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7 Best Carpenter Bee Traps Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 15.04.24


Best Carpenter Bee Trap Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


We know just how complicated looking for the best carpenter bee traps can get. To help you, we took a look at the available options and we have determined that the Mac’s Carpenter Bee Trap is the item you should think about getting. This option was manufactured out of sturdy materials and, therefore, it works well in all kinds of weather. Because of its design, it mimics the shape of a carpenter bee, this model is prone to attract the bees that you are trying to get rid of. Besides, the glass mason jar included in the design of this product is removable and fully replaceable. This choice was manufactured in the USA. If this model is out of stock at the time you do your research, take a close look at the Mac’s Natural Wood with Bark, Set of Two as it might be just the type of trap that you need.



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7 Best Carpenter Bee Traps (Updated Reviews) in 2024



To help you buy the best carpenter bee trap for the money, we analyzed the available options and we have prepared a short, yet inclusive list of products that you might want to check out before you make a decision. All of the selected items have received outstanding reviews so far.



1. Mac’s Carpenter Bee Trap 


This trap was manufactured in the USA and it was specially designed to help you catch many types of bees, including carpenter bees before you have to deal with a serious infestation. Yet. Keep in mind that this option does not attract and does not target honey bees. The model was made of high-quality materials that can pass the test of time. According to the seller, you can use this choice in various weather conditions without it getting damaged easily.

However, because the item is made of wood, it will eventually crack once the wood ages. The design of the option is prone to attract these insects because it closely resembles that of a natural bee nest. If you consider it necessary, you can easily remove and/or replace the small glass jar incorporated into the construction of the model.

The seller has made it clear that this product does not come supplied with a lure. You can buy lures online at a cost-effective price. Still, many previous users have argued that you do not necessarily need a lure for the trap to be efficient, as the smell of fresh wood is prone to attract plenty of carpenter bees.



This model is made in the USA and it has a simple design that makes it easy to operate. The item includes a small glass jar that is replaceable.

Given that the top part of this product is made of fresh wood, carpenter bees will be instantly attracted to it. You can also use lures to make it more efficient.

The trap was made of high-quality materials that will surely last for years to come. You can place this model in the rain as it won’t get damaged.

Because this choice has a special design that mimics that of natural nests, chances are that the insects that are terrorizing your yard will find it appealing.



As we have mentioned already, this item does not come supplied with a lure. This should not be an issue given the design and the fresh smell of wood that this item emanates.

As the years pass by and the wood that was utilized to make the top part of the lure ages, it might develop small cracks in its construction.

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2. Mac’s Natural Wood with Bark, Set of Two 


If you love the idea of buying not just one, but two traps for the same price, this is the item for you. This choice includes a set of two bee traps that were carefully crafted from natural wood. So, if you notice any cracks, remember that this is part of the design.

The main advantage of the model is the fact that it is very simple to use. You just hang it in an area where the bees are the most active in and wait until it is time to empty the jar attached to its bottom.

One of the reasons why this product is so effective has something to do with the number of entryways that it features. In total, this model includes no less than three holes that the bees can use to enter the trap. Each of them is placed on a different side of the unit so that the efficiency of this model is increased.

Size-wise, this trap measures 9 inches in length when the jar is attached. Once the unit is hung with the chain that the seller also provides in the deal, the item measures 15 inches. The trap does not attract honey bees.



This option is quite effective as it features numerous entry points that the bees can utilize to gain entrance.

To set the model up, you can use the chains and the nails that are included in the price. Hence, you do not have to make any additional purchases.

The product consists of not just one, but two distinct traps. So, it is the perfect purchase for those who struggle with a serious bee invasion.

Besides, the small jar that is attached to the bottom part of the model can be replaced if needed with a regular jar that you surely have around in your home.



The lure that the seller supplies buyers with might not be as effective as you wish. If this is the case, you can simply acquire a stronger bait.

If you decide to return it, you will be required to pay the shipping costs. Yet, this is a policy that applies to most products of this kind.

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3. Original B Brothers-Carpenter Bee 


This item was also specially designed so that it looks just like how a natural carpenter bee nest does. Because of this, it can proactively attract numerous insects without you having to invest in and use lures that were made using toxic chemicals. Therefore, it can be argued that this model is safe to use around pets and children.

Furthermore, this option was manufactured out of hardwood and it includes a glass jar to its end. You can remove the insects trapped in the jar easily. The jar itself is also replaceable. The item has a high-quality construction and it can be used no matter the weather.

It comes supplied with two screw hooks and with a practical chain that you can use for hanging the option. Due to possible issues during transportation, this model does not come with these additional pieces of hardware pre-installed. More likely, you will not experience any difficulties setting up the trap.

The seller argues that, because of the design of this item, the risk of you catching honey bees with this option is minimal. So, if you own bees, you can rest assured knowing that this trap is safe. You do not have to use lures with it.



The design of this product is quite innovative as it can prevent bees from escaping from it. It comes with additional hardware for installation purposes.

It has a construction that mimics that of natural nests and, consequently, it can attract carpenter bees without the use of an additional lure.

The product was manufactured from high-quality materials that make it sturdier than other similar choices.

On top of that, because this trap was designed by a wildlife expert that is familiar with the behavior of carpenter bees, you can be certain that it can deliver results.



The price of the model might discourage potential buyers from investing in it. Still, it is rather efficient considering that it has an innovative design.

Due to issues during the shipping process, there is a high chance that the trap that you receive might feature a few defects. This is rarely the case.

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4. Mac’s LLC Set of 6 Patent No. RE46.421 


If you are currently dealing with a carpenter bee infestation and you are searching for a set of traps that can help you get efficiently rid of the issue, be sure to take a close look at this model sold by Mac’s LLC. This product was made in the USA.

Each of the six traps included in this deal was made using high-quality materials and, thus, can be used for years to come. Because this is a set of traps, you can install them over a larger area and, as a result, you can better protect your yard against the destructive carpenter bees.

On top of that, these models were also specially shaped so that they look similar to the way in which a natural bee nest looks. This way, they can attract the insects more efficiently. As expected, these options also come provided with a small jar made of glass where the captured bees are trapped. If you consider it necessary, you can replace the jars with newer ones.

This item is different from other ones because it can be used to catch not only carpenter bees but also other species of bees.



If you decide to invest in this set, you will receive no less than six traps that you can install all over your yard so that your home is protected.

Given that the model is made of durable materials, you can rest assured knowing that it will not get broken rather easily.

You can install these traps outside and you do not have to worry that they will become unusable or damaged due to the changing weather conditions.

The items are specially created to imitate the shape of natural nests. Hence, there is a high chance that the insects will feel attracted by them.



The main factor that might discourage some of the interested buyers of the option from actually purchasing it is the price of the set. Yet, the set includes six traps.

Given that this product comes provided with no lures, for best results, you might want to go online and order some.

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5. CBS Our Best Carpenter Bee Trap 


This alternative was also manufactured in the US, and it was constructed from sturdy materials. As a direct result, you can use this model in a wide array of weather conditions without worrying that the product might get damaged.

As expected, this trap is made up of two main components, a box of wood that is provided with entryways for the bees, and a jar made of glass where the trapped insects accumulate. Because the jar is manufactured of transparent glass, you will have no issues figuring out when to empty it. If you want to, you can also replace the jar with a newer one.

This product has a design that many appreciate because it is very simple to use and because it utilizes no chemical substances to kill the bees. In fact, you do not have to buy lures to make this item efficient as its wood smell is sufficient to attract the insects.

Even more so, this trap was also designed specially so that it has a shape that is similar to that of natural nests. This choice can hold hundreds of bees at a time and, therefore, you do not have to inspect it often and to empty it daily.



This option was made in the USA and it was created to help you get rid of the nasty carpenter bees that are causing problems in your yard.

Because this trap has a shape that mimics that of natural beehives, all the carpenter bees near your home will feel drawn to it.

The choice is safe, as it was made using no chemical substances. You do not have to fit it with additional lures for it to do its job as expected.

It was constructed using sturdy materials and, as a direct result of this, it can be installed outdoors. It can deliver results in all weather conditions.



Because this product does not come supplied with a lure, you might not be completely happy with the number of bees you can catch with it. Lures are available online.

Once you receive your order, you might notice that the design of the trap is a bit different than expected.

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6. Mac’s LLC Trap Stained Wood 


This alternative is shaped innovatively so that its design is similar to that of natural nests. Given the special shape of the model, the insects will feel attracted to the trap. Consequently, you will not have to use special lures with it. Hence, you won’t have to make any additional investments.

On top of that, the wood that was used to make the trap was stained with a special type of coloring that is USDA graded. As a result, it is not, in any way toxic for you or your pets. Because this model has a nice design, it will surely look great in all yards. So, if you care about the aesthetic of your home, this product should make it to your list.

This trap is also worthy of your attention because, differently from other alternatives, it was handmade. The small glass mason jar that is included in its design can be emptied easily and it can be removed and replaced whenever you consider it necessary. A jar is included in the price of the model. You can attach the trap to the eaves of your home by using the chain that is provided by the seller.



This item is very versatile. It comes supplied with a practical small jar that is easy to empty and with a chain that you can use to hang the model.

It has a beautiful design that will surely look great in your backyard. Its overall look is enhanced because of the brown stain that it features.

The unit is made in the US and it was specially created to catch numerous species of bees, including carpenter bees.

Given that the product was made in such a way so that it copies the shape of a natural bee nest, it is very much efficient because it is appealing to the insects.



If you feel like the choice does not deliver the type of results that you expect, you should consider investing in some lures.

This model does not come provided with a lot of features. This is the reason why some of the prospective buyers might feel discouraged from getting it.

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7. CBS Made in USA Carpenter Bee Trap 


This trap was made after a patented design that was proven efficient when it comes to catching carpenter bees. So, this is just the product that you need in order to prevent an infestation in your yard.

Because this option was made using high-quality materials, including natural wood, you can install it in your yard and use it no matter the weather. However, as time passes by, you might notice that some cracks might appear in the construction of the trap. This does not affect, in any way, the durability or the efficiency of the product.

To prevent any unfortunate accidents, the manufacturer has made this choice in such a way so that it cannot pose any problems to honey bee. So, if you are a hobbyist beekeeper, you can rest assured knowing that this unit won’t endanger your precious hives.

The trap uses no chemical substances to kill the carpenter bees that it captures. Consequently, this option is safe and practical to use by novices and specialists alike. The small mason jar that is featured in the construction of the model is easy to replace whenever you consider it fit. This product was handmade in the USA.



This trap was made in such a way so that honey bees do not get caught inside of it. Therefore, you can use it if you are a beekeeper.

It was manufactured by hand in the US and it uses no chemicals or other dangerous substances that might affect your life.

The unit is made of natural wood and it is shaped just like a natural carpenter beehive. This is the main reason why the insects are attracted to it.

Given that it comes with a replaceable glass jar, you can easily change it whenever you consider that the old one is no longer usable.



The choice comes provided with rather limited features. This is the reason some might consider its price somewhat high.

If you do not feel like this trap does its job right, you can always invest in an extra lure that you can place inside of the model.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


We’ve been in your shoes. We know that shopping for reliable, yet affordable carpenter bee traps is not a simple job. Because we want to lend you a helping hand, we have prepared a list with all the features that are considered a must in a product of this kind.




The main element that determines the durability of a carpenter bee trap is the quality of the materials used to make it. Most models that you can find for sale are made of a top part that is manufactured of wood, and a bottom section that consists of a glass jar.

Given their design, many of the available choices are rather sturdy. However, because they are made of wood, they are prone to crack as years pass by. Still, this does not affect the practicality of the products. Even if they have small defects of this sort, these wood carpenter bee traps still function as expected.

Besides, because the jars included in the design of these choices can be easily removed and replaced, you can use your newly acquired trap for years on end before you need to buy a new one.

Before you go ahead and buy a trap for the first time, you should know that most of the available options do not contain lures. If you want to make them even more effective you can buy lures online, as there are plenty of available products of this type.


Easiness of use and installation

Furthermore, you should consider that practical, yet cheap carpenter bee traps also have to be easy to use. After all, you do not want to get a product that is inconvenient to utilize or impossible to assemble.

A good carpenter bees trap comes provided with a sizable jar that can hold numerous bees at a time so that you do not have to clean it daily. Plus, the jar that it includes should be effortless to empty and clean, and it should be manufactured out of a high-quality kind of glass that does not break easily.

Apart from being easy to use, the model that you invest in should also be pretty simple to install. To cater to the needs of their customers, some sellers also provide their buyers with additional hardware for installation purposes such as chains. This way, you no longer have to waste your precious time figuring out how to set the model up.



In an attempt to make their carpenter bee traps attractive to the insects, many manufacturers have designed models that have a shape that is very similar to that of the natural nests of these bees. To increase their efficiency, these options also feature numerous entry holes that the insects can use to gain access inside the traps.

According to many carpenter bee traps reviews that we have analyzed so far, because of their innovative shape, these products are quite effective. Therefore, you can utilize them to manage your bee problem and you can avoid using chemical substances that might be toxic to your pets.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a carpenter bee?

The carpenter bees are a species of bees that are known for boring in wood. Regardless of what their name might imply, these insects do not eat wood, but they simply enjoy causing damage to structures made of this material.

Different from honey bees, carpenter bees are not social creatures as they do not live-in well-organized colonies. Instead, they enjoy living in individual nests that they set up in trees or into the frames or eaves of homes.

To prevent an infestation, it is recommended that you seal up any cracks or surfaces in the walls and/or foundation of your property.



Q: What attracts carpenter bees?

According to specialists, carpenter bees are attracted to weathered or untreated wood. In particular, they like cedar, redwood, pine, and cypress the most. If the wood that you have used to construct various parts of your home is pressure-treated or simply painted, these insects are significantly less likely to drill tunnels into it.

Adult bees also like setting up nests in wooden shakes, eaves, window frames and even in outdoor wooden furniture. The season in which these bees are active differs from one region of the country to another. You can find precise info about this online, as there are numerous graphs and articles written on the topic.


Q: How to get rid of carpenter bees without killing them?

A carpenter bee infestation is no joking matter, as it can cause serious damage to your home and yard. If you are against using methods that kill these insects, there are a couple of alternative methods that you can also try.

For instance, you can play loud music, as these insects are sensitive to noise, you can spray a home-made solution that contains natural citrus onto the most vulnerable areas, or you can apply almond oil inside and around the nests of these bees.

However, if you do not see any results, it is highly recommended that you switch tactics and that you invest in a powerful solution made using chemicals.


Q: What does a carpenter bee look like?

In a way, carpenter bees look a lot like bumblebees. They are around one inch in length and they have a shiny, black abdomen. How this species of bees looks is difficult to pinpoint exactly, as there are around seven popular types of carpenter bees all around Europe and the US.

For example, the carpenter bees that can be found in California have metallic, some may say colorful bodies.

Male carpenters have no stingers and, thus, they are rather harmless. Yet, female carpenters can turn aggressive if they perceive you as a possible threat to them or their nests. So, proceed with caution.


Q: How do carpenter bees drill holes?

Given their size, it is somehow difficult to comprehend how these small insects can drill holes inside wood. But, how do they do it, you ask? Well, these insects have mandibles, meaning sharp and jagged frontal appanages that they can use to pick items up, cut plants and dig.

To make a drill, a female carpenter simply rasps her mandibles into a piece of wood and uses vibrations to tear through the fibers of the wood in a circular pattern. One of these insects needs about a day or two to drill a hole that is about ½ inch in diameter.




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