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7 Best Gnat Traps – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Top Traps for Gnats – Guide & Comparison


If you are interested in finding the best gnat trap on the market, you only need to read this short paragraph, and you’ll know what product is worth the money. We looked at the various products on the market designed to fight gnats, and we discovered that the most efficient and a good deal for customers at the same time is the Kensizer 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps. The yellow color of these traps will draw gnats with ease, and the insects will remain stuck to them. It is essential to notice that this product is made with eco-friendly materials, and that makes them an excellent solution for your garden or hothouse. You can significantly reduce the use of pesticides, and since these come in packs of 20 traps, you will be happy with the deal made. If this particular brand is out of stock, the BestTrap 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps is a close second recommendation.



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7 Best Gnat Traps (Updated Reviews) in 2024



With so many gnat traps on the market, it may be a little challenging to find the right one from the start. We made a list of products that are currently popular with customers due to their performance, reasonable pricing, and other features that make them stand out.



1. Kensizer 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps


If you are looking for an efficient outdoor gnat trap, this product is an excellent option to consider. Flying plant pests are the target of these sticky traps, and overall, you will be pleased with how quickly they trap such critters. While the manufacturer provides a complete list of insects that can be caught with these traps, we will mention aphids, fungus gnats, and black flies, among others.

If you prefer to use a product that won’t end up hurting the soil and the air you breathe, these traps are ideal. Only eco-friendly materials were used for making them, and the traps are entirely non-toxic and safe for your pets and you.

Whenever you have to deal with an infestation in your outdoor garden or houseplant, you only need to spread these around and let them do their work. Some people even prefer to cut them into small pieces and place them inside plant pots for more efficiency.

The traps are waterproof, so you can leave them out in the open without a worry that they will lose their efficiency. They are also UV resistant, so keeping them in sunny places won’t be an issue, either.



Ideal for outdoor use, these traps will work wonders against pesky little critters like white and black flies, thrips, and fungus gnats.

Since eco-friendly materials are used, the traps are non-toxic and won’t threaten the health of your pets or family members.

The double-spread construction allows each trap to expand and offer quite a large area for catching insects, for maximum coverage and efficiency.

Leaving the traps out in the rain won’t cause any problems, and it is worth noting that their UV resistance recommends them, as well.

Sold in packs of 20, they are a tremendous deal, and you will have plenty to spread throughout your garden.



If you intend to use these close to your plants, you should consider cutting them into small pieces, as the strong adhesive will catch on leaves and damage the plants.

While they are advertised as efficient against thrips, too, you might notice that they are not that good for such critters.

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2. BestTrap 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps


Another excellent pack of sticky traps makes it to our shortlist, and for all the right reasons. First of all, you get 20 traps, so you will have enough to cover large areas affected by gnat infestations. Also, seeing how they are reasonably priced, they will be an affordable investment in the health of your garden.

Anyone looking for an efficient fungus gnat trap should take a look at what this brand has to offer. The manufacturer even thought about including 20 wire ties, making it easy for you to hang the traps all over the place without a problem.

The adhesive used will not dry quickly, so you can count on the efficiency of these traps for quite a while. The traps are waterproof and heat resistant, which is why you can use them in any weather. In other words, you can hang them around in your garden and forget about them until they fill up with dead insects and require a replacement.

Their particular yellow color attracts insects, as that is the favorite color for most plant pests that identify yellow with the color of the flowers of the plants they attack to feed.



With 20 traps in one package, you will have enough to cover your harden or hothouse, and you may even cut them into smaller pieces to guard each potted plant.

You only have to hang them around, and they will start doing their job of catching insects, without any other requirement on your part.

It is commendable that the traps are waterproof and efficient all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

They are also resistant to heat, so if you live in an area where it is sunny all the time, that won’t be a problem for the traps, either.

Since they are eco-friendly and non-toxic, you can use them with confidence around pets and humans.



You should be well aware that sticky traps like these are not the optimal solution if you deal with huge infestations, as they will fill quite quickly and become unusable.

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3. Maxtrv 4 Pack Plug in Electronic Insect Killer


While you can find many gnat traps on the market that work with adhesive and are entirely passive, if the idea of investing all the time in consumables is not for you, this electronic trap might just right up your alley. It is a device straightforward to use, as you will only need to plug it into an electric outlet and push a button.

Efficient against all sorts of insects, including mosquitoes, it is a solution to consider if you want to have an anti-bug device with you all the time. It is portable and ideal for traveling, and you can always use an extension cord to place it anywhere you see fit.

What’s also important, this unit is very quiet, and that is why it is preferred for use in hospitals and homes. It may even sit in your kitchen or your bedroom because it doesn’t use any pesticides, and it is completely safe for being around pets and people.

There will be no unpleasant smells, no toxic compounds, and no poisonous gas, so it is completely safe. Since it works on mosquitoes like a charm, it is also efficient against smaller critters such as gnats.



This product is an efficient bug zapper that will keep away mosquitoes, gnats, as well as other insects, wherever you are.

You can count on the product to be easy to carry, which makes it a perfect traveling companion when you go to areas where insects may be an issue.

Ideal for indoor use, it is the type of bug repellent that will not pose any problems for your health, because it doesn’t work with poisonous gases or pesticides.

It is quiet, and that’s a great plus if you intend to use it inside a bedroom or any other room where perfect silence is preferable.

You may save up a lot of money on consumables, as this bug zapper will never fill up as sticky traps do.



It only works when plugged into an electric outlet, so you will not have the same freedom to put the bug repellent anywhere you want.

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4. Raid Fruit Fly Trap


Raid is a well-known name in the industry for bug repellents and solutions against critters, and there’s no wonder that it came up with an idea for catching fruit flies and gnats, too. The design of this fruit fly trap will be the first thing you will notice about it since it is different from the vast majority of traps available on the market.

While sticky traps that come as sheets of paper treated with a special adhesive are ideal for outdoor use, this is an indoor gnat trap that works without a glitch. Since gnats are particularly drawn to rotten fruits and vegetables, there is a strong need for having such a trap placed somewhere inside your home.

Don’t let fruit flies ruin your food, and don’t rely on just any product. This trap, shaped like an apple, will attract the pesky critters, and they will delve inside, unknowing of what awaits them. Without using harmful pesticides, the fruit-shaped trap will work its magic and will free your kitchen of unpleasant bugs.

One of the most exciting things about this trap is that it can be reused. You only need to place a gnat attractant inside, fill it with water and let it do its job. When the trap fills, you only have to empty it and then wash it with a bit of water and soap.



This gnat and fruit fly trap has a beautiful design, so it will not have the unpleasant and unsightly effect of sticky traps placed around your kitchen.

You can use it close to the areas that are most likely to be attacked by gnats and other critters because it doesn’t work with toxic compounds.

It is effortless to use, as all you have to do is to fill it with a lure and plenty of water, and then let it get to work.

Since it is passive, it can be placed anywhere you want, and it won’t require consumables expect for what you want to use as a lure and some water.

You will be pleased to find out that it is reusable, as, each time it fills, you only need to empty the container and wash it with a little soap and rinse with water.



While its aspect is one of those things that make it better than other products, be aware of children that might feel tempted to play with it.

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5. Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap


If you are the type of person who prefers efficiency and to get a good deal above all else, you will like this affordable gnat trap. Ideal for catching fruit flies and gnats, it is the solution you seek to get rid of all the critters in your garden. One thing you will notice is the attractive design that is different from the usual boring yellow sheets.

These traps are shaped like butterflies, and they integrate nicely with your garden layout. All you need to do is to hang them around and let nature follow its course. Attracted by the bright yellow color, crop pests will flock to them and then remain stuck to the adhesive covering them, away from your precious plants and flowers.

You can use these in your garden, your kitchen, or a houseplant, without a problem. If you are invested in organic gardening, you will be happy to hear that these traps do not use any harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

The traps are sold in packs of 25 pieces, so you will have plenty to place around. The needed hooks are also supplied, so you will be able to get them to work right away. Since they are lightweight, you can hang them on branches and stakes.



For better pest control, consider these sticky traps attractively shaped like butterflies so that they can integrate easily with your garden.

All you need is supplied by the manufacturer, including the hooks that will allow you to place the traps all over the place.

The ease of use is one of the selling points of this product that manages to be attractive and efficient at the same time.

For people who prefer organic gardening, these passive traps are ideal since they are not made with powerful pesticides or insecticides.

The fact that they come as 25-piece packs is an excellent plus because it offers you a great deal for the price.



Be aware that the sticky substance that covers the traps can melt in high temperatures, so they might not be the greatest solution for hot climates.

Getting the traps to become unstuck from one another can be a little messy.

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6. Garsum Yellow Sticky Fruit Fly Traps


In case you are interested in natural pest control, these sticky traps are just what you need to get rid of small insects that invade your garden. There are no toxic vapors to worry about, and the traps are completely odorless, which means that you will have no issues with using them anywhere you see fit.

The beautiful butterfly and flower shapes make them more attractive than other similar traps for gnats on the market. The yellow color is also very beautiful, but that’s more for a practical consideration as such critters are particularly attracted to this bright shade.

As you manage to trap more and more adult gnats, you will manage to interrupt the breeding cycle of these insects and reduce their numbers significantly. Since intervening on the soil to kill the larvae might require expensive pesticides and solutions, it is a good thing to have such a cheap and convenient solution at your fingertips.

The traps are resistant to heat and are also waterproof, so you will not have to worry about leaving them out in the open. They will maintain their efficiency all year round. Also, they won’t require any replacements until they fill with bugs.



Spread these beautiful gnat traps all over your garden to create the perfect coverage against pesky critters.

You can hang them out on branches, or you can stick them into the soil, close to the plants that are most likely to fall prey to various insects.

As they are waterproof and resistant to heat, you can use them in any weather, and you can just put them around and forget about them.

The green hook wire provided by the manufacturer comes in handy when you want to hang the traps.

Also, the package includes a digging tool that serves to place the traps inside the soil.



These traps may be more efficient outside than inside, and they cannot catch larger insects than small critters like gnats and fruit flies.

When manipulating them, be aware that they can be quite sticky, and some of the adhesive can get on your hands.

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7. Trapro 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps


If you’re looking for a good deal on gnat traps, take a look at this product. This cheap gnat trap pack will help you get rid of unwanted insects, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. While it is true that large infestations can sometimes be solved only with the help of a pest exterminator, for the usual situations, such traps are just the right answer.

They are designed to attract pests and get them stuck to the adhesive on their surface. Because they have a bright yellow color, they bait the flying pests into coming at them. That’s part of what makes such traps a good deal. Also, they are suitable for your garden because they are eco-friendly.

Aphids, fungus grants, white flies, and other small insects are no match for these traps. Just place them in an infested area and observe after a few days how the traps become filled with dead insects. You can use them when you have only minor issues, too, because they work for pest prevention, too.

By catching the first adults that come from larvae, the sticky traps can interrupt their natural cycle so that you don’t have to battle generation after generation of critters.



The bright yellow color of these sticky traps will attract gnats and other insects, removing them from your garden or hothouse.

Since they don’t contain any toxic ingredients, these traps are safe to use around people and pets, and they are suitable for the environment, too.

You can remove entire populations of nasty critters like aphids, fungus gnats, and thrips with great ease and in a natural way.

The manufacturer provides the necessary wire for making hooks if you intend to hang the sticky traps around.

20 sticky traps are included in each package, so you will find them quite a good deal for the money.



For some species, like gnats, they appear to be quite useful, but they don’t seem to have the same effect on other critters, such as aphids, even if the traps are advertised as such.

They will lessen your massive infestations, but won’t eliminate the problem.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Gnat infestations can be a real pain, which is why you should consider investing in some traps that can reduce their population or even interrupt their reproduction cycle. To deal with such problems, you need the best gnat traps, and that is where our guide comes into play. We will show you what aspects are the most important when shopping for this type of product.



Types of traps

To start with the aspect that will surely narrow down your choice, let’s talk about the kinds of traps available. The most common type is the sticky sheet kind that works for many different species of insects. While they are often used for flies and mosquitoes, they are also very efficient against gnats and fruit flies.

The way they work is pretty straightforward. They have a special kind of adhesive on their surface, and once you peel the protective sheet, they practically begin working. They are usually a bright yellow, a color identified by scientists as being the most likely to attract such species of insects.

You will notice how the smooth surface of the traps becomes overnight filled with the dead bodies of insects. While they are attracted to these traps, the small insects don’t have the strength to break free, and that’s why these traps are so efficient.

Another common type is the bug zapper. This one works with electricity and needs to be plugged into an outlet. It is pretty efficient, as well, but more indicated if you are interested in dealing with an indoor infestation. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. For instance, bug zappers are not consumables and can be used for a long time.


Non-toxic and eco-friendly

When confronted with a severe gnat infestation, your first impulse may be to reach for some pesticides and spray the entire garden. This solution can help you get rid of your problem for the moment, but it can affect the soil and your plants. Not to mention, the toxic compounds in pesticides can be harmful to your pets and even for humans.

The gnat traps we talk about as being the optimal solution for your insect issues are non-toxic and eco-friendly. There will be no issues with their use around the house and even indoor, and you will be happy to invest in some natural, pesticide-free pest control.


All year round efficiency

Many of the gnat traps reviews you will read will praise the brands that can offer all year round efficiency. What does this mean? If you look carefully at the various traps provided by manufacturers, you will notice that some offer products that are waterproof and resistant to heat and UVs.

In other words, you can leave these traps around your garden in any weather, and they won’t lose their efficiency.


Ease of use

Being able to hang the traps around with ease should also count toward purchasing the brand that works for you. Some manufacturers even include the wire hooks needed for this operation so that you can appreciate such a convenience.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a gnat?

Gnats are small flying insects that resemble mosquitoes in their appearance. Scientists consider two major types of gnats, the biting variety, and the non-biting variety. However, there is some debate over whether only the non-biting type should be called gnats.

Another thing you should know about them is that they often fly in clouds, which is a way to describe a large number of specimens assembled in such swarms. Gnats are usually a pest for plants, and some prefer the humid environments in hothouses where they thrive on plants growing in pots. Some biting gnats exist, and, like mosquitoes, they are a blood-sucking species.



Q: What do gnats eat?

Because of their small size, many people believe that gnats are the babies of flies, but that is not true. Some of the most widespread subspecies are fruit gnats and fungus gnats. As you can easily imagine, their names also describe what they prefer to eat.

Gnats often act as pollinators for certain plants, and they may prey on crop pests. However, others are simply pests. That means that they feed on plants, but some species eat other insects, and some are blood-sucking critters, as mentioned a little earlier.


Q: How to get rid of gnats?

While a small swarm of gnats might make you think that you might be in trouble and way over your head, you don’t always have to ask for the assistance of a trained professional. Gnats can be eliminated with the help of a gnat trap, which you can buy from stores, or make yourself.

For instance, a combination of vinegar and dish soap can make the perfect trap for gnats. They will come attracted by vinegar but will remain caught by the soap. Another method involves the use of a jar with rotten fruits in it. Commercial solutions are also recommended, especially when dealing with large swarms.


Q: Where do gnats come from?

Gnats are quite widespread, so they come from many places. As long as there is enough food and water, they will thrive, so, like in the case of mosquitoes, humid areas are most likely to allow the appearance and development of such critters.

As for how they can get inside your home, it is easy for gnats to find an opening since they are so small. They feed on decaying fruits, and they can be found in many moist places that are also shaded. Rotting plants, garbage that is not adequately covered, and even the moist soil used for potted plants, represent ideal conditions for gnats to live.


Q: How efficient are gnat traps?

The efficiency of gnat traps depends on several factors. For starters, you need to examine the problem and see if you have just a minor issue, or you need to bring in the heavy artillery. You should consider placing traps throughout your house to make sure that you covered everything.

Generally speaking, gnat traps are pretty useful because these critters are not very intelligent, and, as long as a trap smells of their favorite foods such as rotting fruits, they will walk blindly into it. Getting rid of a large population of gnats also interrupts their cycle of mating, and that is why gnat traps work pretty well.




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