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Our online store currently feature seeds for over 300 varieties of ornamental flowers, trees, shrubs and tropical plants. We guarantee all of our seeds to be carefully selected and true to name. All seed lots are tested for viability and we only offer for sell seeds that have normal germination percentage for the species. All seed orders are accompanied by easy to follow germination instructions per variety as well as tips on growing technique.

The varieties listed in our seed catalog are suited for home garden use, container grown specimens or as houseplants. Some of our most popular items include the traditional favorites of poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, petunia, morning glory, amaranth, lupin, hollyhocks, castor bean, hosta, butterfly bush, daisies, etc.

In addition to the more common garden ornamental flowers, many of the items offered in our seed catalogue focus on the unusual or hard to find varieties. For example, we carry seeds for Blue Shrimp Plant, Canna varieties, Pitcher Plant or Sarracenia varieties, Miniature Rose, Perfume Tree, Madagascar Palm, Night Jessamine and many other rare selections.

From sunflowers to seeds for tropical plants, we have something to offer every type of plant enthusiast. One of our favorite flowers is the always popular sunflower - we even chose it as part of our business logo. In addition to some heirloom types we are please to also provide several new varieties of sunflowers.

For those of you who enjoy growing flowering vines (sometimes referred to as climbers), we not only have available some of the more common species such as morning glories but also carry seeds for the more unusual Butterfly Pea, Cathedral Bells, Climbing Hydrangea and Passion Flower.

We also focus on many traditional varieties and are proud to offer a number of heirloom seeds. Some of the more popular choices include old-fashioned sweet peas, amaranth varieties, traditional hollyhocks, morning glories and others.

If you enjoy the challenge of growing your own trees and shrubs from seed, check out our selection of ornamental and flowering species, which include the popular Japanese Maple, Sapphire Dragon Tree, Japanese Tree Lilac and Strawberry Tree.

Fun to grow but often hard to find are seeds for tropical plants. Some of our most popular offers in this category include Coffee Plant, Gardenia, Plumeria, Pride of Barbados and Royal Poinciana.

Elephant Head Amaranth
Elephant Head Amaranth
Amaranthus gangeticus
This stunning and unusual annual is an heirloom variety.
Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory
Grandpa Ott's
Ipomoea purpurea
This prolific bloomer is one of our favorite heirloom morning glory varieties.
Himalayan Blue Poppy
Himalayan Blue Poppy
Meconopsis betonicifolia
A rare and special poppy for collectors and immensely rewarding to view in bloom.
Parrot Pitcher Plant
Parrot Pitcher Plant
Sarracenia psittacina
One of the most unusual Sarracenia varieties and ideally suited for growing in a terrarium or on your windowsill.
Perfume Tree - Ylang-ylang
Perfume Tree
Cananga odorata
Commonly called Ylang-Ylang, this is an extremely rare and delightful plant to own.
Pink Peacock Flower
Pink Peacock Flower
Caesalpinia pulcherrima
A superb plant to display in a container on your patio or deck or grow inside as a houseplant.
Red Japanese Maple
Red Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum
This popular ornamental tree grows 15-20 feet high and has a rich dark red leaf colour.
Father Hugos Rose
Father Hugos Rose
Rosa hugonis
Lovely color and graceful habit and one of the earliest of the shrub roses to bloom in spring.