a viable option since they will slowly and gradually release BTI over a period of 30 days when placed in standing bodies of water. As the larvae hatch, they will consume the dunks and die, while any other creatures that might eat them will be relatively unaffected.


How to use them

While using the product is hard to mess up since you only need to let it float in the body of water you need cleansed, there are a few specifications we should go over that are important to its nature.

As we said, in order for the dunk to be effective, it needs constant water as much as the larvae do so you can’t have the source dry up on you. If the affected body tends to splash around, you can even use the hole in the middle of the product to anchor it and ensure it’s not getting away.

Last but not least, keep in mind that dunks won’t be as effective in swamp waters or other bodies that are filled with organic material so you should use mosquito Bits instead.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do mosquito dunks work?

Mosquito dunks work by relying on a bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis, or BTI, first found in Israel, that has been discovered to only be harmful to mosquito larvae and some other fly larvae. Therefore, people using this will not have to worry about children or pets finding the dunks and eating them since nothing bad can happen even if this does come to pass.

BTI has become so popular that it is now used for pretty much anything that involves killing larvae as the fact that it is non-toxic to people and wildlife makes it invaluable for gardeners and scientists alike.

You simply throw the dunks in the body of water of your choice and they will patiently spread and wait for the mosquito larvae to hatch. When they do, the infants will consume the BTI and be killed by its toxic effect toward them.



Q: Are mosquito dunks effective?

Not only are mosquito dunks effective but they are one of the better and faster ways of getting the job done. BTI does an excellent job of killing the larvae over the 30-day period the dunks take to reach their pragmatic end.

Therefore, you only use them once then you can enjoy a mosquito-free month and watch your water turn black with the corpses caused by this terrific substance. While it may take a while to get rid of the whole colony since some of them will already be well on their way to becoming adults, the product will definitely work.

Just apply a dunk, then use another one a couple of weeks after that just to make sure and, to be on the safe side of no-mosquito life, once a month after that. You will still keep your fish pond safe and sound without having to deal with those bothersome invaders anymore.


Q: Are mosquito dunks safe around people and pets?

Fortunately, BTI has been shown more than once to only be harmful to mosquito larvae and some species of fly larvae. What this means is that you can safely use it in your pool or pond as it will not affect your beloved fish.

Furthermore, while a tad less-used, you can even try the dunks on dry land since you don’t have to fear your pet eating them. Even if it does happen, your darling dog or cat will not feel anything other than the natural effects of an increase of protein in their diet.

The same reason that makes this product safe to use around people and pets makes it safer for adult mosquitoes since it was not developed to kill them, so it may not affect fully-developed pests very much. Larvae, however, won’t stand a chance and will disappear from your property as fast as you can throw the dunks in the water.




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