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7 Best Ant Traps – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 05.02.23


Top Traps for Ants – Guide & Comparison


If you have very little time on your hands and want to find out what the best ant traps are, you came to the right place. We have done a lot of research on this topic and analyzed many products, customer reviews, as well as experts’ recommendations. As such, we concluded that a product that you should definitely keep in mind is the TERRO T300B Liquid Baits. The baits contain Borax, which is an active ingredient that has the capacity to kill ants and their entire colonies. The product is very easy to use and very effective, as well. It works by attracting the insects and allowing them to leave after they have finished feeding. These ants take the lethal dose back to their colony where they share it. Soon, all of them die. In case our first suggestion is not what you are looking for, we recommend that you also keep the Wildlife Accessories WAANTRED in mind.



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7 Best Ant Traps (Reviews) in 2023



Since this category is so diverse and the products in this section work so differently, we decided to make a list of the best rated ant traps and let you decide which type best suits your needs. You can find the products showcased below.



1. Terro T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits


If you are looking for indoor ant traps, this product is the answer! Once you start using this item, you will notice more ants in the beginning. This happens because these insects forage for food, so they will be attracted to the sugary liquid that is inside the bait station.

The TERRO T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant Baits contain Borax, an active ingredient that will slowly start to interfere with the ants’ digestive systems, finally killing them. The good thing is that this component allows them to go back to their colonies and share the dose.

The ant baits are very easy to use. However, before you place the stations, make sure you remove any sources of food from the area so the ants will not be attracted elsewhere. Also, don’t place the stations in places where insecticides were sprayed, as the insects might avoid those areas.



Use bait in order to clean ant-infested areas. This product contains liquid ant baits that will assist you in removing the pests.

The baits contain a sweet, sugary liquid that attracts ants like a magnet. The active ingredient used in the formula is Borax, which slowly, but surely kills these insects.

This slow-killing process is an advantage because it gives the ants enough time to get back to the colony and spread the lethal dose.

The product is very easy to use, and after just two weeks, you will get complete control over the ant invasion.

You can easily place these baits under appliances, along baseboards, on windowsills, or wherever you see more ants.



The manufacturer recommends replacing the traps with new ones every three months. This seems like a life dependency on the product that not all customers are very happy about.

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2. Trap It Ant Carded Trap Color Red


Ants do not represent an issue just because they can get into our homes. Even outside, there are some places where you do not want to find these insects. For instance, ants can be attracted to hummingbird or oriole feeding stations. As we know, these insects are drawn to any areas where they can find food.

The Wildlife Accessories WAANTRED Trap was designed to prevent ants as well as other crawling insects from reaching these feeding stations. The trap is made of resistant plastic that can withstand any weather and has a long-time efficiency.

This unit is very easy to install as you simply need to hang it between the hook and the hanger. Then, you need to fill it with six ounces of water in order to create a barrier that would keep the stealing pests away. This ant moat can be mounted with two 0.38-inch diameter hangers that are plated for great weather protection.



Since ants are drawn to any places where they can find food, this product is an excellent option to secure the hummingbird and oriole feeders from your yard.

What is so great about this ant trap is that you get to keep pesky crawling insects away from your feeding stations without having to use any pesticides which might harm the birds.

Another advantage is that it is super easy to mount. You simply hang the ant moat between the hook and the hanger, and fill it with 6 oz of water. This builds a protective barrier against bugs.

The unit is made from high-quality plastic that is resistant to weather and very durable.



In drier areas, the water from the trap evaporates quite fast, so you need to refill it often.

It would have been more useful if the plastic was see-through so that users could check the water level easier.

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3. Tanglefoot Tree Insect Barrier Tub


In case you are looking for outdoor ant traps that would protect your trees from various crawling insects, our next candidate is definitely worth your consideration. The formula is ideal to keep away ants, gypsy moths, weevils, cankerworms, cutworms, caterpillars, and moths.

The first step is to fasten a Tanglewood Barrier Band around the tree trunk. You can also use similar waterproof paper and even material. Then, you can apply the Ortho Tanglefoot Tree Insect Barrier onto the band using a disposable paddle or a putty knife in order to spread 3 x 1/16 inches. The solution works by trapping crawling bugs that walk across the sticky band.

Once an area becomes covered with insects or debris, you should remove the band and replace it with a new one. It is recommended to remove these bands at the end of the season. This product is ready-to-use, it is available in different sizes, and it comes as an easy-to-use kit.



With this product, you can offer your trees long-lasting and waterproof protection against crawling insects like ants, moths, gypsy moths, cutworms, cankerworms, or caterpillars.

It is very easy to use, at it only requires two steps to apply. First, fasten a barrier band, or other similar waterproof paper, then apply the tree barrier over it.

All the crawling bugs that walk across the band will remain trapped on the sticky material.

Moreover, you only need to change the band if it gets completely covered with insects and debris, or at the end of the season.

Another advantage is that the product comes as an easy and ready-to-use kit.



This formula works better in the shade. If it is constantly in the sun the effectiveness wears down faster, as some comments have been made in this sense.

Not all users like it when the solution drips off the tape onto the tree.

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4. Terro T3206 Spider & Insect Trap


If you are wondering how to trap ants, you should know that there are many products on the market that can help you in this sense. For example, you can use an option that kills not only ants but also cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, crickets, as well as other crawling bugs. This is an excellent option to protect yourself as it traps and kills unwanted visitors.

The Terro T3206 Spider & Insect Trap is an easy-to-use, as well as pesticide-free solution. Thanks to the sticky surface, the crawlers get stuck and die. This product contains four ready-to-use glue tapes.

Moreover, the traps can be used by placing them lying flat on the floor, or they can be folded in order to prevent pets and even children from coming into contact with the sticky surface. You should know that these items are non-toxic, so if you want to use ant traps safe around pets, this is a good choice.



First of all, this product is a safe way to keep yourself and your family, as well as your pets safe from unwanted and even potentially dangerous insects.

One pack comes with four glue tapes that are ready-to-use. They can be laid flat on the floor or folded so that children or pets cannot reach the sticky surface.

They are very efficient against ants, crickets, cockroaches, and even more dangerous crawlers such as spiders or scorpions. They get stuck on the surface and eventually die.

Moreover, the sticky surface is non-toxic and no pesticides are used in the composition of this product.



Although it comes as an indoor trap, users who tried it outdoor said that they are inhumane to small animals and birds. For solutions outside your home, look for other alternatives.

There were customers who complained about not catching any spiders, while many others said that they caught a lot.

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5. Tomcat Household Pest Glue Boards


The next product on our list is an affordable option to capture ants, roaches, spiders, scorpions, mice, rats, and other small bugs. These glue boards or adhesive traps, if you like, are also a great way to monitor for insect and rodent activity.

The traps are ready-to-use right out of the box. They feature a large capture area that provides superior catch and hold power. You should not, however, place them in places your pet can reach because they are really sticky.

Moreover, the Tomcat Household Pest Glue Boards are pesticide-free and non-toxic. One pack comes with four such traps. As you know, when you want to buy something, the product is one thing, and in some cases, the reality is another.

According to many ant trap reviews, this product is highly appreciated by buyers who tried it. Some of them even mentioned that this is a great option for someone looking for cheap ant traps.



This is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable but also effective way to get rid of unwanted crawling insects and animals.

One pack contains four adhesive traps that are ready-to-use and have a large capture area that is very sticky.

The boards are effective against various insects such as ants and cockroaches, arachnids like spiders and scorpions, but also rodents like mice and rats.

This option also offers you the possibility to monitor the rodent and insect activity from your house.

You might like to know that the sticky surface is non-toxic and it is pesticide-free as well.



These bands are really sticky and some customers did not like the fact that they also ended up killing lizards and other reptiles.

Although most buyers are pleased with the price, there are some who mentioned that they got cheaper options that are just as effective.

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6. Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips


Are you wondering how long ant traps take to work? Well, it depends on the type of product, and the components they contain. For example, the next candidate on our list comes in the form of strips that are formulated specifically for the purpose of drawing ants very quickly.

They contain a fast-acting insecticide called Fipronil, which is known to be one of the most powerful ant killers.

Once the ants get to the Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips and eat from the bait, it is only a matter of hours until they die. Furthermore, this is enough time for the worker ants to return to the colony and share the bait.

This way, the entire colony is exterminated in a relatively short period. These strips are very easy to use, and they feature a new and discreet design, so you can easily place them in hard-to-reach places. You will get three packs with five strips each.



If you order this product, you will get three packs of five strips, representing a very effective way to exterminate entire ant colonies.

Fipronil is a fast-acting insecticide and it is included in the composition of these strips. The ants take the bait, return home, share the dose with the others, and the colony is exterminated.

When we mentioned fast-acting, we mean a few hours. The fact that the worker ants can return to their colony means that you will not end up with dead bodies around the house.

Furthermore, these ant traps are very easy to use as you simply need to place them in hard-to-reach places and let them do the rest.



It seems that these strips might be less effective for some types of ants. One user who has issues with biting ants said that these traps did not help too much.

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7. Tangle Foot 018441950082 Brush On Sticky Trap Coating


Our next product on this list is a good ant trap that can help you detect and also monitor pests around your home without the use of any harmful pesticides. The formula is ready to use and will maintain sticky until it is covered with insects and debris. You can use it to re-coat existing traps or even create custom traps.

With the Tanglefoot 300000588, you can protect your yard, garden, greenhouse, orchard, or field. When you want to use this product, firs, you need to stir it with the brush applicator that is also included. Then, all you need to do is coat the trap surface.

You have many options when it comes to creating the traps. You can use glass, plastic cups, wood, waxed cardboard, and any other non-porous surfaces. It is recommended to attach your traps to starches or even keep them suspended to avoid your children or pets coming in contact with them.



Create custom ant traps or re-coat the existing ones using this effective sticky trap coating and protect the surroundings of your home such as the yard, garden, or greenhouse.

It is a pesticide-free formula that is ready to use by simply applying it with the use of a brush applicator.

You can apply the coating on any non-porous surface like paper cups, glass, or wood.

Unlike sticky boards or adhesive traps for ants, you do not have to replace the trap once it is covered with insects and debris. You can simply apply another layer which is extremely convenient.



You need to be very careful when using this product as it is extremely sticky and if your skin touches it by accident, not even rubbing alcohol works to remove it.

The brush applicator is short and it does not reach the bottom of the jar, which is an inconvenience.

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Yearly Guide & Report


As you may already know, ants can leave bad odors, cause bites that are quite painful, and are a nuisance in the house because they forage for food, water, and shelter as well.

For this reason, it is important to find ways to keep them out of your home. The solutions to this issue are multiple because the products in this line are very diverse. So, let us see what you should consider when looking for ant traps.

Types of traps

The best indoor ant traps usually come in the form of sticky boards or bait traps with various pesticides. The sticky boards get the insect stuck and it will eventually die. There are many options that are actually suitable for other pests such as cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, and even rodents.

The second option, on the other hand, ant bait traps, attract these insects and trick them into feeding on the formula. Then, the ants in question go back to their families and share their food resulting in the extermination of the entire colony. The best ant bait traps usually contain active ingredients such as Borax or Fipronil.

When it comes to outdoor traps, sticky boards are not so recommended because they can harm and kill other animals as well. You can use ant moats for your bird feeding stations, protective barriers for the trees, and other types of adhesive traps that are strictly meant for crawling insects.

Another option is to create custom traps. There are sticky formulas designed for this purpose that allow you to coat various surfaces and create your own insect traps. To attract them, you can add something sweet and make sugar ant traps, for example.

There are other options as well, such as sprays containing insecticides, but we are not going into detail about this alternative here.



If you are going to use these traps in and around your house, you need to make sure that they will not cause any harm to you, your children, or even your pets.

The first thing to consider in this sense is where you are going to place the traps. Sticky boards, as well as bait ant traps, should be placed in hard-to-reach areas where your children or your pets cannot come in contact with them.

Also, there are many pesticide-free, non-toxic ant traps out there that are much safer to use, so we recommend selecting this alternative.


How fast do they act?

Another thing to consider is time. How fast do you need your ant situation solved? Even the best ant bait traps can take some time to make their effects shown.

Slow-acting pesticides release a poison that takes some time to kill these insects. Fast-acting compounds kill ants on contact, but they are also more toxic. That is why we did not cover these types of products in this article.

Types of ants

You should know that while a certain trap can work very well for one type of ant, it may not have the same effect on another. For this reason, it is recommended that you examine the ants in your home first, and identify which type they are.

The most common ants usually found in and outside homes are fire ants, carpenter ants, ghost ants, pavement ants, and Argentine ants.




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