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10 Best Gnat Repellents – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.06.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Gnat Repellents + Reviews


If you want the best gnat repellents for protecting you and your family against these nasty critters, here is the information you need. In this short paragraph, we will show you the product that has garnered the most attention and praise from users. Our research team compared sales figures and other indicators and found the Sawyer Products Insect Repellent to be the most recommended option. Based on a 20% concentration of Picaridin, this formula is more effective than DEET, and it is efficient against various insects, including the mosquitoes responsible for transmitting Zika. For 8 to 14 hours, you get proper protection against the bites of insects, including gnats. You don’t have to worry that it might dirty your clothes, as it is entirely safe to use on synthetic fibers and the like. In case this formula is out of stock, the OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent VIII is our next recommendation.



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10 Best Gnat Repellents (Updated Reviews) in 2024



If you want a gnat repellent, you will notice that the market has a plethora of products to offer. However, that means that narrowing down your choice can be a challenging endeavor. For this reason, we put together the following list that will help you identify the right product for your needs with ease.



1. Sawyer Products Insect Repellent 


Any gnat repellent review you will read may mention this particular product for obvious reasons. First of all, its action is long-lasting, and after applying it, you will notice that you gain protection for 8 to 14 hours. Flies, gnats, and many other insects are kept away.

It comes as a gnat repellent spray, but it is also available in lotion format for convenience. The active ingredient in this formula is Picaridin that comes in a 20% concentration. This substance is responsible for keeping away mosquitoes accountable for transmitting Zika, and ticks that cause the Lyme disease.

Even if you touch clothes and other items made from fabric with this substance, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Synthetic materials and other products like fishing line won’t suffer any damage. It is safe for the entire family, too. You can purchase lotion bottles in different quantities and lotion packets.



It is a convenient formula since you can choose between lotion and spray, and various quantities and ways of delivery.

Because it contains 20% Picaridin, it is more effective than DEET, and that means that you can expect better protection.

A variety of insects are targeted by the active ingredients, including gnats, mosquitoes that cause Zika, and Lyme-carrying ticks, among many others.

You can use it for protecting the entire family, as kids’ health won’t be harmed in any way by its use.

The pleasant citrus smell is a bonus, and won’t make you think all the time that you are using a repellent.



The lotion is thick, and you will have to apply quite a bit of formula to cover your skin and protect it from insect bites.

Washing the lotion off your hands requires at least two minutes so that you can safely touch food and other items.

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2. OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent VIII 


In case you want a cheap gnat repellent, you’re looking at it. Praised by many customers, this formula is delivered in packs of two, so you will have enough to apply for the entire family when you go on an outdoor trip. Gnats and other insects are kept at bay by this formula that offers protection even in the harshest conditions.

As an outdoor gnat repellent, it is efficient and easy to apply. It comes in spray cans with aerosol, so you don’t have to spread lotion on your skin, such as it’s the case with other products. Because it is a powder-dry option, it doesn’t leave unsightly greasy stains behind.

The active ingredient in this formula is DEET, a substance that affects the receptors found on the antennae of insects that help them identify sources of food. Basically, this ingredient keeps them away from landing on your skin and biting you.



Made with 25% DEET, this formula is efficient against a wide range of insects, including gnats and mosquitoes.

You will be protected from disease-carrying insects; among them, there are those carrying Zika, West Nile, and other viruses.

Since it is a powder formula, it doesn’t leave stains, and it is safe to use without fear that you will ruin your clothes by accident.

Applying the product is easy as you only need to use the aerosol cans to spray on the areas you want to be protected.



The formula is sold in packs of two, so it’s a good deal, but bear in mind that the cans are on the small side, and you will most likely use the entire quantity during a single trip.

You have to be careful when pressing the nozzle mechanism, as it might break, something that takes from the overall functionality of the product.

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3. Anvin Mosquito Head Nets Gnat Repellant 


From the many gnat repellent reviews out there, you may gather that sprays and lotions are just some of the methods you can employ to keep insects at bay. Wearing a head net is just as an efficient method, and one that doesn’t include applying any product on your skin. The main advantage of this head net is that you don’t have to replace it, and it’s a sound investment.

The material used is durable nylon, and that helps not only with its durability but also with how lightweight it feels on your head. You won’t even notice its weight at all. When you need to conduct various activities outside, but the swarms of insects are a problem, a head net like this model is ideal.

The mesh presents 522 holes per square inch, so it allows you to breathe freely. You will also appreciate that it comes with an elastic band at the bottom to keep it in place.



Breathable and comfortable to wear, this head net is the ideal way of keeping any insects away from your face and neck when bugs are everywhere.

It is a good deal, too, since you get three head nets in one pack so that your entire family can be protected when you go hiking and camping.

A storage bag is delivered with your purchase for storing the head net or head nets when you don’t use them.

The drawstring is adjustable, allowing you to customize your head net so that you can benefit from its advantages as you desire.



Don’t count on this head net if it is essential that you clearly see in front of you since it doesn’t allow excellent visibility.

It won’t fit that well over any hat, and if you wear a larger one, you will notice that the head net won’t be capable of offering you full neck coverage.

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4. BUGGINS Natural Insect Repellent 


If you want a gnat fly repellent that’s completely natural and free of chemicals, this product from BUGGINS is just what you need. The combination of plant-based ingredients makes sure that gnats and other insects are kept at bay so that they don’t bite you. You will find geraniol, clove, peppermint, and lemongrass in this formula.

In case you cannot stand DEET as the active ingredient, this product might be just the next best thing for you. Delivered in 2-ounce bottles, it is a good option for everyone who wants to go all-natural in terms of repelling gnats.

While it is made with essential oils, this formula won’t leave greasy stains on your skin or a sticky feeling. The duration during which you remain protected is 2 hours, as advertised by the manufacturer, but it might last a bit longer than that. Some people might find its scent pleasant.



It is an all-natural formula, based on essential oils obtained from peppermint, lemongrass, geraniol, and clove, all well known for their effectiveness in keeping bugs away.

Not everyone agrees with DEET formulas, and if you’re one of them, you will surely prefer this option that helps you keep bugs away.

The formula is efficient against buffalo gnats and can be used safely by the entire family since it doesn’t contain potent chemicals.

Another thing important to notice is that this formula is not sticky or greasy, and won’t leave that kind of sensation on your skin like other products do.



The scent of this product might not be for everyone, and some people may find it difficult to bear.

On long trips, you will have to reapply every few hours, which can be inconvenient and have you go through the product quite fast.

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5. Summit Mosquito and Gnat Barrier 


If you are looking for an affordable gnat repellent, and you don’t like the idea of using products that apply on your skin, this gnat barrier, as it is called, is a good idea. This formula must be sprayed all over your yard, so it kills gnats in their natural environment. It can be a good option if you want to walk outside and observe that the gnat swarms are no more.

As a gnat repellent for yard, it is a dependable formula. It doesn’t kill only gnats, and there is a list of insects provided by the manufacturer that tells you what critters you can get rid of. This list includes mosquitoes, fleas, as well as ants and ticks, so it’s a pretty good solution if such annoying insects invade your property.

The amount in a bottle is enough for 10,000 square feet, and you can use it on fences, decks, areas with vegetation, and so on. The active ingredient is permethrin, an insecticide said to remain operational for up to 4 weeks after an application.



It is enough to spray this substance over an area contaminated by insects, and you will notice that it will start killing them right away.

The hose-end sprayer design is handy and will allow you to spread the formula over a large area with great ease and convenience.

It is designed for outdoor use, but you can spray it over pet areas with confidence since it doesn’t affect other creatures besides the insects listed by the manufacturer.

You can rest assured that this formula is effective against insects that carry diseases like Lyme and heartworm.



You might have to apply several times to see consistent results, but all in all, this product works and can reduce the gnat population a great deal.

If you live in an area with heavy rains, the chances are the substance won’t be able to hold gnats away for more than several days at a time, as new populations emerge again.

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6. Zevo Instant Action Flying Insect Killer Repellent 


This indoor gnat repellent is a good option if you want to get rid of pesky insects in your home. It has instant action, as you will notice that spraying it directly on critters will kill them right away. Most bugs don’t stand a chance, so if you have gnat infestations, for instance, you will be able to get rid of them.

Another thing that you will surely like about this product is that it is safe to use around humans and pets. As for the list of critters, it deals with swiftly, including fruit flies, moths, flies of all types, and flying insects of all kinds. It must be mentioned that the active ingredient affects only the nervous system of insects.

You will not find butane, imiprothrin, propane, or cypermethrin pyrethroids in this formula. These harsh chemicals are known to work, but they can be dangerous for your health, which is why Zevo doesn’t use them.



The bio-selective action of this formula makes sure that it is safe to apply indoors, where humans and pets will not be affected at all.

You will not identify any harsh chemicals in its composition, which is a great plus, seeing how most people are rightfully preoccupied with their health in the long run.

A precision trigger makes it possible for you to guide the jet toward the critters that annoy you so that you can target them with ease.

Buyers can apply it without a problem both indoors and outdoors since it is a formula that doesn’t cause any health problems to anyone, except insects.



The fruity smell of this product might not be for everyone, so you may want to spend as little time as possible in a room after applying the insect repellant.

You may notice that the nozzle tends to drip a little, so it would be good to wear gloves when using the spray.

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7. Natural Armor Fruit Fly & Drain Fly Killer 


There are various ways of getting rid of gnats in house, but some may work better than others. This formula is designed to work by pouring it down the drains in your home so that it kills the insects where they live, in humid areas that help them thrive. It comes as a gel, so once you pour it, it will remain active for a while inside your pipes.

Many people wonder how to kill gnats in house since these pesky little creatures can be a significant annoyance. This formula might be the answer they seek. Because the gel remains stuck to the walls of the pipes, it can prevent problems from reoccurring for a while. It even kills the eggs laid by the insects, so the reproduction cycle is destroyed.

It is safe for your pipes and won’t corrode them or cause any other damage. Because there are no toxic chemicals involved, you can rest assured that it’s a good option for your home.



This formula works against gnats and other critters, such as fruit fly and drain fly species that usually invade homes in certain climates.

You don’t have to worry about any kind of corrosive action because that’s not something this formula does, due to the absence of harsh chemicals in its composition.

Since it is delivered as a gel, it acts in a unique way, as it remains stuck to the pipes and continues to kill the eggs of the insects, thus interrupting their reproduction cycle.

All the ingredients are natural, and the formula is made in the US, so you can expect a good quality product that works for eliminating various insects.



Make sure that you don’t spend too much time inside the room after applying it, as the smell of the product is overpowering.

Multiple applications may be needed to get rid of the insect problem, and large infestations may require even more.

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8. Harris Swamp Gnat Repellent 


When searching for cheap gnat repellents, make sure that you take a good look at this natural formula. Many people prefer products made from natural ingredients since they are safe for humans and pets, and this one fits the bill. Capable of driving away gnats, mosquitoes, and flies, it is a dependable option when you deal with large populations of such critters.

It doesn’t contain DEET and other pesticides, so you can rest assured that it is a safe formula for the entire family. The natural oils included in it are lemongrass, geraniol, rosemary, and soybean. Sold in 6-ounce bottles, it offers a reasonably good value for the money. For a natural gnat repellent, it surely is a pleasant surprise to see that it’s reasonably priced.

The pleasant scent you will notice comes from the lemongrass natural oil used in its composition. Unlike other similar products, this one doesn’t have an overpowering smell, which is a great plus.



You can count on this formula to be completely natural, as its composition includes only essential oils obtained from plants well known for their effects against insects of all sorts.

The formula can be used around children and pets since it is entirely DEET-free and doesn’t include any other pesticides and chemicals.

Users may enjoy how light it feels on the skin, and the pleasant scent of lemongrass that comes from the natural oils used to make it.

It is essential to mention that the formula is resistant to sweat, so it won’t wear off quickly when you are out in the sun.



You must be aware that this formula tends to leave a sticky residue behind, so you might not trust it that well around your clothes.

It might not last as long as you want, so if you plan on spending many hours outside in one sitting, applying it multiple times may be needed.

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9. No Natz | Gnat, Mosquito and Biting Flies Repellant 


Several important things must be said about this particular formula. First of all, it is hand-crafted, something you don’t see every day. Also, it is made from essential oils, so you don’t have to worry about applying DEET and other chemicals on your skin. Furthermore, it is among the affordable gnat repellents you can now find on the market.

The manufacturer offers this formula in various bottle sizes to promote portability, so you will be hard-pressed not to find something that works for you. It is easy to get one of these, place it in your bag or backpack, and head over to the great outdoors or for a walk in the park.

A hypoallergenic formula, it is ideal for anyone who wants a natural product. It is also safe to use on synthetic fabrics just in case you spray your clothes in the process by accident.



You will love this natural formula that uses rosemary oil, geranium oil, citronella oil, lemongrass oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, all essential oils known to keep away insects.

Another thing that many people like about this product is that it smells nice, and it’s not overpowering, such as it’s the case with other similar formulas on the market.

Since it’s sold in bottles of different amounts, it is easy to carry around, and you will appreciate being able to take it with you on trips.

Because it is non-greasy and light, as well as safe for your clothes, it is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a natural formula.



You will need to apply it time and time again to ensure that you get proper protection from gnats and other flying insects.

While it appears efficient against gnats, it may not work that well against mosquitoes, and that might mean that you need a different product for those.

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10. Bestie-Gear Mosquito Head Nets Gnat Repellant 


This head net is made from polyester and, therefore, lightweight, allowing you to wear it in perfect comfort. Because it comes with an elastic band at the bottom, it prevents any insects from infiltrating inside. At the same time, it is breathable and won’t cause you any problems when you spend hours outside.

You will find it a good deal since it comes as a pack of 4 head nets. You and your entire family can benefit from this type of protection, and you won’t have to worry about applying chemicals on your skin since this method of prevention is entirely non-invasive.

Another thing that makes this product stand out is its durability. You can rest assured that you will not have to replace them anytime soon. To keep the head nets clean, wash them by hand, or use your washing machine. They are easy to store, too.



If you dislike sprays and other repellent formulas, a head net is what you need, and this product is satisfactory in all respects.

It is lightweight and comfortable while providing your face and neck with the much-needed prevention against insect bites.

You will notice that the material is breathable, as the fine polyester mesh used lets air flow circulate without any hindrance.

For maintenance, you can hand wash the head nets or opt for your washing machine as they are not easy to break.

When you don’t need them, you can fold the head nets and store them away as they don’t take up a lot of space.



Your vision might be hindered by the mesh, no matter how well it is made and how fine the thread used.

Trying to use it over a large hat might be uncomfortable, even if the net is pretty long and helps you cover the neck area, too.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When you have to deal with an infestation of insects, you might wonder: what is the best gnat repellent? More often than not, formulas are designed to fight more than just one type of insects, and those that work against gnats may also keep mosquitoes, flies, and other flying critters away. To find the best gnat repellent for humans, read the following guide to point you in the right direction.

Types of products

First things first, you will have to decide on what type of product you want. Is there a spray to get rid of gnats? The answer is ‘yes’. You will find a plethora of such products. Some are created to be applied to your skin and help you when you go hiking or camping. Others are made for indoor use, in the sense that they have to be sprayed in the rooms where the infestations are bad.

You will also find formulas that come in liquid form. These products are usually spread on the ground, and they can be used on yards and lawns. They can be quite useful, and they reduce the population of insects outside, helping you protect both you and your property.

On the market, gnat repellents come in various shapes. One such shape is that of a head net. As you can see, it is entirely different from the products mentioned to this point. A head net is something you wear, and it doesn’t involve spraying chemicals on your skin or inside your house. Depending on what type of product you’re looking for, there are different options available. Not even the best gnat repellent spray will compete with a head net if you prefer the latter.


How natural is the repellent?

One of the things that rightfully worry consumers is how safe a product is for them and their families. You will notice that some products are advertised as the best natural gnat repellent, but what does that mean? In a nutshell, a natural product should be one that doesn’t include any chemicals on its list of ingredients.

DEET is a chemical often found in insect repellents. While effective at keeping bugs away, it can affect people who are sensitive to the ingredient. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid this ingredient at all costs; in some cases, the best gnat repellent might be one that contains it. As long as the concentration is not higher than 30%, it shouldn’t pose any threats.

Natural products are usually based on gnat repellent plants. They are made with essential oils obtained from such plants, like geraniol, lemongrass, and rosemary. One advantage is that they also have a pleasant smell. However, they might require multiple applications.

Other considerations

Whether you’re looking for a gnat repellent for plants and your yard or one that you apply on your skin, some things are crucial for all the various products. For instance, you must get a good deal for your money. Overpaying for such a mundane product is advised against.

Also, you may want to know if the product is safe around pets and children. And that it cannot ruin your clothes when you apply it. All these aspects will play a role in choosing a product for combating gnats and other insects.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do gnat bites look like?

One of the most important reasons people dislike gnats so much and want to keep them away is that they bite, which can be quite unpleasant. Make sure to get a biting gnat repellent if that’s what you’re dealing with, avoiding such problems.

Gnat bites resemble those of mosquitoes a great deal, which is why telling them apart can be difficult. Luckily, the repellent formulas that work against mosquitoes are useful against gnats, and vice versa. They look like small red lumps on your skin, and they will provoke a lot of itchiness.

Some bites even swell up, which is a consequence of the bitten person’s natural reaction. It is not that uncommon to notice the bites developing into blisters filled with fluid. All these characteristics are similar to mosquito bites, so you must fight against such creatures that cause you plenty of discomfort.

Q: Are gnats dangerous?

There are many and various species of gnats living all over the world. But what is a gnat? Since there are both biting and non-biting types of gnats, and some affect plants, while others are a nuisance for humans, gnats are not easy to categorize. They are flying insects, and they prefer to live in swarms, which is why they are not challenging to identify.

As for how dangerous they are, gnats are not that different from other flying insects. First, they can collect and transport pathogens on their feet as they fly from one area to another. If they land on your food, that is how they can transmit diseases.

Some of them bite, and it is through their bite that they can do the same thing. Gnats are unsanitary creatures, hence the danger they represent for human health. When their numbers grow, they can become an unpleasant nuisance.


Q: Why do I have gnats in my house?

Gnats can be annoying, especially when they invade your home. To learn how to get rid of gnats, you need to know a few things about the products that are the most efficient against them. Preferably, you should opt for a formula that interrupts the gnat life cycle, to prevent new ones from appearing.

The causes for the appearance of gnats on your property are multiple. Moisture is one thing that helps them thrive. From garbage cans to leaking pipes, anything can help them grow and multiply. Decaying organic material is another favoring factor. Even something like human perspiration can play a role.

Make sure that you can apply gnat control methods as soon as you notice them flying around. Don’t allow them to multiply, or you’ll end up with a bigger problem on your hands. The good news is that there are many products on the market designed to help you get rid of such infestations.




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