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10 Best Bed Bug Traps – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.06.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Bed Bug Trap + Reviews


Finding the best bed bug trap is not the easiest of tasks, especially when there are so many models on the market. Luckily for you, we have prepared this short paragraph to help you get started, especially if you are short on time. After carefully analyzing the value offered by many products in this line, our research team has concluded that the one you should consider is the Trapbedbugs Interceptor. It is a pack of eight white cups with dual wells. Each trap has an exterior designed to allow the pests to crawl in, while the interior is a vertical slippery surface that makes it impossible for them to get out. Furthermore, they are safe for humans and pets, as they do not contain any toxic chemicals. In the unfortunate event our first suggestion is unavailable, we recommend that you keep the Climbup Insect Interceptor in mind. 



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10 Best Bed Bug Traps (Reviews) in 2024



Finding a good bed bug trap is not always easy. You can waste a lot of time and money until you find the one that works best. We studied this matter a lot and read about many products in this line. Based on the value they offer and the opinions of both customers and specialists, we managed to compile a list of top-rated products that we’ve showcased below.



1. Trapbedbugs Bed Bug Interceptors Bedbug Traps And Detectors


Based on bed bug trap reviews, this product is a highly appreciated option. These interceptors cups are built with dual wells that have an exterior which allows these insects to climb into the cups, while the interior prevents them from climbing out. 

Since they are unable to climb in slippery, vertical surfaces, they will be trapped easily. The Bed Bug Insect Interceptor from Trapbedbugs comes in a pack of eight white cups. They are successfully used in homes, apartments, or hotels as they represent a great DIY bed bug management effort. 

These creatures can be found mainly where there are people, and they like to feed on humans. It is recommended to use these cups in rooms where you and your family members sleep ensuring restful nights. In order to be more effective, you should place the cups under the posts of beds that need protection from these insects.



If you want to be able to determine and monitor the bed bug activity in your house, this product is an excellent choice.

The pack comes with eight cup-like interceptors that are built with dual wells. The insect will be able to easily climb in, but it will remain trapped inside.

This product can be used in apartments, houses, hotels, hospitals and other places where bed bugs might be a problem. 

By placing the cups under your bed’s post, you will also reduce the possibility of getting bitten which is one aspect many users have mentioned in their reviews. 

Furthermore, once you determine the level of infestation, you will be able to make the most appropriate plan of action to get rid of these pests for good.



A few customers mentioned that they would have liked the cups to be available in multiple sizes, or at least, to be a bit smaller.

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2. Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap


Our next product is not in the cheap bed bug traps category, but it will not punch a hole in your pocket either. It is advertised as having an improved, thicker polypro construction designed that is resistant to cracking. These interceptors represent an easy-to-use monitoring system that can help you detect bed bug infestations. 

The pack comes with specially designed plastic cups which are very slick so the insects will not be able to crawl out. In order to obtain the best results, it is recommended to use talc powder. However, this is not mandatory. You should also know that the product is pesticide-free, which is an important aspect, especially if you have little kids or pets. 

The bugs that approach the bed or other furniture from the floor will fall into the outer well of the Climbup Insect Interceptor cup. The bugs that are leaving the bed will get stuck in the center wall.



Bed bugs can be a real problem and having a professional assess the issue can be expensive. With this product, you can determine if you have such an issue and make up the plan for treatment. 

These interceptors are made from high-quality materials that are designed to be very sturdy and will not crack easily. 

They are built in such a way that it is easy for the crawling insects to climb in, but they will not be able to get out due to the slick surface inside.

If you want to obtain even better results, the manufacturer recommends using talc powder, but it is not mandatory.



It is recommended to read the direction before separating the cups. If you are not careful, you might wipe away the powder that is applied to them.

According to some users, if the bedding or furniture is placed against the wall, the bugs can easily bypass the interceptor trays.

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3. XL Bed Bug Trap 4 Pack White Interceptors


This product is ideal for people looking for large bed bug traps for bed legs. It is actually advertised as the largest and most accommodating bed bug interceptor available on the market. You can use these traps in order to detect the presence of bed bugs in a structure by placing them under beds’ legs or upholstered furniture. 

These large interceptors catch bed bugs as they lurk around foraging for a blood meal. Furthermore, you do not have to use any additives or powders in order to trap these creatures. In case you have carpets in the areas where you want to use the interceptors, it is recommended that you place rigid discs under them in order to avoid cracking. 

Once you determine the level of infestation using the Trapbedbugs XL Bed Bug interceptors, you will be able to decide upon the most appropriate treatment plan and get rid of these pests for good.



These interceptors are perfect to be used under the legs of beds or upholstered furniture in order to determine the bed bug activity.

They are large trays that do a great job catching these crawling insects and no additional powders or other additives are required. 

Using these items is a very cheap and effective method of monitoring the bed bug activity in your home. Once you are done with this process, you can decide on the best treatment.

You can even use them in areas where you have carpets by placing any kind of rigid discs under them to avoid cracking.



In very rare cases, furniture legs can break through the inner well if padded carpeting is present as the underside of the inner well may not have enough support to prevent it from breaking.

Some customers would like the interceptors to be available in smaller sizes as well.

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4. Bed Bug Interceptors Black Bed Bug Cups Design Ensures No Talcum Powder


If you do not want to use a bed bug trap with yeast or with any type of pesticide, you should take this product into consideration. These bed bug interceptor monitors are environmentally-friendly, and they are free of any toxic chemicals, pesticides, powders, or poisons. 

The dual-well flat wall design allows bed bugs to climb in but it prevents them from getting out since the creatures are unable to climb on vertical, slippery surfaces. The Trapbedbugs Bed Bug Interceptors Cups allow you to save money with pest control professionals by ensuring early detection and monitoring of the infestation. 

Moreover, these cups fit all beds, cribs, upholstered chairs, or sofas with posts or feet of up to four inches in diameter. What is more, these units can also help you determine the direction these pests are coming from and also which furniture piece might be infested.



Since they are designed with dual wells that allow bed bugs to climb in but not to be able to get out, these interceptors are the first step in helping you eliminate these pests.

Moreover, these units are eco-friendly and safe to use as they do not contain any toxic chemicals, powders, or pesticides.  

Instead of paying a lot of money to have a professional determine and monitor the bed bug activity in your home, you can do this yourself using these interceptors. 

The traps fit most beds, upholstered chairs, sofas, or cribs with feet of up to four inches in diameter. 

With these units, you can easily find which structure is infested so you can take the appropriate actions.



It appears that there were a few cases when the interceptors cracked under the weight of the furniture. This can happen if the cups are not placed directly on a smooth, hard surface.

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5. EcoPest Labs Bed Bug Interceptors


From now on, you can sleep easily with this bed bug detection and protection system. Since pesticides and other bed bug killers do not deliver any information regarding a possible new infestation, you can use this product to monitor the issue 24/7. 

The interceptors feature an effective, heavy-duty, and versatile design that is meant to help you eliminate bed bug infestations once and for all. The units fit almost all beds and furniture. What is more, the EcoPest Labs Bed Bug Interceptors were specifically designed for heavier furniture.

In case you have a very large bed, these cups can handle it! This product can be successfully used in homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and other types of residences. You will probably also like the fact that these units are pesticide-free solutions, and that no toxic chemicals or talcum powder was used. If you have pets or children, this is a great thing.



If you are worried that your heavy furniture might be too much for bed bug interceptors, this product will put your mind at ease.

These units are specifically designed to withstand heavier weights and will allow you to easily determine the bed bug level of infestation in your home. 

Moreover, with these interceptors, you can also monitor the pests’ activity 24/7, and also determine which structure is infested. 

What is more, these units fit nearly all beds and furniture. You won’t have to worry about the weight either, as these items can take it without any issues. 



Even though this product is highly appreciated by most users who purchased it, some customers are not really happy about the price which is higher than that of similar items.

Also, a few of them mentioned that the interceptors are not very pleasing to look at.

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6. Trapper Max Glue Traps 12 Glue Boards


A bed bug glue trap can also be an efficient method to catch these pesky creatures that like to bite us. The next product on our list comes with 12 glue boards. The boards are very effective in catching insects and even mice. The glue is strong enough to catch and trap these pests. If you were looking for a non-toxic way to catch rodents and insects, this can be an excellent choice. 

Each glue covered surface measures 4.5 inches x 6.5 inches, while the entire trap is 5.25 inches x 7.75 inches. Furthermore, the Trapper Max Glue Traps can be used both flat or folded, and placed in areas where target pest activities have been noticed, in order to obtain effective results. 

The pack contains 12 peanut butter scented glue boards. If you’ve used similar products in the past, you know how annoying peel-off glue traps can be. Fortunately, it is not the case of these boards.



Glue traps can help you catch a lot of unwanted crawling pests that lurk around in your home. 

This product comes as a pack of 12 glue boards that are an excellent option to catch various insects and even small rodents.

Moreover, this option is appropriate if you want to use a non-toxic solution.

Another advantage of using this product is the fact that the boards can work very well placed flat or folded.  

The boards even have a nice peanut butter scent. Also, they are very easy to peel off, unlike other similar traps that can be very annoying and difficult to peel.



Although they are pleased with these glue boards, some buyers believe that this is not a stand-alone pest eliminator, especially if you have to deal with an infestation. 

Unfortunately, the strong glue might harm other small animals like geckos, so you should be careful where you place them.

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7. Bed Bug Interceptors 4 pack Bed Bug Trap Black


In order to be able to control a bed bug infestation, you do not necessarily need to use bed bug trap pheromones. You can protect your family and obtain peace of mind by using these traps. The creatures will get stuck in them while coming to or going away from your bed. 

Since this is an aspect many people care for, you should know that these interceptors do not contain any additives, powders, pesticides, or toxic chemicals. The K9King Bed Bug Interceptors are powderless deadfall traps for bed bugs. Since the units present a deep trap design, they prevent the pests from escaping. 

Once they fall into the traps, they will not be able to climb out. This product can also help you save money. Instead of paying a professional to assess the issue, the interceptors will help you detect bed bug activity and allow you to decide which is the most efficient treatment plan.



Whether they are coming to your bed or going from it, bed bugs will get stuck in these traps as soon as you start to use them. 

Moreover, these interceptors rely only on their effective deep-trap design as they are pesticide-free and do not contain any additional powders, nor other toxic chemicals.

The greatest advantage of using these types of products is that you can easily determine and monitor the bed bug activity in your home without having to spend money on a professional.

Once you determine how serious the issue is, you can apply the most appropriate treatment to eliminate the pests.



If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you should know that this is not an overnight remedy. It can take some time, and you will have to find a suitable treatment afterward. 

Also, these units are a bit more expensive than other similar ones. Some comments were made in this sense.

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8. BedBugAway White Extra Large Bed Bug Interceptors


In case you are looking for bed bug traps for bed posts, you should check this product. The cups are some of the largest models currently available on the market. Their large sizes fit furniture legs up to seven inches by five inches. 

Another thing these interceptors have in addition to other similar ones is the anti-slip layer from the underside. This will keep your furniture where you want it, and not sliding away from one place to another. 

The BedBugAway – White Extra Large Bed Bug Interceptors are made from thick plastic with an anti-slip layer for additional strength. The units have actually been tested to support weights up to 2850 pounds. 

Furthermore, these trays are 100% safe for both humans and pets. They are pesticide, chemical, and powder-free. Also, the simple cup design makes it easy to remove the trapped bed bugs without having to use any additional products or chemicals. 



Since they are pesticide-free and do not contain any additives or other toxic chemicals, these interceptors are safe to use even if you have children or pets. 

If you are looking for large bed bug traps, this product is advertised as the largest available model on the market. The cups fit furniture and bed legs of up to five inches in diameter. 

In addition, unlike so many other similar products, these traps are equipped with an anti-slip layer on the underside. This will keep your furniture in place. 

Also, these units are made from high-quality, thick plastic that is guaranteed to withstand heavy furniture without the risk of cracking. Actually, they can support up to 2850 pounds.



Up until now, this product comes with excellent reviews. We only managed to find one customer who mentioned that the traps did not work but no further details were provided.

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9. Necessary Shop Bed Bug Traps & Insect Control Protectors


You know that saying “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Well, sometimes it is not that easy, and getting rid of these pests can prove to be quite difficult. This non-toxic and safe interceptor can stop bed bugs and other types of crawling insects from climbing into your bed. 

You only have to place the trays under the feet or leg posts of your bed, furniture, sofas, chairs, or couches. The Necessary Shop Insect Control Protectors comes in the form of four bed bug catchers. Each of them features a durable design and a white barrier. Moreover, they are eco-friendly, baby-safe, and chemical and pesticide-free as well. 

Each cup is 6.5 inches x 1.5 inch and it is made from high-quality materials and is built to last for a long time and not crack easily. The best thing is that the removal treatment and monitor process is a piece of cake with these devices.



If you want to stop bed bugs from climbing onto your bed and also reduce the bites, you should definitely give this product a try. 

It is an easy and cheap method that can help you determine the level of bed bug infestation and monitor their activity. 

All you have to do is to place the interceptors under the feet of your furniture, bed, couch, or sofa.

The pack comes with four white cup-like interceptors that can help you eliminate these crawling pests from your home. Moreover, they do not contain pesticides, powders, or other chemicals. Therefore, they are safe to use and environmentally-friendly.



According to some customers, these traps work much better in combination with a bed bug spray, so it is not a stand-alone solution.

You should check the measurements of the furniture or bed legs where you want to use the traps. Some might not fit.

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10. Trapper Insect Trap


Even if we left this product is not made by a renowned company, it does not mean it is not a good one. It is an excellent solution to monitor and trap insects. The item comes in the form of non-toxic glue traps that capture and also allow you to monitor these pests. 

They can successfully be used to determine the location, insect species, and the severity of insect infestation with great accuracy. The Bell Trapper comes as a reliable 7 x 3-inch cupboard trap which can be used undivided as a large trap. 

However, it can also be separated along the perforated lines into three smaller traps. The adhesive backing can stick to almost any surface. There is even space to record the date and the location of use. You can use the trap to catch bed bugs, spiders, and cockroaches. The pack contains 30 boards, and each can be divided into three traps.



If you have unwanted intruders such as cockroaches, bed bugs, or spiders in your home, you can effectively use these glue boards to catch them.

The boards have non-toxic glue that will trap these creatures. Moreover, you will also be able to monitor their activity and allow yourself to take further action if necessary. 

The pack comes with 30 7 x 3-inch cupboard traps. Each of them can be divided into three smaller traps, depending on your needs. 

Furthermore, there is an adhesive backing that can stick to nearly any surface. 

Each trap has a dedicated space to record the location and date of use.



A few buyers mentioned that when it is too hot, the traps tend to bow at the end that is against the wall where it should stay flat on the floor.

Another thing some users do not like is the fact that they can hear the roaches moving around after they’ve been trapped. 

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Yearly Guide & Report


First of all, we should set some things straight. A bed bug trap is actually a preventive measure meant to protect you and your family from these pests.  They are regularly used as tools to determine if you have bed bugs and to monitor the level of infestation, and not as a bed bug killer, as this is a common misconception. Since these insects crawl across surfaces, the traps are designed to intercept them.

Why use bed bug traps?

Traps for bed bugs can prove to be particularly effective for low-level insect activity. Many people use these traps to prevent an active infestation at home or when traveling to a place known for poor pest control practices.

These traps are designed to help users reduce bed bug bites, but also to determine if there is an infestation. The best types of traps are actually used as part of a larger treatment plan.

The most common types of traps are made in the form of bowls with or without talcum powder in order to make it challenging for these crawling creatures to climb up the walls of the cups. Basically, the insects are trapped before they can get to you.


Things to consider 

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing such an item. Of course, that is the case if you actually want to see results. First of all, the trap needs to be sturdy enough to not crack under the weight of the bed – consider your weight as well. Also, you need to make sure that the trap can be placed under the furniture or even on the carpet without breaking. 

In connection to the previous idea, the trap should also fit under the posts of your bed. These aspects are important if you want to go for a cup-like trap. You should know that the tray traps are not the only kind designed for this purpose. 

You can also select glue boards. When the insects crawl across the sticky surface, they remain trapped on it. This type is also effective for other pests as well and even for rodents. You should be careful where you place these because other small animals can get hurt as well. If you want to make sure that the pests reach the traps, you can also select a bed bug bait trap. 

Another thing you should consider is whether you want these items to be pesticide-free or not. There are those that do not contain any chemicals and there are also the ones that are added various toxic solutions that also kill the bugs. 

Active and passive traps

An active trap is one that uses some kind of chemical lure. It can be a pheromone, carbon dioxide, or heat. They are meant to attract bed bugs toward the trap. In order to determine the level of infestation, these need to be used continuously for a few days. Afterward, you can take the necessary further steps to control these pests. 

Many of these active traps also require the use of electricity. This can become a limiting factor and it is quite a disadvantage. Another downside to using this type of traps is the fact that they are usually very expensive.

Unlike the active traps, the passive ones do not use any kind of bait. You can usually find them as cups or trays, or as glue boards. These items are certainly much better and more effective than visual inspection. Also, they require less money and skills to purchase and use. 

The passive traps reduce the amount of bed bug bites that might have occurred if not for the trap. Unfortunately, if you have a large bug infestation, this method can be inefficient.

Based on your needs, financial possibilities, and the information we managed to provide in this short guide, we are sure you are going to find the most suitable solution.




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