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8 Best Cockroach Killers Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 27.11.22


Best Cockroach Killer Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you’ll be able to read about the best cockroach killer so you can finally put an end to the invaders that are constantly assaulting your house. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you’ll like what we have in store for you. After carefully examining the quality and value that some of these products have to offer, our team has come to the conclusion that the Syngenta 4041019 Gel Bait is the one you should really consider. It is specifically designed to control several species of cockroaches, it’s good for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be safely applied to food-handling areas, improving your quality of life in return. In the unfortunate event that this product is not available, you may want to bear the Bayer 4031982 Suspend Insecticide in mind.



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8 Best Cockroach Killers (Reviews) in 2022



While the title of ‘most effective cockroach killer’ is not something to easily hand out, our team has done a thorough job on this. We researched different types of products, like cockroach killer spray, cockroach killer powder, and even gels, just so we can safely show you the most popular alternatives below.



1. Syngenta 4041019 Gel Bait


The Syngenta gel bait offers superior control when it comes to getting your kitchen back from invaders, especially if your homemade cockroach killer has failed you until now. It is powered by quality compound and potent, non-repellent ingredients to ensure the roaches actually come out to eat it while being effective for up to two years.

It is a good cockroach killer which you can rely on to get the job done for you because it targets all of the main species. The ingredients used in its combination ensure the bugs cannot resist it and even the toughest and largest populations of them are quickly subdued. However, one of its main advantages is that it is safe to use in kitchens, hospitals, schools, etc.



It can be used in a wide range of places and it provides a long-lasting effect since the cockroaches tend to eat it even after it gets hard.

It has been proven to have a quick effect and you will see the invaders crawling out of their hiding places as quickly as only a few minutes after the initial application.

Another advantage is the fact that you don’t need to leave the establishment for a long time even if you are using this product.

Since it is safe to use, you can simply come back in a short while and find your roach problem taken care of.



Some people claimed that while the product worked wonders, certain species of bugs seemed to get used to it and started coming back after a while, despite reapplying the insecticide.

Reviewers also said that lately there seems to have been a change in the chemical formula, as it does not seem to be as effective as it once was.

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2. Bayer 4031982 Suspend SC Insecticide


You can rest assured of the quality of this great insecticide as it is the same one many pest control companies use. One pint of this Suspend product will make you up to 64 gallons of solution so it will take a while before you need to buy a new one.

It is an advanced-generation pyrethroid which is designed to combat more than 50 pests, giving you a large-spectrum weapon whenever you have invaders. You won’t need to apply high amounts of this insecticide as a low-concentration dose will be more than enough to get the job done, keeping you safe for a fairly long amount of time.

The fact that it can be applied in areas where food is being handled and stored is very convenient since a lot of pests tend to favor your kitchen as their hiding spot. Cockroaches, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, and all their cousins will tremble in fear when you start using this Bayer insecticide.



This product has a flexible label which will allow you to apply it on mattresses, carpets, box springs, and basically any kind of upholstery.

It also leaves no visible residue and no odor so this won’t be a problem, especially if you are using it in an area where you typically receive customers.

It’s been proven to have a long residual effect and it is pretty much an “all-around” insecticide since it also works on porous surfaces.



Even though reports say this product works wonders on all-things cockroach, the infants of this species seem to be able to get used to it as time goes on.

It seems to be a “small-species” type of problem, as some reviewers also expressed dissatisfaction with the effects this insecticide had on the common brown millipede (which is not an insect).

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3. Rockwell Labs  Invict Gold  Cockroach Gel


If the term “Roachmaggedon” tells you something, it’s probably what you heard about this product. This has been proven to be so effective it kills insects which come into contact with the carcasses of the actual victims of this insecticide.

It is a product that was specifically designed to be unique as it has certain food-grade attractants that are intentionally different from the other popular baits out there. Therefore, it’s quite possible to use something else but when bait aversion starts kicking in, you will want to have a sample of the Invict Gold around the house.

It was formulated without the eight most common food allergens so it’s very safe to use around other people, plants, and animals. Childcare and health care facilities have also found their new ally in the fight against buggy invaders.

It is available in a standard box of 35 g syringes with plunger and also a 300 g “Big Gun” tube that will fit without any problems in a regular Standard Caulking Gun.



Aside from being highly effective, the actual time it takes until you can see some results is fairly small, with roaches dying in as little as 20 minutes after eating the laid-out bait.

Reviewers report this product has successfully taken care of large bug and roaches infestations even in the renowned south.

Since you can use it both indoors and outdoors, it’s safe to say that any infestation problems that you might have are a simple order away!



Some reports are fairly mixed due to the fact that while the Rockwell product worked the first time, it seemed to have a lesser or even no effect the second time. Also, high-temperature environments like summer California seem to dry up the product pretty fast.

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4. Demon Max Insecticide Pint 25.3% Cypermethrin


This Demon Max staple product is used when you need long-term protection or even have the need to clean out a huge infestation right now. It uses a low concentration of cypermethrin that seems to get the job done really well while 1 bottle of this will net you up to 32 gallons of the finished product.

This insecticide also has some emotional value as it was the “go to” product for killing roaches in the late 80s and 90s, even though it still has a lot of value nowadays. It covers a wide range of bugs, insects, and roaches so you will be well-defended with this product on hand.

While testing, Demon Max was shown to be effective up to 90-100% of the time after 10 years in the soil, even in states which regularly face heavy termite pressure.



This is a very effective insecticide which has proven its value over the years and gathered a large fanbase.

It can be used with both high and low concentrations for good effects and it has shown its worth against roaches, bugs, fleas, etc.

The Demon Max works very fast as you should see the entire bunch of invaders wiped out in about 3-4 days like they were never there.

Reviewers are also enamored by the fact that once it’s done, the effect lasts a while so you won’t need to reapply it every month to live a roach-free life.



Since the formula is pretty old, it has a pretty bad smell which will typically require you to wear a mask when spraying the solution. You should also keep your children and your pets away for some time after applying it, just to be on the safe side.

Some customers, despite loving the short time required for the Demon Max to bear fruits, seemed to think that other products are better in the long run due to their newer formulas.

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5. Vendetta Roach Gel Bait Insecticide


This Valentino product is specifically designed to kill cockroaches in an indoor environment. It is a very powerful insecticide which will get the job done in a very efficient, albeit slower way. What we mean by this is that even though it will take about a week to see noticeable results, they will come and they will last you for a long time.

It contains Abamectin B1 and it will be delivered to you in 4 tubes which should last you quite a long time depending on how often you use it. The product is especially great in situations where gel bait is required and you are not allowed to use sprays and it has a longer shelf life than many other baits like these.

Even though you can use it for other types of invaders, remember that it was built to kill cockroaches and that is the main thing you should expect it to do.



The Vendetta gel offers great efficiency as consumers report bug-free houses for up to a year after using this product. As we said, it may take a while to start seeing some effects but you can be sure they will be there.

It is fairly reasonable when it comes to pricing, especially considering the value that you will get from it.

Many reviewers praised the bait’s ability to get to the nest and impair future generations of cockroaches.

As long as you can apply it wherever you need to, you will be free of invaders for a long time, especially since you get 4 tubes of 30g each.



Reviewers seem to say that some types of cockroaches choose to ignore the gel bait and instead opt for eating other types of insecticide, which are not necessarily as effective as this one.

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6. Rockwell Labs BAIP001 BorActin Insect Dust Insecticide


If you’re looking for a really volatile and trustworthy insecticide then the Rockwell Insect Dust is the thing you need. It will kill cockroaches, silverfish, beetles, and Palmetto bugs in a quick and efficient way.

The fact that it is made from 99% boric acid active ingredient means it will remain active until it is removed, no matter how much time passes. It is, of course, the proud owner of a broad label so feel free to use it in residential, industrial, and commercial spaces without any problems.

Compared to other insecticides, it will not break down in heat or UV light because it has a moisture-resistant formula and it is also odorless. It can also be used in new constructions to actively prevent cockroach and drywood termite infestations.



It is very versatile in its use since the new label additions allow it to perform as a liquid spray, foam, or even as a mop solution.

Dollar for dollar, it is one of the most effective products out there because it is quite cheap but it will also get the job done.

Reviewers say this also works great against ants, spider, and bugs all around the house. Another great pro seems to be the long time between invasions after applying this, but it is always good to keep it on hand even after getting rid of the invaders.

It is very easy to use, fast, and many customers were happy because they found one solution to the myriad of insects and bugs trying to get in their house.



It’s pretty hard to find negative reviews for this product, even though there are a few which say it does not work. While there are always special situations, the sheer amount of people that are happy with this Rockwell product should be enough to make you buy it.

A few buyers have reported slow, albeit certain results, but not as fast mostly everyone says.

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7. Bayer 79432135 Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel



This insecticide uses Fipronil as its active ingredient and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When used properly, it is also pet-safe so you don’t need to worry about the health of your furry friends.

Overall, it is a very efficient and trustworthy bait and a great weapon to have against normal, aberrant-feeding cockroaches. It also has a very fast effect, so quick you will be left to wonder ‘where did all the cockroaches go to?’ when they were just there this morning.

The gel remains effective for up to one year after applying it or until it is completely consumed by your invaders. Since it uses the ContactX kill technology, cockroaches simply need to touch it to die. You’ll also see a type of domino effect as even the ones who get in contact with the carcasses of the dead roaches will eventually end up dead as well.



With this gel you will see a very quick and lasting effect, possibly starting from the day you use it and lasting for up to one year.

The fact that cockroaches don’t need to actually eat it to die is a lifesaver, so this is why you shouldn’t really clean up the dead ones in the first days of getting rid of the infestation, but just leave them there.

It is considered one of the most effective roach baits out there since it the first phase it actively draws more of them in, luring them for the kill.

It’s also been proven to work great when paired up with other bug-killing substances so feel free to experiment.



Multiple customers complained about the fact that once their orders arrived they found that the products inside were out of date and thus unable to be used.

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8. Black Flag Dry Ant and Roach Killer Aerosol



If you have ant or roach problems, this is the spray that will more than likely fix it. Created specifically for indoor use, it will protect your house from the two species mentioned above and many others.

The creators used a dry formula so you can rest assured you will find no oily residue and also no odor after using this product.

Black Flag is so sure of its product, in fact, that the customers are guaranteed their money back if it does not work. In a world of thousands of insecticides and where bugs and roaches get used to the different types of poisons quickly, this is quite the confidence statement.

You won’t have to wait long to see results and this is a promise that Black Flag makes with its promotional message of “(…)Act fast and never back down”. Remember that in order for it to work on spiders you need to spray them directly, without applying the substance on the floor.



This product is very quick and effective as it flushes out the insects and comes equipped with an extension tube to help you direct the spray into cracks and crevices.

It is guaranteed to keep working for up to six months against German cockroaches, so two times every year will be more than enough to keep your house roach-free.

Another bonus is that this insecticide kills on contact so the ones it is made for do not have to eat it for it to work.

Reviewers say that their house was completely cleared of bugs within two weeks and they have not heard from them since.

The scent is also not bad for an insecticide as it comes off as a lemony, clean type of scent. Although not something you would want from an air freshener, it’s nice enough for a bug killer.



This is called a “dry” spray because after it evaporates there is little to no residue left. However, when you apply it, the spray comes out wet just like any other one and it will take a solid fifteen minutes before it dries out.

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Yearly Guide & Report


So what is the best cockroach killer? This is something we have also been asking ourselves. Many people who experience this type of problem tend to go for cheap cockroach killers and apply a ton of it in an effort to combat the invaders. Trouble is, this won’t always work and the last thing you want is those pesky troublemakers setting up shop in your kitchen.

Sure, you’ve tried a ton of cockroach killer products and maybe your wife convinced you to use that herbal cockroach killer gel because it’s not as damaging as those other poisons. Truth be told, getting rid of roaches and other such invaders is mostly a long-time chore which involves managing your environment in such a way as to stop them from seeking shelter there.

There are different types of insecticides that you can choose from when you’re feeling like a master poisoner and a whole lot of pest control products such as cockroach killer gel, liquid sprays, bait stations, and so on. The key here is making sure you know which one works for the type of insect you’re trying to get rid of.



Liquid insecticides

Trouble is, most invaders don’t come alone so probably the ideal product for you would be something like a cockroach insect killer. Liquid insecticides seem to get close to that target as they need to be sprayed close to the foundation of your problem but not right on top of it because they create an actual barrier around the troublesome place.

You will want to make sure you spray when the sun is not at its hottest since UV rays can decrease the effectiveness and leave you hanging dry, literally.


Powder insecticides

If you’re looking for a kitchen cockroach killer, this might be your best bet. Even though powders are less known, they’re really effective and easy to apply! They will also last a whole lot longer than liquid insecticides, even up to six months.

You want to make sure this gets exactly into the crack and crevices you are trying to cleanse and also on any that are around the outside of your home for added protection. You will find that these products come in finer stashes or others with larger granules, which will take longer to be absorbed into the ground.


Glue traps

This trap is a good option if you have a roach problem in a specific place and you are actively trying to target it. It has pheromones inside of it which attract the invaders and get them stuck and unable to move. You will generally want to use them with other types of bug-killers to ensure the best possible effect.

Please remember that these traps can be very dangerous for children or pets so you should make sure to secure the problematic area before installing them.




Whatever you use, don’t forget that some insects and bugs are bound to be resistant to some types of poisons so don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it right from the first try. Inform yourself, read as many cockroach killer reviews as you can, and make sure to choose the correct type of insecticide so you can win the war against roaches without much effort. As they say: “discretion is the better part of valor”.




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