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10 Best Fungicides – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 16.06.24


Top Fungicides – Guide & Comparison


It is hard to come across the best fungicides when there is such a wide variety of products out there. Moreover, there is a large spectrum of fungal diseases that can affect plants and they manifest differently, making it even more difficult to choose a proper fungicide. Because we are aware of these challenges, our team decided to put together this comprehensive guide and present you with several reliable options. Based on our analysis, the first option you might want to consider is the Southern Ag – Liquid Copper Fungicide 16oz. This product offers several key advantages: it is specially manufactured for residential use and poses no health risks as long as you apply it according to its specifications. It has an efficient formula based on copper diammonia diacetate, and it can be applied to many different plant species. If you are not able to get this product, another reliable alternative is the Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3, Ready-to-Use.



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10 Best Fungicides (Updated Reviews) in 2024



To put together this list and help you find the most suitable fungicide for your garden, our team read the best fungicides reviews and analyzed each product based on several features, including the composition, the number of diseases it can treat, and the number of weeks its action is expected to last.



1. Southern Ag – Liquid Copper Fungicide 16oz


This fungicide provided by Southern Ag is intended for residential use only. In case you are looking for a reliable product to help you treat the plants in your garden, this is a safe choice as the product was specifically designed for residential areas.

You will find all the necessary information about this product’s usage on the label. If you want to apply it with ease, using a hose and sprayers is a good approach.

This fungicide’s new formulation is based on copper diammonia diacetate complex that represents more than 27% of the product’s composition. It can be used to control different fungi and related diseases such as blights or rusts.

Moreover, it can contain the spread of algae in turfgrass and help tackle the problem of moss on live oaks. When applied to vegetables and ornamental plants, the concentration should be 2 – 6 tsp. per gallon.



This liquid fungicide can be used on a wide variety of ornamental plants and vegetables, which makes it a good option in case you grow different species in your garden.

You can use this solution for fruits and vegetables, but also for turfgrass and live oak. The Southern Ag fungicide is safe for residential use; you don’t need special equipment to apply it.

Its composition doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals that can pose risks to your pets or your health, as long as you apply it according to the instructions.

It is not difficult to apply this product by mixing it with water and using it as a cover spray. A hose or sprayer is enough to complete the application.

This product can control a large number of fungi and correlated diseases, which makes it a reliable option for the entire season.



In isolated cases, it may not be as effective against ball moss as other products, which means more than one application would be necessary.

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2. Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3, Ready-to-Use


One of the key features of this product is the fact that it is intended for organic gardening. If you want to grow vegetables, fruits, or decorative plants and avoid any risks related to hazardous chemicals, this product is a worthy option.

Moreover, its natural and safe formula will not damage the environment or pose risks to animals’ health. To rest assured it is a 100% safe product, you can look it up on the list of fungicides approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute where you will find it.

You can use this product over a long period of time, until the day of harvest. This Garden Safe product has a 3 in 1 formula – it can serve as an insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. It should be used every two weeks and it is very easy to apply thanks to its ready-to-use spray design.



One of the highlights of the organic Garden Safe fungicide is its special formula that works as a fungicide, insecticide, and miticide. In other words, you can have three products in one.

This makes it a good investment, given that you can deal both with fungi and with insects by applying the same spray throughout the garden.

This product’s fungicide action helps tackle different types of diseases including powdery mildew, anthracnose, blight, or rust leaf spot.

You can use it on different types of plants including houseplants, roses, shrubs, ornamental trees, and other flowers. Moreover, this product can also be applied to fruits and vegetables.

You can control the most common types of fungal diseases, pests, and mites with this product that should be applied weekly or every two weeks until the symptoms subside.

It is easy to apply as it comes in spray-bottles that allow you to save the time you would otherwise invest in pouring the solution in a different container.



This product might not be as effective against mites as others. If you are dealing with this problem, multiple applications might be required.

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3. BioAdvanced 701287A Miticide Pesticide Fungicide


This versatile product can offer you a complete solution to the different diseases and insects that can threaten your plants’ wellbeing. According to the manufacturer, its advanced formula enables it to successfully work as a pesticide, insecticide, and also as a solution for mite control.

Due to this fact, it offers great value for money as you can only invest in one product instead of three. The BioAdvanced fungicide works well both as a cure and a prevention treatment.

Therefore, you can successfully use it even after the plant starts showing multiple signs of disease. This is a systemic product that penetrates the plant’s tissue and offers long-lasting effects.

According to the manufacturer, it should be able to provide continuous protection for up to 30 days. Even if it rains outside, this product won’t simply wash off and it will continue to protect the plants and kill pests.



BioAdvanced has come up with this strong and reliable formula that offers a robust solution to almost any type of disease that can affect garden plants.

If you are not a specialist in distinguishing fungal diseases from those caused by insects, this product is a good choice. Regardless of the problem, its formula targets both fungi and insects.

This way, you save money and also the precious time you would otherwise invest in learning more about each disease in order to figure out what affects your plants.

Among the wide range of different problems you can cure and prevent with this treatment, you can count black spots, rust powdery mildew, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, and caterpillars.

This systemic fungicide has a prolonged effect that can last up to 30 days, which means that you are saving both time and money.



You need a hose to apply this product as you can’t spray it directly. The application method is more time-consuming, but it is worth it given the expected efficiency.

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4. Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide – Lawn Fungus


If you are looking for a solution that can efficiently protect your nice-looking lawn, this might be it. It is difficult to find the best lawn fungicide and Scotts aims to ease your work by providing you with this product that comes with a set of easy to follow instructions.

You have to put the content into the spreader after having determined the coverage amount by calculating your lawn’s size. Afterward, this solid fungicide is easy to apply directly onto the lawn. You are able to use one bag for approximately 5,000 square feet.

There is a large number of diseases you can control with the Scott lawn fungicide, including brown patch, powdery mildew, yellow patch, gray & pink snow mold, pythium, red thread, leaf spot, and spring dead spot. This solution brings fast results, and according to the available information and reviews, this pesticide can start working in as little as 24 hours.



You can treat the most common lawn diseases with this efficient product while saving the money you would otherwise use on several different products and multiple applications.

You can resort to this solution even if you are not very sure what specific type of fungus or bacteria is attacking your lawn.

This strong and versatile formula can deal with numerous fungal diseases – more precisely, as many as 26. This Scotts fungicide can offer control for up to 4 weeks.

This product has a reliable systemic action, which means that once you apply it, the active substances will be absorbed by the plant and they will ensure lasting protection.

Another key feature that makes this fungicide stand out is its fast formula. According to most reviews and the manufacturer’s specifications, you can see the first results in only 24 hours.



The fungus infection might return within a few weeks after the first application, which means you would need to apply a new round of treatment.

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5. Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz


This Bonide copper fungicide comes in liquid form in a 16 oz container. It has a wide spectrum of applications as it can be useful against numerous diseases including black spot, rust, powdery mildew, peach leaf curl, and many other common diseases.

This product is targeted toward different types of plants including fruits, roses, herbs, turf, a series of vegetables, and ornamental plants. It is based on safe natural ingredients and intended for organic gardening, which also means it poses no risks to people or animals’ health.

Copper soap is the active ingredient of this product – a naturally occurring element that has proven efficiency against plant diseases and that can be used on all the species in the garden. You can easily apply this Bonide product by mixing it with water and using a hose or a tank sprayer you can find at almost any store.



This is a safe and natural fungicide that will not harm the environment or any living creatures that might come into contact with the plants after you’ve applied the treatment.

Its natural formula is based on copper – a well-known ally against fungal diseases that commonly affect plants.

You can use this Bonide fungicide throughout the garden, which makes it worth every penny as you don’t have to buy more than one product for the specific needs of each plant.

There is a vast range of diseases you can treat with this copper-based fungicide. In fact, all the common ones can be dealt with by using this product.

You can continue applying the 811 Copper 4E up until the day of harvest. It will not impact the quality of the crops or pose any health risks since it is specially designed for organic agriculture.



Depending on the severity of the diseases, multiple applications might be necessary, as it usually happens when you use organic products.

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6. Bonide (BND883) Fung-onil Multi-Purpose Fungicide


This broad-spectrum fungicide is an efficient solution for numerous types of fungal diseases that typically attack ornamental plants, fruit, and vegetables. The Bonide fungicide can be used throughout the garden, repeatedly, until the symptoms of the disease start subsiding.

You can treat a wide range of plants with this product, including roses, daisies, azaleas, maple trees, and eucalyptus. When it comes to vegetables, you can apply this fungicide on tomatoes, onions, beans, potatoes, corn, and plenty more.

Due to its strong formula, this product ensures quick results. Its active ingredient is Chlorothalonil. This element is normally included in broad-spectrum fungicides manufactured and used in the United States.

The wide array of diseases you can treat with this fungicide includes, but is not limited to, black spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew, blights, rusts, and anthracnose. This product is ready to use, therefore, you can apply it as soon as you buy it, without having to prepare it.



One of the strong points of the Bonide fungal disease control solution is its efficient formula. Based on most reviews, this product successfully tackles the problems caused by fungi.

It has a safe composition that relies on Chlorothalonil as an active ingredient. Together with copper and sulfur, this is one of the most reliable substances used in broad-spectrum pesticides.

Since it is a commonly used formula, the compound has already been tested and deployed countless times, with positive results.

This product is safe and doesn’t pose risks as long as you use it according to the instructions. Furthermore, thanks to its design, it is easy to apply.

This ready-to-use product can be applied directly thanks to the spray nozzle. You waste no time in mixing or pouring the liquid.



This product is typically effective in the first stage of the disease; if you don’t apply it after the first signs start showing, it might not work as expected.

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7. Tim-bor Professional Insecticide and Fungicide


The active ingredient in this efficient fungicide is Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT) that represents 98% of the product’s composition. This is a natural mineral that has reduced mammalian toxicity, which makes it safe for residential use.

Based on laboratory tests, this compound is half as toxic as other products such as sodium chloride. However, it has proven efficiency against fungi. This product can be used both against fungal diseases and insects and it can also be combined with other treatments.

This is a powder that can be dissolved in water before being used. You can either spray it or apply it by foaming or misting. Alternatively, you can also apply this product as a powder.

It can be used outdoors but also for the plants you keep indoors. It is a popular treatment not only against fungi, but also against insects such as termites, beetles, or any type of ants that affect wood.



You can treat different diseases with this product, including white rot or brown rot. At the same time, it also works as an insecticide, so you get two products in one.

If you have trouble keeping your plants healthy and you’re also facing a termite or ant invasion, this economical product can be the best way to solve both issues.

It is a generous offer for its price as each bag weighs 1.5 lb. You can apply this fungicide both as a powder or liquid solution. You can use this treatment alone or as an adjuvant.

You can rest assured that its DOT formula is safe as it has been tested and the results show it’s less toxic than many other available products, even less toxic than table salt.



This fungicide requires preparation, it’s not ready-to-use, so you have to invest a bit more time in applying it.

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8. Daconil Fungicide Concentrate 16 oz.


This Daconil fungicide is highly effective in stopping and preventing more than 75% of all known plant diseases. This is due to its 3-way control formula that guarantees control, prevention, and treatment. You can use it to treat active fungal diseases that have already started spreading.

Some of the common problems you can tackle with this product include powdery mildew, blight, fusarium, and anthracnose, but there are many other diseases it can treat. You can safely apply this fungicide concentrate on different species of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and also on shade trees.

The Fungicide Concentrate 16 oz has good resistance and it can be deployed in different conditions. Even if it rains after you’ve applied the treatment, you can still rely on its efficiency.

You should shake the bottle well before each application and use it with a tank sprayer or a hose while wearing gloves. It’s easy to mix this concentrate solution and it has a measure top and you can squeeze the container.



This Daconil product can successfully help you manage even the most severe fungi disease. One of the great advantages is that you can also get good results with this fungicide even if you don’t apply it right after the first signs of the diseases start showing.

It is a good option for active fungal diseases and some of the common problems it can treat include powdery mildew, black spot, downy mildew, rust, blight, scab, purple blotch, and ring spot.

You can apply this fungicide throughout your garden, on different plants, according to the comprehensive instructions you get on the label and the specific concentration each plant requires.

Thanks to the measure top, it’s easy to use the right concentration. This is a rain-proof fungicide so you don’t have to worry about the treatment being washed off.



You have to keep children and pets away after you’ve applied this fungicide as the active ingredients are strong and no direct contact should be made.

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9. Bonide (BND148) – Infuse Systemic Disease Control


With this Bonide fungicide, you are bound to successfully treat multiple plant diseases caused by fungi. Some of the most common ones include brown patch, rust, leaf spot, powdery mildew, black spot, and snow mold.

This product works well on grass, but it can also be used with different other plants including trees, shrubs, roses, and other flowers. Due to its composition, it can also boost woody shrubs’ color and turf rooting.

There is a flexible application system for this fungicide that can be used with a hose-end sprayer, pump-up sprayer, or with a water style one. This is a good choice for the early season when the fungi start developing as the product’s efficiency is enhanced if you apply it after noticing the first symptoms.

The Infuse fungicide aims to provide lasting effects and, according to the manufacturer, it will not wash away easily when it rains. In some cases, its effect can last for up to 4 weeks.



You can use the Bonide Infuse pesticide for multiple types of garden plants and also as a fungicide for trees.

It can control a wide spectrum of diseases that may affect your garden and it also has a positive effect on turf rooting and in improving the color of woody shrubs.

This product is resistant to water and, after it has dried, it will not wash off easily on rainy days. Therefore, you can apply it in different weather conditions, and you can also leave the sprinkles on.

This product’s long-lasting action can ensure effects for up to 4 weeks depending on the type of disease you are treating. You can easily apply this solution by deploying different types of sprayers.



Multiple applications might be necessary, especially if you don’t intervene at the early signs of the disease.

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10. Quali-Pro Propiconazole 14.3 Fungicide (1 quart)


This efficient formula can help you manage different types of diseases caused by fungi. It is an economical choice that provides good quality for its price and can protect your entire garden. You can use the Quali-Pro Propiconazole fungicide for cool or warm-season grasses.

Other plants you can protect and treat with this fungicide are flowers, shrubs, and trees. Some of the most common and dangerous diseases this product can treat include rusts, gray leaf spot, summer patch, brown patch, powdery mildew, and anthracnose.

This Quali-Pro fungicide has a locally systemic mode of action that ensures a lasting effect. The microemulsion formula provides several advantages: one of them is the fact that it helps you cover larger areas. Another valuable feature is the reduced odor you normally have to bear with if you use other products. Also, this formulation ensures enhanced tank stability.



The Propiconazole 14.3 works well for different plants. You can use this economic product throughout your garden, both for the lawn and trees, shrubs, or any ornamental plants.

A feature that makes this option stand out from most of the other fungicides currently available is its reduced odor formula. If you like spending much time in the garden, this is surely a plus.

The locally-systemic mode of action of this fungicide means that you can benefit from the treatment’s efficacy even weeks after the initial application as the substances will be absorbed and remain active within the plants.

You can apply the product with ease by using a pump sprayer after mixing it with water. The tank has good stability. You can use this fungicide in tandem with other products.



It may not be as resistant to water as other products if it rains before the substance dries.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Fungi infections are one of the biggest threats your farm yield could face. These microbial diseases can cause severe damage, leading to massive crop loss. Statistically, these infections cause approximately 75% of plants’ microbial diseases. If you don’t take immediate action, these diseases can spread throughout your garden. To prevent this, you need to apply specific treatments. Here is our comprehensive guide to buying the best product.

Analyze the plant’s symptoms

One of the first things you should be looking for before you decide to purchase any plant fungicide is the signs of the disease. Plants can be affected by numerous diseases, and some of them are not caused by fungi, but by insects.

The latter usually leave holes in the leaves, while fungi diseases that are often treated with a copper product are usually signaled by spots on the leaves. To know what the best fungicide for your plants is, you must first understand what caused the disease.


Consider the product’s composition

This is another key criterion to take into account when purchasing these products. Even the most affordable fungicides should have the composition clearly stated on their label. Moreover, for many products, you can find a review or description online, and there, the chemical composition is often detailed.

This will allow you to see what chemical you are about to apply and, in case the disease is not very severe, to opt for solutions that are milder and don’t contain a high concentration of chemicals.


Choose the application method

There are different methods of applying these solutions. You can get a liquid copper fungicide, for example, or other types of fungicides that come in liquid form and are quite easy to use. Once you apply this type of copper fungicide, it sticks to the plant’s surface.

Another option you might find practical are solid fungicides that are sold as powders or granules. They are normally applied to the soil and cause different amounts of dust.

Getting a fungicide spray is another practical and time-effective solution as these products are easy to apply and usually bring fast results.

Contact or systemic?

In terms of their action, there are two main categories of fungicides: contact and systemic. Contact fungicides kill the disease when they come into contact with the fungi and prevent them from further invading the plant’s tissues.

These fungicides are meant to kill the pathogen from the first contact, and for this purpose, they are considered some of the best products. Nonetheless, they have a reduced mode of action.

Systemic fungicides, on the other hand, are first absorbed into the plant’s tissue and then start acting, usually providing lasting results.

The best moment to apply these fungicides is when the plant is in the growth process. This will allow the substance to easily circulate throughout the plant. These products are efficient even after the disease has started spreading in the plant’s tissue.


Get the best value for your money 

You can buy a cheap fungicide and still benefit from some degree of efficiency in tackling the disease. There are cheap fungicides that offer good results, but you should be wary of extremely low prices, especially if the product is not accompanied by a comprehensive set of instructions.

To make sure you are getting the best value for your money, it’s always a good idea to read the best fungicides reviews you can easily find online and see how the products worked in different circumstances.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What kind of fungicide to use on the lawn for brown patch?

If you want to protect and treat your lawn, you need to use a specific fungicide for lawn. Brown patch is one of the common diseases that often affect the grass. The good news is that if you intervene in a timely manner by using a grass fungicide, you can minimize the damage and protect your beautiful green grass.

Brown patch is a fungal disease that manifests itself in warm and wet weather conditions. It can cause significant damage if you don’t treat it as soon as the first symptoms start to show. The main signs that you are dealing with brown patch are circular areas of withered grass.

You can tackle the problems caused by brown patch even with an affordable fungicide you can find in any store. However, the best lawn fungicide for this disease is typically a Daconil fungicide or a similar product from another well-known brand. This product contains Chlorothalonil, a strong active ingredient that kills this fungus by contact.

Q: What is a fungicide?

A fungicide is a type of pesticide that aims to treat plant diseases caused by fungi, hence their name. Fungi are the biggest crop enemy, causing the largest amounts of loss worldwide. To avoid the severe damage fungi can bring, you should find and apply a quality fungicide for your plants. If you read the best fungicides review above, you already have some reliable options.

These products can contain different types of ingredients and one of the most common options is to use a copper based fungicide. This natural ingredient is highly effective in killing different types of fungi. With copper fungicide concentrate, you can deal with diseases such as downy mildew, blight, powdery mildew, rusts, septoria leaf spot, or fireblight.

Fungicides can be applied differently based on their composition and form. There are liquid fungicides or solid ones that come as powder or granules. The liquid ones can be applied manually after preparing the solution from the concentrate or as sprays.

Moreover, there are specific products based on the plant’s type. You can get a fungicide for trees or grass or different types of crops.


Q: When to apply fungicide on lawns?

If your lawn starts showing signs of disease such as brown patchy grass, you should wait no longer and apply a lawn fungicide before the disease starts spreading. The damage that the fungus already produced cannot be reversed, not even with top fungicides.

For this reason, it is important to act promptly, as soon as you start noticing the first symptoms. The most obvious and common sign that shows your lawn is not feeling well are patches of brown or yellow grass. These areas are sometimes circular and they gradually extend as the fungi spread.

Other signs include areas of darkened or grey grass that often seem wet. The grass blades can also indicate the presence of fungi if they have dark, red, grey, or orange spots or if they become discolored.

Apply the fungicides as per their instructions, as soon as needed. Should you water lawn after applying fungicide? This is another essential aspect you should consider. If you apply contact fungicides, avoid watering the lawn afterward as the product will wash off.



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