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5 Best Mosquito Coils Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 27.11.22


Best Mosquito Coil Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Finding and using the best mosquito coil become mandatory now that summer is here. Since the market offers a rich variety of such items and identifying the one that best suits your needs might take time, we have examined some of the most popular products available for sale and concluded that the PIC C-8-24 is the first option to consider. The product can be employed for many outdoor uses and each coil is designed to keep mosquitoes away for 5-7 hours. You can thus use it for patios, porches, and campsites. By creating a smoke barrier and burning for several hours, the coils will help you make sure that there are no bugs to disturb you. The coils are available in a variety of packs in order for you to find the one that covers your entire area of interest. In case this item is out of stock, you might want to try the W4W Citronella.



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5 Best Mosquito Coils (Reviews) in 2022



Given the many products available these days, it might take lots of time and research to find the best mosquito repellent coils. To simplify your shopping experience and help you buy mosquito coils with greater ease, we have compiled below a list of mosquito coil reviews. Check it out for a more informed decision.



1. Pic C-8-24 8-Pack Mosquito Repellent Coils


Enjoying some quality time with your dear ones out there into the open when the warm season comes might be troubled at times and if your concern is related to mosquitoes and their activity near your place, then this product from Pic might be of interest.

The 2-pack version contains 16 coils that were designed to repel such unwanted visitors yet the product is also available in smaller or larger packs in order to cover smaller or greater areas. The coils will keep bugs away by creating a smoke barrier and burning for 5-7 hours.

They can be employed for patios, porches, campsites, and other outdoor areas. One coil should be used for every 10 feet, which means that this pack version will cover a great area or will help you meet your needs for a longer time. Given the way they work, the coils ensure ease of use.



Easy to use and place, these mosquito coils will help you repel such intruders from a variety of outdoor areas.

They can be lit up easily and can be used for porches, patios, campsites, and other such places.

The coils create a smoke barrier and burn for 5-7 hours, which will discourage mosquitoes from reaching your place.

The coil packs are available in various sizes including 8 to 24 coils, so you can easily find a pack to cater to your specific needs.

Since every coil should be placed every 10 feet, a pack will help you either cover greater areas or cater to your mosquito-related needs for a longer time.



Utmost attention should be paid when separating the coils as they may break easily, as one user mentions in an online review.

Some buyers may find the product to be a bit on the expensive side.

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2. W4W Mosquito Repellent Coils Outdoor Use


If you often engage in outdoor activities or you simply love to spend time out into the open when the weather gets warmer yet your fun is troubled by mosquitoes, these mosquito outdoor citronella coils are worth considering if you want to keep them away from your property.

Designed to be employed for porches, patios, pool areas, backyards, and other such outdoor areas, the coils are easy to use and place. Thanks to the coil holders included, the items can be used immediately upon arrival. Each coil burns and keeps mosquitoes away for 5-7 hours. It is best to use them in areas where there is little breeze or no breeze at all.

Since each coil covers up to 10 feet, the 3-pack version including 12 coils will help you cater to your needs for a longer time and cover a greater area. The product is available even in larger packs that include 20 or 48 coils.



Ideal for many outdoor uses, these mosquito repellent coils will help you enjoy the time you spend outdoors and rid of the nuisance such uninvited guests can cause.

The coils can be used for a variety of outdoor areas including porches, patios, pool areas, and backyards.

One coil will cover up to 10 feet and since the smallest pack available includes 12 coils, you will be able to keep mosquitoes at bay for a longer time or cover a greater area.

Each pack contains the stands needed to hold the coils, therefore, you just have to place them in the area of interest and light them in order to create the smoke that repels mosquitoes.

The coils burn for 5-7 hours, which means that once you place and light them, you can easily cater to your other needs and let them do their job.



The coils may break easily according to a few users.

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3. Off! Mosquito 6 Count Coil Refills


Getting ready for the warm season involves the use of a good mosquito coil if you intend to spend lots of your free time outdoors and you know that mosquitoes are regular visitors in your area. Thus, this product from SC Johnson is worth trying, given the effectiveness and ease of use delivered.

The pack contains 6 coil refills that will help you cover your needs for a long time and repel mosquitoes from various outdoor areas. The coils should be placed in semi-confined areas such as decks, porches, and yards where there is minimal breeze since a stronger wind will affect the mosquito coil effectiveness.

Each coil is designed to last up to 4 hours and you will get to enjoy up to 10 ft. x 10 ft. repellency per coil. What’s great about this product is that, unlike other similar products, it ensures a fresh scent. You can save the tray and container for future use after you’ve finished the coils.



Created to help you keep mosquitoes at bay and thus enjoy your various outdoor activities undisturbed, these coils are easy to use and place.

Each coil lasts up to 4 hours and covers up to 10 feet.

A pack that includes 6 coil refills will help you repel such intruders for a longer time if you don’t have a generous outdoor space or fully cover a greater area.

The coils can be used for semi-confined areas such as porches, patios, decks, and yards where there is no wind.

They will repel mosquitoes by creating a smoke barrier and burning yet the scent delivered is fresh, so you can go on with your various activities.

Once the coils have finished, you can save the tray for future use.



The duration and results ensured by the coils are affected if the items are used in areas where there is breeze or wind.

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4. PIC 4322 Mosquito Repellent


Ridding your various outdoor areas of mosquitoes is nothing complicated if you use these coils from PIC. The items were designed to help you carry out your various outdoor tasks or simply relax and enjoy the nice weather and do so without unwanted company.

The pack contains 4 coils and each of them burns for 5-7 hours and covers up to 10 feet. Considering these features, you can use a pack for a greater area or to repel mosquitoes for a longer time if you only employ a coil now and then.

Using them is easy as they need to be lit and then left to burn in order to create the smoke that discourages mosquitoes from reaching your place. Plus, the pack comes with all the steps you need to take to use the coils properly and safely. They can be employed for porches, patios, and other similar areas.



Ideal for various outdoor areas including porches and patios, these coils are committed to helping you repel mosquitoes and keep your property free of such pests so you can enjoy your various activities undisturbed.

Each coil covers up to 10 feet and burns for 5-7 hours in still air, which means you can use the 4-coil pack for a longer time or to cover a greater area.

The pack includes instructions in order for you to use the coils safely and properly and enjoy successful results.

In case you need to use the coil for a shorter time, you can easily save the rest of the coil by breaking it into the desired length and placing it on a coil holder.



The coils broke easily, as one user says.

Some buyers found the price to be a bit high for the number of coils included.

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5. OFF! 51806 Mosquito Coil


If your summer spare time often finds you outdoors engaging in various activities and you want to make sure that you will get to enjoy your hobbies or carry out different tasks without the nuisance mosquitoes can cause, you might want to try these mosquito coils from SC Johnson.

Since such pests are almost everywhere once the temperature rises, you need to cover a greater area in order to fully rid your outdoor space of them. That’s why this pack includes 4 coils that will help you cater to such needs for a longer time or to cover various areas at the same time.

Using them involves no complicated steps yet you need to handle the coils carefully to avoid mishaps. Once lit, the coils will create a smoke that will repel mosquitoes and thus keep your area free of such intruders. They are designed for outdoor use only.



Making sure that your outdoor area won’t be a place mosquitoes will want to visit is easier with these coils.

The products are easy to use as all you have to do is to light them and let them burn and thus create the smoke that repels mosquitoes.

Even if the coils will rid your outdoor area of such pests by burning, they have a pleasant smell so you won’t be disturbed as far as this aspect is regarded.

The pack includes 4 coils that you can use at the same time to cover a greater area or to cater to such needs for a longer time in case you only use one now and then.

If you don’t need an entire coil to cover your outdoor area, you can simply extinguish and relight it when needed.

They can be employed for patios, porches, and other similar areas.



The product might fall a bit on the expensive side.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Summer is a lot about spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, pests are likely to affect that quality time you might be having with your friends and family. Luckily, though, the market now offers all sorts of products to help you keep such uninvited guests at bay.

In case your problem goes by the name of mosquito and you’re on the lookout for repellents that will discourage such visitors from reaching your property, this guide might be of help as we have highlighted below a few factors to consider before buying mosquito coils.

Effectiveness and safety

Do mosquito coils work? This is the first question many of us have when these repellents are mentioned. Yes, they do work and they do so by using a mix of substances that either kill or repel mosquitoes. It’s true that, depending on the substances used, some of them are more effective than others.

They thus contain insecticides that will kill the mosquitoes or aromatic scents that will repel them and thus reduce the likelihood of bites. When interested in getting such products, make sure you check the ingredient list. You will often see pyrethroids as the main chemical used in mosquito repellents.

This synthesized version of Pyrethrin is not only biodegradable but is also considered to be the safest chemical used in such items. By affecting the mosquito’s nervous system, the chemical will make the insect go away or die but it will do that without affecting mammals.

But is a mosquito coil safe for babies? The insecticides used in such products are considered to be safe yet the problem that occurs is with the matter a smoldering mosquito coil produces.

Even if research is still needed to find out more about how much exposure to this smoke can affect not only a baby’s but also an adult’s health, it is best to use such repellents outdoors and avoid prolonged exposure.


Ease of use, burn time, and area covered

Mosquito coils are generally the same. What your pack will get you is most probably a few coil refills and a stand or more to hold the coils. Using them is easy as all you have to do is to place the coils in the area of interest, light them, and let them burn.

Now, what you have to keep in mind before buying is the area you want to protect. Mosquito coils usually burn for 4-7 hours and each of them should be placed every 10 feet. The market offers packs of various sizes, therefore, choose according to your needs.



Your budget will also have a word to say and since the market offers both expensive and cheap mosquito coils, it won’t be difficult to find what you need without breaking the wallet. You might wonder what the difference is between cheap and expensive insect coils. It has probably something to do with their effectiveness.

Some buyers say that they work the same and sometimes the high price tag is not justified. Read more user reviews before buying if you’re not sure about a certain product.




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