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10 Best Fly Traps – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.04.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Fly Trap + Reviews


If you are in the market for the best fly trap, then you probably already know that taking the right pick requires a lot of time spent going through the benefits offered by each product. If you don’t want to do this research on your own, it’s a good thing that you are reading this article, as you’ll get all the answers you need. After going through a lot of data on the highest-rated fly traps available on the market, our team has concluded that the one you should set your eyes on is the RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap. This model comes with an effective bait that’s simply irresistible for these insects, and it doesn’t include any toxic substances, so it’s a safe alternative as well. Moreover, the fly trap is sanitary, so you won’t have to touch the caught flies. If you cannot find this particular product in your area, the alternative to keep in mind is the Safer Brand Victor M380 Fly Magnet.



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10 Best Fly Traps (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Going through the best fly traps is not always an easy task, as there are plenty of options in this category of products. However, in the next lines, you’ll find a selection of top-rated options, so no matter if you are looking for something specific, such as a fruit fly trap, or not, you will find the right product for your needs.



1. RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap 


This Rescue! model is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an effective way to get rid of pesky flies but in a convenient and sanitary way. One of the main reasons for which you should give it a try is the fact that you never have to touch the captured flies, nor the bait, so your hands won’t get near something that is not sanitary.

Moreover, thanks to its design and the way it works, this product can catch up to 20,000 flies. If you think about it, that’s a lot of flies that won’t be bothering you anymore, while you are doing your work around the house. Of course, it can also be used for other spaces, in case this is necessary, such as office spaces.

This product works great in catching the most common types of flies, including house flies, blue and green flies, and many others.



The bait inside the trap is simply irresistible for these insects, so they don’t really stand a chance against it.

There are no toxic substances used, so there’s nothing you need to worry about in terms of your family’s safety if you decide to try this fly trap in your home.

Thanks to its design, this fly trap is sanitary, and you won’t have to touch either the bait or the flies while using it.

It works in a very simple but effective way, given that the yellow cap lets the flies in, but they cannot get out.



The smell is quite strong, so you will need to think about where you are going to place the trap so that it doesn’t become a nuisance for you.

Make sure you handle the bag with care to avoid breaking it in any way.

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2. Safer Brand Victor M380 Fly Magnet 


We all know that flies are a nuisance, especially during the summer months, but you can easily keep them out of your home with an effective trap, such as this one offered by Safer Brand. The product is a reusable one, so your investment is surely going to pay off in the long run. Moreover, this is a magnet model that uses a very attractive bait to lure the pesky insects inside.

You may also want to know that this is a very safe product for your family members, given that it doesn’t include any potentially toxic substances. Once flies make their way into the container, they can no longer get out, so you can rest assured that they won’t be a problem any longer.

It’s also good to know that this trap is very easy to use. All you need to do is to open the top and place the bait inside, then add water up to the indicating line and swirl it around a bit.



The product can be hung around your property, the ideal place being in a sunny area and a bit up from the ground, around 18 inches.

When the trap is full, you can easily dispose of its contents and then refill it with fresh bait and water.

This is an effective trap for a wide range of the most common flies, so you will most probably be able to successfully use it in your area.

Given that the bait lasts for quite some time, the product remains effective for a long time, and it’s also safe for pets, kids, and the environment.



This trap works very well, but the smell it releases is strong and not the most pleasant, so you should place it outside.

It can attract some other bugs around it, so you want to make sure you carefully pick the right place for it.

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3. Catchmaster 904 Bug & Fly Clear Window Fly Traps 


If you are looking for the right solution to control the number of flies that would like to make their way into your home, this Catchmaster model is definitely worth a closer look. We all know how annoying these pesky insects can be, so the manufacturer designed a product suitable for home use that is going to help you obtain the results you want.

It’s also good to keep in mind that multiple types of flies can be around a household throughout the year, so it’s a good thing that this model works great for a wide range of the most common types of these insects. Given that we’re talking about a set of three packs, each one containing four traps, this is also a cost-effective solution for your home.

The traps are easy to use as well, given that they can be easily applied onto windows, thus being effective directly where flies usually hang out.



This is a non-toxic solution, so even if you have kids or pets in your home, there is no safety hazard that you should be aware of.

Given that they are directly applied onto windows, there’s a lower chance for pets and kids to accidentally have access to the traps.

These traps are not messy, and they don’t use any zapping, so pretty much anyone can use them without any trouble.

Since you will get three packs of four traps each, this is also a budget-friendly alternative.



Removing the traps from the windows might be a bit more challenging in some cases, depending on how the traps have been applied as well.

If you are trying to apply the traps to textured glass, the adhesive might not stick, so using a bit of scotch tape may be necessary as well.

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4. Kensizer 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps 


This Kensizer product is one of those effective sticky traps that you should definitely try out, especially if you are looking for a convenient and easy-to-use solution for your home. One of the first things you should know about this model is that it’s specially designed to attract flying insects, and it uses a bright yellow color to get this done.

The trap is effective for a wide range of pesky flying insects besides flies, such as mosquitoes, midges, or aphids. Moreover, the sticky traps are made of safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your family’s safety. Pets are also protected, so if you have an overly curious dog, this is not going to be an issue.

What makes these traps highly effective is the fact that they include a long-lasting adhesive that remains active and doesn’t dry out for long periods.



These traps are also waterproof, so you can use them in places that are prone to more humidity, such as houseplants.

The traps are very easy to use as well, given that all you need to do is to remove the cover and then place the trap on a large plant or tree, using the included wires.

The yellow color is known to attract a wide range of flying insects, making this a highly effective alternative.

The adhesive remains sticky, and the traps remain attractive for up to three months, making this product a cost-effective choice as well.



You should check the sticky traps from time to time, as depending on the number of insects that they catch, they may need to be replaced sooner.

If you want to obtain the best results, you should purchase this product and start using it early in the season.

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5. RESCUE Outdoor Reusable Fly Trap 


This Rescue! product is able to catch a wide range of types of flies, as well as hundreds of them, so it’s definitely going to prove a reliable partner in keeping the situation under control in your home. With this being said, the first thing that you should note about this trap is that it comes with a highly appealing bait, so the pesky insects are not going to be able to resist it.

Moreover, the product is easy to use, so pretty much anyone will be able to benefit from having it around the yard. All that’s necessary in order to start using this trap is to simply add water and allow for the bait to dissolve in order to activate. Keep in mind that this Rescue! bait should be used only outdoors, as the scent is very strong.

The container is sturdily made and durable, so it will hold up for multiple seasons, which makes it highly convenient since you will only need to change the bait from time to time.



This trap does a very good job of catching hundreds of flies with no effort on your part, so you should simply place it outside and then wait.

Thanks to its design, the product is easy to use, and all that’s necessary is to simply add warm water in order to activate the bait.

The durable container can easily hold up for a long time, so using it for multiple seasons is not going to be an issue.

The trap doesn’t include any poisons, so it’s a safe alternative for your backyard, especially if you have kids or pets as well.



The smell is strong and not very pleasant, so the trap should only be used outdoors.

Pets might be attracted to it as well, so make sure you place it somewhat higher above the ground.

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6. Black Flag HG-11015 Stick Trap 


This Black Flag fly trap model is exactly what you need if these pesky flies have become a problem around your property. The unit can be used on the patio or porch, as well as in a picnic area. What makes it really effective is the fact that the surface is extremely sticky, so all you need to do is to attract the insects using a bit of syrup or honey.

If they land on the trap, you can be sure that they are never going to leave it. Plus, this Black Flag model can be successfully used as an indoor fly trap as well, given that it doesn’t release such a potent smell. For best results, you can simply place it next to recreational areas or garbage containers.

Once the surface is filled with flies, you can simply wrap it in a piece of paper or in an old newspaper and then throw it in the trash.



If you hang it vertically to allow all the sides to be exposed, you will get the results you want, and you can also place it in the center of a specific area.

The product is very easy to use, given that all you need to do is add some honey or syrup in the bottom container, and the flies will naturally be drawn to it.

There is no strong scent released that might make you place it further away from the picnic area.

The fly trap comes with a convenient hook, and it can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.



You have to be careful when you handle the trap to avoid touching the sticky cylinder.

The hook is not very large or long, so you may have to find an additional solution if you want to enjoy more versatility.

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7. Catchmaster X-Large Outdoor Disposable Fly Bag Trap 


Not necessarily a ranch fly trap, but definitely a very good solution as well, this Catchmaster model is an extra-large one that will prove to be an effective partner when it comes to keeping all sorts of insects under control. We all know how annoying they can become, not to mention that they can carry germs as well, so keeping them at bay is definitely the way to go.

This product comes as a disposable trap that is very easy to use. Even if you don’t really have prior experience when it comes to handling these pesky insects, you won’t have any trouble using this product. All you need to do is add water to the attractant already placed inside, and it will start working its magic.

With a formula that’s specially made to lure flies in, you will be able to get rid of a wide range of these insects and many others.



This is a set that includes two fly bags, so it’s an affordable option as well; thus, you shouldn’t hesitate to see what it has to offer.

The system is very easy to use, as all you need to do is add water and then allow the attractant to do the work of luring flies in.

You can use this type of trap both indoors and outdoors, while the design is versatile as well.

The attractant works from a distance of up to 40 feet away, while the bags come with a leak-proof design.



This type of trap has a strong scent, so you will probably need to place it further away from where you are spending your time.

The bags are quite big, so make sure you take a look at this aspect as well, before ordering the set.

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8. Rescue! FTD Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap 


This product is just what you need if you’ve been looking for a disposable solution to catch up to 20,000 flies. These pesky little insects are not really going to stand a chance, and the great part about this model is that it works for the most common types of flies.

Therefore, whatever it is that you are dealing with, it can lend a helping hand in keeping the situation under control. In case you have pets or kids running around your property, you may also want to know that this fly trap doesn’t include toxic substances, so it’s a safe alternative.

Plus, it’s also really easy to use, given that it comes with a powerful attractant already inside the bag, and all you need to do is to add the necessary amount of water and then let it do the work for you.



This generous fly trap can catch up to 20,000 flies, so they won’t hinder you anymore when you want to do your work around the yard.

Given that it’s very easy to use, it’s a great solution for pretty much anyone in your family who needs to keep flies under control.

Once the bag is filled with flies, you can simply throw it away, thus being a highly convenient alternative.

Thanks to the fact that there are no toxic substances used, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your pets.



You want to be careful when you cut the bag in order to install it and follow the dotted line and the instructions in order for the trap to work properly.

This product does have a strong smell that is not the most pleasant, so you should place it further away from where you spend your time in the yard.

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9. Catchmaster 931 Giant Fly Glue Trap 


Those of you who have been looking for a fly trap that works well for both indoor and outdoor spaces and that has a generous size should definitely see what this Catchmaster product can offer. The item includes a sticky side that attracts flies, but what makes it really effective is that once the little insects land on it, there’s very little chance of them flying away.

Of course, the fact that this is a pre-baited layer that’s also vividly colored helps the product get the job done faster. This is an ideal solution for animal farms, barns, and other similar areas that usually include a large number of flies hanging out as well. Depending on how you need to use the trap, it can also be cut to size.

Therefore, if you need to cover a smaller or larger area that’s infested, this handy product comes with pretty much everything necessary to solve the issue.



Given that this is one giant roll that ensures 3,600 square inches of catching surface, you can easily use it for larger operations; it’s an affordable fly trap as well.

The pre-baited sticky layer is specially made to attract flies and, once they reach the surface, to effectively catch them right away.

It’s also important to note that this is a non-toxic solution, so it can be used around animals without safety concerns, but you should still make sure they don’t stick to the surface.

The trap is also disposable, so once the surface is covered in flies, you can easily throw it away, while the large surface that can be cut to size ensures the necessary versatility.



Only one side is sticky, so this is something you should know in order to determine how you are going to set everything up.

Make sure not to tear the paper as you place it in the designated spot.

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10. Sutify Fly Trap Garden 4 Pack 


In case you are wondering what makes this Sutify model stand out, the answer is the fact that it can be easily used and that it has a high capacity of catching pesky flies that might otherwise be very annoying. Besides their unpleasant presence, these insects can also carry germs, so it’s always a good idea to keep their number under control.

With this being said, many of you might already know that the ranch fly trap is an effective way of getting this done, which is exactly what this Sutify model offers. All you need to do is to hang the trap around 3 feet above the ground and choose the right place for it around the property.

For instance, while during the spring season it can be placed in full sunshine, during the summer season, you should look for darker spots for the trap, as flies also tend to hide from the heat.



The generous and versatile design of this trap makes it a great choice for multiple outdoor environments, such as parks, farms, or even your backyard.

You can also rest assured that the trap will last for a long time, given that high-quality iron wire is used in its construction, as well as a durable mesh.

The unit is delivered with the necessary pot to use for bait as well, so the only thing that’s left for you to do is to determine which attractant is the most effective for these insects.

This model can be easily folded and reused as necessary, while cleaning it is not an issue either.



You will need to see which bait works better for the flies around your property, so it’s a good idea to try out different alternatives.

It can be a bit difficult to empty the trap, so you won’t probably do this very often.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


We know that finding the best fly trap is not always such an easy task, as there are plenty of products on the market, so figuring out which one you should go for can be a bit overwhelming. However, no matter if you are looking for something more specific, such as a good house fly trap, or you are simply browsing through the alternatives, there are some aspects that you should take into account.

Your Particular Needs

The first thing you need to determine as you are going through fly trap reviews is how you are going to use the trap and what your needs are. For instance, if you need an indoor product, then choosing a trap that comes with a strong-smelling attractant is probably not a good idea. On the other hand, this type of product is ideal if you are trying to keep flies off your property and backyard.

As many of you might already know, an effective fly trap that gathers these insects in a bag can catch up to 20,000 individuals, which is a lot. This kind of solution is a good choice if you have a farm as well. Therefore, the first step is to determine your needs, the environment in which the trap will be used, as well as the approximate number of flies it will need to catch.

Types of Traps

The good part is that there are plenty of good and affordable fly traps out of which you can choose, and most of these are divided into two main categories, namely indoor and outdoor models.

Outdoor models usually include a reservoir that can contain a large number of flies, and once these insects fly into it, there’s really not a chance for them to escape. These models also include very effective attractants and are easy to use. All you need to do, in most cases, is to simply determine the right spot for the trap, add water inside the bag, and hang it out.

Indoor fly traps are usually odorless, for obvious reasons, and they use other strategies to get these insects, the most common one being the sticky surface. In fact, this approach can work for both indoor and outdoor traps if you have a farm, for instance, and you need to keep flies away from horses or cattle.

However, it’s important in this case to look for a product that includes an attractant as well, because otherwise, it’s effective only if flies come in contact with it. Also, if you are using any such products around animals, make sure that you take all the necessary precautions to keep them safe, so carefully read a fly trap review after choosing a certain model.

As you can only imagine, it’s important to choose high-quality products in this case as well, so if you are looking for cheap fly traps and the price is the only aspect you are taking into account, the results might not be the ones that you are expecting.

On the other hand, given that there are so many products available in this line, you have every chance of finding a good yet cheap fly trap, so you shouldn’t worry about this aspect. Instead, look for those features that are going to make your life a lot easier.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do fly traps attract more flies?

The answer to this question depends on the type of trap that you are choosing and its effectiveness. For instance, if you are placing a sticky trap in your home that doesn’t include any kind of attractant, then it won’t attract flies, but on the other hand, it might not work as well as one might want it to.

On the other hand, models that include attractants have a higher chance of getting more flies around them. This may mean that a larger number is going to be attracted, but also that more flies are going to be caught, thus ensuring overall better results.

If you are looking for a trap that can be placed outside, then you shouldn’t really worry about it attracting more flies, especially if you place it further away from where you are spending your time.

Q: How do I get rid of flies in my house?

The most important thing when it comes to keeping flies (and other insects) under control is to make sure that you are not attracting them into your home unintentionally. This means that you should keep everything as clean as possible and avoid leaving any food outside.

Instead, make sure that you store away everything that might be interesting for these insects, as soon as you are done using it.

Even if you are doing everything described above, flies can still make their way into your house, so you can always place some preventive traps as well. A good solution consists of sticky tape that can be placed on the windows. This way, if flies do get inside the house, they will probably head toward these areas and thus can get caught right away.

You can also try using traps that include bait, but you should make sure that the smell is not too strong for interior spaces.


Q: Can I use fly traps indoors?

In short, the answer is “Yes.”, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind while you are picking the right product for your home. First of all, flies should be kept under control at all times, because they can carry germs that you don’t want to have around you.

So it’s best to avoid it by preventing their presence, which means that any food should be stored away right away. Next, you want to take a look at the type of traps that you need to use.

If you are looking for a product that you want to use only indoors, then you can find a wide range of sticky tapes that can be placed on windows and other similar spots to catch these pesky insects. If you are not a fan of potent smells, you should steer clear of traps that include attractants as well.



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