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9 Best Japanese Beetle Traps Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 05.12.23


Best Japanese Beetle Trap Review – Top Rated Models in 2023 with Buying Guide


Finding the best Japanese beetle trap is not a task without its difficulties, especially for those that have never shopped for such a device before. In the attempt to help you out, we have done the research on your behalf by reading reviews left by previous buyers, and we have determined that the Spectracide Bag-A-Bug is the model that you should consider getting. This item can protect your yard as it includes two traps that you can install. Moreover, the choice can trap the insects over a 5,000-square-foot area. Two bags where the beetles are trapped are provided by the seller. Those who have used this option are happy with its efficiency and practicality. If this product is unavailable at the time you are confronted with a Japanese beetle infestation, take a look at the Ortho Tanglefoot Xpando, as it has also received great reviews from other buyers.



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9 Best Japanese Beetle Traps (Reviews) in 2023



Those who want to purchase quality, yet cheap Japanese beetle traps might find it quite difficult to do so due to the numerous options that are currently available. To lend you a hand, we have prepared a list of items that have received positive feedback comments from the users that tried them before.



1. Spectracide Bag-A-Bug Japanese Beetle Trap


This pack of two traps is a practical model that you can try out when confronted with an infestation. The choice comes provided with two bags where the beetles are trapped, a set of interloping vanes as well as a hanging tie that you can use to set them up.

Each bag is hourglass-shaped and its inside was coated with a slick substance that prevents the beetles that have been captured from escaping. For the trap to function as expected, it is advisable that you dispose of the bags once they are full. Each bag can trap up to 4,000 beetles.

These traps are effective over a 5,000 square foot area. However, if you happen to have a larger yard, it is advisable that you invest in an additional set. The lures can last throughout the Japanese beetle season. In other words, they can be effective for up to 6 to 7 weeks at a time.

The product is recommended for those who want to protect their grapes, fruit trees, vegetables, and roses.



This pack comes provided with all the elements that you need in order to set the traps up in your yard or garden.

Because they can last for the entire beetle season, chances are that you won’t have to invest in other similar devices this year.

The Spectracide Japanese beetle trap includes two hourglass-shaped bags, a set of vanes, a tree tie as well as a dual lure system.

Numerous customers that have tried them before were content with their performance. The lure that the product includes is very appealing to Japanese beetles.



There was a limited number of buyers who claimed that this device failed to deliver the expected results. Not many agreed with this observation.

One buyer said that the choice might be dangerous for one’s pets, especially for dogs. Still, no incidents that lead to the injury or death of pets were reported at the time we did the research.

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2. Tanglefoot Japanese Beetle Xpando Trap Kit


This alternative is completely made out of plastic and it contains a powerful lure that can attract both male and female beetles. The trap is expandable and it can be utilized in all weather circumstances.

Similarly to other counterparts, this option is effective throughout the beetle season so that you won’t have to make any additional purchases. This safe choice was made using no pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

The biggest advantage of the model is that it does not use bags to entrap beetles. Therefore, you won’t have to keep purchasing replacement bags for it to work. Once the trap is filled with beetles, you should empty its contents in the trash.

Before doing so, make sure that all the insects captured inside of it are dead. Previous owners have noted that this model is easy to assemble and install. If you have difficulties doing so, there are plenty of videos that can be of help.



This choice contains a special type of lure that is well-liked by both male and female beetles. Besides, the lure stays active for months to come.

Different from traditional models that come with bags that have to be replaced, this option is more practical as it can be emptied quickly.

Because it does not use bags, this product is more cost-effective as it does not require the user to purchase replacement bags.

This item has a subtle design that will look nice in your yard. The same cannot be said about other counterparts.



There were buyers that considered that this trap was too effective. As a result, one owner claimed that the trap attracted beetles from miles around.

One customer was not content with the fact that he was shipped a model that did not actually include all the needed parts. However, keep in mind that this was an isolated incident.

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3. Rescue Reusable Japanese Beetle Trap


This pack of three traps can attract all the beetles that are destroying your yard. The lure that it features is rather powerful and it remains functional for months on end. Consequently, you won’t have to buy new traps.

Because it was not made using pesticides, this Rescue Japanese beetle trap is quite safe when compared to other products. This hanging model is very practical as it does not require you to actually handle the beetles directly. Hence, you won’t risk getting injured.

Given that it does not have to be used alongside other accessories, this trap is very easy to handle, even by novices who have not utilized products of this particular kind before.

Each of the three included traps has an easy-lock bottom that makes it effortless for the user to remove the dead beetles. Once you place the bottom back on, the traps are ready to capture beetles again.



If you are in need of an option that does not have to be replaced and that functions throughout the beetle season, this might be it.

This alternative includes not just one, but three traps so that you can effectively protect your backyard, regardless of its size.

Because it does not require you to handle the beetles directly, this choice is considered quite safe by those who have tried it before.

This is one of those products that use no toxic chemicals that might put the life of your pets in any type of danger.



Because there are no replacement lures that you can buy, once the trap loses its beetle-attracting ability, you will have to purchase a brand new one.

There were customers who bought the product periodically who said that there were times when it was not as efficient as expected.

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4. Safer Brand 70102 Japanese Beetle Trap with Attractant


This alternative might also interest you as it consists of a trap, two jumbo bags, and a lure that is quite powerful. This model was designed to use sex and food attractants to lure the Japanese beetles into the trap.

Because the actual attractant that it uses is released gradually, you don’t have to worry that it will lose its efficiency too fast. The bag that this trap includes is shaped like an hourglass and it prevents the insects from escaping.

When used accordingly, this model can help eliminate adult beetles and, therefore, break the breeding cycle that might lead to further infestations.

To use it, you just have to attach the disposable bag to the lure and to place the trap 10 feet away from the plants that you want to protect. When full, the bag should be detached and replaced. Whenever you run out of bags, you can order the necessary replacements.



This choice can help you survive a Japanese beetle infestation as it features a type of lure that utilizes sex and food attractants that are very powerful.

Because it was designed to kill adult insects, this trap can break the cycle of breeding that might cause further infestations.

The option comes supplied with a trap, two bags, and a lure. Extra bags can be purchased independently from the manufacturer.

Many users have appreciated the efficiency of this model. Plus, the item is quite safe as it does not include harmful chemicals.



A handful of buyers noted that the plastic bags that this option comes provided with are of questionable quality as they cannot entrap the beetles. Not all owners agreed.

Some customers said that the product did not work for them. However, most of its users were actually content with the overall performance of the item and they recommended it.

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5. Bonide Beetle Bagger Replacement Dual Release Lure


The Bonide Beetle Bagger is a replacement lure that you can use with the trap sold and distributed by the same manufacturer. This floral and pheromone lure uses a dual release technology so that it remains active for a long time.

What is more, this model was specially created to attract adult beetles so that the breeding cycle is broken.

For the lure to be effective, the manufacturer recommends that the user places it 10 feet downwind of the foliage. Additionally, the trap works better when positioned in a bright and open area rather than in the shadow. After you have installed it, wash your hands thoroughly.

If the lure gets on your skin, the seller advises that you contact your doctor or a control center for treatment advice. This item should be stored in a cool and dry place. Previous users were content with the product’s performance.



This choice features a dual release lure that includes both floral & pheromone substances so that all adult Japanese beetles are attracted and killed.

Because the substance that it contains is released slowly, this model won’t lose its efficiency during the beetle season.

The lure is powerful enough to protect no less than 5,000 square feet. Consequently, it can easily keep your back yard beetle free.

Given that it was made using powerful substances, this option will surely take care of the infestation problem that you are dealing with.



One user was not that content with the fact that the replacement lure is more expensive than the trap in itself. Not many pointed to this issue.

There was one buyer who noted that the product was too expensive. Still, most of those who invested in it said that it was more efficient than other similar counterparts that are also available.

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6. Bonide 1971 Japanese Beetle Bagger Trap Bag


This choice might also stir your interest as it includes no less than six bags that you can use to trap the Japanese beetles that are rampaging your backyard. All those who want to invest in this product should know that it does not come supplied with the necessary lure.

As a result, for it to be efficient, you have to independently purchase one. The display box that the item has comes with peg holes so that you can use it on a shelf or on a countertop, in accordance with your needs.

The design of the six bags included in the deal is efficient at keeping the beetles unable to escape. Previous buyers were happy with the quality of the product. However, they advise interested customers to replace the bags at least once a month as the smell of dead insects might act as a repellent for the beetles.



Each bag included in the deal is hourglass shaped so that all the insects that are trapped in it cannot escape.

Those who decide to buy this kit will be provided with six sturdy bags. Because no lure is included, one has to acquire it separately.

Given that they were specially created to be used to capture Japanese Beetles, this model will certainly perform as expected.

When compared to other similar options, this pack of bags is affordable and, thus, a great purchase even for those that are on a budget.



A small number of customers argued that, given that the product only consists of bags, it is way too expensive.

There were a couple of unhappy buyers that were expecting to receive lures as well. However, the seller has made it very clear that this pack only includes the six bags and that no lure is provided.

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7. Rescue JBTZ-DB12 One Season Reusable Japanese & Oriental Beetle Traps


The Rescue JBTZ-DB12 is made up of three reusable beetle traps and three zippered bags. This product was made in the USA and it uses a special pheromone that Japanese beetles consider irresistible. These beetles can be a real trouble given that they infest and destroy numerous varieties of plants.

Given the design of the product, the pheromone that it features is dispersed in all directions so that all beetles that are attacking your yard are lured by it. The bags that are included in the deal are double layered and, according to the seller, four times larger than the alternative options.

The zippered bottom of the bags is very practical as it allows one to effortlessly empty them whenever one considers it necessary. Although no instructions are provided, this choice is easy to install even by those that are new to using devices of this kind. Previous customers recommend it to those interested.



This option consists of six bags that you can utilize in order to fight a Japanese beetle infestation that is affecting the plants in your yard.

Furthermore, the bags are made of sturdy materials and they are double layered so that they won’t rupture easily.

Because they have zippered bottoms, the bags are easy to empty once they get filled so that other beetles are not repelled by the smell of dead insects.

This option is simple to install and use even by those users who have never utilized replacement bags before.



It is vital that one understands that this product only consists of bags. No lures are provided by the seller and, thus, they have to be bought independently from other manufacturers out there.

There were people who noted that this option is rather expensive when compared to other choices, especially given that no lures are included.

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8. Gardener’s Supply Company Japanese Beetle Trap


Another beetle trap that you might want to check out is the Bonide Chemical FBA_197. This product comes shipped alongside a dispensable collection of bags, a lure holder, and a dual release floral and pheromone lure that is very powerful.

The lure system is strong enough to protect over 5,000 square feet at once. Therefore, it is a great fit for your yard. Because the included bags are hourglass shaped, they can securely trap beetles until they die.

The product in itself has a fun design that you will surely find appealing and that will most likely fit in your backyard. This trap lasts an entire season. For safety reasons, it should be kept out of your kids’ reach.

To help its customers utilize the trap efficiently, the seller has printed all the necessary instructions on the box. Numerous buyers were happy with how the model worked and, consequently, spoke highly of it.



This alternative is powerful enough to protect no less than 5,000 square feet of land at a time.

Because the bags that it comes provided with are hourglass shaped, the insects that are captured will not be able to escape from it.

The choice is shipped with all the necessary installment equipment, including a dual release floral and pheromone lure and a sturdy holder.

According to the manufacturer, this lure is powerful enough to last all season so that you will not have to invest in a new one any time soon.



There were some buyers that claimed that this lure did not work for them. However, the number of unhappy users is limited.

One customer claimed that the item that he was shipped was broken as it was impossible for him to set the lure in the correct place. The necessary instructions are provided by the seller.

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9. Tanglefoot Japanese Beetle Xpando Trap


If you are not necessarily handy and you do not want to put together a trap, we recommend that you check out this option as it comes pre-assembled. The choice is also compatible with a holder so that you can simply install it in the desired location. However, the supporting pole has to be purchased independently.

The only thing that the buyers have to do is to pull down the expandable lower part of the model.

This option also stands out because it is wind-resistant. Hence, it can be used no matter the weather. To make it as efficient as possible, the seller has fitted it with a 1.5-quart capacity trap that was designed in such a way so that beetles cannot escape from it.

The trap is reusable and, according to the seller, easy to wash and store until the next beetle infestation emerges. It has received numerous positive reviews.



This trap is the go-to unit for those users who do not like utilizing models that have to be assembled at home before installing them.

Moreover, this option is wind resistant and suitable to be used in various meteorological conditions.

The trap in itself has a total capacity of 1.5 quarts and it is sturdy enough so that beetles cannot escape from it.

Because it is reusable, the choice can be used again in case of new infestations. Additionally, cleaning and storing it should not pose difficulties.



There was a buyer who claimed that the photo that the seller used was misleading as it also included a holding pole that is not featured in the deal. Yet, the seller has made this fact clear.

Some users were quick to say that this option is not necessarily a great pick as it is somewhat pricey when compared to the available alternatives.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Because we are well aware that finding a good Japanese beetle trap is not at all easy, we have decided to lend you a hand. This short but inclusive buying guide is packed with all the info that you need to know on the topic.

What is a beetle trap?

According to Japanese beetle trap reviews, an item of this kind features a lure that was made using pheromones from different plants. The lure that beetle traps include is considered irresistible by this type of insects.

Some traps also include an hourglass-shaped bag where the insects are trapped. Because of the design of these bags, the beetles cannot escape. Most options were specifically created to attract adult insects so that the cycle of breeding is broken.  

Other alternatives do not use bags to capture the beetles. In these cases, the insects are caught in the trap itself. Therefore, from time to time, depending on the severity of the infestation, customers have to empty it. This is particularly vital as beetles are generally repugned by the smell of dead insects.

Bag-less options are recommended for those who do not want to keep investing money in packs of replacement bags.

Another advantage of these traps is that they do not contain pesticides and other chemical substances that might prove harmful to the pets that one might own. In order to be sure that your friendly companions won’t get sick from coming into contact with a product of this type, it is recommendable that you hang the trap somewhere where the pets cannot reach it.



Before you get the first Japanese beetle traps for sale, it might be practical to spend some time assessing their convenience. If you are currently looking for ways to get rid of a severe beetle infestation, you should get a trap that does not feature bags in its design.

This is important because you will have to replace the bag every day or once every two days and this can prove impractical if the product that you have selected does not come shipped alongside the necessary bags.

Plus, the model that you acquire should be easy to set in place. All the necessary instructions should be made available by the seller.

Although the Japanese beetle trap assembly is not overly complicated, if you are not a handy person and you don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to put together a certain unit, it might be a good idea to select a trap that comes pre-assembled.

The choice that you decide to purchase should come fitted with a lure that stays effective throughout the beetle season. By buying an item of this type, you can rest assured knowing that you will not have to make any further investments.

An easy way to see if a certain product is suitable for you is by reading what previous users had to say about certain models.


Tips and tricks

The specialists argue that no matter if you are using homemade Japanese beetle traps, or purchased ones, you should place them at least 10 feet away from the plants that you want to protect. Also, it is best that you install the traps downwind from your garden so that they won’t feel tempted to eat your plants before going to the trap.

As you probably know, beetles can travel for miles. Because of this, the most efficient way to get rid of them is to speak to the other members of the community and to install traps throughout the area that you want to protect.

By doing so, the specialists point out that you will be able to get better results than by installing a few isolated traps in your backyard. Also, if this strategy does not seem to work, it might be a good idea to also invest in special sprays that you can use to protect the plants that are being affected.

One of the aspects that all those that want to get rid of beetles should know is that these insects are repulsed by the smell of other dead beetles. Because of this, it is essential that you keep the traps fresh.

As expected, lures can go stale, especially if this is not the first year that you are using them. If this is the case, read what the manufacturer had to say about changing them.

Another thing that you should not ignore has to do with timing. As the experts point out, adult beetles are at the peak of their activity in June, July, and August. If you want to get rid of an infestation, it is advisable that you place the lures beforehand, in the early season.

If you do so, chances are that you will be able to kill a big part of the adult population before the mating and the egg-laying is done.



Frequently asked questions about Japanese beetle traps


Q: How to empty Japanese beetle trap?

The answer to this question depends on the type of trap that you are using. If the choice that you have purchased features a bag, you only have to remove it and to replace it with a new one.

However, if the model that you own collects the beetles into the trap itself, you have to open and to empty it into a recipient that is filled with water. This way, any insects that are still alive will be killed.

If you are confronted with a serious infestation, you should empty the trap as often as possible as beetles are repelled by the scent of dead insects.



Q: How to dispose of Japanese beetle traps?

Depending on the substances that were used to make the lure, not all Japanese beetle traps can be thrown into the garbage. If you are not sure what to do with a trap, it is advisable that you read what the seller recommends customers to do with it after using it.

Moreover, if you own a reusable trap, we advise in favor of keeping it and utilizing it the following year. However, given that the lure that it features will most probably not be that effective, you might want to order a replacement before setting it in the yard the following year.


Q: How do Japanese beetle traps work?

Japanese beetle traps use floral scents and sex pheromones to attract adult beetles. Once they get close to the trap, the insects fall into the bag and, because of its design, are unable to get out. Once the bag is filled, you just have to replace it with a new one.

Because the lure is very strong, chances are that, by installing it, you will attract up to four times more beetles that you are used to seeing. When installed at the beginning of summer, you can control the infestation more effectively as you will be able to kill the adults.


Q: How to make a homemade Japanese beetle trap?

If you are not a big fan of traps that are made using chemicals, you can opt for the alternative of constructing a trap at home. To do so, you have to use a one-gallon milk jug that you have rinsed.

Next, you have to fill ¾  of it with warm water. Once the jug is filled, add a packet of yeast into the water as well as a ¼ cup of sugar. Add a mashed banana as well and a small amount of dishwasher detergent.

Stir the mixture and place the jug near the infested area. The cap of the jug should be off so that the beetles can smell the mixture and crawl into the jug.


Q: Where to place Japanese beetle traps?

Although purchasing and even making beetle traps is not complicated, knowing where to place them is an entirely different story. When placed near the plants that you want to protect, there is a high chance that you will entice the insects to destroy them.

Because of this, the specialists claim that the best place to install a trap is 10 feet away from the plants. It is advisable that you set the traps downwind from your garden so that the beetles won’t be tempted to munch on your beloved plants before being captured inside the trap.

Traps of this kind are only efficient when placed all over the area that has to be protected. So, getting your neighbors involved is a great idea.




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