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Specializing in unique and quality seeds
for garden annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and tropicals

Welcome to Seeds & More home and garden website. Shop online here for quality seeds for garden annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and tropical plants. We carry an assortment of unique and hard to find varieties, including many heirloom flower seeds.

A fast, easy, and secure checkout conveniently processes all orders. Simply browse the categories shown above or search for an item and click the 'add to cart' button to put items in your shopping cart. When you have completed your shopping, simply select your preferred payment method and click the 'check out' button to complete your order.

You can also view our seed index for a quick reference of all seed items. Detailed germination and growing instructions are included with every variety we ship.

We have grouped some of our most popular items into seed collection themes. By purchasing a seed collection, you are guaranteed a savings of 25% or more off the regular listed price for individual items. See below for a sample of some of our most popular collections.

Sunflower Collection
10 Tall Varieties
Sunflowers are the kings of the natural sunny summer garden, attracting bees, butterflies and birds. They're wonderfully easy to grow - just direct-sow the large seeds after all danger of frost. Not picky about soil type, all they need is direct sun.
Poppy Collection
6 Peony Varieties
Many people regard poppies as the most beautiful of summer flowers. Without doubt the most spectacular blooms are those of the peony types. Incredibly elegant, the blooms on these peony-flowered poppies are fully 4-5 inches across.
Lilac Collection
4 Fragrant Varieties
Lilacs are among the most popular cultivated shrubs in the temperate world. Aside from roses, there is no flower as beautiful and aromatic. There is nothing better than the sweet scent of a freshly picked bouquet of lilacs in early spring.
Shrub Rose Collection
4 Hardy Varieties
Old fashion shrub roses are pure roses of nature and are the genetic building blocks for all modern roses. They evolved in response to specific climatic conditions, which generally gives them superior hardiness and disease tolerance. The selections offered here are hardy and disease resistant.
Hollyhock Collection
3 Heirloom Varieties
No true cottage garden is complete without the prized hollyhock. Originally from China, these showy and hardy garden plants have become popular in traditional gardens all over the world. They are easy to grow and self sustaining, bringing much needed color late in the season.
Pitcher Plant Collection
3 Carnivorous Varieties
One of the most diverse and unique plants are members of the Sarracenia or Pitcher Plant species. These carnivorous species trap insects as a source of additional nutrients. Its upright folded leaves attracts insects, which crawl into the "pitcher" and become trapped and are then "consumed" by the plant.
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