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12 Best Mosquito Zappers Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 27.11.22


Best Mosquito Zapper Review – Top Rated Models in 2022 with Buying Guide


Are you looking for the best mosquito zapper? Then you are in the right place. Since we know that doing your own research can be time-consuming, we are here to give you a hand and provide the answers you are looking for. Our team has taken its time to carefully go through a lot of information gathered from the market and experts in this field and concluded that the zapper you should take into consideration is Flowtron’s FC-8800 model. With a coverage area that goes up to 2 acres, this industrial-sized electronic unit uses 5,600 volts at 2.4 amps to help you get rid of those pesky flying insects. Moreover, given its design, the unit can be installed either vertically or horizontally, while the removable collection tray makes its maintenance an easy task. If you cannot find this particular model in your area, the next suitable alternative is Flowtron’s Mc9000 zapper.



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12 Best Mosquito Zappers (Reviews) in 2022



Finding the best bug zapper for mosquitoes is not such an easy task since there are many models in this category you can choose from. However, you should not be worried, as below there’s a selection specially created to help you out, by showcasing the most sought-after models along with a comprehensive review for each one.



1. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device


Given that this is an industrial-sized electronic device that comes with multiple functionalities, Flowtron’s FC-8800 is a good mosquito zapper that you will be able to rely on. One of the first things you should know about this unit is that it’s also recommended for outdoor residential areas, which might come in handy if you are looking for an effective solution for your yard.

Thanks to its glow-tube, glow-panel reflector technology, the FB-8800 ensures a maximum catching capability, given that it’s very appealing to insects. The UV lights included in its construction also help when it comes to attracting a wide range of flying insects.

This device includes an AC Powered Killing Grid that can generate 5,600 volts at 2.4 amps, while the power cord has a length of 67”. With measurements of 12″ x 12″ x 27″, the unit is made of high-impact outdoor-grade plastic, and it features a chrome-plated grid.



In terms of effectiveness, the FC-8800 can control night-flying insects on a surface that goes up to 2 acres, while it doesn’t require any glue boards.

Its 120-watt UV light functionality includes 3 high-intensity 40-watt ultraviolet bulbs that successfully lure insects, thus covering a surface of 2,000 sq. feet indoors.

Given its design, this Flowtron model can be mounted both vertically or horizontally, according to the available space.

The removable collection tray makes everything easier since you can maintain the unit without too much hassle.



This zapper is a rather heavy one, so you might need some assistance to set it up and get it to work.

Because the unit works for many hours throughout the day, the light bulbs will most probably need to be replaced after a while, so you might want to purchase additional ones from the beginning.

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2. Flowtron MC9000 Residential Bug Fighter


If you are looking for a reliable mosquito zapper for outdoor use, then you might find Flowtron’s model to be a very interesting alternative. Specially built for residential use, the Mc9000 is an electronic flying insect killer that can cover up to 2 acres. Plus, it comes with features and improvements that make it one of the most sought-after alternatives in its category.

The new and improved glow tube reflector incorporates a technology that intensifies and re-radiates black UV light, this way ensuring a 360° effectiveness. What this means is that you don’t need to worry about insects not being attracted to it.

Moreover, the unit’s construction also includes an improved vertical rod killing grid that offers four times more surface area for maximum efficiency. This element features a chrome plated grill, while the unit’s construction includes three 40W UV bulbs. Plus, given that these can be easily replaced also means an improved overall user experience.



Since the Mc9000 model includes 120 watts of black light energy, it provides great ultraviolet luring power which makes it effective against mosquitos and other insects.

The powerful killing grid that goes up to 5,600 volts is one of the top performing functionalities in its category.

The design features a patented non-clog killing grid which eliminates insect build-up that can otherwise cause clogging, short circuits, or other similar issues.

Thanks to the durable construction that can withstand almost any conditions, the zapper can be placed permanently outdoors, no matter the weather.



This unit can work non-stop, which means that the bulbs will eventually need to be replaced, so you might want to get additional ones from the beginning.

According to recommendations, you should place it approximately 6 feet above the ground, as well as around 25 feet away from where you are planning to sit.

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3. Black Flag BZC-200 20W Bug Zapper


Black Flag’s device is a mosquito light zapper that includes many functionalities and comes with multiple benefits. Although it’s less powerful than other units showcased in our selection, you might find that it’s exactly what you need for your home. Sometimes, having a very powerful zapper is not the best solution if the area you need to cover is not that large.

Moreover, a compact alternative, like this one, means that you can easily move it around and set it up wherever you need to use it. Now, in terms of functionalities, the BZC-200 offers 2000 volts of power that make it effective in attracting and catching a wide range of insects, and the UV white light it includes in its construction is a useful addition to get the job done.

If you are looking for a versatile solution that you can use pretty much anywhere around your home, then it’s good that the BZC-200 is easy to operate.



This Black Flag model can cover spaces of up to 1 acre and thanks to its compact design, you can enjoy more versatility.

The 2,000 volts of power are effective in catching all types of insects, so you can continue your activity without being hindered by their presence in any way.

Given the UV white light that it features, this zapper works very well in attracting insects.

The unit can operate for 24 hours on a 5-hour charge, so you don’t necessarily need a power outlet in order to enjoy its benefits.



As it’s the case with other similar products, some of the parts might need replacement after a while.

Even though the fact that it works on batteries is a good thing, if you intend to use it in camping trips, for example, you will need to find a power source from time to time to recharge.

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4. GoVision 850542008008 ZapOut Mosquito Killer Rechargeable


GoVision’s product is one of those cheap mosquito zappers that work very well for outdoor use, depending on the area you need to cover. Given its compact design, this model can be a very good alternative if you are looking for something portable that can offer more versatility in terms of spaces it can cover.  

Another aspect worth considering is that the 850542008008 zapper is rechargeable, which means you don’t need to depend on a power cord in order to use it. Its technology includes UV light which draws in and kills small insects. Of course, the powerful 1000V grid also helps in this matter.

According to the manufacturer, the zapper can effectively cover up to 200 sq. feet. This means you’ll be able to enjoy sitting in your yard or go camping without having to worry about insect bites. Plus, this model can also be used as a lantern, thanks to its 200 Lm output which can light your patio or porch.



The portable design this zapper features offers a lot of options in terms of spaces you can use it in, as you can take it with you pretty much anywhere.

Its UV light technology attracts mosquitoes and other insects, while the powerful 1000V grid kills them, so you can enjoy bite-free moments with your friends or family.

The waterproof construction makes it suitable for outdoor use so it can withstand almost any kind of weather.

This zapper can also be used as a lantern, and it doesn’t include any chemicals to work against insects.



Some previous buyers think that the light output might be too bright, but that can also depend on the space you are using it in.

After a while, depending on the usage, you will most probably need to change the light bulbs.

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5. Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper


If you want to literally take matters into your own hands when it comes to insects, this Greenscapes electric mosquito zapper might be the solution you need. The racket-style design puts you in control, given that you can use it on the go wherever you are, thus enjoying a lot more versatility and portability than other models offer.

No matter if you are planning to use the Black Flag Handheld model when you are at home or outdoors, you will be able to keep your immediate surroundings free from any insects that might otherwise take the fun away from your activities.

Thought of as one of the best-selling racket zappers on the market, this Greenscapes model works on 2 AA batteries, while a convenient LED indicator lets you know if the device is on. Plus, the design includes a hanging hook that allows you to easily store the device around the house.



Given that this model’s technology includes a 2750V power output, it can successfully catch a wide range of insects, from mosquitoes and biting flies to spiders and wasps.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors, while the racket design offers a lot of portability and, therefore, versatility in terms of possible uses.

Its measurements ensure that the zapper is very easy to use and maneuver, even by users who don’t have as much physical strength as others do.

As it works on AA batteries, you don’t depend on a power cord in order to keep using the device, while a LED light indicates when it is on.



In some cases, after a while, the cap that holds the batteries can come off, therefore you might need to find some additional solutions for this.

The 2 AA batteries it requires to work are not included in the package.

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6. LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer Mosquito


This LiBa indoor mosquito zapper is one of the most effective options on the market, and it comes with multiple features that might make you want to give it a try. The zapper emits a 365 nm wavelength which, according to research, is proven to be highly efficient in attracting insects that afterward get zapped right away.

Thanks to the powerful 2,800V grid this model features, it’s one of the strongest zappers available in its category. Moreover, according to most of the reviews, this model can successfully wipe out flying insects and pests, which means that you won’t have to spend extra money on other additional pest control products.

What makes this LiBa model an excellent choice for your home is that it was specially designed to be exceptionally safe and secure for indoor spaces. For this reason, it’s a suitable choice for other types of spaces, such as hospitals, commercial or workplace spaces, kitchens or warehouses.



Given that it was designed to be extremely safe to use around the house, this device features a cage wiring that protects against accidental contact by either people or pets.

Thanks to the wire chain it includes for space-saving hanging, you have more solutions in terms of placing it around the house.

If you are wondering what its maintenance means, then you’ll be happy to hear that all you need to do is to keep the collection tray clean.

Since light bulbs might need to be replaced after a while, 2 free replacement ones are included in the package.



This device is specially made for indoor use, which means that you cannot use it for outdoor spaces.

You might want to check the details offered by the manufacturer since some previous buyers found this unit to be rather small compared to their expectations.

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7. Zap It! Bug Zapper Twin Pack Rechargeable Mosquito Killer and Zapper Racket


If what you need is an effective mosquito bug zapper that can help you get rid of those pesky insects that won’t allow you to enjoy your backyard, then this ZAP IT! pack might be the answer to your problems. Featuring an unique and innovative tennis racket design with a generous electrical surface, this zapper helps you catch insects in an effective way.

Given the LED light included in its construction, this device is effective during nighttime as well. Moreover, the fact that it comes with a USB charging outlet means that you have more options and that you can easily charge it on the go.

Plus, the outlet allows ultra-fast charging time, so you don’t have to wait for too long before using the zapper again. This ZAP IT! product makes it possible to instantly kill bugs with a racket swing, thanks to the powerful 4,000-volt grid that works well in eliminating insects.



The wide electrical surface provides a generous space to successfully catch insects that can otherwise hinder you and your family.

Thanks to the super bright LED light, you can use this electric zapper both during the day and during nighttime, which makes it an ideal 24-hour tool.

The product includes a triple-layer safety mesh that protects you in case you accidentally touch the electrified part during use.

The USB charging outlet it comes with allows you to quickly and efficiently recharge it whenever you need to.



Although the package includes two rackets, it only comes with one charging cord, so if you want to give the second racket away, you will need to find an additional solution.

Depending on the size of the insect, it might not kill it on the first zap, but the second one will surely get the job done.

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8. PestZilla Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper


PestZilla’s Robust UV mosquito zapper for indoor use is one of those devices that provide continuous protection from a wide range of flies and insects. This model is designed to cover a surface of up to 6,000 sq. feet, which makes it ideal for various environments such as kitchens, homes, schools, hospitals, as well as commercial or industrial spaces.

As its construction includes a powerful high-voltage electrically charged metal grid, the Robust zapper is effective in instantly killing flies and other insects, as soon as they touch it. At the same time, the ultra-bright UV bulbs attract flying insects, this way enabling the unit to get the job done.

In terms of safety, this model features a fully enclosed metal grid that ensures safety and offers protection against accidental contact, while the fact that the zapper doesn’t include any harmful chemicals makes it safer than other insect-control solutions available on the market.



The unit comes fully assembled and ready to use, which means that you don’t need to worry about setting it up.

As it comes with two detachable chains designed for either ceiling or wall mounting, you have more options in terms of where you can place it around the house or the space it needs to cover.

You won’t have to go through too much hassle in order to clean it since it comes with a collecting tray that can be easily removed in order to dispose of the bugs.

The unit can also be used as an outdoor mosquito zapper, but only in dry areas, such as under a roof.



This depends on how often and for how long the zapper is used, but you will eventually need to replace the UV light bulbs.

You should be aware that this unit does make a sound, which for some users can seem a little loud.

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9. Flantor 2 Insect Bug Fly


Flantor’s 2800V electric zapper is the right tool is you are looking for an effective solution to protect yourself and your family or loved ones against annoying insects that might bring other issues as well, such as diseases. This type of zapper can help you provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone around you, no matter if you are at home or at work.

Moreover, since it doesn’t include any chemicals, it’s safer than other alternatives on the market. And since we’re talking about safety, it’s a good time to mention that this device also includes a protective cage against any accidental touching of the powerful grid.

This Flantor device emits at 365 nm wavelength which has been proven to attract flies, mosquitoes and many other flying insects, which makes it so effective in getting rid of them. Once these hit the powerful 2,800V grid, the job gets done instantly, allowing you to enjoy open spaces without being annoyed by their presence.



The insects are collected in a tray that can be easily removed and cleaned, so there’s not much that needs to be done in terms of maintenance.

Since the zapper doesn’t include any harmful chemicals, it’s safe and easy to use around your home.

Also in terms of ease of use, it’s good to know that all you need to do in order to use this zapper is to simply take it out of the box and plug it in.

The zapper can be successfully used in a wide range of areas such as your home, office spaces, kitchens, restaurants, schools, or hospitals.



The unit can only be used in indoor spaces, so if you are looking for an outdoor solution, this model doesn’t fit the bill.

Some previous buyers find this model to be rather loud.

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10. Longans 2 in 1 Solar 


This Longans device is actually a unique and highly convenient combination of a solar mosquito zapper and a lamp. Its construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, while the compact design is ideal if you want a portable solution for when you go camping.

Besides being safe to use, this zapper is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and energy-efficient since it uses solar power to work and recharge. Thanks to its lamp functionality, you don’t need to worry about being able to see around, once the night comes and you are camping.

Moreover, the portable design also features a sturdy construction, which makes this product durable, while the ergonomic handle allows you to easily carry it around wherever you might need to use it. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, including picnics, hiking, fishing, biking, and many others.



The lantern functionality comes with two different lighting modes, as well as with two switching modes for lampshade, and these can be changed freely.

Since this model doesn’t involve any chemicals, sprays, smells, and it’s basically a toxic and pollution-free solution, it’s great to use in a home with children or otherwise sensitive family members.

Given that this zapper’s power source is solar-based since the built-in AAA lithium batteries are recharged this way, you won’t ever have to worry about outages, and you will be able to use it in pretty much any situation.

The portable design means that you can easily carry it around, or hang it on a tree for insect-free nights.



This is a compact device that is not as effective in covering large areas, as other bigger models are.

A light sensor automatically turns the device on at dusk and off at dawn, which means that you cannot use it during the day.

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11. The Executioner USA Patriot Edition 


If you’ve ever asked yourself “Do mosquito zappers work?”, it might be because you haven’t tried yet The Executioner’s USA Patriot model. The first thing you might want to know is that each of these items has been hand finished, which means that certain details may vary between units, but also that you can rely on the quality of the craftsmanship.

Suitable for a wide range of uses, this device effectively helps you get rid of flying insects in spaces such as your home and office, as well as during outdoor activities that can include camping and barbeques.

Another aspect worth considering is that the USA Patriot Limited Edition zapper is built to last, but it’s also very easy to use, making it ideal for almost all family members. All you need to do is simply press the button and swing it around. Once a fly, a bug, or a wasp touches the screen, it will be instantly zapped.



The device is fully compliant with CE and Trading Standards, which means you can rely on its quality and durability.

The LED warning light lets you know when the zapper is working, while an instant off function that works once the button is released protects you against potential accidents.

Its construction features a single layer zinc steel grill made with ABS plastic, which instantly zaps and kills insects without having to try several times.

Since durability is one of the terms that can be used to define this zapper, the fact that its electronics have been tested on over 100,000 zapps means you can trust this to be true.



The 2 AA batteries it needs in order to work are not supplied, so you’ll need to get them separately.

The bigger the bug you are trying to catch, the longer the exposure time needs to be for effective results.

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12. KAPAS Home & Commercial 


This KAPAS zapper employs a UV rays technology that is harmless to human eyes, but it can successfully lure flying insects toward the high voltage metal grid that will instantly eliminate them. According to research, when blue light is used in the right frequency, it’s an efficient asset to safely get rid of unwanted insects.

If you are wondering how safe this device is given the metal grid and if it can be used around children or pets, then it’s good to know that the manufacturer took this into consideration and added components that prevent accidentally touching the high-voltage elements.

Moreover, since this product doesn’t use any noise, chemicals, fumes or other similar ways to kill insects, it’s a convenient alternative that you can use while you sleep without being hindered, and without any impact on your health. It’s true that given its light technology, it’s more effective during nighttime.



Since it’s specially made for indoor use, it works very well in spaces inside your home, but also in supermarkets, commercial spaces, hotels, or office spaces.

This KAPAS zapper uses 120V home plugs and also includes a heavy-duty core that protects it from overheating when too many insects are caught in a short time.

Given that a removable tray is also part of the design, keeping this unit clean is not a tough job, while the almost full-metal construction ensures its durability.

The zapper also comes with a hanging chain which means you have more options in terms of placing it around the house.



After a while you will need to change the light bulbs; however, this also depends on how often you are using the zapper.

According to some reviews, the plug cord might be a little short, so there’s a chance you will need to find additional solutions, depending on where you are using it.

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Yearly Guide & Report


We all know that insects, particularly flying ones, can be an annoyance when you want to enjoy time in nature, or when they get into your home. The good part is that a bug zapper is a very good solution to help you get rid of this problem. If you’ve decided that you need a device like this, then there are some particularities you should keep in mind.

Given that there are so many available models, you might find the task of choosing the right one somewhat overwhelming and going through mosquito zapper reviews might not give you a complete overview since each one talks about a particular model. That’s why we are here to give you a hand with this comprehensive guide.

In the following minutes, you’ll see what the main characteristics you should consider when choosing your next zapper are and what aspects you should keep in mind based on your needs. After all, getting rid of flies and mosquitoes in an effective way that doesn’t involve harmful chemicals is most probably your goal.

This also means that you get to protect your family and your close ones from what could potentially be a harmful presence since insects can sometimes cause serious diseases.

Indoor or outdoor use

The first thing you should ask yourself is where you intend to use the zapper since these devices can be specially designed for indoor environments, outdoor ones, and sometimes for both. So let’s take each case and go through it in more depth.

If you need a zapper for interior spaces in your home such as the bedroom or the kitchen, then going for a compact indoor model is most probably the best solution. However, if you also have a backyard or a larger property and you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors, then a zapper specially made for this area might work better.

Some manufacturers created units that can withstand a certain degree of humidity and that you can use in certain protected spaces, such as a porch, as long as they don’t face direct rain. If you are still not sure where you are going to place the zapper, then you can safely go for an alternative that suits both cases, but this might mean a slightly increased cost.


Coverage area

Since we’re talking about the type of zapper you should get, thinking about the area it needs to cover is the next logical step. This might also play a role in whether you get an indoor or an outdoor model. You might already know where you need to use it, but next, you should determine on what area you need to keep insects under control.

Both indoor and outdoor models can be efficient in a wide range of spaces that can go up to a few acres (particularly outdoor models). Indoor zappers that can cover large areas are usually industrial ones that work very well for commercial or other similar spaces.

The key here is determining the size of the coverage area because if you get one that is too powerful, this might not be a problem, but it means that the unit will be heavier and more difficult to handle. Sometimes, a compact model can get the job done in no time, without any extra hassle.


Power source

While it’s true that large models are usually powered by plugging them into an outlet, more compact models can work on batteries just as effectively while also offering a lot more portability and, thus, options on where you can use them.

Therefore, if you need an industrial solution for a large indoor or outdoor area, chances are you are not going to choose one that runs on batteries. However, if you are looking for an easy-to-use zapper that you can carry with you on your outdoor adventures for bite-free nights, then a battery-powered zapper might be just what you need.

For those who want the most environmentally friendly solution, a solar-powered zapper might be ideal. Such a device uses sunlight to recharge, so you can enjoy nice evenings without harming the environment in the process. It’s true that such a solution is usually suitable for compact zappers.


Design & construction

While we are not going to get into extremely technical details, we are going to talk about some other key design features that you can keep in mind. If you are going to choose a compact and portable zapper, then going for one that features an ergonomic construction is probably a good idea, in case you need to carry it around.

No matter which model you decide is the right one, it should come with protective elements that keep children and pets away from the main grid, in order to avoid any potential accidents. Also, going for a zapper that can be mounted in more than one way can also help, since it offers more options in terms of placing it around your home or garden.




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