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11 Best Mouse Traps – 2024 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 14.07.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Mouse Trap + Reviews


If you have crops stored around your home or just have the misfortune of mice nesting inside your house, then you have found the right article. We have gathered a lot of information in our search for the best mouse trap and, to save you time, we have compiled it in the following lines. Our opinion is that a suitable mouse trap might be the JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz. This product can be set either by hand or by foot. This is helpful for older people who can’t bend down easily. The trap features a powerful spring that quickly disposes of rats or mice. The durable plastic ensures long-lasting life and the small dimensions allow you to place the trap in tight or hard-to-reach places. In the unfortunate event that this product is not in stock, you may want to consider the Victor 4 Pack Metal Pedal mouse trap.



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11 Best Mouse Traps (Reviews) in 2024



As there are many types of traps, here are the most essential pieces of information you need to know about them in order to buy the best mouse traps for home use which can solve your particular problems. Learn what to look for when browsing online or local stores and check out the highest-rated products below.



1. JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap


This product is designed to instantly kill small rodents by using a spring-loaded mechanism. It’s easy to use even by elderly people as it can be set both by hand as well as by foot. This product is a good solution for your rodent problem as it comes in a 24 pack. This gives you a much higher chance of eliminating all the rodents around your home.

You can easily tell from a distance if the trap is set due to a red label that lifts up after setting. This makes it safe to handle and indicates if the trap has or hasn’t been triggered. According to the manufacturer, this model works best if you use solid or liquid bait. The 409BULK Jawz is made of durable hard plastic suited for trapping and killing rodents.

The device comes with a one-year warranty.



This product can be set both by hand as well as by foot, so people having back problems can use it without any trouble.

It works both with solid as well as with liquid bait. You don’t have to consider much when baiting the trap as long as you take care not to leave your scent on it.

The rodent will be caught when it approaches the trap from any direction. The lever has an opening that permits the rodent to see the bait and reach it from the opposite side.

It’s compatible with mouse trap covers, so only mice and rats may trigger it. This makes it safe for curious pets.



Customers have reported that the pad isn’t sensitive enough to trigger the trap and lighter rodents can escape even after eating the bait.

If the trap is not set under a cover, pets or birds may trigger it and get injured.

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2. Victor M156 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap


This Victor mouse trap is made after the original design that has withstood the test of time for more than 115 years. Its simplicity ensures that any mouse that falls to this trap is killed instantaneously. This trap can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Once the trap is triggered it’s then easy to clean and to reset, therefore this model can be reused.

The Victor Metal Pedal is poison-free and presents no danger to pets as long as it is set in tight, hidden places, away from open spaces. This product is the perfect choice for large infestation problems as once acquired, you find inside 16 packs with 4 traps each.

If you wonder how to set up a mouse trap, there is nothing more simple. Begin by removing the staple, then bait the trap, pull the kill lever back and finally secure it with the armbar.



By buying this product, you receive a lot of traps, thus you’ll be able to cover a large area if the infestation is severe.

The large number of traps allows you to dispose of mice and rats completely if you don’t want to clean the trap after each kill.

The design is almost identical to the original one. It is easy to set and guarantees high rates of success as it has done for over a century.

These outdoor mouse traps are not tall so they can be placed under equipment, pieces of furniture or in hard-to-reach places.



The spring is extremely powerful, so users have to take extra care when pulling back the kill lever. The trap has the force to break small bones.

As it does not come with a cover, the trap may injure pets or other animals lured by the bait. The trap always must be set in hard-to-reach places.

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3. Harris Humane Mouse Trap Catch and Release


This product is very effective and does a wonderful job in catching rodents alive. This is designed for people who can’t stand harming animals and want a humane way of disposing of rodents. The trap is built from clear plastic using a simple spring mechanism that closes a small door behind the rodent once it got inside, thus trapping it.

As it may take a while before a human returns to check the non-lethal mouse trap, the casing of this product features a few holes to let air inside. This has the purpose of preventing the mouse from suffocating.

Once the human has returned, the trap together with the caught rodent may be taken somewhere outside and by removing a small sliding door the mouse is freed back into nature. Remember to wear gloves both when you bait the trap as well as when releasing the mouse.



The trap is humane and does not harm the rodent at all. It only catches it temporarily until the human returns to check the trap.

The entire trap is made of clear plastic so you can see from a distance if anything was caught inside without having to open it.

The mouse can easily be released by removing a small door. During this process, you do not have to touch the rodent.

The spring mechanism is placed on the outside of the trap so that the mouse can’t reach and damage it once it got trapped inside.



There are not enough ventilation holes or the existent ones are small. Some customers claim that the trapped mice suffocate before they can be freed again.

The trap isn’t very spacious, therefore is best suited only for smaller mice. Larger rodents are unable to enter inside in order to trigger the trap.

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4. Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack


This package comes with 6 units so that you can eliminate all the rodents in your house in just a matter of days. The design is based on the classical wooden traps, but have a couple of improvements. The kill lever is made of durable steel and when it’s set, it sits at a 90-degree angle, therefore it takes less time to reach the rodent compared to other models.

The Snap-E Mouse Trap features a small bait cup perfect for holding liquid bait without it overflowing on the ground. The composite material is durable and can be easily cleaned after a successful catch as it does not retain odor or stains. As a result, you can reuse these traps multiple times as long as they are needed.

When disposing of a dead rodent you are not required to touch it. Just pull back the lever and let the rodent fall into the trash.



The device features a small cup-like shape designed to better hold the bait inside. This speeds the baiting process and keeps the surrounding area clean.

The steel lever is strong, which guarantees an efficient, quick, and painless kill for the rodent that is trapped.

Unlike the original wooden trap design that had a 180-degree lever travel angle, this one has a lever that snaps starting from a 90-degree angle. Therefore, it’s much faster.

The plastic material is odor and stain-resistant, easier to clean than wooden type traps. This means that the Snap-E model is reusable.



Unless they are placed in hidden places only on rodents’ travel routes, these traps can pose a threat to pets such as dogs, cats or birds.

Some customers received generic copies of this model that were not made in the USA but in China. These cheap mouse traps don’t function properly.

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5. Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap


The sign of a good mouse trap is its ability to close fast once triggered and to pin down the rodent with enough force so that the rodent is killed instantaneously. The Better Mousetrap easily manages to accomplish this task due to its strong stainless steel spring that holds down the mouse with 30% greater force than most other traps.

Another benefit of the strong spring is the speed with which the trap snaps. You can say goodbye to stolen bait and sprung empty traps. The design is easy to clean. The durable plastic material doesn’t retain odor and stains do not penetrate its surface. Moreover, you don’t have to touch the dead rodents to dispose of them.

This model has just a few moving parts. As a result, it’s not hard to set and it almost never malfunctions. Its small dimensions help you place it in tight places.



The high-quality stainless steel lever is durable, thus it doesn’t bend or break when the trap is triggered.

The spring that triggers the trap is 30% stronger than most other springs found in other trap models. This reduces the rodent’s chances of getting away.

The plastic components are highly durable and easy to clean, therefore you can reuse these traps as many times as you need after a successful catch.

The smooth plastic surface of the trap prevents bad odor and stains. These things will be gone once the product is properly cleaned.



Sometimes the rodent is not instantaneously killed by the lever and dies of suffocation which is not a method preferred by a lot of customers.

At times, the trap only attaches to the caught rodent without killing it so the animal drags the product away or escapes from it after a while.

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6. Catchmaster 60M Bulk Packed Mouse Insect & Snake Glue Boards


This sticky mouse trap catches the rodents as they walk over it and holds them in place until a human comes to dispose of them. The trap can be folded in the shape of a tunnel as well, in order to better catch rodents or other small pests, such as insects. A great advantage is that once caught you can dispose of the rodent by tossing it in the trash together with the trap.

The Catchmaster 60M doesn’t make a mess when it catches the mouse, so no cleaning is necessary. Although the glue found on the product is not toxic, you have to be careful if you own pets. The glue may get stuck to dogs or cats or even catch other small pets like birds.

A useful tip is to place a small stick on the trap’s corner when setting it so that it later acts as a handle.



This model is easy to dispose of, especially if you place a small stick on its corner when you set it. That will later act as a handle.

You don’t have to worry about any mess after a rodent has been caught. There are no stains to remove in the end.

Because it is so thin, this model fits into extremely small and tight places, like under pieces of furniture.

The glue is not toxic and it’s okay for all curious pets or even children to inhale it. It is safe even if it comes in contact with your skin, although it’s hard to remove.



This method of disposing of rodents is not humane. After disposing of the trap, the rodent will most likely starve to death.

As the trap is designed to be tossed away with any caught mice or rats, you can’t clean it and reuse it.

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7. Victor Power Kill Mouse Trap M143S Professional Design


This trap is inspired by the original design of the wooden traps. Its fast metal lever ensures a humane quick kill. Therefore, the mouse or rat can’t escape after the trap has been triggered and it doesn’t suffer while suffocating. The Power Kill is easy to set and release with just one click.

The trip pedal is large enough to trigger the trap no matter how small or how large is the lured rodent. In the center of the trip pedal, this model features a small cup that holds any type of bait, liquid or solid. This helps you keep the area beneath clean and prevents overspilling while simultaneously luring any rodent passing nearby.

The trap doesn’t use any chemicals or harmful substances so your pets and children are safe around it as long as they don’t touch the trap after it has been set.



The trap is efficient and delivers a quick kill to the rodent, therefore proving itself to be a humane solution to your problems.

The tough plastic material doesn’t retain bad odors or stains from the caught mice and is easy to clean after the rodent has been disposed of.

Once cleaned, the mouse trap can be reused indoors or outdoors as many times as necessary until all your rodent problems are gone.

A small cup helps you place liquid or solid bait on the trap without making a mess in the surrounding area.



The small mechanism size may prevent the traps from functioning correctly if they get clogged with mud. Take care when placing them outside.

After a few weeks of outdoor use, the metal levers are known to rust. This makes them impossible to set and trigger and therefore can’t be used anymore.

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8. Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap


The Press ‘N Set is easy to use. It can be set by hand or by foot, therefore you don’t need to bend over. To dispose of a caught mouse you don’t have to touch it; just release the trap over a garbage bin or dumpster.

The plastic components are easy to wash. This, combined with the smooth plastic surface means that no odor is retained and no stains remain after a catch. In the middle of the release pad, there is a small cup designed to hold inside liquid as well as solid bait.

This model features a ragged edge plastic lever that results in high-pressure points being applied over the rodent’s back and neck in order to kill it quickly and humanely.

You receive 14 traps in the ordered package. This means that no matter how large your infestation is, you should get rid of all the rodents in a matter of days.



The mouse trap features a textured grip that allows you to dispose of the caught rodent without ever touching it.

When set, the trap has its lever set at a 90-degree angle, which translates into a faster kill than older designs with the lever opened all the way to 180 degrees.

This is a good choice for older people as they don’t have to bend over to set the trap by hand. Once placed in the rodent’s path it can be set by using the foot.

The smooth durable plastic is easy to clean with water and doesn’t retain bad odors or stains. This makes the mouse trap reusable.

No harmful chemicals or substances are used to lure or kill the approaching rodents.



If you place these traps in the open, pets such as dogs or cats might get injured as they sniff or touch the trap.

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9. JT Eaton 427 Speedy Clean Little Pete Slim Multiple Catch Mouse Trap


The Speedy Clean features a different design than most other traps as it doesn’t necessarily need bait and still manages to capture multiple rodents. In order for that to happen, you must place the trap in the rodent’s path. They will enter inside the trap on a ramp and get stuck inside.

The trap has the shape of a box and it’s large enough to catch several mice or rats. The product is made of steel and has a lid that can be opened once you return to clean the trap. Its small dimensions facilitate setting it in tight places or under pieces of furniture.

Because it doesn’t use any active harmful chemicals, it can be used in supermarkets, restaurants, street stands and more. Moreover, as there are no snapping elements to this trap, other animals such as pets or birds are safe to move around it.



This box-shaped mouse trap can catch multiple rodents inside and successfully keep them until a human arrives to dispose of them.

It is compatible with glue boards. You can place a glue board inside and make sure that the caught rodent does not escape when you later open the lid.

No chemicals or powerful springs are used in this trap, so pets and children are extremely safe around it.

As long as no additional chemicals or glue boards are used together with this trap, this is a humane way of disposing of the caught rodents.



As the trap is completely made of metal, it may rust after long periods of outdoor use or after it has been stored in moist environments.

If you are not careful when checking the trap, the rodents may escape when you open the lid. Take the trap away before opening it.

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10. JT Eaton 409B-6 Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap for Solid Or Liquid Bait


This model is made of durable plastic material, easy to clean and reuse. The smooth surface of the trap means that it doesn’t retain bad smells after a mouse has been killed in it and stains are easy to remove afterward. By ordering this package you receive 6 traps, which raises the chances of you getting rid of your rodents faster.

The company specializes in eliminating pests so you can be sure that the technology used in its products, including the 409B-6 Jawz, is high-end. Besides rats and mice, this model eliminates other pests such as spiders or insects. It works both with solid and liquid bait and can easily be set either by hand or by foot.

To let you know when the trap is set, manufacturers placed a red label on the lever. This label is facing up and it stands like a warning when the trap has been set.



You can set the trap with one click either by hand or by foot. It is intuitively and easy to use by young adults as well as by older people.

Its small dimensions make it perfect for reaching rodents’ paths that are well hidden, like under heavy equipment or in tight spaces.

This lethal mouse trap does not use chemical substances to lure or poison the rodents, so regarding this aspect pets are safe around it.

The trap can be reused as the cleaning process is fairly simple and easy to perform after each successful catch.



If the product is left armed accidentally in open spaces, its powerful spring may pose an injury risk for young children who touch it or for curious pets.

After multiple uses, the trap loses its ability to stay armed and becomes practically useless. After a few days, out of 6 traps, a customer has been left with only 2 working ones.

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11. Kness Snap-E 12 Pack


The Kness Snap-E is one of the most highly acclaimed products in the mouse trap reviews. These traps are designed after the wooden classical model but are more practical as the plastic components are far easier to clean, don’t retain the bad odor, and can’t be stained. As they can be cleaned, these traps can be reused as well.

Their small size allows you to place them in hidden nooks and crannies, right in the rodent’s path. Sometimes you don’t even need to use bait if the path forces the mouse to walk across the trap.

You receive a number of 12 traps so that you will eliminate all the rodents infesting your home in a shorter amount of time. The absence of chemicals or other harmful substances in the trap means that you will not have to worry about your pets or kids getting sick, unless they come in contact with the trap, of course.



The trap doesn’t retain stains and bad odor as the plastic components are easily washed off after each successful catch.

A specially designed bait cup is placed in the middle of the triggering pad so that the rodent will trigger the trap no matter its approach direction.

The component materials are easy to clean so that the mouse trap can be used again both indoors and outdoors.

The low profile of this product means that it can be placed in hard-to-reach places, under heavy equipment or furniture.



About 40% of the time, the mouse trap triggers by itself. The mechanism is not strong enough to hold it set until the triggering pad is touched.

After a while, they can no longer be reused as the mechanism becomes too worn and the kill lever will not remain in the set position anymore.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Depending on the location where you need the mouse traps installed and depending on your approach, manufacturers provide many solutions. Here is all the information you need to know in order to buy the product that meets all your demands.


Types of mouse traps


Classic traps

Some of the most iconic human mouse trap models are the ones made from wood. That original design is still good at killing mice even though it was invented over 100 years ago. However, these wooden traps are extremely hard to set and many times they have to be disposed of completely after doing their job. Nowadays the design remains similar, but the materials used are different.

A type of mouse trap that is inspired by the classic wooden one is the plastic snap trap. It’s similar in shape, size and functionality but it can be used multiple times. This specific mouse trap features a cup where the bait must be placed and a lever, often made out of metal for increased durability and efficiency.

To set the trap you pull the lever by 90 degrees backward by hand, or by foot in some cases, and wait for the rodent to come to the trap. Once it starts eating the bait, the trap closes down on it with enough force to kill it instantaneously. Since the lever is set at a 90-degree angle instead of 180 degrees, the time to catch the mouse is greatly reduced.

Glue and electric traps

A mouse glue trap works by luring mice onto its surface. Once there, the rodents can’t move anywhere anymore. You dispose of the trap together with the caught mouse. Therefore, the traps can’t be used again and the method is not humane as the mouse eventually starves to death. However, the trap is pet-friendly and does not pose any injury risk to your fingers.

If you want to be cost-efficient and effective, you should use an electric mouse trap. These ones are reusable, are highly effective and since they are enclosed, you don’t have to watch the dead rodent if you don’t want to. Just open the lid and empty the trap into the trash.


Catch and release traps

Catch and release mouse traps are designed for people who can’t bear the thought of killing a living animal. These traps just contain the rodent until a human comes to release it somewhere else. These traps feature breathing holes and the only thing activated by the spring is not a leaver that breaks the rodent’s neck, but a door that closes behind it once the mouse is inside.

Most of the times these humane mouse traps are made of transparent plastic so that you can see from a distance if a mouse or a rat got inside. You don’t have to touch or open the trap to see if something got caught inside.


Common mistakes


Not wearing gloves

A common mistake people make when setting any type of trap is that they do not wear gloves. By handling the trap with your bare hands you leave your scent on it. As rodents possess an extremely high sense of smell, if they detect your scent on the trap they will stay clear of it, no matter how much or how delicious the bait is.

Just as you have to wear gloves when setting the trap, you also have to wear them when you’re disposing of it, or of the captured rodent (dead or alive). Mice and rats are known to carry diseases.


Installing traps in the wrong places

Another thing a lot of people do wrong is that they place the trap in the wrong places. Mice and rats never walk through open spaces, so if you place a trap in the middle of a room it will never catch anything. Place these traps in dark corners, near walls or under furniture. Rodents always stay out of sight and avoid areas if they feel a human presence through scent or movement.

Not using the right bait

If you are using cheese as bait, then your trap will not have many visitors, if any. Despite what we see in movies and cartoons as being the best food for mouse traps, mice prefer peanut butter and hazelnut spread much more. This is because in nature they mostly eat nuts and seeds.

Cheese is not the best bait for mouse traps. When it comes to what to put on mouse trap, food with high caloric value is the answer.


Using too much bait

When you place your bait on the trap make sure not to overdo it. Otherwise, mice will eat just a little off the top without triggering the trap. A small amount the size of a pea is enough to attract the rodent. If you use snap traps, add some unused dental floss, yarn or cotton balls. The mouse will pull on these materials, increasing the chances for the trap to trigger.

Be patient! If you set traps around an area, do not expect to see immediate results. Rodents are extremely cautious, especially if they see some new object appearing out of nowhere in their path. Sometimes they might ignore it for some days and sometimes they may even take a bite from the bait without triggering the trap.

If nothing happens they will return to take the rest of the bait and then the chances of them being caught are higher. Place multiple traps in an infested area for higher chances of success.




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