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6 Best Mouse Poisons – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 16.04.24


Top Poisons for Mice – Guide & Comparison


If you are looking to find the best mouse poison, but you don’t have the time or energy to go through all of the products available, you have come to the right place. After examining the numerous options available, we have concluded that the one you should consider is the Neogen Havoc 116372. The mouse poison pellets are very effective and combine brodifacoum with a special mixture of highly attractive bait ingredients that mice won’t be able to resist. It can kill both rats and mice, giving you a comprehensive solution to your problems. It contains bitrex, which is a child and non-target deterrent, making this unit safe to use around and inside the house or outside. In the event that you are unable to find our first pick available but you are still determined to get the best mouse poison on the market, we recommend you keep the Farnam Just One Bite in mind.



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6 Best Mouse Poisons (Reviews) in 2024



We have selected a diverse list of products to help you find the most effective mouse poison for your needs. The list below includes critically acclaimed products that have successfully proven their efficiency. There you will also be able to find an alternative for every budget, no matter how small.



1. Neogen Havoc 116372 Rodenticide Bait Place Packs


The Neogen Havoc is a commercial mouse poison that combines brodifacoum with a special mixture of highly attractive bait ingredients, and patented food processing techniques to give you one of the strongest anticoagulant rodenticides available for sale. The results can be seen after just a few days since most mice and rats will die hours after ingestion.

The Havoc alternative offers an excellent base for superior palpability. The meal bait product will attract rodents as it contains seeds and grains and food-grade ingredients to provide the pests with a variety of flavors and textures. The single-feed rodenticide is ready to use and offers a unique bait delivery system.

As far as customer feedback is concerned, we are happy to report that the vast majority of users are pleased with the performance that this alternative offers. The vast majority of pests will get eradicated within the first day of using it.



Since with this option you get one of the strongest anticoagulant rodenticides on the market, you can be certain that your mouse problems will be dealt with successfully.

The use of bitrex which is a child and non-target deterrent ensures that this is a pet-safe mouse poison, that you can also use inside the house as long as you follow the instructions closely and make sure that your kids or pets cannot come in contact with it.

It can kill both mice and rats in a single night’s feeding, and the pelleted form allows it to be easily distributed in bait stations.

The bait does not have any unpleasant odors and the pellets come in sealed bags for trouble-free distribution.

Since the pellets come in individually packaged bags that are stored in a reclosable plastic bucket, you can continue using them for several years without having to worry about spoilage.



Since this is a very potent poison, you will need to follow extensive safety instruction before and after using it, something that users found a bit scary.

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2. Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks


The Farman formula is designed for use in and around agricultural buildings only. The mouse poison blocks feature nibble ridges which will encourage house mice and rats to chew on them.

The blocks have a hole in the center so that they can fit in most bait stations, making this choice a pet-friendly mouse poison.

Norway rats and house mice can eat a lethal dose in just one feeding which makes the Farnam alternative very successful at getting rid of all unwanted pests in just a few weeks. The first dead rodents will begin to die within four to five days after eating the poison.

The rodenticide is very powerful, and the active ingredient can work even on some types of poison-resistant rats, which means that if you’ve tried other option and rodents still don’t give you peace, this choice might be worth a chance. It can also kill roaches.



The versatile formula is strong enough to kill mice, Norway rats, and roof rats after just one bite.

The strong formula is for use in and around agricultural buildings but many customers have reported excellent results when using it around the house in bait stations.

Since the blocks are compatible with most bait stations, if you are a pet owner and don’t want to risk your dog or cat accidentally ingesting the poison, this product is exactly what you should get.

After examining the buyer reviews, we found that the poison can also be used to get rid of some of the squirrels that might trouble your yard.

The product is treated with S-methoprene to protect it from insect infestation.



While there is no debate about the efficiency of this product, the price is very high and considering the amount of product that you get, not everyone will be able to afford it.

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3. First Strike Soft Bait Rat Mice Rodenticide Poison


The name of this brand is very suggestive since once you have placed the bait in the trap, mice will only need a few bites to get a lethal dose. Placing the small packs is very easy thanks to the soft nature of the poison. It contains difethialone as the main active ingredient. This option does not use wax, it relies on an intense aroma that will make rodents come running to have a taste.

Unlike other soft baits, this option does not melt which makes it very easy to clean and service the bait stations. To add to that, the First Strike alternative contains bromadiolone which shows effects days after consuming it. Thus, the mice and rats will die after about 4 to 5 days of consuming it.

The bait can be used inside or outside your house. You will need to use 2 to 8 packs per station when dealing with rats, while mice will only require 2 to 4 packs.



The poison kills slowly but very effectively, allowing rodents to eat the bait over the course of a few days and ensure they get a deadly dosage.

The nice aroma, soft texture and lack of wax make this option very attractive to mice and rats, and as long as you place them strategically, all rodents will get eradicated.

There is no need to worry about the mouse bait melting since this option is specifically designed to make cleaning and servicing the bait station simple and quick.

The soft texture is not only attractive to mice and rats but will also allow the packs to be attached to the bait station rods easily.

It can be used both outdoors and indoors.



It is not a good choice if you want to get a mouse poison safe for dogs.

The instructions mention that it should not be used in areas that are populated by Warfarin-resistant Norway rats.

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4. Motomco Tomcat Mouse and Rat Pack


This option is designed for people that have problems with house mice, roof rats, or Norway rats found around their home or any other building or structure. As long as you don’t have any children or pets, you can also use it in the house.

Since this is not a child or cat-safe mouse poison, you will need to use appropriate bait traps.

With this product, you get a pail that contains 22 pouches of bait together with detailed instructions for use, safety warnings, and advice on using it around children and pets. Each of the 22 pouches contains three ounces of product, which makes up a single dose for one rat. Mice will require smaller amounts.

The active ingredient for this option is Diphacinone, a first-generation anticoagulant which is highly effective at killing most types of mice and rats. It takes a few days for the pests to die after consuming the bait.



The 22 packs in the pail give you enough poison to eradicate a whole colony of mice or rats and will ensure that you will have some spare left if they need more.

The active ingredient kills the rodents in a few days so that they can come back for more without alerting other rats or mice that there is something wrong with the food source.

You can use them with mouse poison traps if you have children or animals to ensure that the poison does not end up where it shouldn’t.

The vast majority of customers have reported excellent results after using this option, with many claiming that it managed to get rid of mice and rat colonies in just one week.



Some rodents can build up resistance to Diphacinone, so it is possible for it not to work very well for you if you are unlucky and have first-generation-resistant mice or rats around the house.

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5. Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx


The MOTOMCO pick is a cheap mouse poison that manages to offer the same level of quality and reliability as the more expensive alternatives. It uses Diphacinone as the active ingredient and can kill both mice and rats in your house slowly but efficiently.

Since it contains first-generation anticoagulant, it needs to be fed continuously to the pests for it to have the greatest impact on them.

The blocks are very easy to place outside on the farm or inside your home, but you will need to be cautious if you plan to use it indoors since it is dangerous for kids and pets. Make sure that you study the instructions carefully.

It is manufactured with human food-grade ingredients that mice and rats will have a hard time resisting. For the best results, you should place it strategically and use it together with a plastic bait trap so that the other critters do not attempt to eat it.



Thanks to the all-weather formula, you can use this poison both indoors and outdoors since it can handle even the most intense weather conditions.

The ingredients are not only harmful to rodents, but they will also attract them and their friends before killing them after a few days.

Mice and rats are killed slowly but steadily so that the entire colony can get a good taste of the bait before they can realize it is poisoned.

Customers have commented that the product is very easy to use and it has a long shelf life so that you don’t have to use it all at once.

This affordable pack is enough to wipe out the entire population of mice or rats in your house and its surroundings.



The mice or rats will need to feed multiple times for the active ingredient of the bait to function, which might make people that want an immediate solution to their rodent problems feel dissatisfied.

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6. JT Eaton 754 Top Gun Pellet Place Packs Rodenticide


The Top Gun rodenticide is a neurological bait with pellets that is specially formulated to attract and eliminate mice and rats efficiently. The active ingredient is Bromethalin 0.01-percent, and it can efficiently eliminate rodents and other small pests in just a few days after they have consumed the lethal dose.

You get a total of 128 packs of pellets, and each one is individually sealed so that it can remain active and efficient for prolonged periods. The average time of death is of 1-2 days and the “stop-feed” action will prevent rodents from feeding after consuming a deadly dose.

It is also effective against mice and rats that are anticoagulant resistant, which makes this alternative a worthy choice if you found that products that use brodifacoum as the active ingredient don’t work for you. The pellets are efficient all year round, in both the freezing winter days and in the warmth of the summer.



The pellets are made with a blend of natural foods that will attract rodents, while the active ingredient will kill them quickly with an average death in 1-2 days.

The active ingredient is Bromethalin which is a neurological bait with a stop feeding feature to help conserve the bait since rodents will only eat enough to get the lethal dose.

This is a good mouse poison to use if you have kids since it contains bitrex which is a substance that deters consumption by children. You should still use tamper-resistant bait stations around pets and children.

Thanks to its quick action time, the Top Gun bait is perfect for situations where a quick clean up is needed.

It works as a maintenance bait as well thanks to its stop feeding feature.



The product is a bit more expensive than some of the other similar options, but you do get improved efficiency.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you are looking to find the best mouse bait poison, but you are not sure which the features that matter the most are, the following buyer’s guide will answer all of your questions. We have looked at numerous consumer reports, expert opinions, and reviews to identify the factors one ought to consider when purchasing this type of product.



Types of poisons

There are three main types of active ingredients in the mouse poisons that you can find on the market nowadays, and these are Bromadiolone, Brodifacoum, and Diphacinone. These active ingredients are called anticoagulants since they make the animal bleed internally until it dies.

Bromadiolone is a second-generation anticoagulant that is very efficient against mice, rats, and general rodents. It is odorless and usually yellow or white in color. It works by preventing the body of the rodent from recycling the vitamin K that is needed to clot the blood. Once the mice run out of it, it will take them a few days until they bleed to death internally.

Brodifacoum is another anticoagulant that is very similar to Bromadiolone since it too inhibits the body from being able to recycle vitamin K. It has a mode of action that is slightly different, but in the end, it should work just as efficiently.

The last anticoagulant is Diphacinone and while it works by the same principle as the other two, it is considered to be weaker since it required multiple feedings for it to work. All of these poisons do have an antidote so if you suspect that you or your pets have been exposed to them, you should contact your doctor or vet immediately.


Single feed vs. multiple feed poisons

These two terms refer to how much poison the pest needs to ingest before it dies. Single feed poison will kill the mice in just one feeding, while for multiple feed alternatives the animal will need to feed off of it several times until it gets a lethal dose.

This is the reason why after looking at numerous mouse poison reviews, we have concluded that it is best to avoid multiple feed poisons for mice since they only need to eat 1/10 ounce of food per day. Multiple feed poisons are best used for rats which will get the lethal dose faster.



Additional information

If you have kids or pets you may also need to consider getting a poison trap. This is a plastic container that holds the poisonous substance, and that then can be locked so that children or pets can’t get to it. This is a better solution than having to get a natural mouse poison that is pet-safe since often these products can be twice as expensive as conventional poisons.

You should not be alarmed if the poison you have purchased has an unattractive smell since it does not necessarily mean that it has gone bad. Many mouse poisons try to have a desirable smell so that they can attract the pests, but what smells good for mice is not always good to humans.

If you’re using the poison inside the home, you can combat the strong smell with essential oils. That should mask the smell for you but still leave it recognizable for the rodents.




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