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8 Best Flea Traps – 2024 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 14.07.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Flea Trap + Reviews


If you are looking for the best flea trap on the market, it’s a good thing you are reading this article. We know how time-consuming research can be and we’ve decided to help you out by doing it ourselves and bringing you directly the answers you need. We’ve gone through a tremendous amount of information including user reviews and expert opinions, and we’ve concluded that the flea trap you should bear in mind as a first option is Victor’s M231 product. Offering a catch rate of 93%, this trap helps you control the flea infestations you might be dealing with. Moreover, it can lure fleas out of carpeting and upholstery from up to 30 feet, while the fact that it doesn’t include any harmful chemicals makes it suitable for homes with pets and children. In case you cannot get this product in your area, the next alternative to consider is Signstek’s Natural trap.



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8 Best Flea Traps (Reviews) in 2024



We know that there are many options when it comes to finding a good flea trap, which might make the task of choosing the right one for your needs harder than it might seem at first. However, you have nothing to worry about since we are here to give you hand. The list below contains some of the most sought-after traps on the market for you to choose from.



1. Victor M231 Ultimate Flea Trap Refills


When it comes to cheap flea traps, Victor’s M231 product is definitely an effective, yet very affordable solution. If you don’t want your family or pets to be hindered by fleas, then you should take a closer look at this product. The Ultimate Flea Trap helps you control any indoor flea problem by attracting those pesky pests from all directions.

This Victor flea trap offers a catch rate of 93% while also luring fleas out of upholstery and carpeting. The great part is that it gets this done from up to 30 feet away. Moreover, since it’s not using synthetic chemicals, you can safely use it around pets and children.

This way, you can monitor and control any potential flea infestation, while also protecting your close ones, children, and pets from any potential risks that are normally associated with products that use harsh chemicals and that can sometimes even require a temporary home evacuation.



This product comes as 2 packs of 3 non-poisonous Ultimate Flea Trap refills that have a sweet odor included in the sticky glue disc.

With its help, you can easily monitor any flea infestation you might be dealing with, in an efficient and safe way.

Since the product features the Super Grabber glue that holds fleas, you can rest assured that the little insects are going to be caught.

The product is free from any chemicals and toxins, and it’s also odorless, so you can use it around children and pets without any concern.



You might capture other insects as well, which is not a bad thing but do make sure to regularly check the refill and see if it needs to be replaced.

Although it’s safe to use around pets, you might need to keep curious cats, dogs, or ferrets away from it since they might lick or otherwise play with it, destroying it in the process.

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2. Signstek 2 Pack Natural Nontoxic Flea Trap


Signstek’s device is an electric flea trap that helps you monitor infestations by using light, heat, as well as powerful sticky traps that catch and hold fleas in place. Since it simulates the warmth of a tasty meal, you can be sure that this trap is effective in luring the annoying insects out of furniture and carpeting as well.

The great thing about Signstek’s product is that it doesn’t use any chemicals to get the job done, as the heat and light lead the fleas to the sticky traps. Once they get there, their biting days are over. Since it’s also odorless and free of any chemicals, the Natural trap is safe to use around children and pets.

If you are running out of refills, there’s nothing to worry about since these can be purchased separately, making this an effective and economical alternative for keeping the flea situation under control in your home.



This product is odorless, which means that your home is kept free from any smell that might not be pleasant.

Since it doesn’t resort to chemical sprays, you are free to use this product in your home without any risks for your close ones.

The technology that uses light, heat and the sticky pads to catch the insects is extremely effective, and you don’t have to wait for too long to see the results.

All you need to do it to open the trap and change the sticky layer with a new one, once enough fleas have been caught.



This is a 2-piece pack, and in some rare cases, one of the traps was damaged upon delivery, but this is something that the seller’s customer care service can help you with.

Some users advise potential buyers to purchase additional pads from the beginning, as they tend to fill up rather quickly.

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3. Springstar S103 Biocare Flea Trap Capture Pads


We know that finding a good flea trap is not always such an easy thing to do, especially if it’s the first time you are dealing with such an issue. For this reason, you might want to keep Springstar’s S103 product in mind, as it’s one of those solutions that will make you quickly forget that you’ve had this problem to begin with.

One of the things you should know is that the S103 works year-round without using any poisons. Besides being safe to use around children and pets, this also means that you will have a handy solution for a long time, making it a cost-effective choice.

The pack includes 6 refills, while a pad can last for up to three months or until it’s filled with up to 10,000 fleas, so you can only imagine why you’ll be able to use one pack for a long period.



Springstar’s product is patented, and it also meets and exceeds UL ratings, which means you can rest assured that you’ll be able to rely on it.

Given that this product doesn’t contain pesticides or other toxic elements, you can use it around your pets, although they might be tempted to investigate the trap.

Since the pads can be used for three months or until they are filled with up to 10,000 fleas, this is a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your home.

No flea can escape once it has landed on the sticky paper, meaning you can both control and monitor the situation in your home.



The pack contains the refill pads, but not the trap itself.

Although this is a safe product to use around pets, beware that the sticky pads might get attached to the coat if they come in contact, which will not be pleasant for your pet.

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4. SpringStar Electric Flea Trap With Capture Pad


According to the many reviews that praise it, this product might be considered the ultimate flea trap if you need to find a solution that works very well for your home. The BioCare product is a flea trap that lures and catches adult fleas that might otherwise infest pets and items around the house.

The technology it uses is an easy one, as the light, heat, and infrared rays that the light bulb emits attract the fleas toward the pads, and once they get there, they cannot escape. Moreover, the glue-filled pads are also long-lasting, which means that you won’t need to change them as often, depending on the infestation you are dealing with.

You might not be aware, but for every flea caught, hundreds are prevented from further infesting your surroundings, so catching as many as possible is key to getting rid of the problem.



The BioCare trap doesn’t use any pesticides, which means you can use it in your home without risking any exposure to harmful chemicals, making it suitable especially if you have children.

According to independent testing, this uniquely designed and patented flea trap can kill 400% more fleas compared to other, older-style methods.

You can both control and monitor the infestation in your home with this product, this way ensuring that this problem is a thing of the past.

Given that you can easily remove and replace the pads, the product can be used by other family members as well.



You might want to make sure that if you have pets, they don’t get their coat next to the sticky pads, as they might get stuck in the coat, which is not necessarily pleasant.

After a while, depending on where and how much you use the trap, the light bulb might burn out.

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5. BioCare Replacement Flea Trap Sticky Capture Pads


This BioCare product is one of those flea traps for sale you want to keep in mind since it helps you control even significant indoor infestations, while not using toxic chemicals. These pads are designed to be used with the BioCare Flea Trap offered by the same manufacturer.

These are specially made to ensure that no fleas are going to ever leave their surface once they get there, which in turn means that for each one of those pesky insects caught, a couple of hundreds are prevented from further infesting your home.

Moreover, besides controlling the situation, these pads also help you monitor it throughout time so that you don’t get to the point where it’s harder to handle the situation. The pack contains 3 pads, and each of these lasts for up to three months, so you can consider that you are covered for a good part of the year.



This is a non-toxic and pesticide-free solution, which makes it suitable to use pretty much anywhere, even if you have children in the house or pets.

The pad needs to be replaced after three months, or sooner if it gets full, so you are covered for a number of months using this 3-pads pack.

Thanks to the effective glue the pads include, they are extremely sticky, which in turn ensures that once a flea reached their surface, there’s no way it can escape.

Besides controlling the infestation, you can also monitor the situation to prevent a new one by using the products in this line.



The flea trap is sold separately, so if you are just getting started in your battle against fleas, you will need to get that as well.

These pads are rolled up within the box, so you might need to flatten them out a bit before placing them in the trap.

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6. XL Bed Bug Trap 4 Pack White Interceptors


Insects around the house are always pesky, so most probably you want to get rid of them as soon as possible and in the most effective way. This is where Trapbedbugs’ XL model comes into play since this is an industry leading trap that ensures you will get your peace of mind in no time.

The way it works is very easy since insects are detected and trapped by simply placing the device on their way around the house, around furniture and upholstery. Moreover, since no additives or special powder are necessary to trap them, the unit is safe to use even if you have children.

Given its effectiveness and the way it works, this device is also one of the most economical solutions you can get, while its versatile design allows you to place it in a large number of spaces, meaning pretty much where you need it to work.



This environmentally-friendly product is pesticide and chemical-free, which means it provides a safe trap to have in your home, while insects have no chance against it.

Thanks to this unit’s design, once insects, including bed bugs, fall into the trap, there is no way for them to come out.

If you decide to try it out, you will be able to protect your family against pests and the diseases that they might otherwise bring into your home.

Trapbedbugs’ model is a highly efficient and economical alternative, among those available on the market.



Some previous buyers received the product slightly damaged upon delivery, but these were extremely rare cases and the seller can provide the necessary assistance.

Although this product does ensure your peace of mind, you need to make sure that you place it in the right way for it to work at its full potential.

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7. Flantor Flea Trap Pumkin Plug-in Sticky Dome Flea Trap Non-Toxic


If you are wondering how to trap fleas while using a device that can also decorate your space, Flantor might offer exactly what you need. The Pumpkin model is a specially designed flea trap that not only helps you get rid of the pesky insects but also enhances any space around the house with its cool design.

Plus, it uses an easy technology that has proven very efficient. Light and heat attract fleas toward the trap, and there they find the sticky pads which ensure that the small insects won’t leave again once they reach the glue-layered surface. Moreover, the dome-shaped construction is another element that makes this trap a good one.

The package includes one trap, a light bulb, and 2 stickers, while the unit itself is very easy to use. All you need to do is plug it into a power outlet and place the sticker on the designated surface.



Given that the soft bulb creates a warm environment full of light, this attracts fleas and other small insects that afterward get stuck to the pad, without being able to leave it once there.

Since it’s so easy to use, other family members can also learn to use it, this way monitoring the situation better.

This trap doesn’t use any chemical solutions, also being odorless, which means that you can safely use it around pets and children.

With an attractive design, you don’t need to worry that this will not look good in your home, while also keeping your family safe.



After a while, you will need to look for replacement pads, but you can use pretty much any type, given the unit’s versatile design.

Depending on how much and where you are using it, you might need to replace the light bulb as well after a certain period.

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8. 72 Catchmaster Mouse Insect Glue Boards Flea Sticky Trap


Although you might expect to find products that feature glue boards as you go through flea trap reviews, this Catchmaster product is certainly worth a closer look since its effectiveness is not something you want to miss out on. Made in the USA, this product features one of the most effective adhesive formulas available, while its surface can go up to 30 sq. in.

The boards can fold into tunnel-shaped parts that you can use in tight or dusty areas, that are also effective when it comes to mice since they tend to hide and roam alongside walls. Another thing you should know is that these Glue Boards work for a wide range of pests, not only fleas and mice, including snakes, crickets, ticks, mites, and many others.

The formula is peanut butter scented, but the manufacturer offers other scents as well, so you might want to use them and see which one works best.  



The strong formula ensures that the adhesive will not harden for at least one full year, even after the release paper is removed.

Since these boards are so effective, they will help you catch many other types of pests as well, but you should regularly check to make sure they are not full.

Thanks to the scented formula, insects and other pests are naturally drawn to the sticky surface, not being able to leave it once they are there.

The boards can be folded and adapted to your needs, which leads to enhanced results offered by this Catchmaster product.



Although it’s non-poisonous, this product needs to be kept out of the reach of children and pets, since the glue is very powerful and might cause unpleasant and potentially dangerous situations.

To enjoy its full benefits, you need to use this product in normal conditions, as indicated by the manufacturer.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Fleas might not seem like such a big issue at first, but that’s until you find out that females can lay eggs every 12 days and can produce 600 offsprings in a single month. That’s when you get the clear picture that every single flea that is caught can certainly make a difference if you are dealing with an infestation, even if it’s not a massive one yet.

The second bad news is that pets to tend to carry fleas (and many other types of pests) inside the house, and their comfort is just as important, so monitoring the flea situation around your space is important, even if there is nothing to really worry about and no signs of fleas anywhere, as this prevents them from spreading in case they appear.

This is where flea traps definitely come in handy since they can surely help in any situation. Besides ensuring your pet’s protection by using dedicated collars or other means to keep fleas away, you can also use traps to protect your home. After all, you most probably don’t want those fleas anywhere near your loved ones since they can carry diseases as well.

However, as there are many alternatives when it comes to flea traps, it’s better to keep certain aspects and characteristics in mind as you browse through the options. This way, you’ll make sure that the product you choose is one that definitely fits its purpose and your needs.

Types of traps

As you can imagine, there are various types of flea traps you can choose from, and the two most popular alternatives on the market are regular or electric flea traps. Regular ones use adhesives to catch the little insects and keep them there, which means that they end up dying after a few days, while little intervention is needed on your part.

Electric flea traps are a little bit more elaborate, as they both lure the fleas by using light and heat and catch them on a surface covered in glue. Other models can actually be repellents that emit electronic pulses to keep fleas and other insects at bay altogether.

If you are dealing with a severe infestation, you might need to use more aggressive solutions such as foggers, but these might require you to evacuate your home for a couple of hours after using them since they contain forms of poison that can otherwise affect family members and pets.



Flea traps that use glue to catch the pesky insects also help you assess the level of infestation you are dealing with if that’s the case. You simply need to put the trap at work and then monitor the number of bugs that got caught in a certain amount of time.

Moreover, you can also identify the species (you might need an expert’s opinion if you are not very familiar with the subject) and then find the most suitable means to get rid of them. Plus, once the infestation has been dealt with, you can use the traps constantly to monitor and prevent another one from happening.



Another thing you should keep in mind is that flea traps only catch adults, and given that the number of laid eggs and pre-emerged adults is way higher than the number of actual adults, you can see why getting rid of fleas is a process that requires some planning, especially if we’re talking about a real, full-on infestation that you are dealing with.

One way to make flea traps more efficient is by adding some intermittent lighting as well as a green light in the mix, this little change making a significant difference. However, you might need to use the traps in addition to other more aggressive methods if your house is taken over by fleas.


Placing flea traps

Of course, placing the traps correctly helps you maximize their efficiency, so let’s take a moment and go through the main points to do this right. Since you need to target those areas that attract a large number of the adult flea population, if you have pets, this should be your first stop.

Think about the places your dog or cat uses to play, sleep, hang out, eat, and so on. You might also want to protect yourself from flea bites, so placing a trap next to your bed or in rooms where you spend a lot of time can definitely be a good idea.

If there’s a certain spot around the house where you’ve noticed flea activity, don’t hesitate to place a trap and see how soon it gets full.

No matter if you need to deal with an infestation or you are simply preventing one, you should always keep in mind that every space around your home needs to be treated to get this done. Start with your yard and work your way into the home. Also, combine different methods for the most effective results, and keep your pets protected at all times.



Frequently asked questions about flea traps


Q: How to make a flea trap?

If you don’t want to spend your money on a flea trap you can buy, but instead want to try making one yourself, that’s easy to do. What you’ll need is a large bowl or a pie pan, some dish soap, and a light source (a candle works just fine).

What you need to do with them is pretty self-explanatory. Simply fill the bowl with water, add the dish soap and place the light source in the middle. The fleas will jump toward the light into the water. However, if you are using a candle, make sure that there is no risk of setting something on fire in the process.



Q: Do flea traps work?

Flea traps work very well for catching adults, making them an excellent addition to your home. For them to be highly effective, they need to include an element (either odor or light and heat) to lure fleas toward the glue-covered part that will then catch them for good.

If you are dealing with a heavy infestation, you might need to combine more methods to get rid of the insects, and if you have any questions on how to best approach this tailored to your needs and to the space you live in, it’s a good idea to get an expert’s opinion as well.


Q: How to make a sand flea trap?

Sand fleas are not actually insects, they are small crustaceans that can be found on various beaches. Since they jump around in the sand, they got the name of sand fleas and they do bite, so it’s best to stay away, especially if you are planning to simply take a nice walk on the beach.

If you want to catch them, you will need to use a rake and the waves to your advantage as much as possible. However, if you are not experienced with this, it’s better to ask for an expert’s opinion before getting yourself into a situation that might include bites.


Q: How do flea traps work?

These ingenious products work by luring fleas using light, heat, UV lights, or other means, and directing them toward a sticky surface that once they touch, they can no longer escape from. Of course, there are other types of traps as well on the market, some of these actually being repellents.

However, if you are thinking about getting a flea trap, you might want to go for a product that includes glue and a luring element since these can also show you if your house is infested and to what degree by observing the sticky surface.


Q: How to trap fleas in your home?

If you are dealing with fleas living under your roof, then you might want to get a good trap and place it around your home in areas that are prone to attract the majority of the adult flea population. As you can very well imagine, that’s the best way to start tackling this issue.

These areas might be where your pet spends his or her time playing, sleeping and eating. The bedroom can also be a good spot to place traps, this way protecting yourself from getting bite marks. You can also target areas where you spend more time when you are at home, such as the living room.


Q: Do bed bug traps work for fleas?

This depends on how the trap works and if it includes any powder or substance that might get the job done. Bed bugs and fleas have different habits and ways of moving around, so you need to make sure that the trap you choose works for both types of insects.

If you are not sure whether it does, you should get an expert’s opinion on this topic, as he or she can give you tailored advice that works for your home in particular. However, products that contain chemical substances might be more effective, depending on your needs.


Q: Do electric flea traps work?

Electric flea traps work very well in catching adult fleas since they use both light and heat to lure the little pesky insects toward the sticky pads that will hold them there. They are also very effective in showing you the level of infestation you are dealing with.

Electric flea traps can also be repellents, that emit pulses to actually keep fleas away from your home, but it’s better to use a combination of solutions to ensure results as quickly as possible if you believe the situation requires it. The one thing you should always do first is ensuring your pets are fully protected against fleas.


Q: How to trap fleas from carpet?

Flea traps are also very effective in luring these pest insects out of carpets and upholstery, with some products getting the job done from as far as 30 feet away. Therefore, if you want to get them out and ensure you are getting rid of them, a trap can surely get the job done.

Moreover, you can also prevent them from coming into your home by strategically placing traps around the house and regularly checking them to see if any fleas have been captured, to know what to do next. Of course, if you have pets, they need to be constantly protected by using dedicated means such as collars or substances applied directly on the skin.




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