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10 Best Grow Boxes Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 14.07.24


Best Grow Box Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


This article will help you find the best grow box, especially if you are short on time or don’t have the patience to look through all the grow box reviews out there. Our team took the time to carefully examine all the possible models for you, and after intense consideration, we reached a conclusion. We believe that the VIVOSUN 96″x48″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is the one that you should consider first. It is one of the best-insulated models, as it comes with a thick canvas that doesn’t let light escape. Furthermore, the reflective mylar material on the inside will reflect 98% percent of the light and this means it will require very little light energy, being efficient. Furthermore, the zinc-plated metal frame that it has is durable and corrosion-resistant. If you can’t find our first recommendation, try to look for the TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D.



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10 Best Grow Boxes (Updated Reviews) in 2024



We have selected some of the most sought after boxes with the intention of finding the best grow box on the market, and with the help of experts’ opinion and reading what users had to say about all of the mentioned boxes, we created the following top.



1. Vivosun 96″x48″x80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent 


If you are looking for a box that manages to block all the light from escaping so you can control the growth of your plants, this model may interest you. In order to keep your plants safe, this item comes with a 98% reflective mylar lining that lets you set up the lighting by yourself.

In order to totally block the light, the box is made of extra-thick canvas which is double-stitched and tear-proof thanks to the polyester material. It also comes with a metal frame that is zinc-plated which makes the entire construction sturdy and resistant to corrosion.

The installing process is very easy without needing any extra tools and it offers you safe handling due to the user-friendly construction. It is also easy to access thanks to the zipped door and the observation window which allows checking your plants without disturbing the set-up.



Having this item helps you grow plants inside without worrying about the season or the weather conditions.

This grow box doesn’t let the light escape from it which ensures the healthy growth of your plants.

You can set up the lighting inside the box thanks to the 98% reflective mylar lining that provides you quality.

The light is blocked due to the extra-thick canvas made of 600D polyester material which is tear-proof and double-stitched.

To give the box shape, it comes with a zinc-plated metal frame that is very durable due to its anti-rust properties.

You won’t waste time and resources with the installing process as the grow box is user-friendly and easy to handle.



The instruction manual provided by the manufacturer could be more clear regarding how to start putting the elements together.

Some light may be leaking through the zippers that close the door and the window.

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2. TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D 


If you are looking for a hydroponic grow tent that will allow you to give your plants great conditions to grow, this product may fit your needs. This indoor tent is very convenient as it provides good ventilation due to the vents for filter and fan output or the rectangle vents with mesh.

Your plants benefit from great light conditions thanks to the 96% diamond mylar that manages to enhance the reflective effect. The entire construction is a durable one thanks to the 600D lightproof oxford cloth that and the metal rods that are heavy-duty.

To preserve its quality along time, the 16mm-diameter metal rods are paint coated to protect them from corrosion. You can access the inside of the tent through sturdy zippers that are large and easy to maneuver. The installation process is very easy as it tool-free so it won’t take you much time.



You can offer your plants a healthy growth in good lighting conditions thanks to the 96% diamond Mylar that is high-reflective.

To avoid letting the light escape the tent, this item comes with a 600D lightproof oxford cloth so your plants will benefit from good light conditions.

The product is very easy to handle thanks to the sturdy large zippers that let you access the tent easily.

To give it endurance and stability, the tent is fixed with metal rods that are paint-coated so they won’t deal with rust.

For improved ventilation, this tent comes with rectangle vents with mesh and some vents for filter and fan output.

This tent comes with a clear assembly instruction that will help you set the tent properly.



Before buying this product, be sure to check its dimensions as it may be too small for your needs and preferences.

You may encounter minimal light leaks because of the zippers that are not 100% watertight.

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3. Ohuhu 48″x 48″x 80″ Grow Tent with Observation Window 


This small indoor grow box is an outstanding product that offers you the possibility of gardening and germination indoors. The good ventilation is ensured by the large zippered door and the Velcro side window that, besides a good air circulation, these elements give you the possibility to observe the progress and check your plants.

Thanks to the 98%-reflective Mylar lining, the light is blocked from escaping and the heat is preserved so the plants can use the resources in an effective way that leads to healthy growth. The plants are kept contained and the odors are prevented from leaking out thanks to the waterproof and tear-proof canvas and the heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth.

For an easy installation process, the tent comes with its parts labeled with letters to be sure you put them together properly. To make it more durable, the tent comes with rust-resistant tubes that are also heavy-duty, offering the entire construction stability.



If you want your flowers, vegetables, or fruits to thrive even during the cold season, this tent offers you this chance.

The tent provides air circulation for your plants due to the Velcro window and the large zippered door that also offers you easy access.

Both the light and the heat are prevented from escaping the tent due to the 98% Mylar lining that is very reflective.

It comes with waterproof canvas and heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth that won’t allow odors to leak while they keep unwanted critters from getting inside the tent.

You won’t need extra tools to assemble the tent, and for easy cleaning, the growing room is easy to dissemble.



The tent doesn’t provide a 100% sealing as there are some light leaks through the zippers.

This product is made for small starter crops so if you need bigger tents, you should check other products.

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4. TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit 


This product is more than just a simple growing tent as it comes with a grow light too for a complete set that offers great conditions to your plants. The grow light comes with 100 LEDs that feature a user-friendly “Full Spectrum” design. Thanks to this item, you can grow your plants in any growth cycle like seedling, germination, or veg.

The tent comes with a 600D lightproof oxford cloth that is heavy-duty, a 96% waterproof diamond Mylar that is highly-reflective, plastic corners, and 16mm metal rods that are paint-coated for more durability. The height of the light can be adjusted according to your preferences.

For better ventilation, the tent also comes with a fan filter combo consisting of a filter, a duct fan, and a silver flex ducting. It comes with multiple vents for filter and fan output. The light leaks through the large zippers are reduced due to the double stitching.



Buying this product will provide you a quality tent and a grow light making up a full grow box kit for your plants to thrive even in winter.

The grow light comes with 100 LEDs of 3W and it has a “Full Spectrum” design that allows you to grow your plants in all the cycles.

The tent provides all the needed conditions for your plants by offering them the optimum light thanks to the 96% waterproof diamond Mylar that enhances the reflective effect.

To make it a durable product, the tent comes with a 600D lightproof oxford cloth and metal rods that also gives it stability.

The tent closes with large zippers that are double-stitched to prevent light leaks.



Since it comes with 100 LEDs, you should take into account the extra electric costs you may encounter.

This product doesn’t come with instructions regarding the setting-up of the ventilation system.

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5. TopoLite 48″x24″x60″ 600D Grow Tent 


This growing hydroponic tent is a great way to grow plants during the cold season too, allowing you to do it indoors. To enhance the reflective effect, it comes with a 6% diamond mylar that is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about this getting damaged in time.

For good ventilation, the product comes with multiple vents for filter and fan outputs. The rectangle vents offer your plants good air circulation to have the proper conditions for a fast-growing. For a full kit, the product comes with carbon filter belts included and a built-in mesh screen.

It is a durable small grow box due to the 16mm-diameter metal rods that give the tent stability and the 600D lightproof oxford cloth that is heavy-duty as well. To avoid rust, the metal rods are paint-coated. You can easily access the growing room through large industrial zippers that are high-quality.



This product is ideal for home growing during winter, as it fits very well in small spaces.

The tent is very well-ventilated due to the ventilation ports and the dual ventilation socks.

To give the plants optimum lighting conditions, the tent comes with a 96% reflective diamond mylar.

It is a heavy-duty construction due to the 600D lightproof oxford cloth and the 16mm metal rods.

To avoid corrosion, the metal rods are paint-coated so the quality of the tent is preserved for a long time.

The installing process of the tent is very easy with no extra tools needed.



This tent doesn’t have a large capacity as it can house only 2-4 plants full cycle or 6-8 smaller plants during the vegetative cycle.

The tent doesn’t come with markings that indicate the top and the bottom sides so you have to figure them out by consulting instructions.

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6. Hongruilite 36”x24”x53” 2-in-1 Grow Tent Room 


If you are looking for a fully-accessorized growing tent, this option may meet all your expectations. This product comes with a growing tent with a waterproof floor tray, a digital hygrometer, grow light hangers, a 24-hour timer, and 60mm bonsai shears.

For easy access, the tent comes with large zippers that are double-stitched for more protection against light leaks. The 96% waterproof diamond mylar enhances the reflective effect while the metal corners give the tent stability. The rope ratchet hanger has a 75-pound weight load capacity per ratchet.

The digital hygrometer keeps you updated about the humidity, temperature, and time sim. The tent also comes with polyester plant trellis netting that helps your plants grow vertically and frees up a lot of space in raised bed gardens. The dual outlet timer has 15 minutes on/off feature and it shows a 24 hours cycle.



This tent is fully accessorized to provide you a professional plant growing indoors.

Even though the tent comes with many features, it is very easy to install and you won’t need extra tools.

The growing room provides optimum conditions for your plants to thrive such as good light and a suitable temperature.

Humidity and temperature can be monitored thanks to the digital monitor that is included in the set.

You can take care of your plants by trimming them with the help of the 60mm bonsai straight scissor.

It also comes with a timer in order to measure a 24-hour cycle or simply use its 15 minutes on/off feature.

The rope ratchet hanger can stand 150 pounds in total which is a great advantage.



You may notice some small holes in the tent or in the drip pans which can be solved with some tape.

There are some light leaks because of the zippers that are not completely sealed.

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7. GreenHouser 24″x24″x48″ Reflective Mylar Grow Tent 


This tent is a good choice for passionate gardeners who want to grow plants even during the winter. The plants will have optimum conditions to thrive thanks to the 96% waterproof diamond Mylar that is highly reflective. The mid-side is made of PEVA (PVC free) which means that the tent is friendly to the environment.

It is an efficient choice as the tent is very durable thanks to the 600D lightproof oxford cloth that is heavy-duty. The frame consists of 16mm metal rods that give the tent shape and stability. The rods are paint-coated to avoid any damage caused by corrosion. The 16mm plastic connectors secure the entire structure of the tent.

The light leaks are reduced thanks to the heavy-duty zippers that are double-stitched. For good ventilation and air circulation, the tent comes with rectangle vents with mesh. It is very easy to assembly as the process is tool-free.



This tent is very stable and secured thanks to the metal rods frame and the plastic corners.

Another special feature of this tent is the environmental-friendly construction that is made of PEVA material.

The reflective effect is given by the 96% waterproof diamond Mylar in order to give your plants the optimum lighting conditions.

You won’t consume your time with the installing process as it is very easy and tool-free.

It comes with multiple vents for fan or filter outputs and rectangle vents with mesh for air circulation.

The interior can be easily accessed due to the heavy-duty zippers with double-stitching.

You can fix lights up to 44 pounds in this tent for your plants.



After some using, the light may start to leak at the top of the zippers so you may adjust it with some tape.

This tent doesn’t come with an observation window to check your plants.

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8. Vivosun 48″x24″x60″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent 


When it comes to paying attention to the important details, VIVOSUN doesn’t disappoint with its products. This tent will provide your plants with optimum light conditions due to the 98%-reflective mylar while preventing the light leaks as well. You won’t need to fix the light leaks issues with tape as the zippers are sealed with a black lining that is light-proof.

The tent is supported by metal rods that are heavy-duty in order to stand the top-quality 600D canvas that is 0.8mm thick. These features make the tent stable and durable and although very easy to be installed without needing other tools.

Another important feature is the heavy-duty metal zipper that is made to stand years of using. The tent comes with an observation window that allows you to periodically check your plants. The door unzips smoothly and it allows you to peek inside whenever you consider it is necessary.



This tent doesn’t let the light escape thanks to the and the top-quality 600D canvas that is 0.8mm thick.

It is a durable construction thanks to the sturdy metal poles that are also very easy to put in place with no hardware needed.

The zippers are made to work smoothly and they are also sealed with a black lining to prevent the light from escaping.

For easy access and observation, the tent comes with a window to peek at your plants.

For a superior growing environment, the tent comes with a 98% “diamond” mylar that offers a good light reflection.

It also comes with multiple vents for ducting, fans, and cables.



The instructions are not very helpful because the bars are not correctly labeled.

The drawstrings from the vents holes don’t entirely close which means that some heat and light will come out.

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9. CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent 


If you are looking for small indoor hydroponics, this model is exactly what you need. It is professionally manufactured to block all the light escaping so your plants can thrive at maximum capacity. It is one of the few tents that comes with a 99% reflective mylar lining that allows an efficient lighting setup.

For improved stability and durability, the tent is supported by metal poles and metal connectors with an easy click system. The light is fully blocked thanks to the 600D material that is stitched and tear-proof. The front window filters out the white light which allows you to check your plants without affecting them.

The cleanup process is very easy as it includes a waterproof removable mylar spill tray. There are clear instructions included so you can install it with ease. The zippers are smooth and they are sealed with black lining to reduce the light leaks.



This growing box is ideal for indoor gardening in any rented space such as an apartment, greenhouse, or condominium.

The 99% reflective mylar allows you to set up the lighting at any power configuration that is optimum for your plants.

The 600D material blocks all the light and the heat from escaping so your plants will thrive at maximum efficiency.

Another special feature of this tent is the front window which allows you to observe your plants without affecting them because it filters out the white light.

The metal bars that support the tent, besides being very durable, they are easy to connect due to the click system.



The extra material that blocks the light around the zipper usually gets stuck while opening/closing the door.

You may need some help with the installing process if it is your first time with this type of product.

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10. TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent 36″X24″X53″ 


This tent has a different structure from the others as it comes with a space for large and middle-sized plants and 2 extra tiers for seedlings and propagation. The 96% diamond mylar on the inside provides a reflective effect. The 600D oxford cloth on the outside prevents the light from escaping.

The indoor grow box comes with a lot of vents for good ventilation and light cords. The compact structure of this growing box allows you to store it in places with small heights. You can manage your plants in different stages of development at the same time.

This product works great for herbs, vegetables, exotic fruits, and seasonal fruits out of season. The frame is made of metal rods that are paint-coated for more durability. They are easy to assemble with the help of the metal connectors. The large zippers are protected from the light leaks for optimum conditions.



This model allows you to garden plants that are in different stages of growth due to the three separate chambers it provides.

The reflective effect on the inside is provided by the quality of the 96% diamond mylar.

The light leaks are avoided thanks to the 600D oxford cloth that is also thick and durable.

For good air circulation, the tent comes with vents that can also serve you for outputs.

To give it stability and more durability, the tent is supported by metal rods that are paint-coated for protection against rust.

The tent can be easily assembled with the metal connectors, without needing extra hardware.

The mylar spill tray is removable so it makes the cleaning process easier.



The upper tier is a bit flimsy as it is made for small plants in an incipient stage of growth.

There are still some light leaks around the zippers that can be solved with some tape.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Hopefully, you took the time to read each grow box review, and with that in mind, you are now closer to finding the perfect box for you. If you have no previous experience with choosing a good box, here are some tips on how to find the best grow box for beginners.


Choose the correct size

Before you start growing your own plants inside, make sure you know the length, width, and height needed for them to grow well. Also, don’t forget that you need a tent that is significantly smaller than the room it is going to be placed in, to offer easier access for setup and maintenance.

Consider how many plants you want to grow in a LED grow box and how big you want them to be. As a result, the size of the plants you choose will affect the size of the box. Another thing to consider is if you want to grow in distinct cycles or you want to have continuous harvesting. If you are looking for continuous harvesting you need 3 boxes, one for vegging, one for flowering, and one for curing and drying.

There are some people that like growing a large number of small plants and harvest them more frequently, and for this purpose, auto-flowering strains are great. On the other hand, there are people that like growing very large plants that also grow very wide. Based on all of these, choose the correct box size for you.


Should you have more chambers or more tents?

As we previously said, there are growers that like to have a tent for vegging and another one for flowering, but that is not always the case. There are grow boxes that offer more chambers in one tent, for this purpose. Such a box is convenient because it gives all the chambers you need for each stage of a plant’s life.

A box with more chambers will help you keep things more organized, but they come with the disadvantage of having a limited vegging space. As a result, the better alternative is still to have two separate tents, if you want to grow larger plants or have a larger yield. Furthermore, having more than one tent allows you to set up a perpetual harvest, where you get a constant supply of plants that are flowering.


You need a quality reflective canvas

Some might not know this, but the thickness of the reflective canvas is really important. As a rule of thumb, the greater its thread count, the stronger the canvas is and the better. Of course, with a thick canvas, you also get more durability, and that is ideal if you’re moving the box a lot because it’s more resistant to punctures and tears.

Grow boxes are light-proof, but those that have a thicker material will resist wear and tear better and will also insulate heat and noise to a greater degree. However, if you keep the box in a room where the temperature is normal, you won’t need such a thick canvas to insulate the heat.

You will see that the thickness of the canvas varies from 210D to 1680D, where D stands for denier and essentially measures the density of the fibers. The inner foil that reflects will vary a bit, depending on the manufacturer, but they all work the same, dispersing light around the plant’s canopy.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do grow boxes work?

A grow box is a tent comprised of lightweight fabric exterior that is installed over a rigid structure. It includes an opening and different holes that serve as access for electrical components. These boxes are built to accommodate various hydroponic or soil pot arrangements.

Grow boxes work by creating a suitable environment for the plants within. A hydroponic grow box comes with the fabric that is supposed to insulate from the exterior and give the grower the possibility to set up specific parameters inside the box. A quality fabric will allow you to have a constant temperature, humidity, and airflow inside the box, and thanks to the electric components that form the box, you should be able to set up the parameters you want.

Some boxes have different spaces for different growth stages of the plants, and although these are useful, they often don’t give you much space of operation.



Q: What can I grow in a box garden?

There are some plants that do well in a strict environment, and others that don’t. Vegetables do surprisingly well, as well as some fruits. Peppers, for example, whether they are green, red, or chilies, can easily be grown in an affordable grow box, and they even produce great yields. They require just 6 to 8 hours of light per day, and they can be grown using hydroponics techniques.

Cauliflower and broccoli are similar, as they can also grow well using hydroponics. They require more water, but that is not an issue for an indoor grower. Beans are fun to grow as well, and they are easier to get to full-size, compared to other vegetables. You can use netting to keep them under control and help them spread in the box.

If you want to grow some fruits, strawberries are a delicious choice, especially because they don’t need much height when growing.


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose a grow box?

The main thing to look at when choosing a grow box is the space it offers you. Before you go out buying, remember to measure the exact living space a certain plant needs. If you don’t have a fully-grown plant yet, get that information from elsewhere, search for it on the internet, or ask someone that knows.

After you know the size of the box you need, check the ventilation system of each model. The airflow in a tent is an important factor because this will let you control the humidity and temperature levels that you have in the box. A good ventilation system will help you keep the environment inside in the best condition.

Although you might be tempted to also consider how much you spend for a grow box, a cheap grow box is not worth it if you are going to sell some or most of the yields you produce. It’s better if you spend more on a quality box.




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