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10 Best Bird Repellents – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 05.12.23


Top Repellents for Birds – Guide & Comparison


Are you looking for the best bird repellent, but you don’t know which product to choose? We have here all the necessary information for you to make a sound decision. Our research team observed various indicators of a product’s success, such as customer satisfaction, sales figures, and overall feedback, and concluded that the Bonide (BND238) Ready to Use Animal Repellent is the one most worthy of sitting on top of the list. As you can put it in a spray bottle, it is easy to apply anywhere, which gives you a lot of leeway so that you can repel that birds that might attack your garden or make a mess of your patio. Because it is a biodegradable formula, it won’t have you worrying that it could hurt the environment. It causes no harm to animals, either, and it just drives them away from the area on which you apply it. In case this product is out of stock, our next recommendation is the Bird-X Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller, as it’s almost as good.



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10 Best Bird Repellents (Updated Reviews) in 2023



If birds are a problem for you as they eat the fruits from your garden or make a mess on the patio and the roof of your house, you surely want a dependable solution. Below, you will find the most popular products to narrow down your choice and find the perfect solution for your problem.



1. Bonide (BND238) Ready to Use Animal Repellent


One of the most convenient solutions is a bird repellent spray since it’s easy to apply on surfaces and let the formula do its work. The formula offered by this formula is easy to combine with water and pour in a spray bottle, to obtain this straightforward effect. A lot of good things can be said about this bird repellent, as you will see immediately.

The formula is biodegradable, so not a threat to the environment. Also, it is humane because birds and animals that smell it won’t be hurt by it, only bothered enough to run or fly away. Not only for birds, it also works on skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, and many other species.

After you apply the formula on the areas that are the most visited by birds and animals, you won’t have to do anything more. The solution will remain effective for 60 days, after which you will only have to reapply to ensure a continuous effect.



It is a humane formula that will only irritate the nasal passages of the animals and birds that wander off to your garden and property, without causing any harm.

The formula is ideal for getting rid of birds, skunks, raccoons, rodents of all kinds, and even deer and rabbits, so you don’t have to get a different formula for each of them.

You only have to mix it with a bit of water and pour it into a spray bottle to start applying it around your property right away.

Homeowners don’t have to worry about the formula hurting the environment in any way, as it is made only from biodegradable components.



While it is annoying for animals and birds due to the intense smell, it might be hard for you to bear the scent; make sure not to spend time in the area after applying it.

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2. Bird-X Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller 


In case you are not very fond of using a spray formula, mainly because of the overpowering smell, there is always an alternative. The one favored by many homeowners is using an ultrasonic bird repellent as the one we will review here. This electronic device is a good idea of an unobtrusive solution that will help you eliminate the problem while you can completely forget about it.

With a capacity to cover 900 square feet, it is an effective solution that you might like a lot more than the rest. The sound pressure delivered is 90dB at one meter maximum, while the frequency range goes from 15 to 25 kHz. You can fiddle with the settings and adjust the frequency so that the wild animals and birds will go away.

It is entirely humane, and it doesn’t cause any harm to animals and humans. Because it is delivered with a 50-foot extension cord, you will find it easy to place it to the area of your choosing so that you can adequately protect your property.



If you are looking for a humane solution to a bird problem, this ultrasonic device is ideal for obtaining excellent results in no time.

A 50-foot extension cord offers the possibility to put the device anywhere you want to make sure that birds and animals won’t damage your garden and patio.

Because it has high coverage of 900 square feet, you won’t need more than one to protect a decently-sized property without a glitch.

It requires little to no maintenance, and you can forget about it while it’s hard at work and manages to drive away destructive birds.

The device is highly durable, so you can count on it to be a sound investment that will serve you for many years.



Although a manual with instructions is provided, you will notice that there’s no clear information on what frequencies work on which birds, so you will have to discover that by yourself.

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3. Bird Blinder Repellent PinWheels 


A single look at this set of pinwheels will convince you that it can be an excellent addition to your garden so that you can keep birds away. Certain things can scare off birds easily, and a simple light can do it, as these pinwheels prove. This bird repellent review is focused on presenting the main advantages of this solution.

The way they work highly recommends them. As they turn in the breeze, the light from the sun will bounce off, and these reflections will make the birds fly away, as they will interpret it as a sign of danger.

This is a natural solution for getting rid of destructive birds that make a mess of your garden. The pinwheels are humane and don’t hurt the birds. At the same time, they are very attractive, and you will love to add them to your garden.



You don’t have to worry that the pinwheels could hurt the birds in any way because they are completely humane and protect the environment and wildlife.

Their decorative appearance is an excellent plus, as you will love adorning your garden with them, by spreading them all over for maximum efficiency.

As the pinwheels spin in the wind, they will cause bright flashes that will alert birds that there is something dangerous going on, and they will fly away.

It is easy to use these pinwheels, as the only thing you need to do is to find the perfect spots for them and stick them into the ground.



If you live in an area where the wind doesn’t usually blow, you might notice that the pinwheels don’t turn quickly; in that case, you might be better with a different solution.

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4. DE-BIRD: Defender Spikes, Cat and Bird Deterrent 


Over the years, manufacturers have come up with all sorts of ideas about how to drive away birds and wild animals from people’s properties, and bird repellent spikes are among the many solutions identified. These spikes from DE-BIRD have a straightforward design, and they are easy to employ.

All you have to do is to screw them on a fence or stick them to walls for maximum efficiency. While they may look a bit menacing, they don’t hurt the birds and wild animals that try to land or climb on them.

You will get 20 spikes, so they are quite convenient for the price. They are easy to split into 4-inch pieces so that they can be fitted anywhere you need them. Wherever there is a bit of flat surface on which you know birds and animals would be able to sit, you can install these spikes and let them do their work.



If you want a non-invasive method to get rid of birds and wild animals visiting your garden despite your best efforts to keep them away, these spikes will do the trick.

There is no maintenance or work on your part once you install them since, from that moment on, they will do their job without any intervention from you.

You will feel relieved to hear that the spikes won’t harm birds and animals as they are not designed for such a purpose.

Because you will get 20 pieces in a pack, they are quite a good deal for the price, so an inexpensive solution for people shopping on a budget.

Fitting them anywhere you want is easy as they snap to fit into 4-inch long pieces.



There are no instructions provided on how to place these spikes, at what distance, and other details, to ensure that you can get the most out of them.

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5. Chephon Upgraded Bird Repellent Discs Set 


Bird repellent discs are often considered to be a very efficient method to get rid of annoying, destructive birds. You will find this set an excellent choice for controlling such pests and preventing them from ruining your garden, crop, or any surface that can be affected by bird droppings, such as windows, cars, pools, or boats.

As a garden bird repellent, it is a great option. The 24 pieces included have mirrors on both sides, so they will work no matter how you choose to place them. They work by reflective light and scaring off birds, and that without causing them any harm.

They are also eco-friendly and, therefore, an excellent solution if you want to avoid chemical solutions that might contain toxic ingredients. You will find all the instructions needed for installing them correctly so that you can get the most out of them.



No matter what birds inflict damage on your garden, be them woodpeckers, sparrows, or pigeons, these reflective discs will scare them off.

They are a perfect solution because they are humane and don’t cause any real harm to the birds except driving them away from your property.

Because the pieces don’t come assembled, you can think up any design you want and make it work for the setup you have at your disposal.

Each pack contains 24 reflective discs, 24 rings, 8 swivels, and 8 hooks, offering you plenty of freedom over how you choose to put them together.



You must bear in mind that these discs are lightweight, and that means that you will have to keep them in place somehow if you place them in an area with heavy winds.

After about half a year outside, the hardware will start to show signs of wear and tear.

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6. Bird-X BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller 


Not an affordable bird repellent, this model from Bird-X is for people who are serious about getting rid of a problem and don’t mind spending a little to see things done. This electronic device will emit bird sounds and even imitate predator sounds so that the pests that usually plague your property get scared right away.

Designed to cover an acre, this device can be quite efficient when used correctly. It is quite an impressive gadget with a frequency that can be adjusted between 3 and 5 kHz and sound pressure of 105 to 110 dB at a distance of 1 meter.

It is essential to know that the device uses natural sounds, and it can be programmed so that it doesn’t always sound the same. That puts it in a class of its own since other methods might not be that efficient because the birds simply get used to them.



By emitting a diverse range of sounds that are recorded from nature, the unit is capable of scaring off birds even when they are quite persistent.

Since it uses no traps or chemical compounds, it is a humane solution that will not hurt the birds, but it will drive them away.

Created to cover one acre of land, it is a powerful machine that will ensure that your garden and property are well protected from destructive birds.

You can program the volume, the timing, and the sounds to play, which means that it is unlikely that the birds will get used to it.



This product is not for people who shop on a budget, so you should first make sure that it’s an expense you can afford before making a decision.

The sound can be pretty loud, which is, again, something you should decide if you could live with it.

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7. SLMEN Bird Repellent Discs – Scare Birds Away 


A cheap bird repellent is an ideal option for people who have budget restraints to worry about, and this pack of discs is right up their alley. Containing no fewer than 24 pieces of highly reflective discs adorned with red woodpecker eyes that seem to quite effective in scaring birds away.

The discs are double-sided, so it doesn’t matter what direction they face, as they will always be effective. Place them somewhere birds often come to destroy your garden and eat the fruit of your trees, and you will get to see them how they work. A slight breeze and a bit of sun are enough to make them very effective.

The 12 bells surrounding each eye also contribute to the effect, making noise when the wind moves the discs. The discs have smooth edges, so working with them shouldn’t be a problem.



Unlike other discs on the market, these are double-sided, which means they are more effective and provide better protection coverage.

Because studies have shown that woodpecker eyes are something birds are afraid of, the manufacturer thought of using this design.

The 360-degree reflective capabilities make these discs particularly scary for the birds, regardless of their direction.

Each disc has 12 bells around, and the sound made by them will also scare off destructive birds, while your garden remains well protected.

Hanging the discs anywhere you see fit is a breeze, as this pack was designed to offer you perfect convenience.



These discs are not particularly durable if placed somewhere they can be affected by strong winds and storms.

Their design is not for everyone, as some people won’t feel that great having the red-eye discs watching over them.

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8. Bird B Gone RFLT-1 Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent 


Of all the bird repellent devices available on the market, this one stands out through its particular design.  First of all, unlike others, it is entirely silent, which is a plus for a person with a sensitive sense of hearing. Also, it is highly economical, as it requires no energy to work, and it is not a consumable, like a spray or a gel.

It is also a versatile model since it harnesses the power of wind and sun to scare off birds. When the breeze moves it, the birds become wary of it, while the sun rays bouncing off its surface have the same effect. As you may have already realized, it is a humane option, as it doesn’t hurt the birds in any way.

Because it is made from durable materials, you can leave it outside without any worry. Also, the mirrors on the device are angled so that you can install it in the direction of your choosing.



Installing this device for repelling birds is easy as a breeze, and the easy to angle mirrors make it convenient for you to choose the direction you want.

It is incredibly silent, so there will be no annoying sounds that could keep you awake at night, as it happens with other devices.

Aluminum and heavy-duty plastic make the construction of this device, so you won’t notice any signs of wear and tear anytime soon.

You can choose from different options, as the manufacturer sells these devices as individual units, as well as 2-unit and 3-unit packs.

Birds won’t suffer any harm from this device, so it is a humane solution that you will have no problem using.



It is essential that you position these devices correctly, or else they might not be able to scare off birds as you expect.

You will have to screw them in, as otherwise, they will fall quickly.

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9. JALOUSIE 12 Pack Bird Repellent Bundle 


There is a bird that manages to scare many other birds, and that’s an owl. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that an owl bird repellent is usually effective. Of course, you don’t need a real owl for this purpose, but a shape modeled like one. This bundle contains 2 reflective fake owls, 2 bird scare tape rolls, and 8 spinning rods. As you can see, in this bundle, you have a lot of pieces to use for the protection of your property.

Many bird repellent reviews consider this bundle a good deal since you get so much for your money. By placing all the owls, tape, and spinning rods where the birds tend to fly in the most, you should be able to get rid of them.

All the components are humane and don’t contain any toxic elements, so they are ideal if you just want to scare off the birds so that they don’t destroy your property.



You will get great value for the price, as the bundle contains 2 reflective owls, 8 reflective spinning rods, and 2 rolls of tape that can reflect the light so that the birds are easily scared off.

It must be mentioned that all the pieces in the bundle are made from durable materials that will not wear off quickly when left outside.

Because they don’t hurt the birds in any way, these components are considered a humane solution to any bird problem you might have.

Homeowners can use the bundle in any way they see fit, as there are plenty of pieces to place around for excellent coverage of a property.



The bell sounds can bother you a little if you prefer perfect silence.

Finding the right place for hanging the owls can be a complicated process, as they are quite big.

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10. Bird-X 54-1 Proof Bird Repellent Gel 


Different formulas on the market can be used to get rid of unwanted birds. One solution you can try is a bird repellent gel, such as this product. The efficiency of this formula is superior, and, unlike a spray that may wear off quickly, especially in areas where there’s a lot of traffic, or rains fall often, it has a longer-lasting effect.

It is designed to make pigeons, sparrows, and starlings stay away from ledges, sills, and other areas where they could make a lot of mess. They will be, therefore, forced to find other areas to roost, which means that you will be able to protect your property from damage.

The gel is transparent, so it won’t stain the areas on which you apply it. It is also non-toxic, and you won’t have to worry that it can hurt birds or humans. You will need a standard 10-inch caulking gun and a bit of time to get to work.



The gel solution is transparent, and it won’t leave any unsightly marks on the areas you apply it and won’t require extra cleaning from you.

It is longer lasting than a spray, as it is more concentrated and won’t wash away, dissolve, or evaporate, no matter the weather conditions.

Because it doesn’t contain toxic ingredients, it is a humane solution that won’t harm birds, except for driving them away from your property.

Applying the gel is not difficult, as the container fits in any 10-inch caulking gun.

It is suitable for getting rid of pigeons, sparrows, and other birds.



Make sure that this gel doesn’t get on your clothes or hands, because it is a pain to take off; have some mineral spirit close by to eliminate the problem if that happens.

Squeezing the gel out of its container is a bit difficult and requires some effort.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Birds can be a real issue if you live in an area where destructive species are common. They can make a mess, destroy property, and become a plight for crops and gardens, so, while they are mostly welcome, in large numbers, they might turn into a real pest. To get rid of birds safely, you need the best bird repellents you can afford. Below, you will find information on what criteria to apply when choosing such products.

Types of bird repellents

Liquid formulas that can be spread around the areas where birds like to land are common and widespread. However, their strong smell might be a deterrent for other species, too, and that might not work for you. Still, they can be quite useful, and keep away the birds that would otherwise make a mess of your patio and garden.

In the same vein, you will also find concentrated formulas and gels. You apply these solutions in the same manner, by spreading them over the areas where birds prefer to stay. They are consumables, so that can also be an issue for homeowners who don’t want to invest in expensive products.

An ultrasonic bird repellent device can also be quite effective in driving away birds that you don’t want around your property in large numbers. Electronic devices that emit sounds of predatory birds can also be a good solution.

Another type of bird repellent you will find is a set of spikes you can install on your fence. Reflective discs and bells that chime when the wind blows are also a standard solution for scaring birds away. They all work in different manners, and what you need to do is to choose the one you think will work best for your needs.


How durable can bird repellents be?

That depends on what type of product you purchase. Some cheap bird repellents might not last a lot. Reflective discs or fake owls might corrode after months spent outside, and the paint on large discs with eyes may also wear off after a while. Sprays and gels are consumable, and you might have to reapply quite often if you have a severe problem with birds.

Usually, the sturdiest are the ultrasonic and electronic devices, but make sure that you purchase a model from a reputable manufacturer and get a satisfactory warranty with it.

Affordability vs. efficiency

If you are interested in affordable bird repellents, you should know that discs and fake owls are among the most decently priced solutions. However, you should know that these methods, while efficient most of the time, are not always the best solution. Some intelligent birds might just get used to them, and, after a while, they will come back.


Other considerations

The most recommended option is a natural bird repellent. If you purchase a spray or gel solution, make sure that it’s biodegradable so that you don’t end up contaminating the soil. Also, you should only go for solutions that are humane for the birds so that they don’t get hurt. After all, you only need to scare them away.

Luckily, most of the products on the market that count as solutions to this problem are humane and eco-friendly, and you will have the opportunity to choose the right one without any glitches.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What smells do birds hate?

Birds have a keen sense of smell, and that helps them find food which can be anything, from the pollen offered by the flowers to seeds in the ground. If you want to keep birds away without installing physical barriers, you should use a bird spray repellent.

There are certain smells birds don’t like, and that is why spray formulas work. Their scent is unpleasant for the birds, and that keeps them away from landing. For instance, peppermint oil and citronella are two smells that will keep birds away.

Perfumed scents, in general, are offensive for the sensitive smell of birds. That is why most spray solutions will work since they can be pleasant for humans, but awful for birds. Spray formulas are great for this reason, and they will keep the birds away without causing them any harm.

Q: What will scare away birds?

If you have a problem with birds landing on your property, eating the seeds you plant, and making a mess on your property, you will need something to scare them away. Reflective profiles of fake owls are a good idea because these birds are predatory, and other species fear them. Also, it is a proven fact that the red eyes of woodpeckers also keep birds away.

That is why you will find discs on the market painted with red eyes; they are quite efficient as they will scare away the birds that might otherwise land on your property. Sounds and visuals are good options as a combination.

Reflective discs that make the light bounce off them and chiming bells can have an effect on birds. Any device that emits the sounds of predatory birds can be a solution, as well. Scared that they might meet predators in their way, the birds will avoid your property.


Q: How do I keep birds from pooping on my patio?

Birds can be a pest, especially when they turn your patio into their pooping ground. To make sure that they stay away from your patio, you will need an avian control bird repellent system that works. That can be anything, from fake predatory birds to ultrasonic devices.

The purpose is to keep the birds away. If you install a device that plays recordings of predatory birds, that’s a sure way to make them avoid your patio. Some methods are quite simple. For instance, even a few highly reflective mirrors can do the job.

Spinning pinwheels can also do a great job. Almost anything that moves and makes noise can keep the birds away from your patio as they are quite easy to scare most of the time. You can experiment with various options to see what works for you. There are plenty of products that act as bird repellents you can try.



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