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8 Best Bed Bug Sprays – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 27.11.22


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Bud Bug Spray + Reviews


Here you’ll find out what the best bed bug spray is, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to do the messy research all on your own. After carefully examining some of the better products in this important line of work and what they have to offer, our team has come to the effective conclusion that the EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer with Extended Residual Protection is the one you should totally go for if you want the best results. This product has been scientifically proven to be the only natural product that kills with 100 percent efficacy, it’s been field-tested for its ability to work in public places, and it has been shown to be able to kill during all stages of a bug’s life. In the unfortunate event that all the gardeners have already been there and the store is cleaned out, you might want to check out the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer Natural Organic Formula as well.



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8 Best Bed Bug Sprays (Updated Reviews) in 2022



Identifying the best bug sprays that can do the job for you is a very important thing since nobody wants to deal with the pesky invaders all the time. Due to this, our team has really put in the time and effort and showcased some of the most effective products below, allowing you to make an educated choice.



1. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer with Extended Residual Protection


While the term “the most effective bed bug spray” is hard to pin down to one specific product, this bug killer from EcoRaider comes quite close to doing just that. The company brags about the university studies published in a journal of economic entomology that identified its product as the only natural one that can kill bugs with 100 percent accuracy and efficiency.

It was also proven through the USDA PHP program that allows entomologists to study substances that claim to eradicate bugs and their level of safety when used in public housing buildings and special types of sensitive environments.

Another great thing about this bug killer is that it has been shown to eradicate your invaders during every stage of their life, killing both bed bug adults and nymphs on contact and with complete efficacy. Even if you’re dealing with the pesky sort of bugs that have developed resistance to traditional pesticides, this one should do the job no questions asked.

Once you use it, it should provide full and complete protection for up to two weeks after that, even once the substance has dried up. As a result, one application should grant you at least half a month of happiness and that’s if the spray doesn’t simply remove your problem altogether.



This is one of the more effective substances out there when it comes to combating bed bugs so you will be happy to have it in your arsenal.

The great thing about it is that it can kill the bugs in all stages of their life, be it adults, nymphs, or even eggs. The spray has shown one of the better ratios of killing bed bug eggs on the market so it’s definitely worth a shot.

The extended protection ensures that you won’t have to keep spraying every couple of days just to keep a clean house since your home should be good for up to two weeks afterward.

Since it is USDA-approved, this bed bug spray can be used without any fear of becoming toxic to you or your family.



The smell is indeed quite hard to bear so it’s probably recommended that you still evacuate the room or the house when you’re in the middle of spraying.

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2. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer Natural Organic Formula


If you’re looking for a bulletproof bed bug spray then this is quite possibly the one you can go for without any issues. This product from Eco Defense is prized for its ability to kill on contact, eliminating your invaders and doing so in a safe way due to the natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients used in its creation.

Furthermore, while some other similar sprays stain your bedsheets beyond recognition, you can rest assured that it is not the case with this one. You can apply it directly on them, on the mattress, and on your cover and it will take care of your bed bugs and disappear like it was never there.

These products need to be strong in order to get the job done and some people are always concerned about inhaling the dangerous fumes and pesticides. However, this is not the case with this one as due to its completely natural formula you won’t have to worry about any potentially-harmful chemicals coming into contact with your or your loved ones.

Another great thing is that this bed bug spray should work just as efficiently regardless of the stage of life your invaders find themselves in. Eggs, nymphs, or adults – prepare to say goodbye to them once and for all!



The great thing about this product is its ability to kill on contact, eliminating all your bed bugs in a matter of seconds while still being non-toxic due to the natural and organic ingredients used in its creation.

It is so good, in fact, that the company offers a 60-day risk-free money-back policy that you can use if you are not absolutely thrilled with the results, without any questions being asked.

This product not only works extremely fast but it is quite easy to use as well since the fact that it is a spray makes it better than things like bug powders, bed bug traps, bed bug foggers, and so on.

Even if you use it and then go to bed, you will be able to rest knowing that you have not released any toxic ingredients into your house.



The fumes released by the spray seem to be quite hurtful to your throat if you are not paying attention and manage to inhale some.

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3. Rest Easy Green Bed Bug Spray Bottle (2-Pack)


The search for the best bed bug sprays is never easy but after a while, you get accustomed to knowing what to look for in a product. Made of all-natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients, this product from Rest Easy truly allows you to do just that if you are one of those people that are genuinely concerned for nature every time they are using a toxic substance.

You will be happy to know that this green product is a non-pesticide, completely green substance that’s also safe to use around children and pets so it cannot pose a threat to your family even if they are around when you use it. According to bed bug spray reviews, knowing that your house is bug-protected gives you great peace of mind when traveling or at home.

Furthermore, this is such an effective product that it can also kill other small bugs such as bed mites so you might even be lucky enough to hit two birds with one stone. That’s provided that, of course, you were unlucky enough to have both bed bugs and bed mites at the same time, in which case we’re sorry for you and we’re happy you’re reading this guide.



The fact that this is an all-natural and non-pesticide item will not only give a lot of people peace of mind about its effect on the environment but it will also help if they have to apply it around family members.

It’s safe to use around children and pets so you won’t have to empty the whole house or apartment just to engage in a treatment session.

The fact that it can kill other small insects makes this a very good product to keep in the house just in case your old invaders or new ones come back for more.

Once you see how effective it is you’ll surely want to buy more of this spray so this is why it’s a good thing that it comes in a 2-pack.



While effective during the first use, this product seems to work sparingly afterward so this is something to remember if your problem comes back.

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4. Covington Natural Bed Bug Killer Quart 32 oz


A cheap bed bug spray does not have to necessarily mean a bad product too. While finding a good one is never easy, the experienced DIY person knows exactly what to look for in order to rid his or her house of pesky invaders and this is where this product comes in. Keep in mind that  this is not a product that has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

However, it has still been shown to be quite effective as long as you are able to take the necessary precautions before using it. Knowing that your house is protected and that you don’t have to deal with bed bugs when you get home can provide one with an amazing sense of comfort, especially if the problem has been going on for a while.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of this spray is such that it might even be able to kill secondary targets like bed mites. If the area you are living in presents both of these problems, feel free to try this product in order to get rid of them and return to your happy, normal life.



It has been shown to continue to kill insects for up to 30 days after application so you should be good to go for one month, that is provided that the spray does not simply eradicate your infestation.

You can even lightly spray your bedspread or covers with this and it should not soak or stain your things like other similar products tend to do.

The added bonus of potentially being able to kill other small insects makes this a worthy addition to your invader-combating collection just in case they try to come back for a second round.

One bottle of this spray should allow you to cover up to 1200 square feet so use this measurement to plan your extermination accordingly.



In order to get the job done with this product, you will have to thoroughly move, remove, or close any furniture, blinds, headboards, covers, and so on.

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5. Bed Bug Patrol Blasting Travel Spray 3oz


According to bed bug spray reviews, the only ones that are proven to be completely and really effective are the ones that have been mentioned in some sort, form, or fashion in an academic source. This product, for instance, has been mentioned in the Journal of Economic Entomology and other independent studies as a completely reliable oil-based pesticide that does the job.

Bed Bug Patrol’s formula really does what the name says and actively patrols the surface where you spray it, eliminating bed bugs during every cycle of their life, from the time they are eggs all the time up to pesticide-resistant adults that make things hard for everyone involved when they develop resistance to most of the substances on the market.

Furthermore, you’ll be happy to know that this is a plant-based substance that is non-toxic to you, your family or the environment. As a result, it is completely safe to be used around the house without you worrying about dangerous chemicals or toxic fumes which you may inhale as a result. Due to this, it is also sized specifically and respects all TSA regulations out there.



The fact that this product was deemed worthy enough to be mentioned in a scientific journal should be proof enough regarding its quality and ability to work.

You’ll feel safe to use it around your house due to its plant-based and child-safe formula that does not contain any toxic substances or ingredients.

Another great thing is that this product comes with a downloadable eBook which manages to offer an in-depth look on bed bugs and tips on winning the battle against them.

The company is so trusting of its product that it is offering a 33 days 100% risk-free money-back-no-questions-asked policy that you can use if, for any reason, you are not feeling completely satisfied with your purchase.



The delivery part of this process seems to be quite faulty sometimes as the liquid can arrive out of the container and therefore at a loss of its efficiency.

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6. Bugs Trap Killer Spray All Natural in an Ergonomic Bottle


Check any bed bug spray review and you’ll see that most of the customers are dying to get a non-toxic formula and one that is not oily and gets all over their sheets and covers. This is why Bugs Trap has managed to come up with this product that’s bound to eradicate those pesky bugs that seem to love your bed so much that they never want to leave it.

Do you remember all those restless nights when you just hear one crawling on your bed and possibly even biting your skin? This is where your professional bed bug spray comes in as a natural yet highly effective solution that’s able to completely eradicate eggs, larvae, nymphs and even those resistant adults without any problems or hassle.

Speaking of hassle, you won’t have any when trying to apply this spray as you won’t have to mix or blend different ingredients as if you were a potions master. With this organic product, all the extracts are already combined into place and all you need to do is use your brand-new ergonomic bottle and spray the infested area then wait for the astonishing results that will come.

After using this you’ll finally be able to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy the comfort of your bed without fear of waking up and feeling a bed bug crawl over you.



This is a great tool in your fight against bed bugs as it is 100 percent natural and, as such, you won’t have to worry about it possibly infecting your house while getting rid of the bothersome invaders.

Another great thing is that you can say goodbye to those stains and oily residues that you usually see after using a product to get rid of the bed bugs. Feel free to apply this one directly to your mattress, bedsheets, and so on and watch the miracle unfold.

The bed bugs, fleas, and any other small enemies should die instantly, on contact, so results will be quite visible and measurable.

The product also comes with an unconditional guarantee policy that lets you ask for your money back if you’re not satisfied.



The price-to-effect ratio seems to be a bit on the low side compared to the effects displayed by other similar products on the market and their price.

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7. RxBioLabs Organic Bed Bug Repellent for Skin


The syntax “the best bed bug killer spray” is a hard one to achieve. However, we have a feeling that this product from RxBioLabs stands ready to take it home as one of the only sprays on the market that is safe to be used directly on the skin in order to act as an extremely efficient bed bug deterrent.

While other bed bug sprays are dangerous and in no way, shape, or form should you apply them directly to your skin, this one has been lab-tested and is definitely a very good choice for preventing those pesky bed bug bites that can be so annoying especially when traveling around the country.

Good bed bug sprays can also be used during your treatment for a bite and this is another reason why you should really consider purchasing this one if you’re going somewhere or if you’re simply tired of those bothersome invaders.

As a result, this is a very good product to have if you’re the type of person that loves to go camping or on holiday trips that may end up full of bites, especially if it’s hot outside and the environment is perfect for such creatures.



The product is completely safe and eco-friendly due to the natural ingredients used in its designing and manufacturing process.

As a result, it’s also safe for the skin and the eyes, providing huge relief especially if you have children and a small part of the substance happens to come into contact with a part of their body.

The around-the-clock availability of this bed bug spray, allowing you to use it before, during, and after the treatment for a bug bite is really quite an advantage since you will only need one weapon to fight off invaders of all kinds.

This acts as a bed bug blocker and actively makes them stay away after eradicating the initial invasion, keeping everything in check for a long time.



The price is quite hefty when compared to other, similar products but the results should also be on par with the amount of money required to purchase it.

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8. Green Bean Buddy Bed Bug Killer Spray with Residual Protection


We’re pretty sure that by now those annoying invaders have bothered you so much that you simply went online and started googling about a bed bug killer spray. Lucky for you, you’ve just found it as this product from Green Bean Buddy has been proven to be effective through the American Academy Entomological Science 12-month Research Program.

According to it, this product is able to provide dry residual protection that managed to kill off any incoming or existing agents during the 12-month testing period with a very high rate of efficiency and accuracy. As a result, the company feels safe enough to provide a money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not happy with the results you will see after using it.

Furthermore, many people are worried about using such products because they fear for their family or pets if they ever come in contact with the pesticides. As a result, the manufacturer focused on making a completely child-safe, pet-safe, livestock-safe, and overall good bed bug spray and we’re happy to report a complete success.

The spray is also specifically designed so as not to stain your linens, pillows, carpets, and any other locations where you might encounter bed bugs, bed mites, or any other dislikeable fellows.



A trusty source for getting a bed bug spray since it has been discussed and examined in a year-long clinical trial by a well-appreciated academic institution.

The dry residual protection process is great for reducing the need for a high number of applications, providing continuous defense against bed bugs.

Staining is a huge problem for such products since nobody wants to purge bedding, countertops, or linen only to have to wash it afterward and this product has managed to avoid that problem.

The money-back-guarantee is a great move on the company’s part for convincing customers to trust the usefulness and efficiency of its bed bug spray.



This product does not seem to have a 100 percent accuracy ratio but seems to differ from case to case when it comes to how much impact it can have on a bed bug problem and how long it takes it to do so.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


According to the best bed bug spray reviews, this is such a common problem that it has led scientists to believe these pesky insects have become a household problem that has endured ever since the World War II era. Due to loads of different pesticides tried around that time, humanity these days fears these substances as potentially dangerous and abusive.

This is even more so the case since we have historical proof that fighters on both sides have tried to use insects as lethal weapons against the enemy. While spray has proven to be the fastest killer among all the possible ways to do so, how do you choose one? Lucky for you, this is why we’re here to help you make the right choice for you and your sleepless nights.

Are they effective?

Since specialists still have a hard time identifying what exactly has caused and still causes the increase in bed bug activity around the globe, finding an effective bed bug spray can sometimes be a hard thing to do as a customer. One of the things proven beyond any doubt is that this problem has been primarily associated with hotel rooms so this is where the myth comes from.

As a result, this specific insect is mostly associated with traveling, not with poor sanitation, cleanliness or poverty. Keeping things squeaky clean has nothing in common with getting rid of the bloodsuckers and the truth is that no method alone has the power to completely eliminate all infestations worldwide.

In order to see the most effectiveness, you’ll need to use several techniques at the same time, including preventing possible infestation spots, monitoring places you’ve already purged, and controlling the use of chemical pesticides. In this process, bed bug sprays will be one of your most useful weapons of choice and you’ll end up relying on them in a big way.

Without an application of residual pesticide, bugs are able to travel freely, safely, and without any border restrictions. This is the reason why the hotels, motels, and even houses and apartments nowadays use pesticides in order to completely eliminate any infestation and prevent loss of business (Especially when it comes to hotels and motels).


What is the problem then?

The problem here lies somewhat in the solution. As VDACS research shows, “Bed bug populations in the United States are known to be resistant to pyrethroids”. In plain English, the bothersome invaders are developing resistance to a usual bed bug repellent spray and, as such, there’s no single insecticide on the market that can eliminate an infestation all by itself.

What scientists and experts recommend is not relying entirely on such repellents in order to get the job done and keep it so. While insect growth regulators can be another solution, the better method would be to go for products like dust and aerosol sprays, as well as liquid insecticides. Make sure to take care of the infestation without jeopardizing your health in the process.

As each product can be effective in its own way, the best thing to do in this case would be to simply conduct thorough research of the best ones on the market (we did it for you, thank us later) and simply compare what they bring to the table to your own, personal problem. Afterward, it should be an easy job to select the one best suited for your needs and wants.

Common complaints

As good as this sounds, there are quite a few people out there and well-educated ones at that who openly claim bed bug sprays are not working as intended. Therefore, we feel it’s important to at least mention their opinions just to make sure we’re giving you a full view of the picture.

The main grudge held against bed bug sprays is that while effective, they only kill the bugs you can see since they require contact to do the deed. Since bed bugs are notoriously good hiders, it’s hard to believe that a regular homeowner will manage to find the main branch possibly hiding in walls and crevices around the house.

Furthermore, repellents are said to simply drive them to another room where they will be equally irritant. The bugs are small and their eggs are almost invisible to the naked human eye so simply catching them in mid-act is a hard thing to do.

Also, many of these pesky invaders have developed resistance over the years when it comes to the substances used to kill them. Most of the products on the open market are formulated with the help of a specific class of insecticides that are popular due to their low toxicity to mammals. Called “pyrethroids”, they are found in a lot of bed bug sprays, aerosols, and so on.

Unfortunately, they have been so widely used that many bed bug populations have actually developed a resistance to them and the next generations of bugs are becoming more and more immune to them. This is another reason for the bad rep bed bug sprays are getting nowadays as well as the current bed bug explosion.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do bed bug sprays really work?

Since bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems out there in terms of finding a solution to them, it’s hard to identify any one solution that’s enough. Since hiring a pest control company can be a lengthy and expensive option, getting yourself the best bed bug killer spray can be a close second in terms of effectiveness.

You should also keep in mind that most of the commonly used products today and even those dubbed as “professional” when it comes to controlling bed bugs are, at their best, moderately accurate in terms of their ability to exterminate them. Furthermore, pesticides must always be used with care for your and your family’s safety.

Compared to things like aerosol “bug bombs” or “fumigators”, bed bug sprays are highly-effective options for keeping things in control though as you can reach most hidden places with them.

Q: How should I use a bed bug spray?

Bed bug sprays are as popular as they are misunderstood nowadays and the current problems lead an almost hysteric narrative when it comes to what the best ways to deal with the infestations are.

Sprays are mostly popular for killing bed bugs quickly, on contact, and then evaporating as if they never were shortly after. This style is operated in much the same way as you would use a spray bottle to water your plants. The most efficient way to do this is to apply a puff along cracks and devices where you suspect you’ll encounter the bothersome creatures.

Baseboards and floorboards are some of the best places to do this and try to move the spray nozzle in such a way as to pull the trigger in even intervals in order to cover more ground. Since they don’t usually leave behind any residues, contact sprays should be safe to be used on mattresses, sofas, and other upholstered furniture but make sure to check the label first.


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose a bed bug spray?

First things first, you should keep in mind that it’s normal to panic a little when you realize your home is also home to a bunch of blood-sucking little creatures. While the damage they can do is often not taken seriously, today’s market still offers a wide range of products to help deal with the problem. As a result, a good homeowner will know what to look for in terms of criteria.

According to some online research, you’ll usually find four different types of bed bug sprays: organic and natural ones, Pyrethroid-based, insecticide-based, and alcohol-based. Since pesticide-based products require you to basically move out of the house in order to do a proper cleaning, most people like to go for organic ones that are non-threatening to their family.

While most similar products advertise killing bed bugs on contact, another thing to look out for is the level of protection provided after the initial application. The longer the period, the less you’ll have to spray and the less you’ll have to keep buying repellents time and time again.




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