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11 Best Wasp Traps Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 14.07.24


Best Wasp Trap Review – Top Rated Models in 2024 with Buying Guide


Although wasps have a vital role in protecting farm crops and gardens from pests, they can be dangerous to humans, especially if you are allergic to them. Therefore, what better way to stay protected and be able to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the comfort of your own backyard if not by opting for the best wasp trap on the market? In our opinion, one item that will do the work just fine is the DynaTrap DT1260-TUN. It features a sturdy, metallic construction and weighs approximately 12 pounds, which means it will withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy winds. It protects up to half an acre of land and it doesn’t use any pesticides so that it can be safely used by everyone without worrying about allergic reactions. If this trap is not available right away, perhaps a good alternative would be the Rescue Whyta Attractant Kit.



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11 Best Wasp Traps (Reviews) in 2024



Finding a good wasp trap could prove a difficult task, especially since there are plenty of methods and products available on the market. But, even though we cannot guarantee the success of each trap, we did take the liberty to make a list with some items that we consider worthy of your attention. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about these bee and wasp traps.



1. DynaTrap Insect Trap DT1260-TUN Pole Mount


The trap is delivered with a tall pole stand that ensures a sturdy and reliable construction. It will withstand harsh weather conditions, including storms and heavy winds, meaning it will protect your home from insects from early spring to late fall. It can be easily placed anywhere in your garden or backyard as long as you have a nearby source of power.

The item weighs 12 pounds which makes it heavier than other wasp traps but is still lightweight enough to be transported and stored anywhere you want. It includes a UV bulb that will last up to 3,000 hours.

Unlike other traps, this one doesn’t use harmful pesticides and is odorless, meaning you can safely use it no matter how sensitive you are, without worrying about allergic reactions and side effects. What we also liked about this item is that it’s quiet, so there won’t be any annoying buzzing.



The UV light bulb emits a warm light that not only attracts the insects but also lights up the atmosphere in your backyard or garden, allowing you to enjoy a warm summer night outside with your friends.

Thanks to the tall convenient pole stand, you can place this wasp trap anywhere you want in your backyard or garden.

It is designed to attract and kill numerous insects and is even effective against mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus, so you’ll be free of bites and allergic reactions all summer long.

The item weighs 12.5 pounds, which makes it a reliable choice even in windy days or when there’s a storm approaching.



It doesn’t operate on batteries so that you’ll have to plug it into a power source, which means that the trap won’t be efficient too far from your backyard or garden.

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2. Rescue Whyta Reusable Why Trap for Wasps


If you’re looking for a reliable item that will help you get rid of your insect problem once and for all, perhaps this new Rescue wasp trap bait is the perfect solution for you. The set contains 16 items, each lasting for a few weeks.

The product is designed to catch 18 different species of stinging insects, including European hornets, hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps. And, since it doesn’t expire, you won’t have to worry about constant restocking.

Another great thing about this particular product is that it is environmentally responsible, meaning it doesn’t contain any killing agents or chemicals that might be harmful to you, causing allergic reactions. Once trapped inside, the insects will die naturally.

Although the manufacturer promises it will work from early spring to late autumn, customers mentioned that, for best results, you should set it up in the first days of spring.



It is efficient on around 18 species of insects, including wasps, yellow jackets, European hornets, and bald-faced hornets.

By setting it up you won’t require using any additional food bait, and you’ll make sure the insects die naturally, as this product doesn’t contain any chemical killing agents.

Unlike most other wasp traps for sale, this one doesn’t come with an expiration date, meaning you will be able to use it year after year without diminishing its efficiency.

You can rest assured the trap won’t lure beneficial honeybees or other birds.



Although it comes in a package of 16 units, the product will require replacing every couple of weeks, meaning that you will end up spending a considerable amount of money to keep your entire house and garden free of dangerous insects.

Some customers mentioned that you should probably use this type of bait early in the spring for best results.

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3. Esschert Design Wasp Trap Hobnail Glass


Why let wasps and other insects ruin your mood outdoors when you can easily get rid of them with an affordable product? Made of high-quality glass and with an attractive design, this wasp trap can also turn into the perfect outdoor decoration. It features a large metallic handle that ensures easy transportation and hanging anywhere you want, inside or outside your house or on the terrace.

It works on the basic principle of luring insects in with a sweet bait, and then capturing them, without allowing them to escape. The manufacturer recommends using a small number of sweet beverages (from lemonade to apple juice) and then hanging the wasp trap a few feet from your terrace to prevent insects coming too close.

Unlike other products that come with a limited lifespan, this glass vase can be easily cleaned and reused season after season, meaning you’ll end up saving money in the long term.



This multi-use instrument works perfectly as a wasp trap and a beautiful garden decoration, especially since it is made of glass which can be painted to create a unique environment.

It is lightweight and portable, and, thanks to its metallic handle, you can easily hang it anywhere you want, both indoors or outdoors, on your terrace or porch.

Unlike other items, it doesn’t come with an expiration date, so that you can use it season after season.

The case is also easy to detach and clean and can be reused to trap various species of wasps and flies.



Wasps require a high-quality source of proteins early in the spring, so placing this item with nothing else than sugary drinks inside won’t lure and kill all species year-round. For best results, we suggest searching for additional information on exactly when to use this wasp trap.

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4. Terro T515 Wasp & Fly Trap Plus Fruit Fly Trap


Manufactured in the European Union, this product works as a dual repellent. The primary bait is designed to attract, trap, and kill hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps, while the secondary bait will get you rid of fruit flies.

The set includes one bag of stink-free bait and the reusable bottle. The bottle is made of sturdy plastic that will withstand harsh weather conditions and was specifically designed for outdoor use.

The product features a concentrated formula that will last you a long time from now on. It is easy to use and install thanks to the hanging hook and cord included in the pack. In addition, the design of the item is completed with a yellow superior part that will attract more bugs for increased efficiency.

Thanks to the Bug Lock Lid technology, all insects will remain trapped inside without having the possibility to escape.



The set includes all the necessary pieces to trap and kill annoying wasps, fruit flies, yellow jackets, and other insects without affecting you or your health.

The container comes in a bright yellow color that will attract more bugs and is made of high-quality plastic that is waterproof and weather-resistant, perfect for being kept outdoors.

It is equipped with a safety feature that, once it traps insects inside, it won’t allow them to escape.

What’s best about this wasp trap is that it is 100% reusable – simply empty it when full, wash and rinse, and refill with fresh bait to kill wasps.



The bag containing the bait is too big to fill the container just once, meaning you will have trouble storing the remained unused formula. Customers suggested it should come with a zip-lock mechanism that doesn’t allow the product to spill when transported or stored in a different place.

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5. Pure Garden Insect Trap Wasp Environmentally Friendly Reusable


If you’re looking for an efficient trap that is also eco-friendly and doesn’t use any chemical substances that might affect the environment or cause allergic reactions, this one could be a good choice for you.

The body is made of high-quality plastic to resist all weather conditions and temperatures without breaking. There are six different entry funnels used to lure insects inside and, once trapped, they won’t be able to escape.

The trap uses a sweet mixture of water and sugar to bait insects like wasps and yellow jackets. The flat bottom allows you to use the product on any type of surface of you want, and even hang it up outdoors.

The top unscrews without an effort so that you can quickly clean and refill the trap once the bait is finished. The item measures 6.6 inches in height and is lightweight, meaning you can hang it anywhere you want.



The body is made of high-quality plastic that resists all weather conditions and temperatures, without changing its form or breaking.

It contains a sweet bait made of sugar and water and, thanks to the yellow color of the bottle, it will attract more insects, including wasps and yellow jackets.

The unique design of the bottle ensures the dangerous insects remain inside once trapped, without the possibility of escaping.

The flat bottom allows you to place it on any type of surface or you can simply use the string provided to hang it anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors.



Some of the customers who purchased the product mentioned that if you live in an area packed with insects, one single bottle and bait may not be enough to catch all the flies, wasps, and yellow jackets and prevent them from getting inside your house or stinging you.

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6. DynaTrap Sticky Tech Glue Boards for Model DT3012


This sticky trap is everything you need if you want to get rid of insects once and for all. It is easy to replace and very efficient and silent at the same time.

It is specifically designed to attract and trap indoor insects so you can enjoy a wasp-free house throughout the year. Unlike other products that make powerful noises or emit sounds designed to scare off insects and small animals, this sticky paper is completely silent. It doesn’t use any chemicals either, meaning it is safe to use by everyone, including the most sensitive people or children.

The replacement package contains three papers that are very easy to remove and replace. We also liked that the product is odor-free and won’t pose a threat to you or your family’s health, unlike other chemical substances that aim to get you rid of disease-carrying insects.



The paper is wide and long enough to trap and kill numerous insects at once, which makes it an effective product in your fight against flies, mosquitoes, yellow jackets, and wasps.

The product is very easy to use and, most importantly, completely silent, so you won’t have to deal with high-pitch noises and unnecessary buzzing around the house.

It is free of chemicals, meaning it is safe to use by everyone, including sensitive people or children, without the risk of allergies or skin rashes.

Moreover, the trap is odorless, so that it can be used around children or pets as well.



Some of the customers mentioned the trap is quite hard to replace and it is very sticky, so make sure you don’t end up being the one trapped by mistake (or, at least your clothes or fingers).

Others weren’t pleased by the fact that the product is hard to clean after use.

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7. 16 pack Rescue! Yellow Jacket Attractant Refill Cartridge


This refiller bag contains 16 packages of bait, enough to last you 10 whole weeks in your battle against yellow jackets and wasps. It is designed to be used with the brand’s yellow jacket trap. The bait is made of natural ingredients and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, making it a safe choice for everyone, regardless of how sensitive they are.

The non-toxic formula won’t harm the environment or cause allergic reactions to you, your children or your pets. In addition, it doesn’t feature any killing agents, so the insects will die naturally.

It is designed to provide increased protection against queens and workers, from spring to late fall. Moreover, it won’t lure the beneficial honeybees, so you can rest assured the environment and the honey production aren’t affected.

The best thing is that the product doesn’t come with an expiration date, meaning you’ll be able to use it year after year, as long as the bag is sealed.



The kit comes with 16 pouches of bait, enough to last you up to 10 weeks, depending on the number of traps you require to keep your entire house safe from wasps and yellow jackets.

The non-chemical formula won’t affect your health and won’t cause any allergic reactions to you or your pets so that it can be kept anywhere around the house.

The bait doesn’t attract the beneficial honeybees, so, even if you own a bee farm, the honey production won’t be affected by this product.

We also liked that this bait doesn’t contain any killing agents, meaning the insects will die a natural death.



It can only be used with Rescue! Traps, so make sure you own the device first before ordering the refill cartridge.

If you own a big house, consider purchasing at least two traps to make sure you cover the entire area and keep your family away from insects.

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8. BestNest Four Pack of Esschert Design Wasp Traps


If you’re looking for an elegant solution to keep annoying wasps and yellow jackets off your property, this set of traps is the perfect way to invest your money. The package contains four glass wasp traps with matching cast iron holders, which turns them into beautiful home decorations.

Moreover, the iron holders allow the glass bowls to rest on level surfaces, so that you can place them anywhere you want – on the porch, on the kitchen table or near the windows.

The unique shape and design of the trap lure wasps inside, without letting them escape. Thus, it is an efficient solution to get rid of insects without using harsh chemicals or other pricey repellers.

Each glass bottle can be filled with any type of bait you want, but we suggest using the simple and natural combo of water and sugar. It isn’t as sticky as other baits and, once finished, you can easily clean the bottle and reuse it.



The glass bottles can be used as stylish outside and inside decorations, and, if you decide to paint them, you can create a unique design for your porch, terrace or kitchen.

Each of the four bottles features an ornate cast iron holder which, thanks to its shape, allows the units to stand on any level surface, be it wood, stone, brick, and others.

The unique shape of the bottle lures the wasps inside and traps them, without having the possibility to escape.

The product can be filled with your favorite choice of bait and can be easily cleaned and refilled after you finish the first batch.



It isn’t as sturdy as a plastic bait, so you’ll have to be careful operating it to avoid chipping or breaking.

The iron cast makes the bottles a little heavy, so we only suggest hanging them using thick rope or placing them on solid surfaces.

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9. Pure Garden Beehive Wasp Trap Yellow


If it looks like a hive and smells like a hive, then it must definitely be a hive, right? This item from Everyday Home is the perfect trap for wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. It is both decorative and effective, and the bright yellow color is meant to attract more insects.

The unique design contains a solid shade that conceals the contents, preventing to see inside and counting the number of bodies. Therefore, this is a rather elegant solution when you’re having friends and guests over and you don’t want them to notice your insect problem.

This bee catcher can be hung anywhere you want thanks to the attached cord or it can sit on a table or other plane surface. The container is reusable and refillable, so you’ll just have to add your favorite wasp bait (we suggest a regular mixture of water and sugar).



Made of sturdy and lightweight plastic, this insect trap won’t occupy too much space and will efficiently get rid of nasty wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.

It doesn’t contain any chemical substances that might irritate you or harm the environment, so all you have to do is add your favorite insect bait and wait for them to be lured inside.

It can be conveniently hung thanks to the attached cord or placed standing on any solid surface, which makes it a trustworthy accessory in your garden, patio, and even at picnics or barbeques.

It is 100% reusable and easy to clean – just wash it with mild water and soap after you emptied it, and later add a new round of bait to catch even more insects.



Not all insects may be attracted to this trap hive, so make sure the lure you’re using is tempting enough.

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10. Rescue Non-Toxic Yellowjacket Trap Attractant Refill


This refill is designed to work with the product’s Non-toxic Reusable Trap and will efficiently get rid of wasps, yellow jackets, and other stingy insects.

Recommended by the US Department of Agriculture and some of the country’s biggest parks, campgrounds, zoos, and school districts, this product is reliable and easy to use. It doesn’t contain any poisons or killing agents, meaning it will allow the insects to die naturally.

The non-toxic formula is gentle on your eyes and skin, without causing irritations or allergic reactions. Therefore, you can safely use it around kids and pets as well.

What we also liked is that the refill will last up to 10 weeks, depending on how many wasps it has to deal with. Moreover, it won’t attract beneficial honey bees. It is designed to ensure full protection from early spring to fall.



Proudly made in the United States, the product is recommended by many of the country’s top institutions, parks, and zoos, including the US Department of Agriculture, meaning you can count on the provided results.

The trap is non-toxic and won’t harm you or your family when using it.

The gentle formula uses natural ingredients so it won’t lure beneficial honeybees, but only yellow jacket and wasp workers and queens.

One single refill will last you up to 10 weeks, more than enough to get you through the busiest insect season.



Not all customers swear by this product’s efficiency, so don’t expect miracles from the beginning, especially if you live in an area with large wasp and fly colonies.

Additionally, perhaps you may want to check for other solutions for your insect problem inside the house and opt for more powerful repellents.

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11. Rescue! Non-Toxic Reusable Trap


Convenient and easy to use, this trap can be hung anywhere outside or inside your house, and is designed to efficiently lure and kill flies, yellow jackets, and wasps. It catches both queens and workers.

The item is perfect for when you’re going camping, relaxing by the pool in the summertime or enjoying a barbeque on a weekend.

The product features a durable plastic construction that is designed to last you many seasons from now on, regardless of the temperatures and the weather conditions in your area.

It was made without any poisons or killing agents, meaning it is safe to use by anyone. The trap is easy to refill and clean in just a matter of seconds. The bright yellow design may attract more wasps and insects, making this trap efficient from early spring to late fall.



The item is made of sturdy and reliable plastic that won’t chip or break easily while withstanding harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures from early spring to autumn.

The non-toxic formula is perfect for sensitive people or those with allergies who cannot stand using regular anti-bug sprays and solutions.

It can be easily hung outside or placed on your porch and even your kitchen table to lure and kill wasps, yellow jackets, and flies.

What we also liked is that this item is 100% reusable and easy to clean, so you’ll enjoy the same outstanding quality even after the bait finished by just adding another cartridge.



It can only be used with refillers from the same brand, which means you shouldn’t bother buying other products or replacing the existing baits with homemade solutions made of water and sugar.

Not all customers were pleased with its efficiency regarding certain species of yellow jackets.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Although extremely beneficial to the environment, wasps are not only annoying but also dangerous to people, especially to those who are allergic. So, if you want to make the most out of your outdoor terrace, backyard or garden without worrying about pests and insects, you’ll need to learn how to trap wasps.

Here is everything you need to know about the subject, as well as the most important features to look for in cheap wasp traps.


One of the first things you should consider when opting for a wasp trap is to make sure it won’t affect the environment. There are plenty of items that use chemical pesticides or other similar substances to kill insects. However, their residues are later released in the atmosphere, which may end up doing more harm than good in the long term.

Luckily, there are various chemical-free solutions you can choose that are not only efficient but also suitable for all people, including those allergic to harsh chemical substances.


What ingredients to use

Wasps do have a sweet tooth for everything that has sugar in it, so alluring them shouldn’t be too hard. So, if you’re wondering about what to put in a wasp trap, the answer is easy – sweet beverages from lemonade to sweet tea, fruit juice, and even the plain water and sugar mixture.

However, wasps also feed on other small insects and they may be interested in this prey, depending on the season. Some people even suggest that these insects are meat lovers, so you may also try putting small pieces of ham inside the traps.


The most common types of wasp traps

If you’ve decided to take the manners into your own hands, you must know which type of wasp trap to look for. The most common types you’ll find in shops include the paper wasp trap and the glass wasp trap. Both are efficient but they rely on different principles to work. Thus, you’ll have to find the right one to suit your needs.

The paper wasp traps are basically large pieces of paper covered in a strong adhesive and filled with a sweet mixture to lure insects. They best work inside, placed near the windows or doors to prevent insects from getting inside. However, they tend to be sticky and you’ll have to cover the entire house in the paper if you want to make sure no wasps get inside.

On the other hand, glass traps use a similar mechanism but are less messy to use and, overall, more elegant solutions.

Most of them feature a jar made of glass with small holes on one part that are large enough for the wasps to get inside without having the possibility to escape. In order to attract insects, the jars are usually filled with nectar or sweet beverages.

Unlike paper traps, you can hang these inside and outside the house and can even turn them into beautiful decorations if you want to paint them. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned and reused, so you won’t have to spend too much money on a regular basis.

You can also opt for large outdoor traps that come with sturdy poles that can be placed in the garden or in your backyard. These items use a LED light bulb to attract all types of insects and then trap them inside a glass jar. They have been efficiently tested on wasps, yellow jackets, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.

If you’re not sure which product would best suit your house needs, perhaps going through some online wasp trap reviews will help you out. The opinions of other customers, as well as a list of pros and cons of each product, might determine you to make up your mind easier and faster.


When to set up the traps

Contrary to what you may believe, timing is very important when considering the efficiency of a wasp trap. Although most products on the market claim they can be used from early spring to late autumn, this isn’t always the case.

Traps should be placed in the early spring as this is the time when the queens get out of hibernation and are looking for suitable places to create a nest.

However, wasps are mainly looking for reliable sources of protein during this time of the year, so placing sweet traps won’t attract too many. If you want your traps to kill as many wasps as possible, you need to set them up later in summer.


What about DIY products?

If you’re not keen on spending a fortune on over-the-counter repellents, there are plenty of videos and tutorials that teach you how to build your own wasp trap, step by step. All you’re going to need are some basic ingredients, such as a large plastic bottle or glass vase, and sweet products like jam, nectar, sweet tea or lemonade.

You can also use as a wasp trap bait vinegar, which various studies and reports showed that, in combination with fermented molasses, attracts various of yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets.




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