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10 Best Fruit Fly Traps – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 28.05.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Fruit Fly Trap + Reviews


Fruit flies can become really annoying when they reproduce inside your home and finding the best fruit fly trap can be difficult and time-consuming. That is why our team has made a list of the most popular products and have analyzed their features and efficacy to make it easier for you to choose what suits your problem best. We have concluded that the Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap is a great choice when it comes to getting rid of fruit flies. It comes in a package of 25 sticky cards that are sticky on both parts, a feature that maximizes the results. It is great for people who want a solution that is not toxic and has a beautiful design. It can be used for different types of insects, even for mosquitoes, and it is not toxic for pets. However, if this product is not available to you, the Rsvp Endurance Fruit Fly Trap is also a good choice. 



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10 Best Fruit Fly Traps (Updated Reviews) in 2020



If you thought that finding a good fruit fly trap will be difficult, you will change your mind after you read what our team has written about these popular products after analyzing their features, quality, and efficiency. You will win a lot of time and energy and will be able to find the right product for your needs.



1. Trappify Sticky Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap


Most people who have problems with fruit flies are looking for a trap that doesn’t use strong and harmful chemicals. These sticky traps are a great choice if you want to keep your home chemical-free.

It works on different types of insects, fruit flies as well as gnats. It’s great because it uses color to attract flies. Yellow is known to be loved by fruit flies. The cards have an adhesive that is very strong and, when the flies touch the cards attracted by the color, they stick to it and eventually die. 

They come in a pack of 25 cards and hooks so you can easily hang them but, at the same time, you can stick them into the plant pots. They are a great alternative to chemicals and are really efficient when it comes to getting free of fruit flies. The nontoxic cards can help stop insect infestation and have a fun look, as they come in the shape of a butterfly.



The package comes with 25 cards that you can spread around your home. It also includes hooks to hang them in different areas that are hard to stick the cards into and a plastic spoon to help you stick the cards into the potting soil.

The great thing about these traps is that they are not toxic to pets and do not use any harsh chemicals.

There is glue on both sides of every card, maximizing the efficiency and the number of flies that are caught with just one card.

The design of the cards is really pleasant to look at; if you put them around your home you will see yellow butterflies which will make you feel happier.



Depending on how severe the infestation is, you might have to change a lot of cards until you will be able to get rid of all the insects that are bothering you.

Buy from for ($18.15)




2. Rsvp Endurance Fruit Fly Trap


This is actually a container for liquids and it has a minimalistic design. It is made of ceramic which is known to be highly durable and it measures 3.25 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height. It has a perforated top made of stainless steel which allows the fruit flies to get in but they will not be able to get out. They will eventually drown in the liquid you put inside it.

You can wash it inside the dishwasher and the manufacturers recommend that you use apple cider vinegar and replace it frequently. It is recommended to put it near the place you store your fruit or on the countertop where you usually place a bowl of fruit. 

This will prevent the fruit flies from paying attention to the fruit and they will be killed soon before they can infest it. You can also use it in other rooms if the problem is really severe.



This container is highly durable due to the materials it is made of, so you will be able to use it for a long time after you purchase it. The top will not deteriorate easily because aluminum is water-resistant and rust-resistant.

It is reusable and the investment you have to make for the vinegar is really small.

The design allows you to place it anywhere in the room, in every room, without people realizing that it is a fly trap.

It is really effective and easy to use and it will not take much effort on your part.

It is a trap that does not affect your pets and can be used for different kinds of small flies and insects.



Even though this is an all-natural fruit fly trap, some people might not like the scent of apple cider vinegar and, even if you have to use only a small amount of product, it has a strong scent that can bother some people.

Buy from for ($13.95)




3. Terro Fruit Fly Trap 4 Pack


This apple-shaped fruit fly trap can be a great companion in the kitchen for people who struggle with a fruit fly infestation. The package contains 4 traps and 2 bottles of lure made of a combination of vinegar and water that will help you get rid of the fruit flies forever.

The principle this trap relies on is attracting the flies inside the container using a fruit-based lure. At first, it might seem that you have given them a tasty treat until you will realize that they are stuck inside the trap and that they will eventually die. It is great for getting rid of fruit flies because it will prevent them from reproducing.

It has a great design and the fact that the package comes with 4 traps makes it great because you can use them simultaneously in different rooms of the house to help you kill all the flies quicker.



This product is great for people who want to choose 100 percent non-toxic products that will not harm the air and their pets.

It is an easy way to get rid of flies because you don’t have to do much, except changing the lure occasionally to get rid of the dead fruit flies. It is also easy to use and it doesn’t involve getting dirty.

The design is really great as it resembles a red apple. This is a nice feature because you can place it near a fruit bowl and most people might not even notice it.

The fact that you get 4 traps is useful because you can place them in different rooms and you can get rid of the flies more efficiently.



The traps are made of plastic which can break if you drop them. You should pay attention to where you place them and you will have nothing to worry about.

Buy from for ($13.17)




4. Offenice Fruit Fly Traps for Kitchens


You can easily get rid of fruit flies and other types of flying insects using these awesome traps from OFFENICE. It is a pack of two trapping funnels that have to be attached to a bottle and will transform any bottle you want to use into a fruit fly trap.

You have to insert a bait inside the bottle and insert the funnel inside the top of the bottle. The flies will be attracted by the overripe fruit and will remain stuck inside the bottle until they stop reproducing and eventually die. The manufacturers recommend using wine and bananas as bait, but you can use any other fruit you want and even apple cider vinegar.

The trapper funnels are made of silicone and are 100 percent chemical-free. They have different colors and are designed to fit wine bottles, beer bottles, or water bottles that are not included in the package.



These traps are really easy to use and clean, as you can easily wash them with water or dish detergent or you can even put them inside the dishwasher. 

The fact that they are reusable and hard to deteriorate is a great feature.

You can use any type of bottle you want – great news for the people interested in keeping the environment healthy because you get glass bottles that you can reuse infinitely.

The traps are 100 percent non-toxic and can be used around pets and children without harming their health.

It is best to use them inside the kitchen and a bottle has enough space inside to gather a lot of fruit flies.



People who are allergic to silicone might want to avoid this product. However, you can use a fabric or a protective glove when you manipulate it because it would be a pity to miss out on all these wonderful features that this trap offers.

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5. Beapco Prefilled Fruit Fly Trap


This is actually a set of 6 traps made of plastic which are transparent and are filled with a red liquid specially made to attract fruit flies. You will love it because every one of these traps can last for up to a month. 

You can use it simultaneously in different rooms in your home and you can also use only one in the kitchen or close to where you have a garbage disposal stand. If you do not have a severe infestation, the traps can last you for a few months.

It follows the principle of the conic trap. The top of the trap resembles a cone through which the flies enter the trap and they will not be able to get out. The trap is really effective and it uses a lure that is not toxic. Its design protects it from spilling and it looks really nice – you can place it wherever you want in your kitchen.



It’s great that these traps are transparent because you will be able to regularly check up on them and throw away the dead flies.

Even if the manufacturers do not mention it, you do not have to throw away the trap after the lure is filled with flies. You can clean it and use apple cider vinegar or other types of bait.

The 6 traps can be used one after another, or you can use them at the same time in the different rooms where you have a fruit fly infestation. This way you will be able to get rid of them quicker.

They are really easy to use and you do not have to do anything to maintain them working properly. It is best if you don’t even touch them, as they will do the work on their own.



Some users have complained that the lure is not as efficient as other similar products, but it all depends on where you place the trap.

Buy from for ($14.51)




6. Terro T25033 Fruit Fly Trap


Terro is a popular fly traps brand that is really liked by customers. This set comes with 3 packs of 2 traps, so you get 6 traps with your order. The traps are made of plastic and have the shape of an apple. It is red and it can easily blend with the fruit you store on the table.

It is really easy to use, the manufacturers provide a lure made of organic non-toxic compounds that attract the flies inside the trap and hold them there until they die. It usually takes a few days until you get rid of all the flies if you eliminate the source.

A trap can last for 30 days, so if you purchase this set of 6, you will have enough to last you for 6 months. Every trap is made of plastic and they are easy to clean and use, you only have to occasionally change the lure.



The pack contains 6 traps and lure that will last for 30 days if you use them simultaneously so it is perfect if you have more rooms that face a fruit fly infestation and the set will help you get rid of them efficiently.

The lure is 100 percent natural, made of a food-based liquid that is safe and non-toxic for either babies or pets.

The traps resemble apples so they will not be hard to incorporate into your home design.

They are really easy to use and you don’t even have to touch them or do anything for them to be effective.

They are reusable, so, after you have finished using the lure that the manufacturer provides, you can use your own bait and see if it works.



Some clients have complained that the lure doesn’t work as well as it used to, but every infestation is different and the environments are different as well. As a general opinion, users really like this product.

Buy from for ($17.77)




7. Elevated Lifestyle Fruit Fly Catcher Trap for Home Kitchens


This is an awesome fruit fly trap that will make you feel like you are in a high-class home due to its design. Nobody will ever be able to tell what it is because it looks like a decor piece. It is made of ceramic and it can be ordered in 3 different patterns. This particular one looks like turquoise marble.

The trap works on a cone design and you just have to put some bait inside to attract the flies. The manufacturers recommend using apple cider vinegar. They also say that wine and fruit juice are great alternatives. But you can use anything you prefer that was proven to be effective.

It can be used in restaurants and home kitchens due to its beautiful design and it is perfect for homes where children and pets live because it is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The manufacturers also produce some matching kitchen accessories made of the same material as the trap.



The design of this product is really attractive and it looks like a piece of home decor. Also, you can order matching kitchen accessories that will make your kitchen look more sophisticated. It can be used in restaurants also because it looks really classy.

The material it is made of is really durable and easy to clean, as long as you make sure that you will not break it.

You can use any bait you want and, as long as you use food-based and natural bait, the product is 100 percent non-toxic, really appropriate for homes where small children live. Pets are also safe in the proximity of this fruit fly trap.



There are some people that prefer to purchase products that come with their own lure because they don’t think that homemade lures can be effective. If you are one of the skeptics, this product might not be for you.

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8. Raid Fruit Fly Trap Bundle Set of 3 2Pack


This beautiful trap has the shape of an apple and it can easily blend in near your fruit bowl. The set comes with 6 of these traps and can be used at the same time in different rooms. In the set, you get 12 lure bottles that will last you for a year if you only use one trap at a time. 

The lure is created specially by scientists to attract more flies than apple cider vinegar alone does. Every trap has a cone-shaped system that attracts fruit flies inside the trap and doesn’t let them get out.

Using this method, you will most certainly get rid of fruit flies really quickly. It is really easy to use, you just have to mix the lure with water and close the trap. After that, your job is done. The only thing left is to empty it when there are too many dead flies inside the container.



You can use this set for a whole year due to the fact that you get lure for 360 days. It all depends on how much you use and how severe the infestation is.

The lure is natural, made of non-toxic ingredients, so the product is really safe to use even if in your home you have children or pets.

It has a cute design that can fit in any room and blends in perfectly with the fruit you store on your table.

The lure is proven to be a really effective one that will help you get rid of fruit flies in no time.

The traps are reusable and you can use them simultaneously in different rooms of the house.

You will have almost nothing to do while you use them, except replacing the lure because this trap is designed to do the job without any effort on your part and it is also really easy to clean.



Even though the traps are reusable, they are made of plastic and some people might consider them not so environmentally friendly.

Buy from for ($22.99)




9. Woodstream Terro Fruit Fly Trap 6Pack


Windstream is selling these TERRO fruit fly traps that are really popular among fruit fly trap users mostly because they are really effective. It is a set composed of 3 packs of 2 traps each. They come in the shape of an apple and the set also provides 3 lure bottles that will allow you to use the traps for 6 months.

They are made of plastic and are really easy to use, you just have to occasionally change the lure and eventually clean the trap, but you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Their design is really nice and will make your kitchen look a lot cozier.

Users have been very satisfied with this product due to the fact that it is not toxic and safe to use for people who own pets. The product is also effective in getting rid of fruit flies due to its strong formula.



These fruit fly traps are really easy to use and have a great design that will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Your friend will never suspect that they are traps to catch flies.

The lure will last you for almost half a year as long as you know how to portion it effectively.

The formula that the lure has is all-natural and non-toxic. It has also proven its efficiency which is also confirmed by the users.

Once the flies get inside the trap, the design does not allow them to get out so they eventually die and are not able to reproduce.

It is reusable and, even if you have finished all the lure, you can also try using homemade fruit fly bait, you don’t have to throw it away.



Some people might enjoy a more elegant design, depending on what kind of kitchen decor they have. However, near a bowl of fruit, nobody will ever notice this trap.

Buy from for ($19.99)




10. Tossnove Fruit Fly Trap for Kitchen


This trap is shaped like a cone and is designed to be inserted at the top of bottles like wine bottles, beer bottles, and water bottles. The bottle is not included so you can use one that you have previously used for other purposes. This is why this product is eco-friendly.

It is really easy to clean and reusable. You have to add some bait inside the bottle and cover it with the trap. The bait can be anything you prefer, like apple cider vinegar, wine, different types of fruit, like bananas. 

Despite the fact that it is environmentally friendly, this trap also saves you money because you will be able to use it for a long time from the moment you purchase it. It is actually a set of 2 traps that can be used simultaneously in two rooms of the house, to make sure that the fruit fly eradication is effective.



Silicone is a reusable material that is really easy to clean, and you can even put it in the dishwasher.

You don’t have to use any toxic chemicals to get rid of the flies and it is completely safe near kids and pets.

It is environmentally friendly because it is reusable and you can reuse almost any bottle you want; the manufacturer does not produce any containers that eventually go in the trash.

You can choose the bait you want to use for the flies, so you are not restricted to use harsh chemicals that might harm children and pets.

The set has 2 traps, allowing you to use them in two separate rooms at the same time.



If you don’t find a great looking bottle to use it with, the appearance of this trap might not be the most beautiful one. However, it is versatile enough to make it look the way you want it to.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Scientifically called Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit fly is an interesting insect that is commonly found in people’s homes. Even though it is mostly encountered during the harvest period, in late fall, when a lot of fruit fall on the ground and ferment, after they have made a nest inside your home, fruit flies can be a pest all year long.

Many people have tried to get rid of them and sometimes their ways of doing it were inefficient because they didn’t handle the problem the right way. A good practice is to purchase a product specially made for this and wait for it to do its job. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the best fruit fly traps and how to choose the solution that suits you best.

Basic knowledge about the fruit fly

In our fruit fly trap reviews, we have talked a lot about the products’ features and less about the fly itself. To better understand how to choose the best fruit fly trap to buy, you have to first understand how fruit flies live. 

After a fly lays its eggs inside a rotten fruit, it takes about 12 days for the flies to come out of their eggs. The lifespan of an average fruit fly is around 40 days and some can live up to 50 days. Adult female flies can lay up to 100 eggs a day so, if you have deteriorating food in your home, they will rapidly find a place to lay them and multiply.

Adult fruit flies are really small so it is hard to see their eggs, but they are constantly reproducing. So it is essential to take action when you first spot them. They are not dangerous in the way you think they are, they will not bite you, but they carry bacteria around and they can make you sick.


Electric traps

Electric traps are a great choice because you can use them for all types of insects. They usually have a UV feature that kills germs after they have killed the flies. They come as a multipack most of the time so that you can put one in every room. As you have probably read in a fruit fly trap review, you have to attach them to the wall.

The way they work is using an energy wave that messes up the flies’ nervous system and either makes them go away or kills them.

Glue traps

These traps are made of a piece of hard paper and plastic that usually have glue and pheromones on them which attract the flies and make them stick to the paper. They will no longer be able to move so they will, eventually, die. 


Liquid traps

In our Terro fruit fly trap review, you have probably read about what a liquid trap is. It is usually made of a recipient filled with a liquid that attracts the fruit flies and keeps them in. After feeding they will not be able to come out of the recipient and will die at the end.

It might be hard to find the best fruit fly trap, but if you use the traps efficiently they will eventually work for you. If you don’t get it right on the first try, don’t give up and be consistent until you don’t see any fruit fly left inside your home.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are fruit fly traps efficient?

You can find a lot of information on the internet about fruit flies and how to get rid of them and many of the articles give information about how to make your own trap. The truth is that traps work as long as they are made by someone who has some knowledge on how to combine ingredients to attract them into the trap as the Terro fruit fly trap does.

Buying an affordable fruit fly trap is a great choice especially for people who have no time on their hands or the knowledge to make a trap on their own. However, sometimes a cheap fruit fly trap works better than a homemade one due to the ingredients or the methods of attack which have been researched by scientists.

This is the only method that works when it comes to fruit flies because repellants can kill only the flies that are present in the room while you spray the repellant; however, flies don’t stay in one place all the time, so a trap will be able to make sure you get rid of all the flies that return to your home.

Q: Where do fruit flies come from?

Even though it sometimes seems that fruit flies are born out of thin air, the truth is far from it. Most of the time, if you have overripe fruit in your home, one or more fruit flies can be attracted to it because of the fermentation byproducts that have a certain smell which is perfect for these insects. 

While they come in and inspect the rotten fruit, they lay their eggs inside. Even if it seems unlikely, they can lay hundreds of eggs in only one piece of fruit. Imagine that only one female fly can lay one hundred eggs in one day. Of course, not all of them hatch, but, after some hatch from the eggs, you can have a fruit fly infestation.

Most of the time they hatch at the same time, and that is why you can get the impression that they suddenly came out of thin air. 


Q: Where do you place a fruit fly trap?

You have to find a good spot to place your fruit fly trap according to the type of trap you decide to use. You can easily fail at getting rid of fruit flies by not performing this step correctly. You should always put sticky traps in the spot where you see that most flies spend their time. 

Odor and liquid traps should be placed in the rooms where fruit flies gather but, if you have fruit on the kitchen table, try to place the trap far away from them, in the same room, of course, as otherwise, they might not get stuck inside the trap and they might go for the fresh fruit. 

The UV electric traps should be placed where you see most of the flies, exactly as you would do with a sticky trap. Fruit fly traps usually come with instructions and you should do exactly what the manufacturer tells you to do.



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